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  1. Warspectre

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    I had something similar happen to me, although not quite as bad. I logged in one day to find someone had somehow placed a large shipyard so close to my base it was almost touching my small shipyard, and now I can't build my own large shipyard anywhere near my own base because "it is too close to an enemy foundation or gate". Since that company has multiple large shipyards I asked them if they could tear it down or unlock it so I could use it since it isn't even being used. They refused to do either, very frustrating.
  2. Ever been sailing along, minding your own business, when all the sudden you're hit by fog or zone and you're faced with multiple SoD galleons, brigs, and schooners? Ever been blown to pieces by such an encounter, because there was no way to avoid it or react in time? Well, I have, and it sucks. Even before this happened I knew this whole SoD fleet thing was a bad idea. Individual SoDs were annoying as it was, but fleets have kicked that up way beyond annoying to the point where I got so pissed I had to log off for a while. Seriously, what was my unarmed schooner supposed to do in this scenario? Even if it was armed, it was still extremely out gunned and out numbered. About the only saving grace in this whole debacle is that schooners are easy to rebuild on 2x weekends, but it's still frustrating for a casual player like me that only plays maybe a few hours a week.
  3. Warspectre

    icebox feedback

    I live in a tropical region but even when the temperature drops down far enough for my character to get the "Freezing" icon, my fridges still say "Area is too hot to make ice", so it seems buggy to me. Neither of the fridges I put in my base have produced ice, but the one in my ship has after sailing around a bit to different zones. Note that I haven't gone anywhere that wasn't tropical or desert yet. I also can't seem to put food directly in the fridge, I'm not sure if this is a bug or WAI. Anyway, I think it could be useful if they'd iron out the kinks. As it stands it seems a bit too wonky to be consistently useful.
  4. Warspectre

    SotD but real pirate ships

    Exactly, that was their main target, historically speaking. Like I said, I get why they initially did the SoD, just to have something out there, but they should be placeholders. It was disappointing to me when they actually started making even more types of SoD. Was any player actually asking for more types of SoD? Ah well, maybe someday, if this game doesn't completely tank.
  5. Warspectre

    SotD but real pirate ships

    I'd be happy with just normal NPC ships. I have a guess as to why they went with the floaty fog monster ships, that being because they don't have a dedicated AI programmer, so they needed an NPC ship that didn't have to obey things like wind direction or physics to make it easier on them, and just drop it under the banner "Because Magic!" So I have a feeling we won't see normal NPC ship enemies in the near future, because they're too short staffed to make them anything but either janky and unrealistic or realistic-adjacent but not very challenging. All that being said, I think it would be worth the effort for them to do NPC sailing ships, especially for PVE servers. I'd love to see it and I think it could add a lot to the game. Fighting the SoD is OK, but it isn't as satisfying as exchanging proper broadsides with another ship that you could board and blunder and scuttle or take for your own. I mean, if you're going to say you're a pirate game that's kind of a reasonable expectation right?
  6. Warspectre

    Chines Destroy the Game

    I'm pretty sure the OP isn't going to let a little thing like the fact that Chinese people are individuals and that there are probably more of them that are helpful and friendly then not get in the way of his blatant racism. I'm pretty sure most races and culture groups have their share of bad apples, I know mine does. To judge everyone of them based on those bad apples is just absurd, but that's racism for ya.
  7. Warspectre

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    It might be nice to have the effective service area of a resource box be the entire island. It might also be nice to have crafting stations draw resources from it as well, so you don't necessarily have to keep stockpiles in each one or move them around constantly. Admittedly though there could be some circumstances where this might not be desirable, so maybe have it be a toggle option.
  8. Warspectre

    Thank God, i'm not mental!

    I lost so many jars to hungry crew members. Glad to see it being addressed finally. Did they fix them eating water skins too, or just the jars?
  9. Warspectre

    Breeding Razortooth

    That's disappointing to hear, but not surprising. I'm beginning to think the only way I'll ever see reasonable breeding times is to host my own game, which is hardly an ideal solution to the problem.
  10. Warspectre

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    But things that exist IRL should behave like they do IRL. There's a difference between fantasy and nonsense. If you can't see that I don't know what to tell you. We don't have magic powered torpedoes IRL so I'm not sure what point you're trying to make there.
  11. Warspectre

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    This is how ships were typically built IRL though, because of the additional stress having those larger heavy cannons on the upper decks would cause. That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to limited numbers of large cannons on the upper decks, based on the ship class. Also, we still need fore and aft gun ports, especially after a change like this.
  12. Warspectre

    Breeding Razortooth

    Thanks for the info OP, I was curious about this. How'd the baby turn out? Is breeding still an obnoxious 3 day marathon of tediousness?
  13. Warspectre

    The lights is on, but no one is home.

    I think you're confusing moderators with CMs, which is understandable as sometimes those roles get blended together. Moderators are often unpaid volunteers from the community and just as often have little to no 'behind the curtains' insight. CMs are paid and are actually employed by the company they represent to act as liaisons between the community and the developers. They're responsible for PR and will also have a good idea what's going on behind the scenes. This is generally speaking, of course. Ultimately their responsibilities are up to their employer.
  14. Warspectre

    The lights is on, but no one is home.

    I didn't say CMs were coding. I know the difference between devs and CMs, and if you actually read what I wrote you'd realize that. I was saying they need more CMs, so they can be on the forums/social media to interact with the community more. Because that's what CMs do... And I'm not blaming anyone for anything, at least not in this thread, so not sure what you're on about. CoH was one of my favorite games, but yeah that's pretty rare for Devs to post, because when they do it's usually during their personal time.
  15. Warspectre

    The lights is on, but no one is home.

    The thing is, you don't really want the developers spending all their time on the forums chatting with everyone or no work will ever get done on the game. This is like going into a restaurant and complaining the cooks don't come out of the kitchen and talk to people. They're busy, ya know, cooking your food. It's extremely rare for any developer for any game to actually post on forums. They could probably use a few more CMs though.