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  1. You want to park your ships -- on land? The rest of us would just moor them at the dock Seriously speaking though, a fee for mooring ships at Freeports without them detoriating may be a nice idea.
  2. The 'plank' never existed in pirate history. It's another stupid Hollywood invention.
  3. The game certainly needs serious balancing. Generally, an attacker needs at least twice the men the defender has to overrun a fortification.
  4. That's true. Microsoft and Sony require certification before any software is released on their platforms, even patches.
  5. Yeah. My thought, too. If Sony isn't aboard now, then they won't come aboard until after full release - if at all.
  6. I'm not sure, but I would expect the range to be limited to somethinmg like the island you're on. So, I would be really surprised if friends could travel to a different grid than the host.
  7. Yeah, this is what I've been expecting the whole time. It isn't something to get upset about -- though people will of course anyway -- It's still beta and this is common practice. As development progresses, we could expect more wipes to happen before official launch.
  8. The submarine is already in the game, so why not have something like this as well.
  9. I could definitely see the addition of a carpenter position on the ship to make repairs at sea. And a surgeon position to help with healing during battles. A bosun would also have a place on the ship, fixing damaged rigging and everything that has to do with the scuba gear onboard.
  10. The main reason to expect a wipe is that it's custom to wipe and properly test new features when they get introduced. Early Access is just a type of beta test, really. However, since they have introduced the PTR (Public Test Realm) a specific platform for testing their ideas and patches before releasing to the live servers, there is no reason to do wipes - other than the reason to give players a level ground to start. I. e reset the game so that new players and old players all start over. But the failing numbers of active players is more than enough concern they'll want to cater to their present playerbase and not wipe. After all, there is no telling if the influx of new players with the console releae will make up for the players who would get upset by a wipe and quit - it's all about making the right risk calculations and there is no way of telling what is right and what is wrong in doing a wipe or not here. Only time will tell the outcome of this conundrum.
  11. Poor wording from my side. I believe Luxfere has the precise quote of the devs. It comes down to, as to this moment, there is no confirmation of whether or not there is going to be a wipe with the upcoming console update - yet. We'll be told in time, when they have news for us I'm sure.
  12. A wipe was expected by a lot of people with the upcoming introduction of console players to Atlas. But the devs have stated they see no reason to wipe the servers for this reason. That's the long and short of the matter really.
  13. Yeah. We should be able to send out crew to do the same - a way to automate the tedious and boring resource gathering.
  14. Yeah. I agree. It's really boring with the same islands just rotated around in the same grid. All islands should be unique - but that's just a dream. At least, no islands should be identical in the same or nearby grids.
  15. Yeah. I'd love if npc could use fishing rods and nets to catch fish to feed themselves and the ship / base. Would also love if they could go hunting ashore while armed with a musket.
  16. When the wild pirate encampments are finally introduced there's no reason why there could not be npc bosses in those camps.
  17. A hand grinder would be a step up from the mortar and pestle. And why not have a windmill as the ultimate industrial step up.
  18. Technichally, adding life to freeports isn't any different from adding wildlife or monster spawns in the world. In this case it's just adding spawnpoints for human npcs. Certainly something to add sometime in the future.
  19. Yeah. You should be able to pick up cannons, swivel guns and turrets - if you can carry the weight of them of course.
  20. I cannot be the only person who doesn't know this, so I will ask: When will the Livestream be and where can we access it? Edit: Never mind. I just saw the new Captain's Log on Steam - and got my answer.
  21. I've been using the grappling hook to salvage flotsam in my single player game. Lately, though, this has started (after latest patch) to turn my character 90 degrees sideways in 3rd person view. This is permanent until restarting the game. This is on the Ocean map, does not matter which region it seems. Has anyone else experience this?
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