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  1. Hello, We have launched a 4x4 Atlas Server under the name of Sekohah's Revenge. Its Boosted, Insta Tame, Boosted Loot & Treasure, Quick Builds, Pvp Events, Prizes, Ship Battles, Cluster Increases In Size Literally at the end of each month Good Discord Server For all yer needs & Questions. Feel Free To Join Us at: https://discord.gg/qZnx8Kw - PvP x15 Insta Tame 4x4 - 55 Isles (More to come) - x15 Harvest - x5 Exp - No Clip Building - Instant Taming - x40 Egg hatch - x30 Mature - x2 Oxygen Swim Speed Stat - Max Level without discoveries 100 - x6 Gold and Fishing Rates - Increased Slots According to Player Activity Give it a go, Play Atlas Like Its Meant To Be Played
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