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  1. Jack Shandy

    The Danger Zone

    This is not strictly true. If you have a fast schooner, fully kitted with all crafting stations. A couple of tames, bear and horse for example. You can explore the world collecting DP's, leaving the boat out there when you need to log off. This way if you have only an hour or so to play you can teleport to this exploration ship, discover a grid or two and log off. It's my favourite thing to do when i have little time. of coarse if you play PVP that your own fault
  2. Something I was thinking about as I was sailing yesterday. Do shipwrecks despawn after a set time? as with the new labeling, some of the lower level ones might never get collected. and all we will get after some time is uncollected low level wrecks.
  3. Jack Shandy

    Map markers are not saved.

    Company wide map markers persist through re-logging, but you only get 4. Not a solution but something you can use until it's fixed.
  4. Jack Shandy

    Non-dedicated multiplayer LIMITED WHY?

    Not sure why 4 not 8, but the limited range is so that your PC only has to render the one area. On Ark they had the same, and there was a setting to lengthen the tether, If your PC was good enough this wasn't a problem. (I could run 3 people on almost infinate tether). I'm not sure what settings Atlas has or if you've a good PC, if it does and you do, hope this helps.
  5. Jack Shandy

    A modest proposal regarding the land claim system

    Yep, and there's the rub, from helpful landlords and conscientious tamers / treasure hunters, to spammers and make it and leave it idiots. How to have one and not the other? May be both of the above systems could work together: Everyone gets flags limited by company size, large enough to build good sized base. Island claim available same as it is now. build anywhere is still in, except it has a very short decay timer - guess 6h - except island owners where decay is tied to the island claim flag + a few days in case of mistakes. How's that sound?
  6. Jack Shandy

    A modest proposal regarding the land claim system

    Just to chuck something into the mix: On our island (we are tenants), all the rich resources of which there are many and a discovery point are all on tops of realy high mountains. These are all open and accessable due to many wide ramps and bridges making all of these rich resouces available not just for them but for everybody. It's not just our island others have access ramps to DP's and resources that are not close to bases. This is the beauty of the build anywhere mechanic. Also tempory taming pens, ramps to get to map locations, I want to be able to build anywhere on the fly, as an aid to conquering the game.
  7. Jack Shandy

    A modest proposal regarding the land claim system

    Yup, and ruin the point of any trade, traveling, the game.
  8. Jack Shandy

    A modest proposal regarding the land claim system

    The larger conpanies are not taking the large islands, not because of the cost but because multiple smaller islands have a greater range of recourses. You would first need to either, encorage them to claim larger islands or discorage them from claiming smaller islands.
  9. Jack Shandy

    255 PING

    Had someone in global chat the other day complaining of 255 ping all the time, we were just passing through that server but only had 50 ping each. Might not be related, but it seems only some people experience this, even in the same server.
  10. Jack Shandy

    What happened to the player Market?

    They should sort out a system to get feedback from people who do play the game. Oh! Wait. Never mind, that doesn't work.
  11. Jack Shandy

    The Danger Zone

    On another AE game those devs said that performance changes with each new thing added to the game, so doing improvements at every stage took time and could be made redundant by later additions. so they didn't realy worry about performance until they were happy with content and then they made huge performance increases. Is Atlas the same? I don't know, but due to past experience i'll be patient with performance for now,
  12. Jack Shandy

    The Danger Zone

    I know the arguments about MMO definition, but in general we know the common thoughts when something is called an MMO. Atlas could do with some of these elements, rather than just a masive "Ark" like game with boats.
  13. The resource increase does not need to limit travel, if you have the largest of the islands have all resources common to that biome. That's going to be at least 2 of each type, add to that all creatures, herb's and vegies and you have a rich island that only negates island hopping or near server travel.
  14. Thanks Jat, like other have said, actualy more thank you posts i've never seen. Pillar / foundation spam is a problem, and I would love to see a solution, I believe it's going to be a complicated solution, and as you can see people give feedback when they see a problem. I'm just sorry I can't suggest an easy solution. I'd also like to thank Martyn, wether intentional or not, posts like that below clearly showing a willingness to seriously negatively impact other players on PVE. You showed the dev's what people could do with that system.
  15. So you decide to buy that hypothetical island, Why? You did not say it was full of spam, just active PVE players doing PVE things. And you want to destroy all their buildings, wipe out all their gathered resources, that Martyn is a PVP attitude, and does not belong on a PVE server. A PVE server should have rules and mechanisms to keep things in check, not bull-headed players that like to see other peoples stuff go pop.