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  1. The private-server community did so much to help make and keep Ark popular. Please, please, please publish and maintain a single, authoritative set of configs so that server admins can tweak things to their preferences. I see that some configs have been published in update posts but the vast majority has been laboriously and painfully reverse engineered from Ark. On that note, please also expose and/or document settings for the Atlas-specific things like the nutrition buff thresholds, weather severity and whatnot. --- On a completely different note, I hope that the taming system has been, or will be dramatically changed. The system at launch was pure animal cruelty. Beat an animal to within an inch of its life then tie it up and feed it. Rinse / repeat until the Stockholm Syndrome is complete. I'm here to play a pirate game, not practice domestic violence techniques. There's also the slightly absurd idea that the restraints magically break after 30 seconds and the player make zero attempt to secure the animal. Also that you need to get within range of being attacked. Were I feeding a tiger, I'd put the meat on the end of a stick, or throw it into the enclosure. Of course there needs to be some challenge but stuff like that is immersion-breaking. Combined with the repugnant concept of the beat/meat/repeat, I think it really needs an overhaul. --- Still no command for adding discovery points?
  2. You work there, do you? I've read many claims of it being abandoned but they did update in Dec, Feb and April. That's every two months. We can speculate all we like on how active they are, whether their devs have been pulled off onto other projects, whether it's an advance-fee scam or whatever, but it's nothing more than hot air. We'll never know what's actually happening, just whatever marketing lies they throw at us. However, none of that's important. What's important is they're not listening to feedback. I'm sure it's pure hubris but I hope they'll have a change of brain.
  3. Very disappointed. I had hoped that with a year's development, utterly broken crap like dying from hyperthermia in 48C while naked underwater, and bringing one too many parrots on board being able to sink your ship, would have been fixed. But sadly not. Guys, I really want to be able to love your game. I have 4k+ hours in Ark and I want to be able to look back and see a similar number of hours in Atlas but it's not going to happen unless you spend more time on actual gameplay and less time on fluff. Right now, if anyone says "Hey Trev, you own Atlas, should I get it?", all I can give is a resounding "No, it's a steaming heap of buggy, misdirected crap."
  4. k, I didn't spot any difference but I don't recall if I checked that one specifically. I've stopped playing now so perhaps if you have time, you might want to check yourself. Certainly it would be helpful if there was a buff icon such as the giraffe and ostrich provide.
  5. Reply from Voodoo: "Any ships that have not had their anchors raised within a 3 week period will be automatically deleted by the server. This is to help keep the server clean and reduce lag. Any ships you wish to keep, make sure to man the wheel, raise and lower the anchor (at the very least) before 3 weeks has passed since the last time you've done so." (emphasis mine) That is one possible reason that the ship could've been removed but this pre-alpha game has more bugs than the average Australian city. We have literally dozens of ships in our company. I want to know *which* ships went pop and *why*. Was the it auto-decay? If I know the name of the ship and I know that I was on it 2 days ago then I can report a bug. Was it a different process? Sinking can also result in the removed message. We recently had a fully-anchored galleon sink w/o any sink message. Just a "removed from the company". Yes, we all know what's *supposed* to happen but what's *supposed* to happen and what *actually* happens are two different things. With such utterly appalling logging, it's going to take much longer to track down and fix faults. Oh, that's right. Fixing faults isn't their priority. They're working on performance, cosmetics and more useless tames for this game that totally isn't Ark.
  6. I noticed this on shieldhorns first. They would have a negative encumbrance value and move super-slowly. I claimed a couple of cows from an expired base yesterday and they're exhibiting the behaviour too. It can be worked around by putting literally anything in their inventory.
  7. IIRC picking up a penguin used to give you some protection from the cold. I've picked some up and I'm not getting any buff icon, no change in stats, nor can I spot anything in the fine detail test on my character sheet.
  8. Seriously. I have no idea. Our phantom submarine icons are still there, all the wreck markers, etc. I've been visiting all our ships every couple of days. Looking around the map, I can't see anything missing. No sunk notifications, no new wreck markers. But hey, keep working on those kittens and wheel skins. They're far more important.
  9. Galleons have a turning radius slightly larger than the than the ark planet we sail upon. The absurdly short render range... is it for PvP balance? Is it because someone pulled a number out of the air and said, "That'll do."? Aside from SotD, ice bergs and whatnot magically appearing in front of you, the short render range makes pulling into harbour truly painful. Even with buoys to line up against, I always find myself having to spend 10 minutes backing and forwarding, turning this way and that, to line up with a jetty.
  10. I fast travelled to a bed to refresh it and was greeted with the completely unexpected sight of a zombie horde. I'm the only player in zone and have been for quite some time (I'm so lonely!) NA PVE E10 Caraly Isle cheat TP E10 190084 -196681 974 (bed location, slightly offscreen to the right) I then took 10 mins (according to timestamp of original screenshot) to prepare the below image and post this. I just fast-travelled back and found they're still there, just standing around. Perhaps someone spawned them some time ago and they've not despawned.
  11. It's whether or not you get the indoor buff and that seems to be a combo of distance from the player to the roof and to the nearest wall.
  12. How tall is your room? I've found that anything more than about 2 or 3 walls high lets the rain in.
  13. I typically play for several hours (*cough*12+*cough*) a session. I've not experienced that. However, given how map markers have a tendency to get erased on updates, I've learned to not use them. Given your problems with HUD and sextant, which I've also not experienced, I'm wondering if you've got some corrupted files in there. You might want to do a file integrity check.
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