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  1. steam://connect/ check out one of the most original and customized unofficial Atlas grids in existence! Battle US foes or travel to new grids and compete with Europen based companies.Here are some of our server features while noting you can find more detail in our Discord channel - https://discord.gg/nvkNshx- Multiple Dedicated Hi-End Servers with over 500gb of DDR4 3200ghz Ram- Custom plugins such as Lootboxes, Daily Rewards, Quests, Rankings, Kits and more.- Temporary PVE zones for new players, Kraken, Powerstones- Custom Ingame Shop-Strategic trenches and Kraken placement- Generous Points Reward System- Server Hosted Events for points, loot and cash such as GoG Battleships and Last Man Standing- Custom NPC's and related XP levels- Custom BP creator and Ship maker- Fiber line connections to ensure solid ping from wherever you connect from.- Own Your Own Island (inquire with admin)CHECK Discord for all Atlas related RULES!Come see why we are one the highest rated Atlas servers on most ranking sites and Reddit and only growing bigger by the day! We also have our PVE dedicated servers that we will be growing to an equivalent size. If you know any RP players who have a vision and ability to implement a solid RP theme, let us know! This could be a perfect opportunity for the right creative person to start something special.
  2. Hahahaha! So funny to see dopes like CaptTrips who get thrown out from servers on their tiny dicks for abuse of terms which include verbal abuse, threats and intimidation and verbal harassment only to subsequently make false claims like this one. Yeah, this server has the typical impacts all servers do with Atlas updates. Not their fault that idgits like this Trip moron who are likely pirating their internet from their Section 8 housing neighbors 250sq ft cardboard shack, complain about connectivity. lmao at this fool......But you should listen to his recommendation about trying it out for yourself. I'll be waiting for you to join our company or to hunt ya down Matey!!!! Good times awaiting you in there. Their admins are really cool and helpful too bcuz they take out the trash like CaptTrips.