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  1. sunk 2 this lolships by pulling rope of my grappling hook with Ghostship loot-box on tail. Ships health be 75% and 86%. and the more you pull, the more health decreases to full sink in moment when crack lootbox. hours spent about 120. best gaming ever
  2. 1) Maybe the Karma system like in Lineage2 will add in game some intresting? by default all player is white, but when attacked someone whithout karma he being pink, after kill - red and gain yourself karma points. The creators of the game said that they imitate EVE-online, but not a single police ship in the game. Karma will help them to make police and let them know who to attack 2) Parking ships in Freepotrs for gold when anchoring. about 500 per Galleon in 24 hour, 250 per Brigantinein 24 hour. And if the gold is not enough ship will be decay as usual. 3) create battle ship in middle Schooner and Brigantine. Crew 16, level progress like a Schooner, planks medium like a Schooner 5100 HP, but all row is longer +1 for 6 gunports on board + 12 small at the bottom for debuff ship and to make it taller. 3 deck, without lower, but add top to rear add-in like a tower. Weight is about 10000 or 11000. It should turn out to be narrow and high but fast, and hardy to carry guns and balls. wet dreams...
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