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  1. Still looking for a pm with an aimbot link.
  2. If your solo like me, you have to know how to approach a boat. You can do the whole keep it in a freeport. I did that with a brig last season as people insisted it was the best way to go. Fuck that shit, your an hour late once and it's all gone, and the stress of worrying about it omg. Get yourself a vault, build a boat in a box. I'll stock up like 100-200 med planks. Build a boat, use it for a day, give it away. It wont still be there in the morning anyway. You can throw another one together the next day, takes 10 min. I use schooners, fastest boat level it in weight for speed and your But you need the boat to get supplies, and BPs, and tames if your into lame shit like that.
  3. Nothing wrong with any of that. Except I'm not sure in NPCs will shoot in peace time. Cant damage anything in peace time, and owner can remove anything on island within 24 hours of placement i think. So you might mess with a small company some, I doubt youd be more than slightly annoying to a big company. Your really describing a way to mess with solos and small companys on lawless moreso than any usefull tactic against an owned island.
  4. Can someone pm me how to get aimbotter? If its allowed I'd like to join them.
  5. Because, it almost immediately becomes a theme park game and not an open world sandbox game. You are unable to attack X% of the people you meet, thus making you not a real pirate. Think of all the faction games you've played. They are almost all, if not all, theme park mmos. Its probably something that could be incorporated in a PVE server, but then the PVE people would still be upset if there is ANY PVP.
  6. You have 100% access to all of the same resources as everyone else, please don't be unintelligent sounding in your posts. It is a Risk Reward system. On paper there isn't anything unfair what so ever. You are not stopped from doing PvP, but are not forced to do any either (in your scenario that is). Even how it is now, on PVP server, people live on free ports and do only PVE just fine. Please feel for the PvP people. Doing PvE on a PvP server is FORCED upon them. Even to make a weapon or boat, lots on PVE must be done first. Where you have, since day 1, not had to even raise your voice to your loving neighbors im sure. Who is really the victim here!?
  7. Oh this is fantastic! Malfeasance is the word so many are looking for I believe. Still, it is foolishness to ask for money back, after enjoying hundreds or even thousands of hours of entertainment for what has to be one of if not the cheapest game in the collection. I am loving the tears of the PVE crowd. The lunacy of playing a pirate game, where you can't be a pirate, always bewildered me. Nothing at any point in time has suggested that PvE was anything less than an afterthought to appease some people. Regardless, there is still a PVE server. @Bluestone Welcome aboard, its clearly a shit show as you can see. Take heart, its simply the vocal uneducated pissing and moaning. (Except @Gomez Addams hes just playing with his family and I truly feel for him if he cant get any SS of their time together.) I am saddened by you saying it might never leave EA.
  8. Tames are my least favorite part of the game. I find them a complete distraction from the concept and implemented in the heaviest and worst way imaginable. Without a tame, you cannot expect to compete against someone with a tame. Making it a necessity to play "Tiger King" when you signed up to be a pirate. I would like to make tames far more trivial. I should be able to farm with skills at the same rate as a tame can farm. That's just me though, and I realize a lot of people love to be the Tiger King. Side note, the difference between my fresh tame and your purebred tame you spent countless hours working on is insignificant compared to the vast gap between my fresh tame and the dude with no tame. Food for thought if you keep losing tames, don't breed them and waste your time. Better off doing shipwrecks and buying them, or staying with fresh tames. I am sure loss of tames causes people to quit. However the loss of a tame does not immediately cut off a vast majority of the game. When you log on and the ship is gone, where you are is where you are (beds aside ofc you can go be stranded on a different island). What your doing is probably working on another ship, witch is not captivating, rewarding, or enjoyable to do for the 1000th time. You are doing no shipwrecks, no SoTD, no whaling, no treasure hunting, no raiding islands, no ship combat, not golden age ruins, no kracken. You can farm, build a base, or build a ship. Even a simple brig is going to take you longer to put together than taming a new bear, elephant and giraffe. As for FPs. Yeah, by all means, tames should not be allowed to be kept there. At least not off the boat. Absolutely let them declaim in a few hours. My suggestion to those who haven't herd it before; All ships gain invulnerably to receive or deal dmg when green anchored. Exactly as it works in peace time on a claimed island, 15 min I think till it turns green. This works on all islands EXCEPT claimed islands in war time. To supplement this rule, the max ship limit should be reduced to 1-3 per person instead of the flat 300. That's it, no new systems added, just toggle a few values. Smallest patch ever to make the game sustainable when it launches. You could even save some tames in a galley and it wouldn't feel like the cheese it is now to keep a tame or boat in a FP. Pros - Whats on your ship is safe, you won't lose everything in a raid. - Your ship is safe, you can actually play the game. AND get to go to work AND sleep! - Your ship CAN BE your base. Cons - You cant put very much on a ship. - You can only make so many ships. - Ship still sinks to decay.
  9. Tames are raided and killed becuase they can hold stuff in thier inventory, and often are not on passive. You've taken your personal favorite aspect of the game and asked for it to be privileged in protections. Dont get me wrong, I've done the exact same with ships. I still maintain that my idea with the ships is good and beneficial to the health of the game. However it's not in the spirit of the design. What makes the tames valuable is the fact that you can loose them. That they are one single aspect of this game that if overly prioritized will be lost. Thats why it favors big companies so heavily. I'd addition to tames you need to build a good base, man it with NPCs, and then continuously maintain all that while still breeding. Also, just put them in freeports like everyone else overly worried about it does.
  10. Yeah OP, that's a terrible idea. You should verify that you have not in fact been lobotomized for that thought to have co.e into your head. Pay more money.......for a game that is in EA and isnt finished yet? After they've made millions of the 2 platform EA Launches already? We didnt even pay full price. No, how bout we let them finish the game, and then they can make money by selling a finished product at full value. You know like what I have to do at work, finish my product before I can sell it and eat.
  11. Oh you mean the people who do 100% of thier work on a pc by themselves mostly. They would miss a day to set up thier workstations at home. And that assuming they dont already have that.
  12. NA PvP is poppin. I see people and have conflict daily. It's been constant and steady feeling since x box release. My only complaint is I cant keep a ship floating once I log off.
  13. Its 2020 people, discord works just as well on phones. If you can't talk to someone and they don't speak a different language, its your fault.
  14. A day and 12 hours, is day plus a few hours. It is not a substantial amount of time. I do not need a boat every single play session. So I would not need to build a boat every day. Its part of what makes the single use boat efficient, I can forget about the boats when I don't need them. Also, I rarely gather mats. It is far to efficient to raid the island I'm on and take the planks, or at least convert the sunk ship parts into more planks on the spot. A box with hundreds of medium planks (ect.) is sooo much easier to steal than to farm. I can throw a schooner together in 10 min. Even if we assume I start from scratch for some reason, I have a ramshackle sloop in 10 mins zooming away from a free port of my choice. Ill let you know though, my tames and shitty decoy bases have survived just fine in lawless. In season 3 so far, I have lost no tames to griefers. When I sail out, I can leave my boat where ever. There is no return trip necessary to save my investment. I assure you, that even IF you only spend 5 min a day maintaining (I'm sure its more than that on average), you are still spending a great deal of time getting back to a free port. When I don't sail out, I can do things on my island without having to sail to it. Saving time. Look, I like your concept, I just think its far too much effort for what you get in return. I am in the camp that we should all have our boats still there the next day. I reject that as a real problem. There is a timer before you are fully anchored, once anchored it wouldn't be able to take or deal dmg. A boat can only hold "x" amount of weight. These alone make it a shit option for an FOB. However, it would be prudent to also disable beds on anchored boats in war time. It would also be prudent to reduce the number of boats per company. I cannot fathom why this has not been implemented, there is no real downside.
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