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  1. Jack Shandy

    Dumb Atlas Takes:

    Yup, just another platform for Peggy to rant at others.
  2. Jack Shandy

    The end game

    well if you are going to state 14K players and then show a graph that peeks at just over 7.5k players some explanation is warrented. Just don't understand the relationship is all.
  3. Jack Shandy

    The end game

    Not sure how your graph shows what you are stating. Seems to show an upsurge over the holidays around the 7.5k mark and a dicline since then with peaks at the weekends.
  4. Jack Shandy

    War on pve?

    You can't use private severs to argue that, as all the players know or want that system when they join, so only people happy with that set up play there. So there is no surprise it works for those playing there.
  5. Jack Shandy


    Taken straight from the dev's eh! and carries about as much weight nowadays as your rantings do. The game might aim to be about sailing, but there is a good deal more to accomplish on land with tames, and that is made easier with good bred ones, be that fighting or farming and for people to focus on that is just sensible, be that the dev's intent or not.
  6. Jack Shandy

    Treasure Map location variance

    Don't think thats right, i've been collecting maps at the same island regularly and a couple have not had maps in. a couple times I returned a bit soon so not many had respawned and even then I had ones with no map.
  7. It's called rubber banding, it used to be a symptom of a high server population, but you are right it has become worse lately even with only a couple people in the region.
  8. Jack Shandy

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    1. and yet the game plays worse now that back then, ships out of sync with the waves, worse lag than I used to get etc... 2. don't know who those people are but they or their team probably keep an eye on their servers or the tickets so contacting them direct is not needed. 3. some people treat them like shit, like you do other posters, most don't. I feel an expectation due to previous engagement, I don't mind a bit of ebb and flow but the complete lack these past few months felt like abandonment. Witchcraft, as believable as you always getting responded too, so maybe.
  9. Jack Shandy

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    10 months or 3 months of nothing for a game in development is bad, whoever you are. When there is so little attention on the game that players need to spam discord accounts just so they can get them to reset the region server that has been down for days. Greifers running riot because tickets are ignored, so regular players feel abandonded. The severe lack of community engagement that makes you wonder what the hell is going on. This is why they have lost my respect. Just look back at this forum 1 year ago, captains logs every couple weeks, community competitions, dozens of posts daily by GrapeShot emploees, there seemed a real zest for this game by all despite the growing pains of an EA title. Now?, What can I say? There is nothing.............
  10. Jack Shandy

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    At present, thats reserved for the unemployed.
  11. Jack Shandy


    The problem isn't the distance. It's those responsible for dealing with tickets inaction that gives credence to the asshats that cause other people grief.
  12. Jack Shandy

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    Getting out of bed prior to 6:30am is not someting i'm willing to do for a video game, leaving from 5:30pm to midnight (not enough for more than 1 imprint) at home. I can just about fit in an imprint over the weekend as I have a half day friday to start the breeding. But that means I have to plan to be at home for those times. (not easy for most weekends). If I could plan for imprints to take place between 8-10pm over a few days, that I could do as it fit mine and I suspect quite a lot of folks lifestyles.
  13. Jack Shandy

    keep getting kicked

    This thread might help, as you can see from the date this issue has been around for a while.
  14. Jack Shandy

    keep getting kicked

    had this same thing a few months ago, can't remember for sure but it was a specific sever (region) issue & battle eye rather than atlas problem. I remember logging in by selecting server, then selecting a freeport to log in on. once in, you could die and respawn back at one of your beds and that sorted the issue. Not sure if that fixed it or was a work around. memory is not 100% about this but worth a shot.
  15. Jack Shandy

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    I would be behind a longer but more considerate imprinting. Something like 3-5 24h imprint periods starting after baby stage would be meaningful yet doable, for me at least.