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  1. Black Bobs are now recruiting. Looking for friendly active players. Various company events, helpfull players and lots of fun. English, french, spanish, portuguese, danish, swedish!! Large range of players and languages.. If you are interested, send me a msg.
  2. Coal. Use coal!! Oil doesnt work... Havent tried wood...
  3. Me and a couple of friends cant connect to G4 PVP. Anyone else having issues?
  4. Im gonna give my personal opinion on the issues you brought up... Some may agree, others may not... But thats how life is... Taming Its not perfect, it needs adjustments and refinery but so far i actually enjoy a different take on taming... Requires more attention from the players, rather than just knocking out an animal, stuffing with food, building pikes or walls around it and waiting for the timer to go off... Breeding This also needs a few adjustments, but the biomes and temperatures are another interesting feature... It is a pain having to change a few grids over, building an outpost just so you can breed a certain type of animal. Maybe removing the biomes and keeping the temperature restrictions... But thats kind of a double sided dagger... If you try to improve, might make it worse. Ship weight / Speed To improve ship weight, you have weight sails. To improve ship speed you have speed sails.. If those are still too slow, look for some better blueprints. Reducing the weight of cannon balls will just make most ships carry a ton of cannon balls and basicly nuke down anything that crosses their path... Being conservative on your ammo is an essential part of piracy. Shoot when necessary to complete your goals. No matter if its pvp or pve. On pvp it would be a hassle because some players would have too much ammo. On pve you would kill half the world of the ships of the damned before running out of ammo... Its anothe double sided dagger. NPC Pirates / New Quests / General Threat I agree with the basic idea on these points. They could use some attention and improvement. Pulling items from containers I think this is unnecessary.... Sure it would be easier, but its more of a slacker mod than an actual game feature. To be able to teleport stuff from all the boxes into a smithy so you can craft items, its kind of Star Trek style... Airships I've heard the devs want to implement this. But honestly i think it would ruin the game, unless they have a very expensive fuel type or limited time use per craft. Because you will be able to avoid all the ships of the damned and most of the players on pvp servers. Meat I agree with this point... Stacks should be a bit larger. Crabs I think the crabs are fine... By taming a higher lvl and splitting the points better, you can optimize your animals. Scuba Gear / Clipping / Powerstone looting / Animal Variety / Ship Hatches These points are valid. Specially the powerstone looting which on pve servers is a major pain, since players block the passage to the cave until you die or hand them your key. Drops I think this is absurd... So instead of dropping a lengedary bp, it would drop a legendary plank?? Now you dont have to gather materials from 6 diferent sectors, just kill enough ships of the damned in your sector and you can build a legendary galleon. Once again i repeat, these are my opinions. They are not meant as an insult, rather an expression of my ideas towards what was posted.
  5. So outposts that generate resources?? Doesnt that ruin the whole resource gathering theme and trading with other companies that can harvest easily those resources that you want?? Why would i trade with another company if i can just make an outpost and return after 5 days to fill my ship with those resources...
  6. Hey, I'm making this post to suggest some additions and changes to improve game play for most players. - Hitching Post (I know this was an Ark mod, but it is very helpful for breeders and is historical accurate since throughout the ages, man was always able to tie down their animals ) - Bird Stands (For crows, seagulls, parrots, etc, to be able to stand on, instead of being walking around on the floor) - Grappling Hook on the Crossbow (Its a welcome addiction to increase range and speed of launching a grappling hook, also useful for catching crates while in a moving ship) - Draw Bridge (Would be an interesting feature to add, so we can build castle like buildings) - NPC Patrols Routes (Being able to set a patrol route for our NPC Guards, would be an interesting feature) - Glass Windows/Walls (Should be able to craft with the use of crystal) - Tranquilizer arrows/bolts with the use of poisons - Weapon rack (Mostly for show or storage in ships or bases, also useful for show for customers) - Armour Stand (Same reason as before) - Dung Beetle (Remake a of an Ark creature that "everyone" wants) Not sure if any of these were said or commented about before... I saw a few posts but havent searched all of them. Anyways these are some of my ideas and ideas of people i play with. If possible, would like to hear the point of view of the devs about these ideas.. Anyways, keep up the good work, i thing the game is going in the right direction and is improving constantly.
  7. I agree with this post because i think crewmen need to be improved... Also would like to know if anyone has any information about the following https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Crewmember I have tried to test this out but so far it seems like its false information or maybe just outdated or changed in a previous patch
  8. Its my bad then... Since the special weekend event included breeding, i thought all mythos would include it also - Magic Mythos 3x Holiday Weekend Event is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 3x Harvest, XP, Taming, Crop growth, Gold multiplier, Breeding and Raising of creatures.
  9. Im posting this, to confirm with players and maybe devs because i think the x2 Breeding is bugged or just not working properly.... Im pretty sure x2 isnt working with gestation (not sure if that is intended or not). I breed an elephant saturday night... Stayed up until 3am until it reached 10% maturation so it could stand the differences in temperatures without turning on fires, etc... Today (Monday morning) its at 54% Maturation.... So usually its 72h maturation and with x2 it should be 36h.... By this time it should be adult. For bear, i've read its 40h for full maturation... I breed bear also on saturday night and they are at 86% maturation... So it might not be working for them also...
  10. Quick question... Since i havent seen an actual launch date for this mega update (may have been my fault), can anyone give a hint?? Or is the May mega update going to turn into a June mega update?
  11. ok.. guess thats the end of this post... thanks for the info anyways
  12. Hail to all pirates!! Just to give a bit of background story before the actual post. Im fairly new to Atlas (about 1 month game time). I started on the EU PVP server since i think PVP always gives a bit more of fun to the game. Being on a PVE server is great because you dont have to worry about players attacking you or destroying our ships when we are offline or exploring. But it also loses one of the coolest part of the game, which is Ship pvp. So, im currently looking for another company on EU PVE server who would like to declare war so we could do some ship battles for fun... Maybe even do a bet on the winner and the loser despite losing their ship, will also have to pay up the agreed amount of resources or gold. If anyone is interested, please post here so we can get in touch.
  13. I am kind of new to this game, only have been playing for about 1 month, maybe not even that.. I must say, despite a few bugs i have encountered, some lack of content and some abusive pvp players, im enjoying the game, so keep up the good work.. As for suggestions or questions about the future of the game, i have a few which i get mostly from other games i have played and some from common sense.. Regarding the flying ship, although i do like the idea, i think it will ruin the game for most players since it will provide a diferent approach to raiding and "piratering"... And it will make the strong companies stronger, which in turn will crush most of the smaller companies (mostly just for fun, since a lot of the pvp players are d****)... If it had the possibility to buy a flying ship, similar to what you did with the dragon and put a decay timer on it, it would prevent hundreds of flying ships just ruining the game.. Regarding the pvp aspect of the game, i think the planks are too weak or the weight of the cannons is too low.. Because from my short experience, i got hit a few times by players with 10 cannons stacked up on each side of a schooner, which instantly destroyed my planks and caused my ships just to sink... Not saying they did anything wrong, but the game shouldnt allow that many cannons to stack up so close.. It honestly gives no chance in a pvp fight, or any chance of a transporter to just flee from battle even if its getting shot at.. Also read the idea of the other user (sorry, using my cellphone so its hard to quote), in regards to the piracy, which consists on swivel guns using grapple hooks to board a ship instead of just sinking the ships and trying to salvage the remains... Honestly, that is one of the best ideas i have heard for this game since its consists around piracy... Its not the boardgame of battleship which your goal is to sink the other ships... If you want to be a pirate, you steal, loot, board and murder... You only sink ships if you cant board them or in extreme fights.. I was considering using my galleon for piracy... I would approach a ship, talk to them, threaten to sink them unless the would hand me over their resources that i wanted and let them go on with their life and ship... But with the grapple hooks it would make piracy amazing.. You could actually fight back if you had the weapons, or even use the sabber to cut the grapples.. In my opinion, sinking other players ships just for fun is kind of a douche move... For example, the other day i approched a ship bigger than my sloop, just with the intention of talking or trading, and they shot at me and rammed my ship until it sunk... My friend went down with the ship, but i jumped overboard and used my grapple hook on their ship.. Once i was aboard their ship, we exchanged a few shots, until i used once more my grapple and climbed their main mast.. After that i could shoot down towards them, but i gave them a chance to surrender... They offered to build me a new ship, because they didnt want me to sink theirs.. ( i threw a few grenades which intimidated them)... So i ended up giving them a break, told them one of their crew member would have to report to justice for what they did to my ship and we would let them go free.. They agreed.. They set course to our base, where my friend waited for their crewmember and then chopped off his head in the guillotine... So now we have on the wall of our base, this mans head hanging on a wall hook.. They even thanked us for letting them go.. Piracy doesnt have to be 100% evil... Continuing with the suggestions, i would like to see something other than a club to knock out players... Like poison darts or something similar.. How can we take prisoners when they have guns and swords and we are using a wooden club?? I also agree with the user who talked about the size of the gates... We could use something between the medium and the large because of the elephant.. And if possible, do a bug fix on the rope ladders.. Currently they are bugging the hell out of me and my friends when we try to climb aboard our ship from the water... Have to use the grapple hook most of the time.. I might write again when i think of something else... For those who read my post, keep in mind these are just opinions.. Each person has a right to have diferent opinions... There is no right or wrong way in a mmorpg, there is just the way each player enjoys to play...
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