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  1. When you anchor the ship in any grid except freeports, it shouldn't decay. When you drive or not anchor it, it slowly decays. But there is a real decay timer for ships who are not in use. After a few days (somewhere between 8...14) it disappear instant. If you get a resource-chest on your ship and resources in it, a crewmate without a task starts to repair the ship when fully anchored.
  2. Yeah... Think the benefits for the second wipe are less empty servers. Instead of 1...2 player per regular grid, you get now 6...8 players. 15+ on each lawless I passed instead of 2...4.
  3. They try to avoid a suicide function with fixing the terrain. I visited several islands since the launch and I felt like they changed a lot, especially the mountains and cliffs seems to be better mountable or passable.
  4. They can be hosted. They support crossplay if needed. No idea if they support mods.
  5. There is some "desert cloth" here, it's called "cloth". It's the only armor who acts against the heat.
  6. I bet 5000 gold that they enable the hat for everyone and not just for the veterans.
  7. Or buy a better PC. This game simply don't run properly on a stoneage PC. I'm sure 95% of all problems the people get here would be solved after replacing the PC or clean up all the mess who runs in the background.
  8. Many people said, that discord is the best way to contact them. But actually they get a huge amount of bugs and issues to deal with. Every day they fix more and more bugs. This gamemodel with crossplay is pretty new and brings a lot of new difficulty bugs and issues with it. In your case the frustration bar is as high as the moon in the sky... I wish you all the best for a quick solution.
  9. Maybe you should post it in the bug section in the forum and write in the important posts @Jatheish and @Dollie, so you get a little bit higher chance to get noted in time. Since the launch, the CM are more present again on the official website, what is great. Get two answers today in less than an hour. Fuck I was impressed!
  10. @Jatheish, @Dollie Can you tell us something about the 2x weekends now after the launch? -Will we get some of them? -do you plan to enable these weekends regularly? For the first weekend I wouldn't enable 2x gold. But taming and harvesting would be awesome for us to go straight ahead to where we was once, long ago before the almighty wipe came
  11. It's all a question about how much you will pay for that
  12. Then you have to read what's written at the flag. Upkeep is per 12h. If the island cost 350g per upkeep, that makes 700g a day. If you get settlers on your island, you have to pay the same, but in a longer period. All 12,5 or 13h a.e.
  13. It's kinda random. Every ship I build had ladders in the front, right and left. At one ship it's working every time without any problems to climb up the ladders. Another ship allows you just to climb up properly on one side and the other side is bugging. Sometimes you have the bug who kicks you off the ladder on top, sometimes it doesn't let you climb up from one to the next, clear connected ladder. Another one is that you can climb up, on top your char jumps off the ladder and stand on the edge outside of a plank. With a little bit experience, you then can jump over the plank to get in the ship. Tried so many things, changed so many ladders and get frustrated so often... But it seemed to be more important to give us pussycats instead of fixing a bug who is known for longer than 5 months now.
  14. @Jatheish, @Dollie: As we had to wait for the launch last week I take a look inside the new island layout by joining the na/pvp. I was excited to see the so long awaited hat there - awesome! After the launch I started (finally, one day delayed because of... Yeah you know why and this is not the point here) again with a few friends on EU / PvE. Now please explain to me, why I have the hat on NA, but not on EU? This should be a benefit for the player, not his pixeled char. Did you miss it there? Would be great to see a helping answer, thx.
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