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  1. Warspectre

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    I don't know if it still works the same as it did but it was never terribly intuitive. You have to set the irrigation pipes up first and then the stove will snap underneath it. There may be other methods but that's what worked for me unless they changed it of course.
  2. Warspectre

    This is all backwards...

    I agree, but after this last wipe I'm just going to play solo from here on out. MMOs like this just feel too much like a 2nd job that I don't get paid for. I'd rather play (or not) on my own schedule without having to worry about what's happening to everything I've built in the game. Or starting from scratch from all the wipes.
  3. Warspectre

    A wild seagull sinking a galleon!

    This would go down in history as one of the most fowl tactics ever devised by a pirate. Where ever he plucked this idea from, it certainly added a nefarious feather to his cap.
  4. Personally, the next time there's a wipe it'll be the last bit of motive force I need to get me to switch purely to single player. Starting over in this game is rather tedious.
  5. Warspectre

    Make Bookshelves Useful

    While I find the bookshelf useful in its current form I would not be opposed to these improvements.
  6. Warspectre

    What would you like developers to add in the game?

    Well they're already planning on adding one of the features I've been requesting which is NPC human sailed ships, the land based NPC humans is an added bonus. So that's one down. It does sound like they'll mostly be hovering around islands, so at some point I'd like to see some traffic in the grids. I'd also like to get rid of the "All predators are friends" nonsense if we could, considering many predators don't even like members of their own species hanging around, let alone group up with other species to go after prey. Another thing I'd like to see is aft and fore gun ports for the millionth time. They were a real thing IRL for a reason. Sure, not every ship had them but they should at least be an option, especially for the galleon. Gun ports for the main deck. Again, not every ship had them, but it'd be nice as an option. This would especially be nice for Brigs or smaller class vessels that only have a single gun deck. I'd also like them because it'd look better having some place to snap cannons on the upper deck instead of having to eyeball gun placement. And lastly, I'd like to see Frigates added. Up to 2 gun decks, and 22 to 32 guns, they'd fill the gap between the brig and galleon. Anyway that's all I have for now.
  7. Warspectre

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, a bloody accessibility check on treasure maps would be a great QoL fix. Unless GS seriously expects us to drop 25k gold to tame a drake to get to a 50 gold to 2k gold map, in which case I have a suggestion on what they can do to themselves. They can put height checks on building structures and claim flags, but they can't do it on a damn treasure map? BS. Also, that 1+ invisible no show guardian is every bit as annoying as trying to join the mile-high treasure map club. Stop wasting your customers' time, GS. Seriously.
  8. Warspectre

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    I agree, I think that anything that results in damage or loss of assets should have a headline entry with an expandable details panel that outlines what happened to cause the event. This is especially important in EA when we're expected to report bugs and whatnot.
  9. Warspectre

    What happened to the player Market?

    Ah OK, that would explain it. Thanks!
  10. Warspectre

    Oh Atlas, my dear joy, where have you gone

    I disagree, every time games try to combine them they both suffer for it. PVE gets changed due to things that are happening in PVP, and it is rarely for the better. This is because the AI doesn't care if it's engaged in a lopsided battle, or if the player is using something it doesn't have access to. It's never going to hop on the forums and beg the devs to nerf something players are using. PVP however should be fair, players shouldn't have to fight lopsided battles against other players unless for some weird reason they want to. Everything should be balanced in PVP, because if it's not, it quickly becomes not very fun for the player. They get frustrated and leave. Very few people like having the deck stacked against them or fighting 50 to 1 odds, or worse. Sure, there are some games that successfully have both PVE and PVP but they also tend to have developers with a clear vision of what they want their game to be and where it's going and a staff that's large enough to juggle all the conflicts of interest that arise. This game does not really have any of that.
  11. Warspectre

    What happened to the player Market?

    Do you have to have a certain skill for it to show up in your crafting menu? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  12. Warspectre

    Saving ships?

    Not a bad idea, and it could reduce overhead on the servers as others have said. There might be some technical challenges involved due to the fact that ships are customizable, though.
  13. Warspectre

    Please let animals turn in place

    Yeah, this seems like a pretty absurd oversight. It's also why many of my tames have died in the past, they couldn't figure out how to turn around when they were attacked from behind so they just sat there and died like brain dead lumps of clay. And if you ever wondered why that giraffe you're trying to tame took off running in a big loop to come back and attack you, well, this is why. Apparently all the animals in this game were taught how to turn by Greyhound buses.
  14. As a PVE player I'm happy to see stuff like this being added. We need NPC humans to fight, especially NPC humans sailing ships. I think it'd be good for PVP too, but regular pvpers may have a different opinion. I've been asking for this kind of content for a while now and I'm glad to see it's at least on the horizon. I can't wait until it goes live.
  15. Warspectre

    Ship of the damned camping on the edge of grids ?

    I definitely don't like that feature and quite honestly I'm not sure what the devs were thinking. People have been complaining since pretty much day one about SoD grouping up back when it was happening due to over-spawning. So what did they do? They went and made it even more obnoxious by making it an actual feature. But to answer your question if anyone likes it, yeah, there are actually some people that do. I made a thread suggesting we do away with the SoD fleet mechanic altogether or at the very least restrict it to Golden Age sectors, and had a few people say they're entirely fine with the SoD fleets and in fact like them. Hard to say for sure whether they are a minority or majority but they are out there.