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  1. Lol, dont be so jelly. We're gunna have a badass parade. Tanks and jets and other various machines of war, even a B2 I hear. Lots of pageantry, without having to be in a shit hole communist country where these things are normally done. But really, this is our Independence day celebration. We do feel great about ourselves for the many many great things we and our country have done. Try and not shit all over it just becuase whatever shit hole you reside in didnt make the game your currently playing. ️️
  2. @Realist Man, your first problem is always, ALWAYS, that you just don't know wtf your talking about. It used to be frustrating watching you make several post a week about Atlas dying due to playerbase. You drone on and on about how it will die without doing X or Y to cater to you or your wierd PvE theme park MMO preference. Now, its just sad to see you troll along about a game that you don't own and haven't played. I mean seriously, you made a lost about needing more land...... No one cares about playerbase. I know this becuase the devs said so. I know this becuase the game has not yet even been released. You fail to mention its june. Summertime, pools, malls, vacations, sports. You fail to mention were in the down sode of a patch, with a new one about to pop. You completely ignore the fact that the game is EA and hasnt released, as such very little if any resources were put into marketing. 90% of current players laerned about this game from that awful Jurrasic park sim. The most ironic part is that as often as you worry about numbers, youve 100% failed to contribute to them, learn to be less hypocritical. On top of that, your ideas often sound like your making them up as you troll along. Factions? Prebuilt towns? Wow style themes? These are all counterintuitive to what a sandbox MMORPG is trying to achieve. Its just glaringly obvious you dont know what the game is like. Not that we dont need changes, we do, and we will get many changes over the next 18 months. But likey very little to none of what you think a game needs based off of nothing tangible.
  3. Chucksteak

    Decay Time

    Lets be reasonable. If you, as a solo, have multiple beds across the map that you "have" to maintain every week, there is a good argument that you should lose some of those. A gaping flaw in the game is the fast travel, and you help prove it by not being capable of maintainimg your grossly oversized personal network. Lets not forget, this game is made in America, and that alone justifies scaling it to our modified slave system we call capitalism. Your escape is a multi week vacation, our escape is a few hours a day online. (Our owner class will have the multi week vacation, witch trumps gaming any day of the week.) Oh, and sadly yes, the world is about America, or specifically, our military and the petro dollar.
  4. Chucksteak

    Wipe reward?

    Yeah, wtf IS my hat? I solod the shit outa that 6x event.
  5. Chucksteak

    Patch V207.999 FeedBack

    Actually, im a pirate, id prefer a brothel.
  6. Chucksteak

    Request for new ships

    And lots of NPCs...well tanned ones? That would go over grand.
  7. Chucksteak

    Request for new ships

    Ummm lol yes there are.
  8. Your not alone But ever since teddy ruxbin, ive wanted one! I just needed GS to remind me about it. I can understand if its to out of theme for a pirate MMORPG, and I certainly agree. But like the other dude said, theve kinda shit all over the original concept. The actual concept, as much as it pisses me off, is "Zoo Keeper" at this point in time. Or one could argue its the longest form of a battle royal. Wipe everyone else untill they quit. Last company remaining gets to choose 5 companys to start the next season with. Neo, you chineese bastard....
  9. Chucksteak

    Brig Sails

    I switched to 2 LSS and 1 LHS and find it more useful, with maintaining a decent top speed. 3 LHS was super agile, but just a bit too much of a speed hit, witch is the way it probably should be. I feel like there should be a reasonable advantage to 1, 1 ,and 1 with all 3 types, but i havnt tried it yet.
  10. I think an airship would be badass. Sky pirates ftw!
  11. Chucksteak

    Sub Exploit...Why Do You Look Shocked?

    Well, now I know what ill be doing this weekend . Hello mega harbors, dont mind meee.
  12. Chucksteak

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Soo, exploits or bust? Duces. Your playing a priate game, with the mode setting where you cant pirate anything. You are mad they fixed a real exploit of the actual game where you are a pirate and CAN pirate. This is reguardless of the fact that a bear, alone, can do everything you need it to do, almost as quickly.
  13. Chucksteak

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Only thing im upset about is, I keep finding out about these exploits 2 days before they get fixed. Sadly, i am informed about them from megas, in hushed secret tones in discord. They are supposed to be secrets kept by megas for megas. Wanted to really try the sail exoit too ☹. Honestly, great job devs. At least for closing these exploits as quickly as possible. Even if you neglect to rollback/demo items or persons that benefitted from said exploit. I was able to get some levels on my boat this way. Super cheap if I do say so. Was planning to max out some this weekend on this. Oh, and if your bitching about bear cannon's, GFYS. Long overdue nerf , and prolly still not enough.
  14. Chucksteak

    @devs. We love you guys for giving us single player!

    Grats......you got a ....private server? Come build all the amazing things you can build in PvE. Except this time no one can see it hahahaha! I would agree you dont need any real buildings as a SP game, but by that lodgic you dont really need much if any for PvE mode as it is. I imagine a PvE player builds to show off what they can do. If this is true, then wtf would you do in SP mode? BTW, so glad devs are spending the resources to accommodate all the players who DONT want to play the MMORPG they are supposed to be developing. New ships......nah, I know most people playing this game want a SP mode first. Thats what this MMO needs. That will draw in lots more MMO players. Thats what all the good MMOs did, er.....wait..... This is fucked.
  15. Chucksteak

    New Atlas Mega transformation

    Mostly decent suggestions, except 2 things. 1. PvP hasnt gone anywhere, its alive and well. This is ignoring the fact that the game yet to release can't die. Although player count is 100% irrelevant right now, I maintain that the game is better with less than 5,000 players. 1,000-3,000 is probably the sweet spot. 2. The map wont, and shouldn't change size. Its a core concept of the game. The only modicum of defense you have right now is a time sink to get from your base to mine. Squeezing