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  1. Chucksteak

    Atlas and steam charts

    Was hoping youd find the irony
  2. Chucksteak

    Atlas and steam charts

    *squints eyes and shakes head at boomer for still replying to this thread* 11 pages, fuck sakes. I'll take 2 kracken dildos, dont ask why. #norealistleftbehind
  3. Chucksteak

    Just uninstalled the game.

    I would assume, based on personal experience, that someone floated by and sunk it for fun. Becuase why not when it's almost free and takes 30 sec to sink and harvest a boat that took someone many hours to grind out. Pro tip, build a boat on friday and scuttle it sunday night. If your lucky enough to still have it. At least this way you get some mats back. Better if you have pirate tree filled out. Its sadly what I do most of the time.
  4. Chucksteak

    The Discord post stream chat with Dollie

    #noRealistleftbehind Lol awesome
  5. Chucksteak

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    Let's save the faux outrage for a wipe until....I don't know....maybe AFTER they say there is going to be a wipe? Currently we were told they would rather NOT wipe. So, interpret that how you will. I wrote it in English for you. Your welcome.
  6. Chucksteak

    Answer to: New ATLAS Road Map

    I dont think anyone mentioned anything about dumbing it down in any way for PC players. Perhaps there will be a graphics cap for the console kids, but again, speculation at best. Oh wait, realist prolly screamed about something like this. Lets not put faith in what trolls say, especially the ones you know are ignorant.
  7. Chucksteak

    PLEASE Don't forget Us Single players

    Sailing with your crew? The NPCs? Lol ok. For Christmas, please dear Santa, forget about the single player. Id prefer you to focus on the MMORPG you are working on. Im not entirely sure why a SP mode was created, when in your generosity you gave us private servers. The fuck are you talking about? Never before have I seen such back bending to cater to people who want thier own personal MMO to solo. Be grateful or go play a game made for your preferred style. No other MMO gives you what Atlas has for your perverted solo crusade against the worst mobs ever coded.
  8. Chucksteak

    Answer to: New ATLAS Road Map

    That's the problem with trolls. They don't actually mean anything they say, they are just fishing for reactions.
  9. Chucksteak

    Great game, so little players.

    I would find it hard to believe there is any RMT here. Nothing in the game has any value. Anything can be done or made with relatively little to no effort.
  10. Chucksteak

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Yeah, Boomer is being nice. Your idea has clearly not been thought out very well. You removed any ability to be a pirate. You made it so no ship will ever be worth pirating as they are all only empty discovery ships. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you play PvE and as such probably don't understand how the game was intended to play out. You need to build things with different resources. They put different resources in different locations. You have to go find and harvest these resources. Someone can attempt to pirate your ship (RISK) You might decide to build a base here if its a better location. (REWARD) Then you have to take them back to your base, or one way or another get all resources in 1 location. Someone can pirate your ship WITH the resources (RISK) Now you can build what you wanted to. (REWARD) Its called a Risk/Reward system.
  11. Chucksteak

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Perhaps Avius is a little brutal in his presentation. I would have used the metaphor that I enjoy jerking off, but it is soo much more fun with a suitable partner to assist me. However I believe his sentiment is in the right place. I was personally appalled when I found out about the extent of the NPC crew. The necessity to have other people, real people, that have to work together for tasks of all sizes is a core component of an MMO. Everyone should realize this doesn't exactly feel like other MMOs, and a big part of that is due to the fact that NPCs make it so you don't need other people for 99% of all things in this game. I consider this a mechanical flaw in the game. I get that it is needed to assist defense while you are offline, but holy hell, what a cop out. Here's my problem, they create an incentive to NOT use real people....because the NPCs are better than real people. Imagine having 5 people below deck shooting cannons, and how accurate they will be compared to NPCs on auto fire against say, a SoTD. The NPCs are crack shots and fire in sync as fast as possible. The NPCs should never be preferable to live people. I for one would be perfectly fine with removing NPCs from the game entirely in an attempt to foster more of a multiplayer aspect to the game. I LOVED having my mates in Sea of Thieves work cannons, sails or helm. It puts more of an emphasis on skill and teamwork over who found better god damn BPs. I also don't believe removing them would be a penalty to solo players. This is supposed to be an MMORPG after all. Group play should have as much incentive as possible. The Galleon should absolutely be something that a group can use to much greater effect than a solo person simply due to its nature. As a solo I can still sail a brig on my own, but I wouldn't be very good at combat. Doesn't this sounds like it is how it should be, as opposed to how it is now. Let's not forget my hairy palmed friends, there IS a setting for solo palyer's, and nothing said here about the MMO side would, or is intended to, affect that in theory. This is not to even mention private servers. Boomer, I was gunna say something about how an incentive to play in a group is not the same thing as a disincentive to play solo. However as I read it back out loud I realized I was being retarded. 8Ball, bro, read your sentence out loud. Playing solo is literally the definition of playing alone. -CS
  12. Chucksteak

    So i'm back to see how the game is.

    Damn, well, I suppose it doesnt matter, but in America we have craigslist. We use it like an online garage sale....aww hell....you prolly dont know what that is. Well, good luck to you sir, and please keep that Sphinx in good condition. Its far older than most people think.
  13. Chucksteak

    So i'm back to see how the game is.

    You wont. Not becuase of the game, but becuase your build is super obsolete. Fun fact, I threw away a gtx 560 yesterday becuase i found it hiding in my shop like a mouse. But your bigger issue is the 3rd gen i5 your rocking around like its 2013. This means you RAM and MoBo are also from that era. So your bottleneck will happen at the cpu most likely once you get a 1050. Btw, at least get a 1080, they're cheap now.
  14. Chucksteak

    Are you old?

    So, first off, yes. Discord and twitter ARE they platforms of choice for this era. They have successfully supplanted forums. I am 35. I prefer forums. It allows one to thoroughly read through peoples thoughts and take the time to digest and respond in kind. However it isn't fast enough or accessible enough for today's world. What discord in particular has done is find a way to merge forums with voice and accessibility. Its super uncomfortable feeling for people like yourself and I. To try to grasp the concept of a lesser voice platform than say, Ventrillo, coupled with a forum lacking abilities compared to what we would prefer. This is however not recognizing how incredibly seamless it is from phone, to tablet, to PC. You can effortlessly read posts, get alerted of them like a text message and even connect with voice with no real upper limit of users. Yes, aside from console boy, we are all the older group of gamer's. The ones with the disposable income and free time to consume. -CS
  15. Chucksteak


    Except that there's not. Unless you have 100% proof, in which case you should share with the group what you have. You may feel strongly that they will wipe the servers, but that is still just your speculation, regardless of how many other people share that view, it is still just......"like, your opinion, man." Don't get me wrong, I think there is a strong possibility they might do a wipe. I would put the odds as high as 50% that it will happen. Lets however not fail to appreciate that there are other options that might sell better to both sides. As someone said, they might just open a cross-play server. This might be the way to go and make everyone happy. Probably better odds of this than a wipe. They might take into account the current player base size and the current decay settings (witch I LOVE, don't hate on them), and come to the conclusion that a wipe simply isn't necessary. Although to be fair this logic works both ways. They could easily fold in a few thousand x-box players and the current thousand or so already playing needn't worry due to the size and availability on the map. It is also possible that there is only a partial wipe. Perhaps some grids get cleaned out, while others are left intact. This would facilitate adding or changing some of the grids with new biomes or land masses. This would also cater to the large companies as those grids are still relatively populated by said companies. Using past experience, we know that GS HEAVILY favors large companies (if not exclusively) and this would be in line with that tradition. This would also allow them to say they didn't do a "wipe", which is something they have publicly stated they wanted to try and avoid. These facts alone make this option far more legitimate that a complete wipe. Regardless, lets not allow this to overshadow the good news. We are getting cross play, that's an awesome thing. It's the way of the future that we should not be so segregated by who can and cannot afford a PC. We should celebrate the ability to play with all of the children who want to sail and get pirated like the rest of us adults. This is not a new or a scary thing. The UR4 engine has been out for many years and the x-box is perfectly capable of handling it. Welcome X-box players! Sorry Sony fans. As the Spiderman saga has shown us, they are just greedy assholes who don't care much what their customers want or think. -CS