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  1. Forb Hidden


    We got a pretty big island with a lot of resources and place for a bunch of settlers. If they ask, we explain friendly our rules and usually they're building the taming areas etc and do their stuff. All are happy. If they don't ask and build up their structures too close or in our little village, they have to wonder about, where their stuff is gone. As easy as it is. We won the island-race and pay now the island upkeep. That give us the rights to keep our place clean.
  2. While sailing around I use to dance since day one to become hungry. Works fine and u can manage your vitamins pretty good
  3. Forb Hidden

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    Three days ago we lost a wolf while sailing with a brig. Had three bears and that wolf with. It's an issue
  4. Forb Hidden

    water reservoirs and barrels

    Please asap
  5. Forb Hidden

    ramshackle sloop been used as cheap blocking in PVE

    Nice to See, that the devs now help out the players on pve whit these issues
  6. Forb Hidden

    PvE Eu having issues?

    Yesterday the Same Problem. tried to log in for 45min until it worked... Befor the small Patch Yesterday i never had some problems.
  7. Forb Hidden

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    We payed around 360 gold for claiming the island. The upkeep cost is 274 gold every 12h (without a settler on). It's very expensive on the first look. But when u got a company (and u need 10ppl in your company to claim an island this big) it's easy made. Farmed a few treasures yesterday and got some gold for ~3 days. Time enough to hunt whales or build around houses and ships.
  8. Forb Hidden

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    First we had to pay every 12h. Now, with a few settlers on, time raised to 14h.
  9. Forb Hidden

    Please prove to me that it is hard to build

    Go buy the game and play it first... Then u would not ask some silly bs.
  10. Forb Hidden

    Elephant Taming

    Sometimes It's buggy. After taming an elephant yesterday, we wanted a second one. After six or seven tries, I killed him. It was not possible to feed him. Also not outside of the taming box on a free plane. Maybe tonight again
  11. Forb Hidden

    water reservoirs and barrels

    Yesterday i had to fill up my stone-water-reservoirs by hand. Tooked three jars, a shovel and a lot of time. We also got a desert-island and this was the only way we could grow some wheat. The devs definitely hafe to take an eye on this. -implying some personal fountain? -implying several small freshwater-spots? -repair the stone barrels? -let it rain (not so often, because it's desert, but sometimes a little shower...?) At least: please fix it.
  12. Dude in a pvp Server u have to fight for what's yours. Once u're the landlord of a settlement, u can make your own rules. If you want to build on a island and be sure to be safe: go for it. Defeat the enemy of the island and build your own fortress. Place towers, bunkers and other defence and start to pray that's enough for the next challanger... ...or simply play on pve.
  13. Forb Hidden

    Tamable Creature Idea

    We really need koalas. Tiny, cute koalas. U can carry them around and feed them eucalyptus until they fall down from the back or something else
  14. It worked fine. But if the ship is too close to a port or else it's not working. Tried a few scenarios yesterday and yes: sometimes it takes two or more whistles until it works.
  15. Forb Hidden

    Tell us your dreams for Atlas

    Better positioning of animals. So they don't glitch thru walls or stuck in a foundation, if u log in. More communication with the community (specially more answers to all the questions in the forum) A McDonalds drive in for the ships