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  1. Sansa Phoenix

    Non-dedicated Multiplayer

    my friend and I can't join each other's non dedi sessions at all. We keep getting Host pending connection timed out. No matter what we do, this is what we get. Any suggestions?
  2. I have never really thought the devs looked at this kind of stuff, but I'll bite. Here goes: 1. Please find some way to prevent the horrible spamming of foundations and pillars on Lawless..... It not only prevents others from building, but creates so much lag, I'm having to move to the opposite side of the island to get away from it, and its only marginally better over there. 2. It would be an awesome thing if we could get different variations of windows, doors/doorways and possibly even different textures on each piece, just to be able to be more creative in building. Having some larger windows (arched would be a plus) and arched doors/doorways, and maybe wood textured pieces for walls, would really be neat. I like the wood textures used on ships when you add walls, so maybe a modified version of that? And how about some actual pieces to build proper docks. THAT would rock! The 'floor' would be planks, more true to what they were made of, while railings would be posts with rope rails. VERY much in need of this. And lamp posts with lamps that burn brighter than the little lanterns, for outdoors. The lanterns are great, and much easier to refill now, just sometimes not bright enough to light up much. You have to put so many of them out and around to light up an area that its almost too much to deal with at times. 3. Making the colors appear a bit brighter/less faded or worn would make painting some surfaces worth it. Right now, some colors barely show up at all, or if they do, they don't look like what they are supposed to be. Gold, for example, just looks yellow. White doesn't really show up at all, like on the outside trim of the ships. Maybe turn their saturation up a little so we can actually see them better? 4. I love most of the new things that will be added on the next mega-update. I would, however, LOVE to see ISO Blackwood be a part of officials as well. Some of us don't plan on playing on a private server, so we'd never get to experience it, and it looks cool as hell! Please consider placing one or two areas of ISO blackwood on officials. Surely it can be done without needing to wipe or move existing islands. 5. Can we get the ability to put preserving salts in larders to make the crew's food last longer as well? Nothing worse than watching it spoil so fast. 6. Some of us would LOVE the ability to grow some berries, along with all of the vegetables. I know you want us to have reason to get out and sail/explore, but the constant need to do so just for the right berries for this recipe or that is nuts. Make the seeds rare, even, if you'd like, but please give us a way to grow them. On the subject of crops.... Can we have crop plots that DON'T look like the ones from Ark? Maybe something a bit more like a real garden. And a little more compact so that you don't need a full acre of land for 10 plots. Would really help. js. 7. Ships. LOVE them. And I love to build them. Can we get some more aesthetic/functional options in building them? I can't wait for the cargo hangars. Those will help tremendously. How about some storage chests that resemble the ones you see when digging up buried treasure, with the same number of slots. Those are decorative, take up a little less room on ships, and would NOT look just like the ones from Ark. Could even make it a blueprint you get ONLY by digging up treasure from the maps. I'd go for that. (ps, adding the sparkles just for us ladies... We'd LOVE that..) Also, the ability to place them on 'shelves' (I do this with my preserving bags on catwalks on the walls to take up less floor space). This way, in a building on land we can preserve floor space. On a ship... well... just have to set them on the floor. Who cares? they would look MUCH nicer. 8. Add a new item: Brazier. Would throw more heat than a campfire, and look much better on a ship. No one in history ever built a firepit on their deck because the hot stones and burning wood would catch your ship on fire. Realistically, a Brazier would make much more sense, and when we're travelling in the colder regions, would keep us warm without blinding us the way a campfire on our deck does. It doesn't have to cook meat any faster than a campfire, and are made entirely of metal. 100 of two metals should do it. Its reasonable, but not super easy to get. Could be unlockable with the stone building tier. Could fuel it with oil for heat and light, and wood for heat and to cook meat. 9. More styles of clothing. Or should I say, more styles for us ladies. Not all of us wanna run around looking like the guys lol. Its high-time us girly-girls LOOK like girls. I don't mean dresses either. Just maybe a more feminine version of whats already there. Including skins. 10. Weather: How about some actual thunder and lightening to go with the rain at times? Idk... just a thought. Thunderstorms. Darker clouds, thunder, lightening... higher winds that make sailing a bit more interesting... something you can see coming so if you need to anchor you at least have a chance... Cyclones are one thing, but sometimes a good thunderstorm (ONLY, tyvm... I've had enough of cyclones!) would throw in an extra element when sailing. Not bad enough to sink a ship, but at least a good 'light and sound show'. And I just want the Devs to know that I CANNOT wait for the Tarot tier to unlock! Please give us some idea of what your plans are for it, when we might be seeing it released, and how it would work? There are MANY of us who are really excited to get it! And for anyone who wants to wax and wane about fixing bugs and all, Keep in mind that I'm on PvE, and that I know of the only thing I see as broken is how much spamming goes on in Lawless regions. So please don't try and belittle me or my suggestions here. These are more for fun, I know, but for a lot of us that goes a long way. Part of the fun of games is having fun things, for looks or for practical reasons. Don't really know of anyone who doesn't like to truly personalize their things, or their toons, and I do know many, MANY, builders who would love more options on officials. I'm one of them.
  3. I'm moving this... chose wrong spot to post it.
  4. Sansa Phoenix

    The new claiming system .

    Of course not. We built in lawless again. But even if we had wanted to claim an island, there aren't any left now. And in lawless the pillar/four station spam is horrible. One company where we are has about 500 foundations spammed all along the coast on one side of the island. Its mental! This is why we said that simply limiting claim flags to so many per company based on its member count would fix a lot, because it would have. Or, at this point, give each company 2 claim blocks for every 10 people they have in it with a hard cap at 10 claim blocks. If you cant build outside your claim block area then you cant foundation/pillar spam, right? But no. We have 'this' instead.
  5. Sansa Phoenix

    The new claiming system .

    Not everyone wants to be in a huge tribe like that. What's the point of creating a game if you're not going to balance it for ALL styles of play? This isnt star trek. Not everyone wants to be assimilated.
  6. Sansa Phoenix

    New Claimsystem finally makes me Quit the game

    To any solo players, you're more than welcome to co.e and join us... there are just two of us now. All the rest said they wouldn't play Atlas again. I'm going to give it a shot. Once more. But if this doesnt work then I'm out too. Tired of being made to start over, and I'm tired of the dev's never listening. No one in pve said they wanted the claiming g system to be what it is now. We just asked for claims to be limited to so many per company based on its size. So.eone said I should have done the ptr to help show them their idea wanst fo g to work. Well I did. But the pve ptr didnt last more then 4 days if that. That was NOT enough time to show them anything, and I doubt they noticed how fast the land was gobbled up. I'm built in lawless and it's fine by me. I'm not living under someone else's rule either.
  7. Sansa Phoenix

    Open a NA PVE server NOW!

    Merged with what?! I'm sorry, but even though most Europeans are pretty cool peeps and all, there are too many pve ppl to cramp us all on one server. As it stands now, most claimable land that's affordable is lo g gone and the foundation/pillar spam in lawless is in full swing. And make no mistake, the trolls are out in force. Most of my company said they aren't coming back to atlas, which leaves two of us. And I honestly think the one is only logging in because he feels bad I'd be alone otherwise. Not having an NA PVE server was a very bad ideA. And what happened to the upkeep required for structures? Nothing to hold back the foundation and pillar spam now.
  8. Sansa Phoenix

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    For all of you EU PvE players, Not all of us who might play on the EU server are going to leave, true, but then not all of us want to claim land. We have already decided to rebuild in lawless, and IF we stay on EU, will do the same. I just don't understand why they didn't have this hardware ready to go already for NA PvE. Pretty dumb.. Sorry EU peoples.... I promise not all of us NA peeps are so bad lol And one other thing to the Devs: Your idea of the new claim system is NOT what the majority asked for for PvE. I just want to clarify this.
  9. Sansa Phoenix

    PTR patch notes

    PVE PTR is indeed up and running. Just spent three hours setting up and goofing off. Once again, built in Lawless. Just not interested in claiming land anymore. no point. But I'm oh so glad there is lawless still. I think if they had removed it, I might have just quit.
  10. Sansa Phoenix

    This is why I play Pve..

    In PvP, there is almost always more of them than of you. Far as being a coward..... I can't say a thing. I'd run too! PvP is fun to watch... from a distance.... when they are attacking everyone BUT you. Otherwise its PvE for me. lol I did PvP in Ark and..... well.... I'm just no good at it. I SO could have been one of those hippie-chicks running around throwing peace signs and making banners declaring "Make love, not war!"
  11. Sansa Phoenix

    PTR Patchnotes (and PvE PTR LIve)

    Well. at least there is this.
  12. Sansa Phoenix

    NA Pve - It's not a test server

    Not exactly. The point is to get a version that is patched and stable, and the second 'mini-wipe' and reloading of the final patched version is to get rid of all the things done during 6x rates, griefing, and any junk that occured before the many patches. I doubt I explained that very well. Not sure how to do it really but I do get it. When they do the official launch, they will take the final version from the PTRs and use that to go live/official launch with. They will no doubt set the rates back to normal (getting rid of the 6x) and wipe characters that, right now, have all skills unlocked, so we all start over on an even playing field. Again, sorry if I didn't explain that right. I tried lol
  13. Sansa Phoenix

    PTR patch notes

    Yeah I'm waiting on PvE test grid to go up. No point in playing on PvP test when I'm not a PvP girl lol Although... it WAS fun for a bit
  14. PvE isn't getting the player shops in freeports like PvE is. This is why I plan on helping to create 'trade centers' on at least ONE lawless island. This way, not only can we do these shops OUR way, but use the secure player to player trading thing they created but also make sure that any trade/sales can't be taxed. Honestly, I think it would suck if one were created on a claimed island only to find out that any sale or trade ends up taxed by that landlord's tax rate. We plan to rebuild in lawless. no mistake. I'd LOVE to claim an island, but the kind of island we want isn't even a thing, its only found in lawless. And I really don't want to be a landlord OR tenant.
  15. Sansa Phoenix

    Feedback: Tax rates

    We had that before. Its nothing new. And I think we all know whether land is claimed, not claimed or lawless, its going to happen again too.