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  1. Warspectre

    Can we make ship combat a little more real?

    To be fair, as much as I like the idea of fleet line battles, that was a development of major nations for large engagements. GS was aiming more for a 1500s to 1600s Caribbean feel, where large fleet battles weren't really a thing, and purpose built military broadsider vessels hadn't really been standardized yet. I do agree I'd like to see things trend towards more realistic ships, though.
  2. Warspectre

    Buff the fishing please

    I agree, fishing is pretty lame. I tried it for a couple minutes and I came to the conclusion it is infinitely faster, more efficient, and rewarding to dive into the water and punch some fish then it is to sit there with a fishing rod. That said, I think this is and probably should be a pretty low priority for the foreseeable future.
  3. Warspectre

    Test Server at the 20th?!

    I wouldn't count on the test server being up on the 20th, just saying. I'd be amazed if it was up this month at all. You can't rule it out but I think they will manage it by June. And by that time there'll probably only be about 200 players left on the live servers. The last time I bothered to log in there was only 1 to 4 players in my zone at any given time. And I'm pretty sure that was including me.
  4. Warspectre

    PLEASE keep Claim in PVE

    I'm going to wait and see how their new system works, (or doesn't), before I make any judgement. But pretty much any system they do is gonna have it's pros and cons.
  5. Whatever do you mean? Grapeshot is practically notorious for their punctuality, and yet you seem to be implying that there will inevitably be a delay. I can't imagine what might have lead you to such a conclusion.
  6. Warspectre

    Give an official wipe date

    Well, they could pull some date out of their arse for you, but since they consistently miss their own target dates what would be the point? If it would make you feel better though I'll give you one: April 12th. That is totally 100% maybe probably the day it's going to happen. Possibly. Or early May. Then again things happen. Soooo looking more like late June. I hope this helps!
  7. Warspectre


    It was mentioned in their live stream, I don't think it's been explicitly stated in writing as of yet. But anyway, yeah, the new upkeep system is intended to address the pillar/foundation spam and whatnot in PVE, which is vital considering the claim flags are going away entirely for PVE. Now, if it turns out the new system doesn't do the job properly I will definitely be back here on the forums saying exactly what I think. Until then it's all just speculation.
  8. Warspectre


    There are changes coming with the patch to address the pillar spam, so if it were me I'd at least give them a shot before running around yelling, "The sky is falling!" But you do you, buddy. Not that I have 100% confidence in these guys, but they do seem to be trying and at least occasionally getting some things right.
  9. I've made a lot of those suggestions myself but I've mostly stopped playing at this point. I built my first galleon a month ago, and I gotta say for battles it's easily my favorite. It's also good for long trips where you know you'll need a mobile base. I wasn't prepared for how bloody slow it turns though. Part of me wants to try out a few things with smaller ships but most of me is like what's the point. So I log off and play other games.
  10. Warspectre

    "All tamable creatures will be made breedable"

    Yeah but they're not very aerodynamic and wouldn't put a dent in the hull of an enemy ship so as munitions go they wouldn't be my first choice, unless we're just talking punishment for capital crimes, in which case that could work. They're mostly just lazy layabouts and lack the gumption to get up to that level of no good, so I don't see it coming up that often.
  11. Warspectre

    Front/Rear cannon meta

    I mentioned this before in another thread, but I think the best approach is to incentivize using the gun ports more. Which, to their credit, Grapeshot has started to do by making gun port mounted cannons weigh less. I think they need to take some steps further though and add bonuses to things like RoF, range, and damage. I don't really like the idea of placing hard limits on players, and I'd prefer they didn't do that whenever it can be avoided. I would like to see the large cannons gun port mountable, too. I also would like to see fore and aft gun ports on ships. Just throwing that out there.
  12. Warspectre

    "All tamable creatures will be made breedable"

    Yep, I can see it now: "Baby demands 8 gold or it will mutiny in 3:31:23!" Swab the deck, baby, or it'll be the plank for ye! Get back ta work! 1 gold an hour, I'll be puttin the little buggers on duty straight from the womb. Manning the guns, the sails, or swabbing the deck, I don't care which.
  13. Warspectre

    Pirate game?

    I watched the demo trailer and while it has pretty graphics the game play looks shallow, so over-hyped and under-delivered is probably spot on. I'm left with the distinct impression you can't even leave your boat. It's early yet so who knows. Sure, a true pirate game should be mostly at sea but pirates did have to leave their ship eventually just like anyone else. I'd love to be wrong about it, because I want some good ship to ship combat against something other than the floaty fog monsters we have here.
  14. I don't really fault them for that, because it's tricky to balance. The lighter player ships aren't maneuverable enough to dodge and deliver broadsides and not tough enough to tank damage, unless you build an 'armored' version, which introduces its own trade-offs. So kiting is really the only strategy they can use effectively. Make the SoD faster and playing anything lighter than a galleon becomes potentially suicidal, and I feel like every ship type above a raft should have a viable role instead of merely being a stepping stone until you can build the next biggest ship. Maybe I'm alone in that thinking. They did say they were looking into making different plank types, like armored planks, and if they combined that with making gun ports more rewarding to use than the aft cannon doom stacks, they might lead players away from that. That said, they need fore and aft gun ports for ships, period. They had them IRL for a reason, which I think most players figured out pretty quick even if they weren't familiar with the idea.
  15. I'd much rather be fighting "normal" ships, engaging a cargo ship and maybe some escort sailing ships, looting and/or claiming them. I have to admit it saddened me to see they're developing even more SoD instead of giving us real ships to fight. Maybe it's just me. I know they don't have a full time AI programmer but even a janky normal ship would be preferable to me.