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  1. Nah dude. I just read it a few times and felt your logic circular at best. But I feel yah. These devs suck. I've participated in many early access games. This ones deffinatly the worst and I so not think it will ever release.
  2. This is a very confusing post. I just want to make sure I have this straight. 1. You love the game. 2. You (and friends?) play unofficial, but vastly prefer the scope and population density of officials. Just not the challenge so much. (Some gibberish about losing things you never had.) 3. Your sad that people are leaving your 3x3 unofficial becuase it's not as exciting as official. 4. But ofc your sure they arent going to official servers, becuase thats what they wanted. So they surely quit. 5. This hardware limitation of the unofficial server provider, is the responsibility of the devs in some way. Becuase thier servers are better. 6. In conclusion, we need better unofficial support from the official providers so that the players who left unofficial becuase it not as good as official will be inclined to come back to the now officially backed, unofficial servers. So, Who's on 1st. Got it?
  3. Why isnt it faction based? Becuase it's a sandbox game. They were very upfront about that. Factions wont happen, and that's a good thing becuase we didnt sign up for a theme park. You should get that terrible idea out of your head or go play WoW or ESO or fill in the blank theme park mmo. They arent pushing it twords large groups. They flat out made it a large group game. Not one single change has ever favored a smaller group over a large group. It's obvious becuase of how easy it would be to balance it out. It's just a god damn shame.
  4. Devs, really, what is the fucking point of claim towers if you still have island claims? Cheers to megas who will own all of the claimed islands, and now most of the lawless islands. This was a great tool to replace the ability for a company to claim an ENTIRE GOD DAMN ISLAND, and we all know they will claim as many of those per company as they can. You could have at least made it like the new WH where there is only 1 per island per company. Fucks sake. About the WH change (1 per island per company), Awesome! FINALLY, a good balance for a great tool. This is the best thing you have done this season so far. How is it possible you had pictures of all the new stupid ass platforms, yet none with the new map? Wouldn't that be the most important change to display visually? Why do we not use the original map we started with that literally EVERYONE loved better than any of these new POS maps. Especially with trade winds. Please give us back our ATLAS (pun intended). Also, can we please stop forcing this Ark content into Atlas? Why do we even have the ability to tame anything? How does that fit a pirate theme? How does that encourage sea life? Why does a tame need the ability to be a rolling NPC offensive structure? These additions are always bewildering.
  5. LOL, for an EA game notorious for delays. Stupid people then.
  6. Just checking, I don't watch numbers for unreleased games personally. They don't count for much IMHO. I know many more people who wont fuck with EA games than like myself who enjoy seeing the process, or lack therefore of. The numbers of players now are not in any way reflective of what it would be with a full release. By more engaging I meant, there were some improvements that vastly improved the game for solos and small, even though they went properly balanced for the larger groups. I meant, that I found people to pvp with every day. The overall number of megas felt less, and the number of overall small groups felt more. The updates here on the forum were 2-4 a month for the most part. It was absolutely a better direction that the previous seasons every time. Not that there were no setbacks, yeah the gold for ships, the barrels, ect. God damn them for more tame BS though seriously. WTF
  7. Source? I don't know the exact numbers. I will say, every season so far has been more engaging and well thought out than the previous ones. That being said, I am super suspect about this one. Those towers better have been nerfed. Ideally there are no claimable islands anymore. Or else what was the fucking point of towers? The original map was perfect, new one sucked. Lots of people were asking for a new (the old one really) map. Hopefully they will restore the size of the old map at the very least. Cant say they didn't put in ANY work. That's unfair. How long have people (not myself) been asking for trade winds of some sort. The new ship system is being introduced, finally We have all wanted a better ship system that includes better performance. The tames? Who the fuck knows... It is the one thig we all want less of, and aren't asking for any of that trash and yet it appears in every single update. You can expect an average of about 2 wipes a year. You wont know when they are coming. If, and a big IF, it ever releases, there could be servers with no wipes.
  8. Fuck new world (although I am curious how well that engine works out). The entirety of Atlas is just a part of Ashes of Creation. But that may still be 2 or 3 years out.
  9. Never heard of crossout. @Gemini Five Id love to play SC. IT does look like the most badass game if it were to come out and do what they say it will. Unfortunately, it is totally P2W....even while in Alpha still. I can't justify a game where I can get to the top or get the best "items" for thousands of real life dollars. Those ships look amazing, and if I had thousands of dollars I didn't need I too could "own" one. SC is just a really fancy whale farm, and thats sad to me. Its not the MOST flagrant type of P2W, because I believe you can "earn" all of those ships in game, but lets get real. That aint likely gunna happen.
  10. Ummm lol what? Who is giving them money every month? There is certainly no army of employees over at GS. There is no massive amounts of money coming in. Hell, I bet they didn't even really get that much from the initial launch compared to what it should be costing to make a successful game of this scale. Have they even sold 100k copies of the game? It has previously been mentioned that Atlas is in the bottom 100 games on steam. @Keins Thallow Don't expect this game to ever release. Unless you think SC is actually going to be finished and released someday. If that is the case, then expect this game to release first. You would be beyond help at that point anyways. Like this guy...he's fucked in the head. Dude, the game had already been in alpha for like 5 years at that time. That's like buying a new Atlas ship....3 years from now.....and still having not seen it 8 years from now...AND still thinking it would release.....someday...... Your drugs sir....are awesome...I want some of whatever it is.
  11. Yeah, she's clearly on the spectrum. All her useless posts are garbage at best at gibberish usually. Devs, I have revised my previous positions a little. I think it of the utmost importance that we maintain a PvE server.
  12. @George Catcher @Nacona This is great work George and Nacona. Its been explained a few times but this is the best put together "How To" yet.
  13. Apologies for the misunderstanding. This is a predominantly English forum. You can tell because the website is entirely in English. Very few people will have any clue what you posted.
  14. Wow, what an arrogant and uneducated statement. Projecting much? I assure you, we have lives, families, jobs, sleep needs, just like PvE players do. We have the same general time available to play each day as you do. We are just more well adjusted people who don't lose sleep at the thought of our make believe base getting raided. Its part of the game. You know that player generated content they always speak of? If I don't make the base you cant raid it. Ever wonder why it sucks dick to play PvE? Ever feel like some of the content is missing? or shouldn't even be there to begin with? The most consistent users of the game? Lol, by what metric, you just pulled that out of your ass. You certainly are not the ones most willing to leave AND the most consistent players at the same time. That's called an oxymoron. If a game ever dictates you life, the problem is not with the game. Its a mental situation that you need to deal with. Rest assured, if ALL of the PvE players left (they wont), the game would not die. 1. The game has not released yet, so it has technically not been "born" therefore it cannot yet "die". (shhh don't attack my metaphor trumpists) 2. The game is a PvP focused game weather or not you want to acknowledge it. Ultimately the PvE crowd as it currently exists does not concern the development, release, or success of this game. If you disagree with me, I invite you to go read over the last several patches and dev notes. TLDR: Worst non-argument ever. Very poor representation form the PvE crowd.
  15. The games I have enjoyed the most did not have PvP and PvE servers, just servers where the game was played on. This option is the creation of a younger generation of player base, I think. Rip the band aid off. I would advocate for and support dropping the PvE server all together. That won't make me many friends with the die hard PvE never PvP crowd. The hate is one-sided for sure though. PvP peeps love PvE peeps. They are so much better at killing bosses and farming maps. If walls were balanced correctly, many of them are way better architects, farmers and tamers. Hell we NEED the PvE guys, and I feel they could use us (PvP) too. To take out the enemy towers and FHs/WHs/Markets. They certainly can't do any of that right now. If It were up to me, I would never have allowed a PvE server to exist to begin with. Not for dickish reasons, its just not what the game was ever designed to do. Much the same as I wouldn't take a Honda Accord to to compete in a NASCAR race. Yeah, it does drive and accelerate and can turn left with the best of them, but it would never feel right or do good because its not what it was designed to do. However they did, so now we are in this Jerusalem/Palestine dynamic. I suppose that makes Grapeshot America, or at least the allies lol. They will not focus on PvE. They just never have, and that's been their position pretty much from the start. Lets stop the toying with the PvE guys. Its not fair to the PvE crowd when shit like the towers gets released into their environment. Its every time too. The solutions do not exist for PvE to contest FHs, WHs, markets, Towers, blockading, structure griefing, ect ect. There is a compromise that I think would work, I did not invent this concept. I can't be sure my exact setup is even original. Although not my first choice, I would have no problems with this setup. 1. So lets bring back the 15x15 map. That was 225 squares. 9 GA, 15 Free ports, 56 lawless and 145 claimable grids. 2. Every grid that is bordered on 2 or more sides by lawless, can have freeport settings with walls, foundations and roofs available for placement. That would be 46 grids. 3. That would make it; Out of 225 grids, 99 claimable grids, 56 lawless, 46 PvE, 15 free ports and 9 GA. 4. This would keep the focus on PvP, maintain some PvE bubbles and pays homage to the 2:1 ratio of PvP to PvE servers we currently have. 5. Remove island claims. 6. Allow the towers to only be used on claimable grids. 7. Leave lawless the fuck alone. It ain't broke, don't try to fix it.
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