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  1. I have not seen any Armor stacking "yet".. waiting once again for someone else to show video proof of it happening again. i've been called an armor stacking cheater by bobs who don't know about Alcohol & pudding buffs... or Shield Blocking Swivel/Puckels. Simple game mechanics veteran players know... but new players do not.
  2. you can also Snap enemy subs to your dingy dock even though you don't own it.. gotta love that one!
  3. They claimed to have fixed the Armor Stacking. haven't seen it or heard of anyone who has come across it since that patch.
  4. Check out Single Player.. go to a Pirate Camp.. pvp the pirate camp. None of the PVP meta stun/lock BS even works. NPC Pirates have like 600+ HP.. so it takes a lot to kill them. some wear Plate Armor so they take reduce damage. Shield stun lasts like maybe a second.. or half a second.. and NPCs typically dodge out of stuns.. Lilke nothing hard locks them in place like it does in PVP. If the NPCs were not so brain dead & easily out played... i would say Single Player Pirate Camp is better than actual PVP Official. What ever they coded for those NPCs and the weapons.. t hey need to just copy paste it over to Official PVP
  5. Last season devs plainly said "If you don't want your defenses to shoot a target during peace.. then get creative with how to turn them off & on" Its not exploit it isn't against TOS. Submarine in the harbor.. isn't against TOS.. but it is probably the hardest to counter as a defender. They need to get more creative with anti-submarine options..
  6. Barrels take a few seconds before they detonate after leaving the cannon/catapult & landing. Swivel horses are still relevant as ground is still best way to rush a Barrel/Cannon tame & bop it. Even Crabs are still useful just have to move immediately when you hear that ticking sound. Server Lag is a big issue for massive PVP.. when it gets to 255+... that is when barrels break.. Some detonate instantly.. many just sit there ticking for ever.. some can be shot with a gun to stop it... most people stay away from the dud shots as they fear it might blow up when they get close like a proximity mine. Barrel changes are 100% dumb. Extra Weight, Removing them from Cannons & removing bonus damage from boats & BPs.. would be my suggestion.
  7. Jat/Dollie someone in the team admitted in S2.. it was a mistake/bug and they didn't know how to fix it at the time.. so the only solution the could come up with at the time was to hard cap it at 125. that way you could never reach that 136% (out run speed sails.) Handles just have to many options & variations.. it makes them the end all be all. More diversity and options for both or all sail types would make them all more useful. Even mixing your sails is considered a no-no in a Mega PVP mindset. you run 100% handle or 100% speed. but if you can get 120+% handles you run that. Heck maybe give Speed Sails an Acceleration option could be a nice additional stat. (no top speed.). But overall i think if each BP had a hard stop for a Minimum stat... we would see more people being able to collect half way decent items and not having to spend countless hours farming BPs..
  8. Sails right off the bat. Since S1 or S2.. for PVP.. we discovered and pointed out to early Devs/CM that the Handle Sails Stat (Acceleration) also granted (Top Speed.) This has made the Handle sail the most important item in the game to go after. Many people level boats with Speed sails to run away from anything that has 120% or higher. Devs nurfed the Acceleration cap to 125%.. anything beyond that doesn't even do anything. Because in S2.. we saw that boats with 136% sails could out run Speed Sails. I would like the new Devs & CM to re-review this issue & remove the (Top Speed) hidden buff from Handle sails altogether. And add an additional stat to the Speed Sail. The Speed Sail only has 2 options to roll. 1.Rotation Speed & 2. Durability. Handle Sails has. 1. Effective Angle, 2. Acceleration, 3. (hidden Top Speed), & 4. Durability. Blue Print issues: There needs to be a Minimum and Maximum Cap on all BPs stats. for all of their options. Instead of a Mythical Cannon BP being able to roll 100-300% damage... it should be something like 200-300%. this should go for ALL BPs.. it adds excessive annoying grinding to the game. As you have to constantly popcorn BS BPs that have some of the dumbest stats. You should feel rewarded when you find those rare Masterwork, Legendary & Mythical BPs... not disappointed.
  9. my pet pevees. 1. i manage to put the medkit into ADS mode.. it forces you to hold your arms up in the air like a idiot and RP Walk.. unable to use self heal at all. only can Savior. Only fix i found so far.. is to pull out a carbine & do ADS a few times.. and somehow that resets it. 2. Another one is the Grapple hook will sometimes just will charge up for about 1.5-2 seconds then reset.. only fix i found is to die or re-zone (ie bed hop.).. 3. being in mid fight fighting someone in combat stance.. mouse scroll inward to do a jab or slam.. and the game puts me into 1st person mode.. sometimes it could be on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th jab of a pike that it decides yoo lets go 1st person! 4. getting glitched/meshed into animals and unable to fight back or exit. Spiders are the worst.
  10. I ran around in circles for 20+ minutes no idea how much longer i need to run around in circles to get the imprint off. is this a normal mechanic to waste 20+ minutes of my life running around in circles with a baby animal behind me? NO progress bar to know if i need to run 100m or 500m or 60 stupid ass laps around an island? (@*&^()@*$&^)(*@&^@ seriously who designed this aspect?
  11. An idea to purchase a token to wipe out all island owner structures from an island. Something that could be purchased from Freeport vendor for any price.. perhaps 10,000 gold for all i care. Having moved onto an island that was once owned by a mega. Raided by another mega then declaimed for free grabs. the structures have like an 8+ day timer to demolish.. and to demolish the thousands upon thousands of foundations will take HOURS if not days to manually do. Especially for small/medium size groups.. There needs to be a quicker way to just quick wipe the island and start fresh & clean.
  12. I guess what i am trying to say is.. If a server has 4-6 Island.. Then why can't a single Alliance Group have 6 members. This way a Server can have its own alliance.. Smaller groups would own a single island.. not multiples.. Typically Megas will own more than 1 island on the same grid. but not always.. so the 4 member limits per group technically benefits the Mega more than the Small companies. 6 islands max per server = 6 members per Alliance Group. This way a single server can actually setup 1 server alliance.. instead of creating 2x Alliances to communicate to all the islands.
  13. Yeah a few friends are sailing around trying to actually accomplish all discoveries in a server when visiting for like maps & such. they started complaining about finding the smaller discoveries on islands being very difficult as the spy glass doesn't actually make out which island has the specific discovery.. and some of the discovery bubbles are so tiny that you have to stumble across them by accident.. nearly impossible to spot through forests. Some of the new polar islands have TONS of sunken ships all over them.. but yet maybe just 1 of them on the whole thing is a discovery. or none at all. But the next island over has only 1 identical looking sunken ship and it is a discovery point.
  14. i thought their temporary? fix was shorter range on the cannons when used in this manner? which i figured was the reason so many people stopped doing it for so long.
  15. Alliance limits should be increased to 5-6.. per.. don't care if its only 2 groups allowed. Reason i say this is some of the server grids have 5-6 islands.. it would beneficial for a grid to form their own alliance if all 5-6 islands are different companies?
  16. My Desktop since PTR Started and even now that it is a live patch. The keyboard settings are always reset back to Default after leaving the game. I've uninstalled the game, deleted all Atlas related files/folders that i knew of. And reinstalled the game.. yet the damn keyboard settings keep getting reset. My two laptops do not do this. so it is something unique to the Desktop. Where would the keyboard config files be? perhaps i have a folder set to Read Only? Just need to know where it is to resolve this.
  17. The patch that changed the gold values of the whales may have bit off more than what was listed. Gold from whales reduced only by 17,5%, not 35% Mean whale was giving 1,700-2,200 before changes. Getting a flat 1,100 give or take change. Monstrous Whale was giving 1,200-1,600 before changes.. Getting a flat 700 give or take change. we noticed all of the whales are level 1 now.. and not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ect. which could explain why the flat rate we are seeing. 1,700 ~ 35% = 1,105 1,200 ~ 35% = 780 | So clearly we did not go back to a 17.5% as stated.
  18. I've noticed a few issues with the claims. 1. There are a TON of small companies.. None of which want to do mergers but all want to be in alliances. 2. Tiny/Small islands seem to be perfect for those small companies! But.. they are also probably the fat-est loot in the game. The amount of raw resources at your disposal is nuts. So every Major Company who knows this should/have gobbled these up.. A lot of the bigger islands are just huge expensive useless islands. 3. Gold upkeep of islands seems pretty high for small/medium companies to keep up with. a lot goes into just keeping your island paid for. I've noticed a lot of small/medium size companies don't have any AI Defenses.. I don't think they can afford it..
  19. I made the same post day 1. I had access to 3 different OILs.. and none of them worked. Blubber, Fish & Naptha Mineral Oil is stated.. i've seen Mineral Oil on Tropical i think B7? on a beach.
  20. Agree. My biggest complaint was how freaking loud it was.. pretty sure they increased or added extra ship squeaking sounds during snow storm... which is like a fork on a plate for me....
  21. Here is my concern.. If you gave a 'small company' permission to build on the island.. and probably mark them as a Neutral Ally so you don't go shooting red names every-time you see them. What is the protection the island owner has against said company if the decided to drop the Neutral Alliance and attack the owner? your weakest point could be them.. They can build up on the island.. watch your company.. monitor your company's activities... and wait for the key moment to strike at your weakest time. "i know today is wed. & every wed they only have 1 guy online during the final 3 hours of the Combat window. He's been talking about going and taming a Rhino 3 servers away. Their weak points on that tower is here.. we have the stuff we can hammer them and if we do it fast enough by the time he gets the warning we are already in!"
  22. We got into a ship fight on our server and managed to pull 3-4 groups into one spot on the map.. Got into a 3v1 ship battle.. chased the weaker of the 3 ships who decided it would be a good idea to go wrangle up 3-4 packs of SotD into one spot as we did circles and passes in & out of the massive pack of SotD.. They ended up running away after taking loads of hits from the SotD. that SotD became the talk of our servers Global chat as people came & gone from the server. "WTF is up with these 20 SotD in one spot?" so with that i suspect some of the bigger packs may be caused by players leashing the packs from their spawn location. Go check out polar... sail between a pack to your left & right all orange/red... find another pack in front of you.. and a Mean Whale giving chase from behind. "F* it! boyz we going straight through! Get those hammers ready!"
  23. I hope this all has something to do with the Anarchy patch.. Cause this is feeling a lot like LAWLESS. Even outside of the Combat phase.. visitors are able to come onto an island just build up anywhere... Personally don't mind visitors but the fear of an Enemy building and FoB in preparation of an attack during your 9 hour window sucks..
  24. If left on Neutral & Attack Target. Your animals will jump off the ship and attack SotD. Did not have this issue on Live. Crew.. if your not using them put them in chairs? may have to also put them on passive if not manning a cannon/ect.
  25. Liquid Flame requires Mineral Oil instead of just Oils in general? Would not accept Blubber or Fish Oil.... Is this a bug?
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