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  1. Can we expect an update on the Dev Kit with this patch? Also can we get a confirmation that unofficial will not have to wipe?
  2. Our Atlas server, "Montressor" is a RP-PvP (role-play | player vs player) server featuring: 5x5 Cluster (25 Server Grids!) A variety of islands, temperaments and biomes. Hand selected mods to help extend quality of life, and RP environments. A large community of active players varying different timezone. Non-abusive and active staff. 5x rates on most things. We just started Season 2 so jump on now to get into the action and fun! For this weekend only, new players will receive a 2000 gold starting stimulus to help get right into the action. Check us out! Website: https://zzgaming.net Discord: https://discord.gg/WENbTrh
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