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  1. I only quoted the part I was responding too. To prevent walls of text. Limiting terrain would be worse that what they already did to the map by nerfing it to this small size it is now. The thing is, its not an exploit if it was working as intended. If a glider is gliding, it seemed to me like it was working perfectly. Originally you could glide almost forever, but they did patch that out. On some islands, the gliders were the way to get around. I personally liked to use them for scouting things like hydras, as well as general transportation around an island. All of that is gone now for no reason I can see. A glider that doesn't even really glide, why not just remove it from the game entirely? I do not understand the reason for this nerf. If someone is cheating, perhaps enabling other software, that is not an exploit. If someone was dropping explosives, well, that's just something you could actually do with a glider and I do not see the problem with this. Its super hard to do anyways. Can we please have some semblance of skill and not just win by being lvl 120 by default?
  2. What?! No its not... The glider nerf is the 2nd worst thing this group of devs has done. Cap the terrain? Reduce the build limit? You do not understand what a sandbox is supposed to be do you? I bet you'd support factions too. Perhaps you'd prefer a theme park MMO. Also, the current claim system is absolute trash. It caters to big companies at the expense of smaller groups. Absolutely terrible design. @Devs - Put the glider back. Dumbest god damn thing I've seen since the barrels came back. But you fixed them, I expect you to fix this too. ...fucking dolphins....I didn't need a damn dolphin when I could make a schooner whenever I needed one. Cant sail, too expensive Cant fly, nerfed to hell No point in taming, I can steal from someone's farm. No BPs to craft. No land to even claim if I wanted to, megas holding multiples and all. No point in building, anything on land will be shredded as mentioned by oh, EVERYONE! @devs - What is it you are leaving us to do in this game? I loved what you were doing at first, but since then its going to shit. The way I see it you are taking away everything interesting there was to do in Atlas. I feel like I increasingly have only 3 options; 1. STFU and join a big group bc that's all that is considered when making changes. 2. Stay solo/small, enjoy whatever island you made your home region, don't expect to see any endgame and then STFU. The big guys will be along soon to enforce option 1 or 3. 3. Move along, this game isn't for solo/small groups. Be borg, bend the knee or be gone. -CS
  3. What? A god damn dolphin? What about fixing the claims? Or more importantly, how bout undo the wtf glider nerf. We never even got an explanation as to why some asshat decided it needed nerfing. Between the glider nerf and the abhorrent cost to build ships, this is more and more a farm sim. ONLY NOW WITH DOLPHINS!
  4. You stated a problem as if it must be so, then unknowingly provided the answer. "X" as you used it is just a variable. The exact same as in a games coding. The amount of ships allowed per company is also a "X" in the Atlas coding. It says something like "300" right now. It could be changed to say "50". Or it could be a factor, something to the effect of "x= company member count", or "x= 2(company member count)". The point is, this is a non issue. People make too many boats? Reduce the allowable build limit. As it is now every person can make hundreds of boats, and tame hundreds of tames per grid. But that's all literally just a singe variable in the code.
  5. The easy answer is the one you have, you just don't like it. Its ok, most of us don't like it either. You ride that sloop into the ground. Then make another. If you have an abundant amount of game time, or if there are even 4 of you just kind of actively playing, you want to set up a warehouse with some farms and a market. The market will get some money rolling in over time. The trick is to have everything working and not getting messed with when you log off. You will need some 25k to get a schooner and a dock to try to keep it safe in. I'm solo, I cannot play every day for hours. So this idea of theirs doesn't work great for me. I have largely sat out this season so far because of the ships costing 10k+ gold thing. If you do what the devs would prefer, you will find a bigger company to join. The game is currently balanced heavily in favor of larger companies. I just find it makes the game suck and I lose interest the second someone limits how I play. Basically, these devs have made some terrible decisions this season and the game play suffers for it. Barrels, Gliders, Ship cost, no limits on WHs or FHs, Claiming islands still a thing, ect...
  6. Wow, what are the odds of that. Obviously I'm going to mention that your problem is easily solved on the PvP servers. So the best I can offer for condolences is a soft chuckle at the Mexican stand off. Personally, if we are throwing 2 cents in, I'd like to see the things spawn in a different random grid every 24 hours and hang out there causing trouble until 24 hours is up or its killed. Oh, and why are there 2 of the same boss? Super lazy devs, in SoT you have all kinds of sea monsters randomly come at you. I know how you all like to model animals over there....
  7. Good post, I like the positive enthusiasm. Don't worry about @eeeceee he's mostly a negative asshole. This part about Sea of Thieves, I've been on this for a while. The way they handled the sea in that game was the absolute best part of that game. If you haven't tried it out, I highly recommend it to anyone to paly for a few hours just to sail around. The encouraging thing is that SoT was built on the exact same engine as Atlas. Witch means its absolutely possible to expect so much more from at least this part of the game. It also highlights the gap between talent and resources from an established game developer like Rare vs a startup like GS.
  8. R1k's bored today I see.
  9. Personally, I think a flying ship would be baller. Especially now that the gliders got fucked over for no reason.
  10. And furthermore I......wha.....wtf did you just say?! You agree with a BS change becuase your a self described moron? You sir, have taken away any good response I could make. Stupid people like stupid shit.
  11. ....you took the gliders away? Who in the fuck ever even complained about them? No one! Grats you fixed the barrels after months. This is the same thing. I'd rather see you introduce airships than take away the gliders. Common guys! You've ruined the fact that you increased reverse speeds on boats. Not that I can afford a real boat anymore. But hey, at least I can fly either. Why are you consistently locking out content and shutting down options. No I get to play a poor castaway who is limited to land movement only. Restore this change or you can GFYS for Christmas.
  12. Setting aside the fact that these guys never set out to create software to save lives, or even keep people safe. Purely entertainment for those of us rich enough to have spare time and disposable income. What exactly is it you think you are doing here? You did not purchase a game that is finished. If the "early access" didn't tip you off, perhaps the fact that you paid so little should have been a sign. YOU are the tester sir, congrats. Your payment is a giant discount on the final price of the game. Plus the entertainment you get form EA. Not a bad deal. Yes, these devs are super inexperienced. This would be the company's first game. They clearly do not have very many people, and those they have are clearly not the best around. Their entire outline for the game was rough at best. It likely read something like "Use UR4 engine and build a pirate game". Actually, it was probably, "Lets make Ark into a pirate game." Ark isn't exactly a well made game either, which didn't help, but the scope was small enough that it was pulled off and sold for retail price. Really, I don't expect these guys to ever finish. Mostly because its been 2 years now, the game was originally supposed to release this week, and they aren't sure witch direction they want to go with the game yet. But the concept is great, and good for the industry as a whole.
  13. Season 3 still had island claims. I'm talking about the original flag, that gave you a circle, fairly small. They said they were reverting back to something similar to season 1. That does not imply that it will be the same as season 1. If you remember, the worst part of that system was the unlimited use of flags. Granted you also had 200 member companies at the same time. That was a stupid stupid idea, that could have been a decent idea by simply giving every person 1 single flag. Or even better, giving only 1 flag per company, no personal flags. IDEALLY, they abandon the idea of flags altogether. Make all islands lawless. Restore the size of the original map. Give us the ability to keep our super expensive ship safe (without another super expensive structure that can still be breached). You know, things that would encourage and support the idea of being on the sea more. But first, lets get rid of any one company owning an entire island, let alone a whole grid.
  14. Yeah, that way the big guys could own several grids with thier massive amounts of gold and solos like me can live on.....oh wait we are right back at season 1. Let's even it out a bit more fairly. 1 person, 1 claim. If you got 50 people in company, you got 50 claims. Seems fair. Tilt it more for solos if you like. 1 company, 1 claim. Makes land more availible and accessable.
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