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  1. Hello Pathfinders and hopefully Grapeshot games Please make metal more common for a company sized about 1-8 metal is so difficult to get you either have to travel to every island looking for 2 nodes or mine regular rocks getting like 5 metal per rock this makes it very difficult to get cannons make ships and make stone bases ect the only companies that can succeed is the company's with over like 30 members cause of this Please share this to help this reach developers thanks
  2. Hello Pathfinders, and hopefully grape shot games, please read the entirety of my forum thanks! I think a rework of the PVP system would be really nice and bring a lot of new players in the trailer the PVP system seems a lot more polished and nice [MELEE COMBAT] a lot of the buttons should be rebind able first of all pressing CTRL and RMB or LMB is abit annoying id rather rebind it to ALT + RMB or LMB this would improve Melee combat a lot some other suggestions are to add directional attacks and to give the sword its own hit box rather than your cross hair having to be on the opponent this would add a sort of skill aspect to melee combat and since we have attacks and we have blocks there needs to be some kind of way to get around the blocks perhaps a Feint system sort of like a fake attack or something similar to this would need to be added, if this was done this would hugely improve melee combat make it a lot more interesting have a higher skill ceiling and be a lot more enjoyable perhaps even removing the lock on mode could happen as with this kind of PVP with sword hitboxes rather than cross-hair it would make the lock on almost unnecessary. [FIREARM COMBAT] this isn't really as much as an issue as melee combat but maybe removing the cross-hair and making gun sights more prevalent would be a nice change to the game I also think that guns should do more damage guns require a lot of points especially for the carbine and for it to do like a measly 70 damage sometimes even less with guns or so after missing is ridiculous especially considering the reload time I think the damage should be heavily buffed I don't think it should be a one shot or anything similar to that but I feel it should definetly reward good aim and at least put the opponent on a low health with good armour [ARMOUR] better armour should negate speed by a critical amount by rewarding with health more health slower player this balances very op armour while still making them viable don't want to get one shot with a gun better armour but don't want to be slow Mid tier armour want to be fast no armour the speed shouldn't be incredibly different but I feel mid tier armour should reduce base speed by about 20% and high tier armours reducing it by about 30-35% [NPC REWORK] the current NPC'S have a ridiculous amount of Health its about like 6 shots with even good guns to kill them this is ridiculous as if you mount an NPC on a swivel it makes it almost impossible to kill them this in term makes Melee PVP not viable as you do not get rewarded for boarding ships. On tamed creatures the cannon carts should be mountable by NPC's and only by players I believe the this is abit too op and is basically the Quetzal auto turret from Ark its unbalanced and almost unplayable against [SHIP/OCEAN PVP] I believe you have done a splendid job with ship PVP some of the best I've ever seen but I believe a little tweaking couldn't do no harm I think the structure on ships should be regulated a little bit more I think ship structures should be reduced this shouldn't effect deployables like Boxes , Storage's , Cannons , or other types of deployables only building items [In conclusion] I believe this sort of Melee rework could make the game an B Tier Melee combat and an A tier shooter gamer maybe even approaching the A tier slasher for examples of this type of PVP please take a look at Chivalry Medievel Warfare or the game Mordhau maybe even Last Oasis take some notes and do a more basic version of that I love ATLAS and am a long term ARK player with thousands of hours combined between the two games but in the games current state its just ARK on water the only problem is this game does not suit an ARK type of play style I have no other complaints with the game and think the game is actually really good and just needs some little improvements here and there and I believe the ATLAS team is doing the first steps of this by introducing a new Lead Designer and new community management as well as what seems to be monthly updates, good job Atlas so far keep on adding New weapons armours and other content. Thank you, everyone for reading my forum and listening to my opinion please share this with your Atlas friends and help this post reach the top of the Forums and help this get to the development team, and lets make some game breaking PVP improvements and please I implore you to write other PVP improvements the development team could consider please add your suggestions to my forum and link other forums that discuss good PVP improvements in the replies [ YOU CAN FIND AND MESSAGE ME ON MY DISCORD HERE CyroForel#0602 ]
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