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  1. Newsflash, for those of you who don't get it yet. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE PLAYER COUNT IN EA. If you are a player, and you currently care about player count and keeping your progress and the "death" of this game....lol.... check yourself. Nothing can die without being born. Playing with a fetus, is not the same as playing with a real baby. Not once have the devs ever even mentioned player count. In fact, their actions show us they don't care. Why should they? Not one of us paid full price for a full game. Hell, if your cheating they will not hesitate to ban your company for harboring cheaters (lookin at you BH). So lets try and stop with the strawman complaint of player count. I certainly don't even feel like there are less players. I have contention on my lawless island daily. I can hardly log in and NOT see my base being savaged by people.
  2. Rest assured, they are in official PvP. My WH is still kind of cool I guess, but I have to haul all the thatch/wood/coal/oil myself now, and farms stop prematurely due to space. Also, the WH still displays the incorrect amount of farms it pulls from.
  3. When you say 2x is the standard, then it by default becomes 1x. Referencing it to the original setting form season 1 and calling it 2x, would be silly at this point. We are 3 seasons and 2 lead devs removed from that nomenclature. The important part is that the fuels aren't being transferred and the stacks suck. I know this will be resolved, but it is really annoying ATM.
  4. Wow dude, you want a WH for WHs? Why don't you take a step back and do some better planning. I have 11 farms connected to my 1 WH, even though it only says 6, its pulling all 11. You can see your WH sphere of influence if you get up above it and hold "H". Sure, I had to blow up several others to clear room, but that was pretty easily done, even without needed barrels. I am firmly of the opinion that WHs, and Islands should be limited to 1 per company. I am appalled you are using 3.
  5. Here's my problem with this logic. They are building this on the UR4 engine. It's already built, tried and tested. PUBG is a small studio using UR4, you can even tell some of the rocks and trees are the same in Atlas. Thier game was out of EA in 2 years or less and is a polished game. Sea of thieves was built on UR4, and it also feels far more polished that Atlas. We are about to hit 2 years and I feel we are farthur from release now than we were with the original map. At some point it's fair to look at the evidence and admit this just isnt a greatly skilled studio capable of doing this properly. Now the concept is fantastic, I love this game and feel it only needs to fix and polish what they have and make some balance issues better. I just dont know if they are able to do that with the people they have. Dont feel too bad though devs. At least your not CIG and stealing/wasting hundreds of millions on a P2W scam. Your just not great programmers.
  6. That certainly does suck. I can show you the logic train, but it prolly wont make you feel better. Said company members cheat. Therefore the company is able to get an island possibly due to the assistance of team members cheating. With the secure island, further secured by some cheaters, your company likely enjoyed safer harbors, allowing you to have better levels ships for longer. Thus further advancing your combat wins. Possibly some good gear and/or BPs were gained from your defeated foes. Giving your company members better access to better gear. Also helped by some cheaters never missing shots, and knowing where everything is magically. So, say 5 of your players cheated. Well 155 other people benefitted greatly as the unfair advantage stacks multiply with every ill gotten win. I know I dont have a team mate cheating to help me out as I'm a solo, but I can see how much easier it would be if I did. So you didnt cheat, but you certainly gained from it in a way that can only be balanced at this time with a wipe. It's far less labor and more balanced for the rest of the player base to ban the company.
  7. What an outstandingly worthless post. If you arent going to provide the solution, dont got around like you know one. Either be usefull or piss off.
  8. Deff wait till it's on sale for 15 or less. It's on sale all the time, just keep an eye on it.
  9. Hate to see 160 gone, but some peeps gotta cheat. Likely the leadership, or enough people doing it often enough to get flagged repeatedly. However, deff happy to see 1 less mega clan floating around. 160 people you said? Fucks sakes man. I hope the non cheaters come back and form smaller companies.
  10. Yeah, that's a broken mechanic that needs fixing for sure. The easy answer is sail to another island. If your in lawless you'll fine lots of space, and little peace. Dont bother with owning an island unless you have a decent company size. Now, what I would do, get some cannons on your boat and destroy the structures. You might still want another island, but it will feel good destroying someone elses abuse of broken mechanics.
  11. Complain about the barrels all you want. I'll nod my head. Although I see the problem more as a math issue that a mechanical issue as I've explained before. The manned puckles are amazing though. Actually, everything these current devs have added to the game is amazing. The real question I have, is why you didnt also sink the other boat with barrels? You can also use the explosive barrels. Or perhaps you were using them, and omitted that fact as it would kinda negate your complaint. Otherwise, you learned a hard lesson to always have a bigger gun....or at least a bigger bullet.
  12. Lol, pve people. Thanks for the chuckles.
  13. Fuck that I want my Teddy Ruxpin air ship!
  14. No, please leave it. Love the upgrade THNX! OP , dont be dull slap a fire down, throw some wood in it, gtg.
  15. Freeport living, on the way out. The devs have implied they will be doing more to discourage free port squatters. Good for them. I tried it and its an incredibly lame play style. Living on lawless is easy for small groups. You just have to realize what your limits are. You certainly wont be keeping a ship, so schooners in a box are you friend. Before you log off, may as well give your ship to someone else and hope you make a fried that might not raid you. And build, build, build. 99% of everything I build is decoy. That's right megas, you so strong, keep working on breaking in that tower, there's nothing in there. Take you valuables, and hide em under the water, the deeper the safer. And always remember, your gunna lose it all anyways, so better off stealing it than making it.
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