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  1. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood FoY?

    Playstation Island?
  2. Forb Hidden

    this is getting sad

    Is there any thread you don't jump in with the words "crossplay", "wipe" or "Xbox"?
  3. Forb Hidden

    Sound cutting out

    If you talk about the music: in the freeport villages is playing some music. If you leave, it stops (out of range). With the sounds I often had a similar issue. When chopping wood or grinding fibers with a bear it often seems like it would desync and stops the sounds until you wait 2...3s.
  4. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood Issue FPS lose

    Huge npc City, lot of vegetation and two bosses (hydra/drake). With a medium PC u surely get low fps. With some new hardware it works fine for me.
  5. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood Bug list

    Another one: In the last few days it happened to me several times. I always thinked, that I unfortunately drop it in case of an accident by myself. But yesterday it confirmed itself as a bug: Sometimes, and I don't know why yet, I loose my waterjar. I had to reproduce four times a new one yesterday. Usually I get him on the "0" in the bar. When I tame an animal - logically - I have to take him into my inventory. After taming an elephant o.e. I came back and stored my taming stuff into a box. Mostly then I realized that the waterjar (who was craftet 10min ago and was filled up) is gone - *poof
  6. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood FoY?

    Which island??
  7. Forb Hidden

    How Much Fortitude Is Enough?

    If you get the vitamin buff up and skill another 20 fortitude, you should be safe in each biome. If you craft better armours, you can spend the points in another stats. So I don't see any need for another armour. At least it's not ark with volcano biomes, deserts with sandstorms or else.
  8. If you set the difficulty on 1 (preset 0,2) the wild animals can spawn up to level 150. Alphas up to 1000 or more (not seen one over lvl 963). And if you're not on a powerstone-island you can tame everything except alphas. The problem now is the max lvl of the tames. If you breed without changing your game.ini file you will not be able to lvl them up over lvl 130 or somewhete there around. In another post jat postet a example for the game.ini file who lets you lvl up tames born up to lvl 120 with another 150 lvl = 270 Max.
  9. Forb Hidden

    How Much Fortitude Is Enough?

    You get an armour against the heat. It's called: clothe-armour. Read the stats and you will see, it's the only one who helps against the heat.
  10. Forb Hidden

    hey! i need some help my fellow pirates.

    In a diving suit sharks, whales and other seafood don't attacks you (until you do). The bigger problem is up the surface. Once I dived it started to rain with cyclones. Another one I came up to repair my ship because of sotd spawns. But mostly it's a free loot (if it's not blocked in the ground).
  11. Forb Hidden

    hey! i need some help my fellow pirates.

    Nothing new. The wrecks sometimes lay down sooo stupid, that the access is blocked. Yesterday I was at a 19.4 wreck and couldn't reach the chest
  12. Forb Hidden

    Quality of Ammo Box

    Ne, hält nur mehr aus.
  13. Forb Hidden

    Mega update 3?

    Adding islands is one thing. Remove/replace some is another. I didn't read anything about it so I don't want to say if there will be a refugee camp for the move over or not. I would wipe out the servers, so everyone get the same chances of one of the new islands. But wiping is always a mess for these who don't accept the meaning of EA. I would like to see more infos about the pirate encampments and the "normal" ships who will be attackable. Or infos about the blackwood map and when GS wants to fix all the issues there. Now we passed the holiday-time, summer is almost over and the fall knocks at the door. Sure the team is completely back in the office now and hitting in theyr keyboards afap to bring out the promised content asap.
  14. Forb Hidden

    hey! i need some help my fellow pirates.

    The wreck is a labyrinth. Find the way in and find the treasure inside.
  15. Not at all. U will never get so much wood by hand in the same time as with an ele - never. For stone the same with the rhino. If you need metal, leave the rhino at home. There are pickaxes the boss. Taking a giraffe for thatch is the noobway. Grab a bear and farm thatch grounds. One slap and you can get 2k thatch. Nothing is better. (unfortunately not all islands and biomes get these thatch grounds in a good amount). Fiber is selfexplaining. Bear > all.