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  1. Forb Hidden

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    You see the map... Wow... Can you imagine, how big a grid is? Or how huge the bigger islands ar ingame? They're already continents. With the launch of the last mega update they wrote about some new islands, bigger than the entire one they're planning to implement. The community was not so happy with this idea. They wanted lot more smaller islands. Now the devs implying lot of small islands for the playing and paying community and it's again not good? And then we got you. You want a new ark with ships. All free at the first second with GM godmode, fly and speedbuff? And what's about fun wile playing a game? Reach some personal or ingame achievements and take a patient look at your success?
  2. Forb Hidden

    Crew improvements

    Ahoi! Let's take a look at the Crewmates. Nice to have them on the ship and at the elevator. End of the story. ...end? Noooo, there are so many good things I read what they could do: - Professions: Create something like a bench or table, where u can go with a mate. There u can learn him a profession for a better organized base. Professions like: - Gardener; harvest your plants and re-fertilize them (in any way. I'm sure there are lot of ideas how) - Stable-Guy; collects eggs, milk and fleece from sheeps. Collects poo - Fishermen; no need to explain - Janitor; repair the base and lights, refills the lighthouse Maybe a good wink in a good direction...?
  3. Forb Hidden

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    how should you know, if there are too less or too small islands? You didn't play the game yet. don't try to change something you don't know.
  4. Forb Hidden

    Horrible SOTD spawn points

    Get the same problems yesterday. A brig spawned next the ship and also in the seas were lot more sotd's than usually I felt.
  5. Forb Hidden

    Ship crew

    Maybe out of range of the food larder. Only one does not support a whole galleon.
  6. Drop the Gold out a tame by pressing "O". Then u are able to collect 30'000 gold easy.
  7. Forb Hidden


    Take a bag who is empty and not in use. Put in ice and it will incrase the effect enormous!
  8. Forb Hidden

    claiming through foudations

    In the early days of atlas once I borded near an island in lawless. I think it's not a big deal to build a schooner on that island and sail on in my journey. nope, it was impossible. Around the entire huge island I could not find a place to build up a small shipyard. Then we had to deal with sooooo many shipyards then. Today you got these egoists who spam hundreds of foundations. Fazit: live on lawless is a pain and I'm glad we got an island.
  9. Forb Hidden

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    As example: In vanilla world of warcraft u had to beat bosses with 40 ppl. 40ppl and no one had to fail and just there u gained bis items, mounts etc... so why should it be more fun, if u can do and earn everything without a challenge? I can't imagine, that 30'000ppl would say: "dude, in Atlas it's all for free now and there are no challenges at all. Let's play again, it sounds like fun!" <-- really?!
  10. Forb Hidden

    Come on guys

    Others go to work
  11. Forb Hidden

    Come on guys

    Did u ever buyed a Brand new car? If VW brings out a new model, you become a beta tester too. After 1...2 years they bring out a fixed version. And did u heard about that lot of customers have to bring back the new cars in the garage, because of an airbag-problem or something like that? These are the updates you make at a car, until the second series launch. With food, cosmetics, medicine, toys and so on its the same thing. But they got usually closed betas. Whenever you want to bring out a new product, so you have to go a long way with lots of changes and improvements, until it's perfect for you as a founder. Founder: there are in minimum two different ones. These who create a product as they want and the others, who create it for the people (I mean to sell as much as possible). These are just a few examples and I could do it the whole day long...
  12. Forb Hidden

    Crossbow nerf ?

    A rhino is pretty useful too. Or pigs. Try to make 300 fertilizer without an army of pigs... U will spend a lot of time. And cooking is one of the most important skilltree. I get always the vitamin buff on, can take two stacks of food with me to support all the vitamins, decays really slow and some food supports you and your tames with buffs. Pretty nice to harvest and farm stuff. And as long as the game is not finished yet, you have to deal with changes like all the others too.
  13. Forb Hidden

    Friendly mermaid quest

    Yes... Usually it stops, but there is (or was) a problem with the bears and cargo-saddles. They glitch around on the boat and often get lost while sailing or crossing servers. I heared some kind of terrible noises as I start my travel, then I saw the bear glitching around and thinked maybe it helps, if I place him 2m beside. Bad idea... After mounting, I immediately glitched off my galleon and saw em not stopping. My mate helped me out, I put the bear back down in my galleon and continued my voyage. Bad idea. At home I figured out that my bear is gone... Since then I will never never never ever again sail around, when a cargo-saddle is equipped.
  14. Forb Hidden

    Come on guys

    Das stimmt und deshalb schreib ich dir nun in einer Sprache, worin ich mich nicht verfange. Realist, Du bist keine Hilfe in keiner Weise. Deine Kommentare sind haltlos, deine vorschläge egoistisch und dein Verhalten gleicht dem eines gockels. Es liest sich, als würde GS das Spiel Nur und ausschließlich für dich programmieren. Was genau aber machst Du für die Entwicklung? Wir testen ja nicht richtig und viel zu selten. Das sieht man sehr gut an den abertausenden spielstunden und den tausenden bugreports und feedbacks. Aber wir, die bezahlt haben um Teil dieser Entwicklung sein zu dürfen, sind für den Herrn nicht gut genug. Hört auch auf, die playerbase mit als Argument für irgendwas zu benutzen. Die Entwickler wissen besser darüber Bescheid als aussenständige und haben Die Rechnung für sich aufgestellt. Du, ich und sonst keiner ausserhalb des entwicklerkellers wissen von der Strategie und den Erwartungen, welche erfüllt werden müssen. Ergo ist auch hier jedes Wort Verschwendung, da Spekulation. Um das ganze abzuschließen: Realist, bitte halte den Ball flach, hör doch der Community zu liebe auf mit unnützen Kommentaren, haltlosen Verbesserungsvorschlägen und den trollposts. Es interessiert ganz ehrlich keinen, Was du hier schreibst. Und die spitze auf dem Eisberg ist nun noch, dass du gegen Die Community schiesst.
  15. Forb Hidden

    Friendly mermaid quest

    Last weekend I sit up on a bear with a cargo-saddle while crossing the oceans. I glitched off immediately and my gally drived on and did not stop. I had luck that a crewmate jumped to the gally and saved her and picked up me and my bear.