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  1. So i woke up made my coffee and got on my computer loaded up steam and saw your update post. I have to say im very proud of all of you. Most of these little shit mongers that had bought your game complain 24/7 most not all i want you to know there are some people who love atlas and are super happy about the singleplayer. Amazing work im getting 90 fps no lag im so happy thank you.Im sure thier will be bugs but im sure youll fix them.
  2. just wondering if there is a estimated time when the pve server is up....tonights friday and my eso guild streams small scale pvp and i want to be on the na pve server when it opens 1-2 hours you guys think or longer if your wondering why i dont go to the pvp server its because i pvp on to many other games i like to pve on atlas to relax
  3. empires has been down awhile i expect na pve to be up soon
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    yes they said today they would shut empires down and replace it with NA PVE AT 7 pm so i guess there still waiting or word it wrong but i assume it was tonight there is a incoming patch for easter eggs give them time but i clear my plans for pvp to be rdy when the server is up hopefully dont have to wait all night
  5. awesome and ill be your huckleberry
  6. something is wrong with this dude please dont post stupid things like this just wow wow
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    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    You shouldnt worry about what these lame ass trolls are saying. Atlas is a great game it needs reworked with the flag system and your doing it dont worry the trolls who say there quiting will come back there just trying to get there way. All of you devs have created something grand and its only going to get better.I saw how they reacted when the game was coming out who knows maybe the trolls wont come back and youll just get better gamers to play atlas.At the end of the day atlas is amazing and will always be a amazing game just like ark. And to all you lame ass trolls you can be offended all you want ill never check this message im sending for replies dont care what trollie kids have to say bye have a beautifull time.
  8. thank you so much finalNPCLevelMultiplier should be on every island cause im not seeing it down on others this was just a test thing im doing to play solo for a little bit
  9. ok i got the map working the treasure maps working on the basic 1x1 grid im going to do my own map now thing is on one of the islands there all lvl 1 i have the difficulty setting in game.ini and it works i got to another island i see the lvls of the mobs are right its just that island so it has to be in the map editor thats doing it maybe that one island on that grid was set to lvl 1 What will fix this plz so i know in the future i should do my own map now but im worried ill run into that problem again so if anyone knows why or how to fix let me know please. i deleted the spawner templates to see is that what i should do on edit to fix
  10. i feel ya i think they think its like ark for many ppl but its not and you ruin the game when you put the rates high stop it plz private servers why you got no one on your servers lol
  11. map img needs to be renamed to ServerGrid.jpg that fixed my problem i cant see treasure maps but i am working with the 1x1 test
  12. ill check more maps now to see if all of them are like that seems like it didnt work like that before
  13. Hi new here wanted to let you all know i was having a problem with the map getting to work but i had missed this in the directions and i think some might have too so ill explain. When your in your grideditor setting your server up you need to save the image as servergrid.jpg i did not do this and for 2 days it was erking me why the map wouldnt come up well thats what i did of course i also follow the same instructions as before just dont miss that one. So new problem it might just be something id miss and i really like to get someone in here to help me its treasure maps the treasure map is blank with a x in middle no hints of the island or anything. If anyone got any ideas why this ishappening let me know .I may i need to set treasure lvls on the map but im just using the basic 1x1 grid to learn about the game more and learn how to run a server for the future This is just a test place for me i do play online most of the time b ut im a rper and at night i stop using my mic so i refuse to play on a rp server without mic offical server pvp is cancer pve to many flags its a cluster fuck and most private servers have there setting to high lol im picking i want offical type but private Rp is a plus i rp anyways