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  1. Ahoy everyone! First off, sorry for the huge font size! I wrote the post in my phone notes to make sure I covered everything and can’t work out how to change it after it was copied and pasted here! So (if you can’t tell) I’m new to the forums, normally I just hide and travel through them and watch with popcorn whenever something big goes off. But with everything that’s happened recently I’ve made an account specifically to create this post addressed to the new community team and pass along a series of questions from our alliance that were all playing The Gorgon’s Gaze. Before the questions though, I’d just like to say welcome to the community to the three new developers who we’ve met so far. I hope you can keep the dream alive while also paying close attention to what your fans are saying, unlike a lot of developers for games which looked promising to begin with but ultimately failed because of breakdowns with fans. Without one you can’t have the other and all that... Also, I have to say that I currently personally class Atlas as my all time favourite game. And as I’m physically disabled, I’ve played a lot of games, but none that have hooked me as much as Atlas has. I become physically absorbed into the game when playing, and I just hope that my PVE based love for it now doesn’t turn to hate as I want absolutely nothing to do with PVP. If I did I’d play other games. I know PVE will still exist before people start blowing off, but let’s just say a lot of us don’t see the need for change when nothing (game mode related at least) seemed broken or in need of change. A lot of us feel we’ve lost everything for no good reason and are eager to see what the cost has bought us. Please note that the following are questions from 12 individuals, and not just all from me. The questions themselves reflect what’s most important about playing the game to each person, and how they’re answered may be the difference between people playing from July or not bothering anymore, something which I’m sure goes far wider than our alliance group. The questions aren’t listed in any kind of order of importance as they are all equally as important as far as we’re concerned. Q1. With the closure of The Gorgon’s Gaze, what is the long term plan on the roadmap for all the PVE players who have now lost their main server? Will there be a brand new server established with the newly released world map active for us to return to or are we all now expected to merge onto one server after July? Q2. As is the case with the majority of people on The Gorgon’s Gaze, we have spent literally months worth of playing time establishing ourselves as a stable company of 10 people, and played as part an alliance. We had several levels from the discoveries, a fleet of 5 schooners (2 of which were mythic), a brig and a mythic galleon. Not to mention the builds and tames (some of which being from Golden Age) spread across 6 grids and countless full days collecting gold to sustain our 58 point island. Will any of this progress be taken into account if we decide to still play? Perhaps at the very least, anyone who had already spent the time helping you develop your game to lose everything literally overnight could have some kind of unique skin on their account to show their continued commitment after losing all progress should they chose to start over? Q3. With the map adjustment, will you still be able to sail over the edges of the world and end up on the other side? Also, while other types of grid have been mentioned on the latest announcement, there is no info yet on where the Freeports will be. Will they still be included or will there be new ways now to recruit crews, buy skins and of course tame cats? Q4. Pathfinders have lost everything. What kind of new content can be expected? Or will we just have the same features with an adjusted map? Even SOME insight to new stations etc might be enough to swing people back to playing from July. For example, a way of taking the salt out of sea water such as a boiling station? Which could require alloy and gems and be far down on the skill tree to make it hard to get? Mechanical Filtering existed in the era the game is set in after all. Q5. Are we going to see any changes to the skill trees in general such as the amount of points it takes to buy skills? Will there be as many quest skills now or have some been lost to a smaller map or bunched together like on Blackwood? Q6. The main difference in base building between PVP players vs PVE is that PVE players build for keeps. We want our structures to be noticed and appreciated and remain as a form of overall progress. Will this be the final wipe? Or should we all just wait until the game is released to start playing again? Q7. Will there be any changes to taming, breeding and pathfinder levelling stats? Will discoveries now count for more points or will the max level be reduced to take into account what definitely appears to be a far smaller map than we had before? Q8. I’m concerned about how farming will now work with the fact that equatorial now only takes up a tiny part of the map (and oddly is not centralised). Are we now going to have to fight for an inch of land in the best planting terrain? Or will farming be easier to do in the other biomes? Also, will there be any new crops? Ark had vegetables AND berries for example but to be honest I really just want to grow my own mint and limes! Q9. Will pathfinders playing on ALL consoles now be able to see custom flags, canvasses and sails? Or will this still be restricted to 1X and PC players who are fortunate enough to be able to afford the higher end tech? Also, will we be able to put images taken on the pathfinder compass camera accessed by holding Y onto canvass now? Q10. Will there be a fix for the big bug where if you own an island and have the settings on COMPANY ONLY, other people can still do what they like and build anyway? We had all 6 of our owned island discoveries constantly blocked by other people setting up travel agencies there, despite us constantly breaking beds and foundations when we noticed they were there from the log. In other words, we were being stopped from building on our own island without any way to correct it as the admin IGNORED all 3 of our tickets on the subject, presumably with the knowledge of the upcoming wipe. Eventually we had to check every day, it would be nice to not have this hassle. Q11. Can we have a dedicated memorial gallery to post our Gorgon’s Gaze images to? That way at least our work has not been completely for nothing and our builds live on. I had a crew member who I temporarily forgot to feed once when I was new to the game and was bugged to be constantly retching. It would be nice if Lady Chuckup could live on as well in some way from our captures of her as she is definitely less replaceable and was our company mascot. Q.12 Possibly the most important question on a lot of people’s minds from both PVE AND PVP...will this be the Legacy update which sees our pathfinders be able to have children? And can we PLEASE have our flying ships now? I know a lot of these questions have likely already been asked, and some may have been answered. If anyone has anything they can answer, please do so. Just please keep your comments CLEAN and more importantly CALM. The Dev’s know we’re mad, but we won’t get anywhere now by freeplaying our war drums. ALSO...I HAVE ADDED THIS SECTION IN TO CLARIFY THAT THIS POST IS NOT INTENDED AS A PLACE TO VENT YOUR RAGE. Feel free to comment, but PLEASE ADD AT LEAST ONE QUESTION OF YOUR OWN OR SOME KIND OF CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK INTO WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IMPROVED. Please chose to be civil with your comments though, as we have in our main post. And remember...THIS POST IS ADDRESSED TO THE NEW DEVS AND NOT THE OLD ONES WHO YOU MIGHT FEEL HAVE LET YOU DOWN. I’m not expecting a direct message response but hopefully at the VERY LEAST, the developers who introduced themselves to us recently will read this (in full preferably) and provide some of the answers with their next major announcement. It may be enough to prevent a full blown mutiny and bring some back to the fold. I tried to include some of the captures we do have from The Gorgon’s Gaze in this post but wasn’t able to add them in for some reason so I’ve put them on my profile instead if anyone wishes to see them. I sincerely hope to see you all on the seas (and land, as that definitely matters too) again from July, pending new info. Perhaps on a new server, appropriately titled “The Phoenix’s Flame” or something equally as worthy. Yours in seamanship, Kingston Towne
  2. Hello Pathfinders, and hopefully grape shot games, please read the entirety of my forum thanks! I think a rework of the PVP system would be really nice and bring a lot of new players in the trailer the PVP system seems a lot more polished and nice [MELEE COMBAT] a lot of the buttons should be rebind able first of all pressing CTRL and RMB or LMB is abit annoying id rather rebind it to ALT + RMB or LMB this would improve Melee combat a lot some other suggestions are to add directional attacks and to give the sword its own hit box rather than your cross hair having to be on the opponent this would add a sort of skill aspect to melee combat and since we have attacks and we have blocks there needs to be some kind of way to get around the blocks perhaps a Feint system sort of like a fake attack or something similar to this would need to be added, if this was done this would hugely improve melee combat make it a lot more interesting have a higher skill ceiling and be a lot more enjoyable perhaps even removing the lock on mode could happen as with this kind of PVP with sword hitboxes rather than cross-hair it would make the lock on almost unnecessary. [FIREARM COMBAT] this isn't really as much as an issue as melee combat but maybe removing the cross-hair and making gun sights more prevalent would be a nice change to the game I also think that guns should do more damage guns require a lot of points especially for the carbine and for it to do like a measly 70 damage sometimes even less with guns or so after missing is ridiculous especially considering the reload time I think the damage should be heavily buffed I don't think it should be a one shot or anything similar to that but I feel it should definetly reward good aim and at least put the opponent on a low health with good armour [ARMOUR] better armour should negate speed by a critical amount by rewarding with health more health slower player this balances very op armour while still making them viable don't want to get one shot with a gun better armour but don't want to be slow Mid tier armour want to be fast no armour the speed shouldn't be incredibly different but I feel mid tier armour should reduce base speed by about 20% and high tier armours reducing it by about 30-35% [NPC REWORK] the current NPC'S have a ridiculous amount of Health its about like 6 shots with even good guns to kill them this is ridiculous as if you mount an NPC on a swivel it makes it almost impossible to kill them this in term makes Melee PVP not viable as you do not get rewarded for boarding ships. On tamed creatures the cannon carts should be mountable by NPC's and only by players I believe the this is abit too op and is basically the Quetzal auto turret from Ark its unbalanced and almost unplayable against [SHIP/OCEAN PVP] I believe you have done a splendid job with ship PVP some of the best I've ever seen but I believe a little tweaking couldn't do no harm I think the structure on ships should be regulated a little bit more I think ship structures should be reduced this shouldn't effect deployables like Boxes , Storage's , Cannons , or other types of deployables only building items [In conclusion] I believe this sort of Melee rework could make the game an B Tier Melee combat and an A tier shooter gamer maybe even approaching the A tier slasher for examples of this type of PVP please take a look at Chivalry Medievel Warfare or the game Mordhau maybe even Last Oasis take some notes and do a more basic version of that I love ATLAS and am a long term ARK player with thousands of hours combined between the two games but in the games current state its just ARK on water the only problem is this game does not suit an ARK type of play style I have no other complaints with the game and think the game is actually really good and just needs some little improvements here and there and I believe the ATLAS team is doing the first steps of this by introducing a new Lead Designer and new community management as well as what seems to be monthly updates, good job Atlas so far keep on adding New weapons armours and other content. Thank you, everyone for reading my forum and listening to my opinion please share this with your Atlas friends and help this post reach the top of the Forums and help this get to the development team, and lets make some game breaking PVP improvements and please I implore you to write other PVP improvements the development team could consider please add your suggestions to my forum and link other forums that discuss good PVP improvements in the replies [ YOU CAN FIND AND MESSAGE ME ON MY DISCORD HERE CyroForel#0602 ]
  3. Great roleplay server looking to grow in population. If interested plz drop a msg here below
  4. Be legendary Community RP Server (Lite) 3x3 This is for casual RP (Any level of RP from 0 to 100) If you are not comfortable with RP that’s ok just be polite when someone talks with you. Plenty of great mods and ships to build. There is an auto economy to buy and sell resources and animals. You can only sell Gems & metal for Gold at the market. There is a separate docking for unloading do not stay parked in that space. Sell your resources and move afterwards. You can buy all atlas animals the are level 750. There is also stalls to purchase tools and armor and weapons (Mythical) There is one stall to get free starter tools (Please take only one of each) The community company is BARRACUDA’s Anyone can join to be part of the community. You can build on the starter island only if you are part of this community. Barracudas can build anywhere else and claim islands etc. Being part of the company means all member cans share anyone’s home or things as long as you follow simple guidelines. Do not just take peoples stuff and never replace things. If you want personal stuff not shared set pin codes on private storage etc. You can only take shared animals not personal ones. To mark them as shared put a “-C” at the end of the animals name to mean “Community animal” DO NOT EVER take someone’s personal animal without permission! You can also play as an independent, create your own companies and even be pirates. EVERYONE is allowed to use the starter island for commerce. No total or unnecessary destruction of property or animals. Discord: https://discord.gg/YaqtXPy Harvest rate is 4x Taming 20x Breeding settings 15x Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1975527406 2024064580, Pirate Town 2073834577, Eco RP Decor Continued 2029321503, CG Creatures 1995773556, Automated Atas 2006753389, New Indiamship 1657589904, TnM Powerstone tamable animals 1635395019, Unlock Hair emotes 1637820974, Peachy Ship Décor 1674363794, Atlas Hitching Post 1634787296, Spuk Adv Structures 1644646859, Market NPC 1645711130, Chronicles RP Town Builder 1699772263, Figureheads and ship essentials 1882120047, Atlas Shipwright 1917720610, Revies animal Overhaul 1951738448, Vanilla Items++ 1632927688, Custom Ship add xp 1680540642, Regenerating Ships 1657853285, Custom Ship Menu 1648830674, One Pay Crew
  5. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/715921340955099146/715921436673310730/3_cluster_poster.jpg Come join the fun. Boat battles. 24/7 PVP. 3x3 grid with more to be added. All power stones and bosses. Boosted stats
  6. Good day to all. Many were faced with friezes and a severe FPS drop during large-scale battles. There is an idea how to optimize the game for such battles. I will describe the essence of the idea, and my version of its implementation. The idea has 2 directions: at the player computer level and at the server level. The essence of the idea at player computer level: Create a special mode in the game settings called "Large-scale Battle Mode". Including this option, the game automatically adjusts to the most optimized settings for such battles, as well as disables some packet transfers (which will reduce the load on the server). However, in this mode, the maximum range of rendering ships is necessarily preserved. The essence of the idea at Server Level: Create a special mode that is activated when there is a huge crowd of people in one place, limiting the bandwidth per player, or rather, receiving and transmitting in this mode only the most critical packages for battles. So that the player does not appear discomfort and lags. How to do it? I have an idea. How to implement the "Large-scale battle mode.": Perform zero tests. Create a separate test client that is zero (there’s almost nothing in it, just a few kilometers of a flat surface without textures), and zero characters (who don’t even have animations and textures in the first stages of the tests). Recruit community testers. It is enough to publish information about this on the forum and in the Steam blog under the slogan "We need a lot of testers to work on optimization" and a large number of people will gather. I am more than sure of this. Assign tests for specific dates and times, which is determined by community voting (For maximum presence and stress test). I already did this once.) Believe me, the community is only happy to participate in such tests in order to help developers. You do not put the players in an uncomfortable position with this act, but on the contrary will win their respect and foster their interest. The essence of the tests is to check how the game behaves and its code (on the player and server side) (some developers also connect to the test like regular players to see what happens with their own eyes) during a large cluster of players in one place at zero conditions. Ideally, the game should work smoothly and without problems. In this case, it is necessary to gradually expand the zero client option, by slightly moving it closer to the game version. If suddenly, when adding one of the parts of the game and server messages during the tests, the players started lags or even strong lags - note what exactly these lags caused, disable and continue tests with other parts of the game. Thus, gradually revealing all problem modules of the game. After that, try to optimize as much as possible each module of the game individually, as well as decide which game modules and packet exchange with the server can be disabled in large-scale battle mode. You won’t believe it, but in one game with a large crowd of people, it turned out that simple sounds exert a tremendous load on the game client. The server was not loaded at all, however, among players, the frame rate dropped to 1 stable. The sound of walking, shooting, jumping and so on from each player created an enormous load on the game client. Therefore, the cause of the load during the accumulation of players can be anything. From the trivial problems of the game client to the ultra-high network load on the server. Atlas is a great game in which players are able to entertain themselves by creating their own plot. Each has its own unique story. If you find the key to optimizing it, then it will be very difficult to find a game better.) P.S. when you be able to create an effective “Large-scale Battle Mode”, I recommend adding an option (checkmark) for players to automatically turn on this mode, when the FPS has strongly sank for a minute, which is initially turned on by default.
  7. Our Atlas server, "Montressor" is a RP-PvP (role-play | player vs player) server featuring: 5x5 Cluster (25 Server Grids!) A variety of islands, temperaments and biomes. Hand selected mods to help extend quality of life, and RP environments. A large community of active players varying different timezone. Non-abusive and active staff. 5x rates on most things. We just started Season 2 so jump on now to get into the action and fun! For this weekend only, new players will receive a 2000 gold starting stimulus to help get right into the action. Check us out! Website: https://zzgaming.net Discord: https://discord.gg/WENbTrh
  8. Our Unofficial Australian/OCE Atlas Server is ready to be released! We've just hit over 350 concurrent players across our 16 clusters, out of 800 slots. Click here for our discord Server Name: [AU] Australian Unofficial Server | 800 Slots We've got over 800 members in discord, server runs at 1.5x rates, 50 slots per cluster (16 clusters = 800 slots). Ping usually between 30 and 90ms, hosted in Sydney. Costs us a lot per month but we've had incredible support from the community. Come have a chat on discord + see you on the seas. 350+ people online during peak.
  9. Server History ZZGaming has been around for years, we have been hosting several different survival MMOS, And Atlas is no Different. We strive to make this a better RP place with a splash of pvp if needed. We have a great community and hope to see you all with us soon. Foremost we are a RP server Server Info White list XP rate 3x Harvest 3x 5x5 server fully custom made Faster crafting speeds RP friendly Settlement Enforced Decent Decay timers Server Specs ZZGaming owns its equipment we do not rent nor do we ever plan to. Our servers will be here for ever. Dual Xeons 256gb of ram Fiber Dedicated 500D/500U DDOS Protection SSD Hardrives Server Mods Keep it simple stupid is ZZGaming RP Motto https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2002663191 Rustic Buildings🏚 Market NPCS Atlas Architect Atlas Shipwright Atlas Beastmaster Atlas Overseer Atlas Harvester Editable Server UI Regenerating Ships Lanterns & Torches Galore Eco Decor Eco Foliage ZZGaming RP website: https://www.zzgaming.net Discord Server https://discord.gg/WENbTrh Server Info ZZGamings RP Season 2 Montressor Official Start Date: 5/20/2020 Official Start Time:12 Noon Est Time Zone Current Jobs Available Modders, Moderators, Admins, apply here https://zzgaming.net/application/
  10. Hello. Sorry, I don’t know where to write it. In a few months I plan to play Atlas. However, I have plans to create a rather interesting roleplay project on the PVP server. Not immediately, but over time I plan to gather a very large number of supporters, and create a guild that will give out all sorts of tasks for both its own guild and for third-party customers. Consequently, there will be an open Tavern available for different players. And we need a bulletin board on which we can place many different ads visible to everyone who passes by them. It will be extremely difficult. However, we will do our best. Please let us play in that way. For a more convenient implementation of this idea, we need a bulletin board on which you can place many flyers. On the sheets themselves, you can either write in different fonts, or draw something on the background.
  11. 4/22 Nightmare | PVP | New Content - PC only Join our new PVP private dedicated server which have been wipe the 22 april 2020 Nightmare is a PVP server with a bunch of modification for improving your gameplay and spend less time before having fun and combat! We are always trying to give you a server with performance, low ping and balanced PVP. Mods, boosted rates and weight, shop, kits and more. If you are looking for a real PVP server, with a good community, new content, balanced and with active admin, try it and you will love it! New Atlas Content: - Custom ship stats - New structure for protect your harbor (large wall and gates) - Rework of the cargo saddle, flame arrow, spike shot, glider, explosive barrel etc... - Adding a new economical system for earn gold - Trading (buy special seed, grow , process and transport for sell the processed ressource for earn gold) - We are adding a new quality blueprint system with a new ressource type you can buy from a NPC with gold. - Adding new tame - Special map with path! And many more things! Server configuration: - Aurora in all grids every 4 hours (double rates) - All PVE Content (Kraken, hydra, damned, ghost ship, etc...) - Settlement Gamemode with 4 hour combat phase - Rates X10, Gold X1, XP X4, Taming X4 - Full PVP - Boosted weight per level on tame and character -Own stats for balance the actual Ship battle Meta - Balanced stats for ship and blueprint - 16 Grid - All resources - Active admin and community - Dedicated server with low ping and good performance All information about our server configuration are available on our discord: https://discord.gg/swsvyPG Mods: Unlock All Powerstone CustomStackItem Editable Server UI (WBUI) Join the server with this link: steam://connect/ If you have any question, don't hesitate
  12. **GOG's International Atlas Servers (Dedicated Servers)** Introducing one of the largest Atlas gaming server offerings around. Battle US foes or travel to new grids and compete with Europen, Russian, Asian, UK and Australian/NZ based companies. steam://connect/ [https://discord.gg/FEDhAjR](https://discord.gg/FEDhAjR) [https://atlasserverlist.com/server/23253069](https://atlasserverlist.com/server/23253069) &#x200B, **Gaming Features Specific to our Servers:** * Custom plugins such as Lootboxes, Daily Rewards, Quests, Rankings, Kits and more coming as created by our in-house custom developer team * Temporary PVE zones for new players, * Kraken, Powerstones * Custom In-game Shop * Generous Points Reward System * Server Hosted Events for points, loot and cash such as GoG Battleships and Last Man Standing * Admin placed raidable bases loaded with OP booty! * Hunt the Admin Galleon Ship. Find it and raid it for more OP booty * Ghost and mercenary ships! * Custom NPC's and related XP levels * Custom BP creator and Ship maker * Boosted server rates to x25 farming/breeding * Boosted XP for players and ships * Custom ranking systems * OWN YOUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND OPTION (see admin for details) **CHECK Discord for all Atlas related RULES!** Come see why we are one the highest rated Atlas servers on most ranking sites and Reddit and only growing bigger by the day! ​ Hope to see you all soon!
  13. Hello, We have launched a 4x4 Atlas Server under the name of Sekohah's Revenge. Its Boosted, Insta Tame, Boosted Loot & Treasure, Quick Builds, Pvp Events, Prizes, Ship Battles, Cluster Increases In Size Literally at the end of each month Good Discord Server For all yer needs & Questions. Feel Free To Join Us at: https://discord.gg/qZnx8Kw - PvP x15 Insta Tame 4x4 - 55 Isles (More to come) - x15 Harvest - x5 Exp - No Clip Building - Instant Taming - x40 Egg hatch - x30 Mature - x2 Oxygen Swim Speed Stat - Max Level without discoveries 100 - x6 Gold and Fishing Rates - Increased Slots According to Player Activity Give it a go, Play Atlas Like Its Meant To Be Played
  14. Welcome to Valkyrie atlas were a Brand new server ready for pvp and pve! we have 5 PvP grids and 1 PvE grid join the discord for a free Starter pack!! discord.gg/AJ8SAxJ
  15. SERVER RATES: 2x Gold 2x Fishing Loot 2x Breeding 3x Experience 3x Harvesting 3x Taming Speed 4x Drop rate 5x Stamina 5x Fortitude 5x Intelligence 7x Health 7x Carry Weight 75x Baby Growth 125x Egg Hatch Speed OTHER INFO: 43 Grids - PLENTY of room for claiming and expanding Grid mix of PvE and PvP Max Player level 150 Max Ship level 52 All Boss islands Working Kraken Mermaids Trenches Treasure Maps SERVER RULES: 1. Be Respectful of other players. 2. Each company may claim two islands. One in PvE and one in PvP 3. More to be added on a needed basis. For full information, come check out our Discord and visit with the community! https://discord.gg/4TgejxR
  16. Come join the server and the discord also let them know Kirito sent you
  17. Greetings, I have a server crossplay and I wanted to see if it could be done that any existing "NPC" vendor not spwaneado can change the price of their items through Game .ini taking advantage of the topic, they know if the damage of weapons Thank you very much: D
  18. We're The Misfits. We've been running an Atlas server for over a year now. We recently switched gears and are now offering a pristine Blackwood server for your enjoyment. Most rates are at 12X. All rules and settings and info can be found in the #atlas-talk channel at https://DISCORD.IO/MISFITS Server is whitelisted. We take running servers seriously, so feel free to speak with myself or one of the admins if you need assistance. ABOUT US: The Misfits are a group of older gamers who have been playing together for over 5 years. We host several games for our members, community friends, and the public in general. RECRUITMENT: If you are 25+ YO and are tired of playing with children, then please contact us on our Discord. We would like to speak with you. Membership into the Misfits is a simple process and is explained in our recruitment channel on our Discord. Again, 25 is the BOTTOM age we accept into our group; however, everyone is invited to play on servers we host.
  19. Looking to buy or work some deal out for a peice of land for my small grp of friends. PM ME if interested
  20. Selling crabs for 3k each obo. Reply if you would like one.
  21. EU Official PVP Iam looking for decent journeyman Plank blueprint(135+ durability) and decent mythical Plank blueprint! Paying gold for it. Send me a message if are willing to trade.
  22. Looking for good mythical shipyard blue prints. Preferably 180% durability and better. Krakens grasp
  23. Official EU-PVP: Iam looking for good small mythical shipyard bp (200%) and decent medium planks (can be from journeyman up to mythical). Willing to pay gold or resources. Just msg me and we will sort everything out
  24. [EU/NL] The Golden Age, 3x all, 5x Taming/Breeding Small Companies, Decent Rates, No Wipes! Live Map:http://map.djwk.eu:8880/ Interactive map: https://djwk.eu/interactive-atlas-map-djwk-gaming-community/ Settings 5x4 Map with all resources and content PvP Settlements No wipes Combat Phase 4 Hours (less offline raiding) Settlement Upkeep: 0.2 Max company island points 100 Max Company Members 6 Full Questline Mods ATLAS Shipwright (v0.8) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882120047 Regenerating Ships https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1680540642 Market NPC's https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644646859 Main Rules No Grieving Don't be Toxic Be social Server Goal Our server is focused on smaller companies with a maximum of 6 players. We have an active admin team that is always ready for you to help you out. Our servers run on our own hardware and we have been active since the release of ATLAS and previously ARK. Website & Discord: https://djwk.eu/
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