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  1. 1. Fast travel with stuff in your inventory and the bag appears embedded in the bed. You have to destroy the bed to access the bag. 2. Far too often we're dying and our corpses are below the mesh. Just happened to my crewmate and he lost a full set of blueprint gear. Not a happy chappy. It's well known that the mesh on which we walk is not very well-aligned with the ground we can see. Is this what's causing this? Would you please add some kind of (extra) check to the corpse/bag scripts to have them spawn a meter above the actual death point? That should help immensely. Cheers
  2. Hi team, Crewmember created a structure as illustrated below. This covers the central hole in the top deck of his brigantine. When attempting to move from the roofs onto the triangle ceiling, the player is jerked about / prevented from doing so. Scientific testing followed. 1. Deliberately running and and jumping into/on/around this buggy area does NOT glitch the player thru the ship, even when the ship is cruising. 2. When the structure is replicated on land, it's still a little bit glitchy but not much. 3. It's actually the triangle roofs that are the problem. Reproducing this on my own brig, I was being bumped about before I'd put the triangle ceiling on. Cheers
  3. TrevorJD

    lag across all servers

    From talking with Dollie last night, GS are well aware of these lag spikes and as performance is their #1 priority, it is being worked on. It's not a simple thing to resolve though as performance is a complex interaction between server tasks, database performance, communication between the servers and their databases (which will be physically separate computers) and communication between the node servers themselves.
  4. I'm guessing it was implemented to mitigate zerging in PVP but we don't do much of that in PVE. Are there PVE issues that this benefits? If not, could we see an increase or removal of it on the PVE servers, please? Cheers
  5. TrevorJD

    Wreck icons not disappearing

    NA PVE we still have several icons for wrecks of company ships lingering after complete salvage. Not sure if anyone's visited the sites of the MDP or Scarab wrecks but we're regularly at the Dolphin wreck site and the icon is still here. On a related note, we still have orphan Submarine icons for E1 and D12. These were created when the node server crashed when a sub was in the water and didn't disappear when the sub redocked. --- DSN Madame De Pompadour sank in F1 on 2019/05/15 DSN Scarab in F8 on 2019/05/17 HMS Dolphin and Ram Shack on 2019/06/16 Company ID 11876990778
  6. What's the plan here? How does having players w/o mythical environmental gear die three times a day due to heat or cold enhance the gaming experience? edit: I a few words
  7. TrevorJD

    Speeling not right

    Speeling? Please tell me that wasn't intentional
  8. The default action on a structure with an inventory should always be "open inventory". IMO this is a fundamental principle of UX. Sadly, so many of the structures in this game do something else, like "Set territory message" on claim flags and "Activate" on the ice box. You've trained people for years to open an inventory with E and all the regular boxes and crafting stations open with E, so all these other things are being messed up because of the inconsistent UI. Please correct this soon!
  9. OK, I thought the cave just needed the kraken flag. Those disco points are only awarded once for each stone though, right? If so, it's a once-off thing, rather than something that can be replayed for fun and profit.
  10. C'mon guys, can you spend an hour shuffling GUI elements a bit so that text doesn't overlap anymore? Buffs are impossible to read, too
  11. Hi team, I've noticed on a few different ships, that if I whistle crew off their sails with Y (so they don't follow me) they'll stand up but remain floating over the gunwale, never switching to "sweeping" mode. They need a little code to edge them inwards until they're properly based on the deck. Cheers
  12. TrevorJD

    Climbing ship ladders bugging out

    > Schooners the ladders seem fine on any side. Unless you're in a tundra zone.. then ladders just don't seem to work at all. WTF kind of bug is that?! That's exactly where I was, and I was using my schooner! It mystified me because I'd had no problems all day, mucking around in desert and tropical zones.
  13. TrevorJD

    XP Bug

    Might be worth posting this as a support ticket.
  14. Dear friends, The brains trust in my company are of the opinion that the "ceiling rot" bug appears to happen when the set of connected structures gets too big. Small buildings don't seem to have the problem but large buildings, wharves, etc. do. This post is to share with you two suggestions that may help in mitigating spontaneous deconstruction. Although this is a solution post, I figured a fresh post in the bugs forum would be the most useful for everyone. In the first image, you see our warehouse. The area in the red circle, and a column on the opposite side, would disappear regularly when the building was being edited. Putting some extra pillars did help but obstructed the passageway and was deemed "as ugly as my mum" Paving the passage with foundations has fixed the problem for us completely. We've made many edits to the warehouse since and not suffered loss. In the background here, you can see the start of a wharf. That wharf was one contiguous structure about 4 galleons in length and had many long columns of pillars to reach the sea bed in this deepwater port. We were regularly having ceilings drop out, despite pillars every three tiles. To resolve this, we split the wharf into two sections. By clever placement of foundations, we managed to get sections 1 and 2 line up such that there was just a 6" gap between the ceilings. In image 2, you can see how we've used stairs to bridge the gap between the sections in a manner that's more seamless than the ATLAS world. Since splitting the wharf into two sections, we've not had any problems with ceiling rot. I hope that helps.
  15. Hi team, More discussion tonight around the water barrel, about keeping the game interesting for more than a few weeks. It seems odd that "flag fights" such as the kraken and ice cave have basically no prerequisite other than being there. Only one person needs to have the 9 powerstones to trigger the kraken. Everyone else in a wide area gets the flag simply for being in the vicinity when the kraken dies. This means that a scrub on a raft sitting outside the kraken arena can get their flag with no effort, then go to the ice cave. I don't know that fight, but I'm sure it's possible for said scrub to simply be in the area and they'll also get the 2x harvesting feat. Obviously for those people who are risking their lives, gear and ships, this is unfair. But there's a second aspect. Currently, you can hit the end game with very little effort and time. A company can have just one person get their powerstones, have everyone come along for the fight, and everyone gets their submarine without having to put in any work. You get 60 or so DP for each one, but that's once-off, I believe. Suggestion: * Require at least 7 or 8 powerstones to get the Kraken flag. Require at least 7 or 8 powerstones and the kraken flag to enter the ice cave. * Have the kraken fight give a decent hit of XP and drop loot (ideally actual items rather than blueprints) to encourage and reward all participants, even those who won't be getting their flag on this particular fight. See also my posts on consumable powerstones