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  1. Chucksteak

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Lol, love this quote. Pirate experience, kinda not so much. But hey we DO have se awesome OP bears! You know how pirates loved thier bears! Far more important to a pirate than better ships right?
  2. Chucksteak

    Welp. I'll wait till they fix this garbage.

    Check your logs, could have been stolen. Or sunk and salvaged already, witch would remove the shipwreck symbol. Or it was sunk a few days ago and just decayed before you logged back in. Either way, yet another example of why ships should be safe while anchored.
  3. Chucksteak

    Single Player Game Error

    Hmm, looks like your trying to play an MMORPG type game by yourself, without the MMO part. That's probably the main issue. I'd try joining krackens maw official, see if it fixes the problem.
  4. Chucksteak

    Being Tame blocked by tame limit

    Fuck sakes, these tames are lut of control. 1200 god damn tames?! Devs, let's fix this. 1200!? We need to seriously dial this tame shit down a few pegs. Too many people playing zoo keeper and not out sailing. To be fair, thier ship was probably destroyed.
  5. Chucksteak

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    And single player... And PvE... Ball was dropped, then kicked.
  6. Chucksteak


    Yes, you would wipe every thing on the island. You know, as in, a wipe. This is why you live in lawless. The current concept of owning an island that had a rediculous 9 hour every, single, day, war timer that gets etch a sketched when you lose it should be a non starter to anyone. Enjoy your Island while its yours.
  7. Chucksteak

    Please give us placeable roads.

    I dont think anyhting actually block resources spawning. It just gets covered up. Regardless, I'm not sure how different a road would be compared to foundations.
  8. I've put some deal of thought into this. The first problem is that I think you inverted Ark. By that I mean, instead of spamming servers to force your way in for PvP, terrible meta btw, you will have companies force logging out. I like how it is actually an incentive to be a small group or solo, but super easy to cheese either way. Why would I PvP with a raider if I have a garuntee to win by not playing? Now were back to playing PvE in a game designed for PvP. I think the attack window was a move in the right direction. Although more thought needs put into it. The boat is different becuase it is effectively useless when anchored, vs a base that is always usefull. The second problem, is what I have come to realize about this game. Sadly, I believe the offline raiding is the intended meta. Nerfed with the attack windows but not removed at all. It is the most rewarding thing you can do in game. By that I mean, it is the biggest reward for the least amount of effort. With a few minutes of crafting gernades, I can get all of your stored stuff. The math is completely lopsided in the attackers favor to further my point that it is intended. To fix it would require some dramatic adjustments, maybe reduce dmg taken by stone walls by 90% or something. Lastly, I have come to realize, through getting raided a plenty, that if done correctly the largest part of your investment is in the structure itself. You will lose your mats, but you likely have 10s or 100s or 1000s of times that amount you lost invested in your structure.
  9. You can't make bases invulnerable. The good part of what you want here is that you eliminated the need for base NPCs, and that's awesome. But you killed off raiding, and islands are now perma residencies for people who simply loggin. Effectively making the PvP server mostly PvE. The game is designed around raiding and PvP. The ships invulnerability is only while they are anchored. And does not apply to persons ON the ship, although by default it would protect those IN the ship if it were sealed. The goal is to encourage sea activity, player velocity and player retention. Why does a person not sail? Becuase their ship was destroyed in 5 sec while anchored while they did RL stuff. Why does a person not travel very far? Becuase thier boat will get sunk in 5 sec while they are in RL if not at a super secure base that may or may not protect them. By default this halfs your travel distance. Why does a player quit? Becuase they have nothing to play with when they loggin. Their base AND ship were destroyed while they were in RL. What could a player do if his boat WAS his/her base? They could travel the atlas and be a pirate everytime they loggin. -CS
  10. 2 hours a day, every day. Thsts insane and would do nothing. You just conceded another incentive for bigger companies at the expense of the solo player. That's the opposite direction. What is the problem if someone has a ship that is still there when they loggin? What exactly does that take away from the game? It's still uber squishy once it sets sail. And it still cant hold hardly anything, especially compared to a base. You know why sea of thieves is so enjoyable? Becuase I loggin andy ship is right there waiting tonset sail. I lose and it gets sunk, I die and another ship is right there waiting to sail. With the time sink of building, then leveling our ships, they will have to implement something like this before release.
  11. Chucksteak

    SOME PC players unraidable

    The PC players are also lagging badly. Maybe just not AS badly. With no real restrictions on building, they just layer thier bases till the island is lagged to hell.
  12. Chucksteak

    Pvp land base

    .... Im sorry, I know that's the meta and it's intended to be so. However this is generally the beginning of the end for you or your crew. Here's the thing. You join a big company, and they give everyone the same access and can all get on with no power trips and it CAN be a good thing. It's nice to see 100k metal already farmed for you. It's nice to have tames already bred and waiting for you. That's not my experience. Let's say TPG (or any mega) wants you to merge with them. You have a 10-20 roster, everyones full access status. Fine let's merge. Day 1, you realise you dont have full access. Everything you built is now theirs and restricted to you. Wanna build something, well, hope the new leaders agree or you dont get to. Wanna get into all the bases that are now yours? Nope, not gunna happen. There are secret ones your not allowed into. They get all of your shit, you get what they decide to give you for your shit. Ask for full access, nope, not gunna happen. Who knows why the power trip is there, but it is. Maybe, just maybe they let you be a builder or some other underling "position". Until they decide not to and you log in and are peon #112 with no access. By day 3 you realize your original crew is gone and not likely going to come back. You also dont feel like logging in anymore. Becuase it sucks dick being a peon when you signed up to be a pirate. What's the break point? My guess is about 40-50 people. Goes to hell after that. When you see there are multiple companies that are the same, dont even bother. 3 times I have tried this. Through various ways, and I really didnt want to the last time cuase I knew the outcome. You want pro advice? Live on lawless. Stay solo or in 1 clan with 40 or less people. Build a small base hidden under water to put your important stuff in. Build yourself a castle and call it home. No one destroys more than they need to do the raid and most of all your resources are invested in the structure itself anyways. Worst case, you scuttle your base and take leftover mats to rebuild elsewhere. Build a schooner right before you wanna sail, and scuttle it to get some return on your resources when your done with it or someone else will. Remember, your stash is underwater, so scuttle it right above for efficiency. Raid every unraided base you see, sink every ship you see. Fuck the megas. Fuck the NPCs. Fuck the tames. You only need 1 elephant and 1 giraffe, a bear and/or horse is a luxury. This is how you play a pirate. -CS
  13. 24 minutes maybe tops. Look, we should be accepting and ok with people having a space to save things in that we know will still be there when we return. It's not like you have unlimited weight on a ship, so you cant stock it up like a base. The #1 reason people quit, and will continue to do so, is becuase it sucks dick to rebuild everything every other time you log in. If my base is raided, it kinda sucks, but at least the structure remains. When my ship is sunk....every time I'm like fuck it, I just wont build one. Tooooo easy to sink compared to the time and effort to build another. Everything disappears if your logged out to long. That solves that issue.
  14. Chucksteak

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    Lol ain't gunna happen bro.
  15. Chucksteak

    Please give us placeable roads.

    Roads that block resource spawn withow cost would become a weapon immediately. Just use foundations and ramps.