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  1. my suggestion is to add a repair dry dock that repairs all things on your ship if the materials are placed in it and remove the repair function on NPC crew. or just add so you can use the shipyards for that.
  2. As the Topic says, I want to make it possible to pick up npc´s with the Dingy and do so they can row. If this is not implemented i don't relay see any use for the Dingy if this is not done.
  3. Hi all. My Suggestion is that i do want Canons and large Canons(maybe the other weapon platforms as well) to be picked up and placed any time. or maybe only be able when its fully anchored. This idea came to me from how it was in the old times that Privateers and Pirates as wells the Navy re-equipped the ships for specific missions and the ships mostly had mixed cal. canons.
  4. I don't know if anyone have suggested it but Snapping points to buildings on shipyards so it becomes easier to make a harbor as one solid part.
  5. Hey, ive notes that its a pain and impossible to keep the vitamins up. when you try you mostly die because overeating. balancing is needed.
  6. @ Grapeshot Games What is the status on this Issue as it stops most of our building project?
  7. The same issue just happend to me now. nvm just got back in
  8. At the moment the lighthouse is about 16x16 foundation large and i would want it to be 50% smaller.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a suggestion to the game mechanics for the Dolphins, if others have some of their own suggestions do post them here. -When there is a player in the water and there is both sharks and dolphins around, if there is more dolphins then sharks the dolphins will start to defend the players in the water from the shark. would recommend a ratio of 3:1 dolphins. if this mechanic is possible. -If you are in the water and not too far from land and you meet a Dolphin that you maybe to get a lift to the closest chore OR get pulled away from land.
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