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  1. Warspectre

    Tame killed for NO reason AGAIN

    I wish I had a dime for every tame I've lost for a whole gambit of reasons. At least you got a note in your log, for some of my tames I didn't even get that much, they just straight up disappeared. I've learned not to get too attached to them. That's not to say I find this situation acceptable in any way. It sucks every time. It'd be nice if they'd respawn like we do at least until the worst of the glitches are dealt with.
  2. Warspectre

    Gold Weight

    Well, either you're joking or you seriously think 380 gold coins should weigh as much as your average adult human being. 2 grams is roughly what a dime weighs, so by your reckoning, you'd have to be a weight lifter to carry $3.80 worth of dimes. Interesting, I must be stronger than I thought! I can lift that with one arm!
  3. Warspectre

    Character glitched out. Anyone else?

    I've had similar things happen, but not consistently. Usually, it's because of a disconnect or because things haven't loaded yet. Anyway, you might try verifying your files in Steam.
  4. Warspectre

    Fix for tempature/wheather?

    I agree about the weather, it really seems broken. Dying of heat stroke during the day even if you're submerged in water and dying to hypothermia at night in the same zone. Admittedly the cold is easier to deal with, you can light a fire and wear warmer clothes, but the heat is so extreme sometimes all you can do is die or hope the heat wave ends before your health bar runs out. As to the FoY, yeah the whole thing is ridiculous and I won't touch it until it gets addressed. As to losing your character, that's not a thing that currently happens. I've been 100 for a good couple of weeks. I guess it's almost been a month now actually. But honestly, I'd rather die and restart than deal with that cluster**** of a FoY quest. I'd just get reinvited to my company and get all my stuff back so then it would just be a matter of leveling again. No big deal there.
  5. Warspectre

    Gold Weight

    Well, I think most of us noticed gold coins weight was pretty obnoxious from pretty early on. Seems like this would be an easy thing to fix too. A typical house cat weighs around 3 kg, but using Grapeshot Math it would weigh in at a monstrous 600 kg, as much as an adult large brown bear. Imagine that hopping up on your lap.
  6. Warspectre

    Cant craft arrows after update V.10

    I was able to craft 300 arrows last night, although I've been having a weird issue where I hold down my mouse button to load an arrow and my character starts to do it but then the arrow disappears and he starts all over again or holding down the mouse button simply does nothing at all unless I click and hold again which is not cool when something is trying to eat you.
  7. Warspectre

    Puckles need attention immediately

    Now I'm not saying that puckle guns aren't broken, because they are, but there are a few circumstances where it does work. When manned by a player, it works against birds. Why birds? Who knows. It also becomes fully functional against all targets in the hands of NPC crew. So there you go.
  8. Warspectre

    This game is not for the new gamer

    Well, things are a bit more forgiving if you're on a PvE server, but if you're on a PVP server, yeah, it's not going to be very friendly to the casual gamer. PvE I usually just find an island and anchor down for the night/work day. PvP anchoring down at some random island and then going to sleep and then working all day is probably just throwing your ship away and everything on it.
  9. What's also annoying is having your bear die because you told it to board your ship. Yep, lost a good bear last night because apparently, death by ship boarding is a thing.
  10. Warspectre

    A fundamental design problem

    Yeah, it's a baffling design decision that the only purpose seems to be an artificial skill point sink, like many of the branches in the skill trees. The idea that you would need special skills to wear better clothes/armor or shoot a better quality gun is nonsensical. And the idea you would need to be able to craft it before you can use the better quality versions is even more ridiculous. Imagine you won the lottery and went to go buy a Porshe, and the dealer said, "Well, first you have to prove to me you can build a Porshe from the ground up, and only then can you drive one!" You don't have to know how to make something in order to use it. It's weird that we have to explain things like this to the devs. You don't even have to know how to make something to maintain or repair it.
  11. Warspectre

    This is not fun!

    I have used it and it didn't do squat, ended up being a huge waste of points for 0 gain. I know the tricks for taming most animals and I'm definitely able to get by without sneak. For 99% of the animals, all it takes is knowledge, patience, and a bit of luck. Goddamn giraffes though, those things are a nightmare.
  12. Apparently, artillery fishing is a popular sport among NPC crew and a stupid, stupid waste of ammo. I'd love to see this fixed. And more targeting options to set for them. Like the land-based NPC crew, I only want them to kill aggro predators, not blast away at sheep and crows that walk/fly by. That's also a stupid waste of ammo.
  13. Warspectre

    This is not fun!

    It's not really all that bad solo taming for most things, though it depends on the environment. It's certainly not as bad as it used to be with aggro vultures and other assorted nonsense killing the animal you were taming. That was difficult even with a two-man team and even then we lost more than one. As to the OP, bears can be frustrating if they land in a weird position that blocks feeding them, but I've found if you switch to the other side that sometimes makes a huge difference. Thanks for this tip, I tend to forget this game even has shields, let alone think to use one for taming. I've never even used a shield in this game, mostly because when I started melee with just about any aggro predator was a death sentence when you don't know what you're doing, and some of them still were even when I did have a better grasp on the game. Hell, some still are, so I focused on ranged weapons and kiting the bastards.
  14. Warspectre

    Gates and what animals fit

    Honestly, the elephant should fit through the small gate if they would just turn down the collision boxes closer to the actual animal, or failing that scale the elephant down just a bit. I agree about the medium gates though, considering the jump in scale between the small gate and the large one.
  15. Warspectre

    Cyclones now, just really?

    Apparently, that 33% chance is for them showing up at all, but once they do show up it's still every bit as obnoxious as it was and then some. There's no avoiding the cyclone clusters. Again, these are not fun, they go on too long, and they're basically just an ***hole tax on sailing.