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  1. Jack Shandy

    20% tax is again reduced and not additonaly

    On lawless and unclaimed land, fair amount of that about at the moment, you will keep all the treasure.
  2. Jack Shandy

    20% tax is again reduced and not additonaly

    They never did change the tax on gold, only on resources gathered.
  3. Jack Shandy

    wipe is confirmed?

  4. Jack Shandy

    I enjoy playing atlas

    Still playing, still enjoying it. The storms may seem a bit silly in their implimentation, but when sailing though one I always go into first person mode and battle the storm from behind the wheel. Not being able to sometimes turn the ship as the seas are pushing against you, spouts dropping from the skies to be avoided, the waves getting so high they block your view ahead, that is a lot of fun and if you do it well its a good boost to your progress with the strong winds.
  5. Jack Shandy

    Follow distance lowest

    when a tame is relatively close to you when you tell it to follow, it will walk not run. and usualy won't clip right into you. So there is already a set distance between when it will run and walk. I wonder if they could change it so rather than "if" it is close enough it'll walk, to "when" it is close enough it'll walk?
  6. Jack Shandy

    Atlas and steam charts

    Island upkeep just one of the upkeeps you will have to maintain. Tames need food. Crew need food. Crew need paying. Island needs paying. (the only optional upkeep)
  7. Jack Shandy

    Goodbye ATLAS !!!

    Will a wipe bring back PC players? Everyone seems to think it will. So with a wipe the Xbox players won't just be competeing with the current play base, which people keep regailing with glee at being so low, but all the returning PC players that will grab all the islands first anyway. Seems to me a wipe might not be in thier best intrests.
  8. Jack Shandy

    steering wheel Bug

    There is a button to the left of your inventory that hides skins, you may have pressed that by mistake before you bought any skins.
  9. Jack Shandy

    Goodbye ATLAS !!!

    I doesn't, he just makes it up and spams wipe propaganda in every topic.
  10. Jack Shandy

    Great game, so little players.

    LoL, the hogwash is what you write, that article doesn't mention consoles at all just sales between windows and xbox. But yes those other platforms are consoles, not that has anything to do with the linked article.
  11. Jack Shandy

    Great game, so little players.

    A wipe for technical reasons is fine and I fully support and will be happy to start over if that happens again, and I expect it to at some point. A wipe because some person / group wants a wipe, I say "sod off". It's because there is a different emotional response to things that are accidental, un-forced or needed to proceed rather than deliberate or not needed. It doesn't matter that the outcome will be the same.
  12. Jack Shandy


    The News section on opening screen only says skins, cats & console. WPE also was never actually stated for anything but solo / private servers.
  13. Jack Shandy

    Answer to: New ATLAS Road Map

    Oh! I wish I could trust your words.
  14. Jack Shandy


    It isn't going to be a level field for more than a few minutes. At the last wipe we knew where we wanted to go, what mats and where to get them, even the route to take. It took us under an hour to have a bank and the flag down on our chosen island, and we were only a small group. Too small as it turns out, the company < island points at that time scuppered our well laid plans. Do you want a wipe because you believe you are entitled to it?
  15. Jack Shandy


    To my knowledge they have not said either way. They have said however that they have not decided if they will wipe or not, and that at least means a wipe is not needed. In the past they have said they would not wipe unless it was needed for technical reasons, but I don't trust them enough to rely on that. There is already a divide between console and PC players, they will perpetuate this with a wipe. And if there is a wipe, does any colsole player believe they can win a claim race with experienced PC players?