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  1. Chucksteak

    Base Defenses VS Bees

    Some ideas... 1. Have nearby tames set to aggressive. Possibly on follow to an npc if that's possible. 2. Build a super structure around what you call your base. Adds defense and with a floor will keep mobs out. 3. Relocate to an area without bees. 4. Stop using NPCs.
  2. Chucksteak

    Underwater Structures

    Do not get rid of them without replacing their use with something equal. Their use being the only remotely viable way to store things and feel that there is a decent chance it will still be there when you get home from work (mostly because they can be hard to find). Its bad enough I have to remake a new boat every time I log in. Over the weekend I cant even logout for lunch and come back to a floating boat. They are not invincible. 2 people hitting it with stock tools can take a door out in about 20 min. Don't sleep in this, it can easily take more than 20 min trying to do it in other ways. If you can see the structure from above the water, you can definitely hit it with cannon bears and/or grenades. The trick is you cant see the graphic of the cannon ball or grenade, so you have to play around until you see the green numbers. If its deeper than this, I do not know if the cannons and grenades stop working, or if the difficulty to aim just gets too much. Regardless, switch to the costly explosive barrels. There is a YouTube video showing how to do it. Overall, if structures were better these wouldn't bee needed. However I would expand upon them rather than remove them. Undersea terrain is a largely untapped real estate. Id like to see more resources down there, more viable ways to build down there. The submarine should be much more accessible to the average player. I think it would be neat to have a 2nd race that lives normally underwater and has a breath timer above. They could have a submarine comp that flies through the air, we'll call it.....an air ship! For real, it should take much more work to break into something than it does to build it. Especially compared to how easy it is to do so currently. There's a reason castles were built out of stone and had to be taken by siege.
  3. Chucksteak


    NO FACTIONS. They are terrible are RUIN open world PvP games, by making them not open PvP games. This game was advertised as an open world PvP sandbox game. Factions are thematically opposed to that vision. I am not sure that at any point the PvE mode advertised, beyond possibly mentioning it existed. The videos I saw clearly demonstrated PvP. Most of the complaints I see are from PvE about griefers (outside of broken game functions ofc).
  4. Chucksteak


    There is actually no real problem with the way it is now. The PvE crowd often forgets that this game was designed for PvP. It was not redesigned to facilitate PvE. They just turn off PvP ability and bam, there you go, a game mode that is simply an afterthought so as to include more people into the target demographic. Regaurdless, my solutions are what I would do. Your solutions are what you would do. The main difference being I dont need devs or other conditions to be met for my solutions.
  5. Chucksteak


    Peacefully griefing, exactly. What the problem with what I said?
  6. Chucksteak


    1. Blow it up. 2. If you cant blow it up, switch to PvP server, or accept that you agreed to play peacefully and enjoy your neighbors and thus have no recourse except to block them in too.
  7. % of players vs what? Those who bought the game at anywhere from $5-$30? No son, that does not matter to anyone. I have several games for that price I have never even loaded. It would be categorically unfair to compare a finished and released game to an EA title with as yet no real advertising. Also still 11 months left on the original development clock before the scheduled release.
  8. WTH dude. In this "reality", he gave the exact right answer for the other guy to realistically fix his real problem. .....windows recommended... get outa here with that BS.
  9. Chucksteak

    Harvest bonus?

    This is perhaps your best post ever on these forums.
  10. Chucksteak

    Private P2W servers

    So you are leveraging your disposable income to get an advantage in a game over those who don't/cant do the same. This is P2W and antithetical to gaming IMHO. You are blatantly supporting P2W. I'm done with this thread. Big brother is already editing it, that's at least as gross as P2W.
  11. Chucksteak

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    Absolutely. Even a 10-30 Min timer. Probably should have said something about that earlier. 1. Not ALL of your stuff is on the ship. If it is, then you don't have very much stuff. Just what a ship can hold. The obvious adjustment is the ship limit count. Easy. 2. You can only anchor on the coast. Its not usually a fast and easy process. Trapping someone in with sloops? Not likely. Further more, I would not count anything smaller than a sloop as a ship. The immunity would not extend to them. Shipyards are not immune from dmg. 4. You take the island, then you actually ( I believe), have the option to remove all ships and structures for a short period of time. Demo is not disabled, just dmg. This actually adds some incentive to owning/claiming the island. Gold would increase slightly in value because of this. 5. Less structures, good for ALL, not just the console kids. 6. Insiding is already the way to go. 7. Now the ship FoB, that one I concede to, although I don't think its as broken as you might. It can't deal dmg either remember, and can only hold so many supplies. People and tames would still be vulnerable to dmg, unless they were inside of the ship, which would not be attacking you at that point. However, I have a solution. Disable immunity while the combat window is open. Its not what I would prefer, but a step in the right direction none the less. Lawless, there is no window, always safe anchoring. Keep in mind the DEVS, not me, stated that the ships should be bases. I simply agree with them. Look, no real pirate is sinking a ship if it can be helped. It would only be "invincible" while anchored. It can still be demolished. To me, that is not really invincible, but you can call it that while its anchored if you like.
  12. Chucksteak

    Private P2W servers

    It comes down to corruption. Am I entitled because I use the service that is free and available to anyone who bought the nearly free game? Or are you perhaps being entitled because you think people should give you donations while you play god of your own 30 person Atlas? Lets all hope you aren't actually using a Pay to Win strategy where you get something for donating while those who don't get nothing. This is now just playing physiological games with weak minded people, if this is the case. I view you in the same light as a dude trying to sell me a happy meal right outside of McDonald's.
  13. Chucksteak

    Private P2W servers

    I wouldn't pay a single penny to any random person "hosting" a server. GS has official ones for free. Don't be a peon for someone else, they can go get a job.
  14. Chucksteak

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    Its not an invincible ship you can break the game with. It just wouldn't receive or deal dmg while anchored. Would we be sorry you would be able to log in and know you still had your ship to sail? No, because you'd still be there to play with and against. Your ship could sink at any other point of time from combat or glitches just like now. What are you talking about? No one at any point has mentioned anything about a mythical ship, just any ship in general.
  15. Chucksteak

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    I've given this a lot of thought. It really is the best and easiest solution. It solves the #1 and #2 reason people quit. When you log in, your boat is still there, with some of your stuff, still there. Also, you are now free to "Sail the Atlas" as you don't have to build a new boat every time you log in. It also doesn't break anything, since you can only carry so much weight on a ship, and have a limit to how many ships you can build (adjustable by devs btw, 300 is ridiculous). If you have a legitimate reason for not wanting this, please let me know what it is. There is no such thing as a safe base. You can be safer by building under water, but even that can be compromised fairly easily once found. Or you could build at the top of the world with immense effort to have a nigh useless base due to its location (that's only useful for mounting mortars). The main reason is math, really, really bad math by the devs. Far to easy to blow up a wall, with an exponential increase in effort for defenders and a linear increase in effort for attackers. This should be flipped.