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  1. Hi, sorry now I have some problems with my pc that no longer allows me to run ATLAS in good graphic conditions
  2. Yes much more pleasant and pleasant not to feel alone
  3. Oui, sur l'écran suivant (avec les mods pour les boîtes / tonneaux), je ne pouvais faire que le pont supérieur Besides, he has very badly finished
  4. The galleon is so big There is a limit of 600 structures if I'm not mistaken, to see how to fill such a shipwith not a lot of location. I'll see how it could do that
  5. Hello, while waiting for the return of our little Show N Tell I will post some screenshots of my adventure on Atlas! I have said that I take a great pleasure to make them on those games with beautiful graphics and almost infinite positivity Screenshot (Buildings) Screenshot (Player) Screenshot (Ship) Screenshot (Environment)
  6. And you want the image to be better in the game ?
  7. What do you mean ? the original sails?
  8. I thank you ! even if some pixel are capricious perfume rendering remains suitable for me;)
  9. The complete collection of the different sails of Sea Of Thieves is not finished I will post the rest as and I will advance. It may be that some sails are not exactly the same color code as those of Sea Of Thieves because I did not find their original skins on the internet if you have it I'll be glad to have it in MP . You have just clicked on download of .PNTSorry for bad translation Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download
  10. Ahah all good ship has an end!
  11. The first time I saw the trailer I was immediately thrilled to enter the game to see it is beautiful Freeport full of life, animation and players! Unfortunately I could not find that in game apart from the Freeport completely turn into a ghost town! only two three Png persist ... Would it be possible to animate the existing Freeport? without increasing the structures that are already quite beautiful, just add some Png with dialogue animations between them certain could make trips and move from point to point to a B and make a loop on the term, I do not not sure if anything is planned for and I understand that a lot of problems need to be fixed before but the freeport also empty makes me want to commit suicide! to give life even artificial so that it is not the impression to arrive at the real ports and not only to buy pirate proues or underpants, that one does not have the impression to arrive on animated docks so that you can admire the powers of ATLAS! Sorry for bad translation ( French )
  12. My paintings work perfectly on BlackWood (Solo) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings
  13. That's it, the positioning is not yet at the top, on the other hand the fact to equip a can ships makes immediately the rendering better, only small problems, the display distance that can not display the fort (right) and the dwellings after the beach Small off topic: The two new arrived and under construction. - The Black Pearl - The Flying Dutchman
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