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  1. Yeah OP, that's a terrible idea. You should verify that you have not in fact been lobotomized for that thought to have co.e into your head. Pay more money.......for a game that is in EA and isnt finished yet? After they've made millions of the 2 platform EA Launches already? We didnt even pay full price. No, how bout we let them finish the game, and then they can make money by selling a finished product at full value. You know like what I have to do at work, finish my product before I can sell it and eat.
  2. Chucksteak

    Coronavirus and Atlas

    Oh you mean the people who do 100% of thier work on a pc by themselves mostly. They would miss a day to set up thier workstations at home. And that assuming they dont already have that.
  3. Chucksteak

    How dead is it on your server?

    NA PvP is poppin. I see people and have conflict daily. It's been constant and steady feeling since x box release. My only complaint is I cant keep a ship floating once I log off.
  4. Chucksteak

    Pvp on Xbox

    Its 2020 people, discord works just as well on phones. If you can't talk to someone and they don't speak a different language, its your fault.
  5. A day and 12 hours, is day plus a few hours. It is not a substantial amount of time. I do not need a boat every single play session. So I would not need to build a boat every day. Its part of what makes the single use boat efficient, I can forget about the boats when I don't need them. Also, I rarely gather mats. It is far to efficient to raid the island I'm on and take the planks, or at least convert the sunk ship parts into more planks on the spot. A box with hundreds of medium planks (ect.) is sooo much easier to steal than to farm. I can throw a schooner together in 10 min. Even if we assume I start from scratch for some reason, I have a ramshackle sloop in 10 mins zooming away from a free port of my choice. Ill let you know though, my tames and shitty decoy bases have survived just fine in lawless. In season 3 so far, I have lost no tames to griefers. When I sail out, I can leave my boat where ever. There is no return trip necessary to save my investment. I assure you, that even IF you only spend 5 min a day maintaining (I'm sure its more than that on average), you are still spending a great deal of time getting back to a free port. When I don't sail out, I can do things on my island without having to sail to it. Saving time. Look, I like your concept, I just think its far too much effort for what you get in return. I am in the camp that we should all have our boats still there the next day. I reject that as a real problem. There is a timer before you are fully anchored, once anchored it wouldn't be able to take or deal dmg. A boat can only hold "x" amount of weight. These alone make it a shit option for an FOB. However, it would be prudent to also disable beds on anchored boats in war time. It would also be prudent to reduce the number of boats per company. I cannot fathom why this has not been implemented, there is no real downside.
  6. Is this your play style? Every day, without fail, you log in and repair every plank. I have to assume you have a gally to even begin to justify the effort. That is a lot of planks, a lot of time, a lot of resources, every day. Even if you have your ship max leveled in resistance, witch you would have to do, you are only able to stay away for a few more hours. However you do get to keep a boat, no small feat. You also get to ignore the majority of the construction tree, freeing up points. Everything has a cost associated with it that you have to accept though. After 2 weeks, I'm guessing, you will have used enough resources in repairs to have built another boat. Making it a lopsided math problem the longer you keep it. Basically, you could build a boat every so many days with the same effort. Your boat is only ever going to be good at 1 thing, not breaking as fast in a free port, due to the forced resistance lvls. The only thing you can do on your entire grid, is harvest basic mats. Or I suppose working on becoming a cat lady is also viable. With no base building, this would become dull real fast. To do anything else, you must have the time set aside to sail to a destination and then back to the closest free port before you log out. Or worse, if you house your tames at a certain free port, back to that exact free port. All of this after you repair your boat of course. (I call this the "Can't Sail the Atlas" problem. Completely solved by making anchored boats safe everywhere like they are in peacetime on a claimed island. This allows you to always have a boat and....you know...sail the atlas.) Although you can survive offline raiding, you cant survive a vacation or power outage or internet outage. Personally, I cant maintain this play style. Too often am I got for more than a day.
  7. Chucksteak

    How does one find unclaimed islands?

    ok, cool story bro. Wait, what? I thought you were a self professed unofficial only player? How do you account for your presumable knowledge of what goes on in a place that you wouldn't venture to without monetary compensation? Hold the phone! Are you getting paid?!
  8. With a reasonable amount of time for boat life I would consider it. However, if I had the ability to log in every 8 hours to service a free port boat, I would probably have the time to defend an island. I certainly wouldn't be working, sleeping and playing dad very well at that point. No, I find my idea the best answer. I'd even disable porting to beds on anchored boats too. However, I try to keep in mind the dev's skill set and only suggest things they have already figured out how to do and are in the game.
  9. Chucksteak

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Ok so, let the community know then, instead of beating around the bush. Who was doing it? Lets get company name and individual names. If your gonna quit over it, at least aim bot them back for a bit first if you know you can get away with it. I used to not bot in a game I used to play because I didn't want to risk getting banned. After a few years, I realized the best people were all botting because the dev didn't really care. I quit for a bit. Then said fuck it, came back and botted my ass off and was one of the top players. It is certainly not my preference, would never be how I wanna play a game. I do not and have not cheated in Atlas, but I am not as competitive as I once was, and havn't had the misfortune of being aim botted at yet. But don't be misled, I will play the way the devs allow and encourage. Cheating.... Its how the Patriots win. Its how the Astros win. Its how KU wins. Becuase they get away with it.
  10. I am sorry that you didn't understand the game better. Its not your fault, the design is questionable for sure, and not spelled out anywhere. Its counter intuitive. You are SUPPOSED to raid people offline. The actual fighting mechanics are not great, barely even thought out yet. However, weapon mechanics do work fairly suitably. Therefore the intent was to emphasize the good and downplay the bad parts of the game. So, the mechanics obviously encourage offline raiding. It yields the best results with the least amount of effort. You should spend a decent amount of time raiding everyone else you see on your islands and those near you. Grenades are in right now, inexplicably boosted when it wasn't even needed. Just broken atm. You should be hiding important stuff in underwater vaults. At least its harder to find and harder to break into. Your land base should be hard to reach, hidden, vastly layered and empty. Preferably out of cannon bear range. Let someone spend hours of gathering and building for no gain. The natives do this a few times and they will stop wasting resources for no gain, maybe. The Chinese don't get this concept, but you know, stupid Chinese people always be like "[] [] []". Ships are one time use. I usually keep mine un-assembled, and build one per use. Ill try to give it away before I log off. Someone will come by and sink it while I'm at work anyways, 100% of the time. Even though there's nothing on it and its not locked. If you have a small group of actives, you could find an island to claim. Although I prefer lawless myself, there are advantages to holding an island. -CS
  11. That's why I continue to say and advocate for 1 simple change. All ships should be safe while anchored anywhere, just like the claimed islands in peace time. Boom, all problems solved. They obviously don't get how defending is mathematically completely lopsided compared to attacking. So give us a god damn boat, that has a weight limit, to store SOME things that will still be there when we log back in. Most importantly, the damn boat itself.
  12. Chucksteak

    Base Defenses VS Bees

    Some ideas... 1. Have nearby tames set to aggressive. Possibly on follow to an npc if that's possible. 2. Build a super structure around what you call your base. Adds defense and with a floor will keep mobs out. 3. Relocate to an area without bees. 4. Stop using NPCs.
  13. Chucksteak

    Underwater Structures

    Do not get rid of them without replacing their use with something equal. Their use being the only remotely viable way to store things and feel that there is a decent chance it will still be there when you get home from work (mostly because they can be hard to find). Its bad enough I have to remake a new boat every time I log in. Over the weekend I cant even logout for lunch and come back to a floating boat. They are not invincible. 2 people hitting it with stock tools can take a door out in about 20 min. Don't sleep in this, it can easily take more than 20 min trying to do it in other ways. If you can see the structure from above the water, you can definitely hit it with cannon bears and/or grenades. The trick is you cant see the graphic of the cannon ball or grenade, so you have to play around until you see the green numbers. If its deeper than this, I do not know if the cannons and grenades stop working, or if the difficulty to aim just gets too much. Regardless, switch to the costly explosive barrels. There is a YouTube video showing how to do it. Overall, if structures were better these wouldn't bee needed. However I would expand upon them rather than remove them. Undersea terrain is a largely untapped real estate. Id like to see more resources down there, more viable ways to build down there. The submarine should be much more accessible to the average player. I think it would be neat to have a 2nd race that lives normally underwater and has a breath timer above. They could have a submarine comp that flies through the air, we'll call it.....an air ship! For real, it should take much more work to break into something than it does to build it. Especially compared to how easy it is to do so currently. There's a reason castles were built out of stone and had to be taken by siege.
  14. Chucksteak


    NO FACTIONS. They are terrible are RUIN open world PvP games, by making them not open PvP games. This game was advertised as an open world PvP sandbox game. Factions are thematically opposed to that vision. I am not sure that at any point the PvE mode advertised, beyond possibly mentioning it existed. The videos I saw clearly demonstrated PvP. Most of the complaints I see are from PvE about griefers (outside of broken game functions ofc).
  15. Chucksteak


    There is actually no real problem with the way it is now. The PvE crowd often forgets that this game was designed for PvP. It was not redesigned to facilitate PvE. They just turn off PvP ability and bam, there you go, a game mode that is simply an afterthought so as to include more people into the target demographic. Regaurdless, my solutions are what I would do. Your solutions are what you would do. The main difference being I dont need devs or other conditions to be met for my solutions.