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  1. Jack Shandy

    Are the Devs actually here?

    That'd be no. The lead designer quit after wildcard pulled all his team to work on Ark Genesis. Play it for what it is if you like it, if you're expecting more move on, you're not likely to get anything more from this game.
  2. Jack Shandy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Yup, that's the major reason they've lost my trust.
  3. Jack Shandy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    i'm a slow player, and I've not finished it yet. I also know the majority of the bugs and how to avoid / get around them. And quite frankly I enjoy it for what it's is at the moment so I'll keep playing until I finish or get bored. Saying that I won't be touching anything this dev team does in the future, I've lost all trust in them. I can totally understand this Erik guy, getting brought in to sort out a game they have no idea in what direction to take it, then stripping his team to work on another game. That's just rude.
  4. Jack Shandy

    Grid not working right

    That sounds like the battleye problem. This won't hurt your game if it's not, but it's worth a try. Exit game. Find the battleye folder in the Atlas game files and delete it. Go to steam, right click Atlas, properties, game files. Verify game files, this takes a long time and will replace the files you deleted. Not finished yet.... Enter game. Kill yourself. At respawn screen set new home region (can be anywhere, doesn't matter). Respawn in that region. Kill yourself again. You can now respawn back where you are meant to be, and the problem should be fixed. Good Luck. A search and I found the method that worked for me.
  5. Jack Shandy

    Grid not working right

    Sounds like the battleye bug, do a search for solution, plenty of people have posted it.
  6. Jack Shandy

    Xbox one glitch

    Don't expect anything any time soon, the dev's arn't even working on this game anymore.
  7. Jack Shandy

    PVE Needs mixed PVP

    That or a "At war" status similar to an alliance, you can invite a company to be PVP and they can accept. but OP's suggestion of the PVP players get the best stuff is why most dont PVP.
  8. Check out the dev's twitter feeds, full on Ark Genesis mode. They also now have dual job titles, atlas & Ark. Some hopefuls expected them back after Genesis release, but I hear it's a buggy mess, go figure, so it may be some time.
  9. haven't you heard, there is no-one working on this game anymore.
  10. Jack Shandy

    Too much negativity

    That is true, but I'm not stopping, in hopes that the sheer quantity of negativity might have an impact. They might also want to point out that it effects their other products, for me at least, having been an avid Ark player before Atlas, I'm not going to touch anything new they produce (Genesis) until I can trust them as a company.
  11. Jack Shandy

    Too much negativity

    Then they ought to show those people higher up the chain these posts, and point out what grief they are causing. Think what your workplace would be like if your management told you to ignor 1 customer group in favor of another.
  12. Jack Shandy

    Army of the Damned on A.T.

    From context it'd be a region border, but what "AT" stands for I've no idea.
  13. Jack Shandy

    Shore Leave

    One of my own, over a year old now.
  14. Jack Shandy

    boat/waves not in sync

    Don't think so, as often you can actualy see that the ship movement is as if sailing on a rougher or calmer sea. When the ship flys or sinks, it is nearly always bolt upright, not swaying. i.e. calm water animation. You also get the ship pitching and swaying while you are on calm waters, i.e. rough seas animation.
  15. Jack Shandy

    Use Ark Equus taming feature for...

    That would be intuitive and sensible, unfortunately those traits don't exist here.