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  1. Now that the empires server is no more, will we see an increase in alliance limit on colonies? We have several splintered alliances at the moment due to the alliance cap and would be nice to get them all in the same one
  2. I have done the Kraken 3 times already and now your going to wipe the progress and put something extra for doing it, FeelsBadMan
  3. More PvE content (quests) that have a sensible number of managed engagements that give a nice backstory to the atlas world. I love the storybooks u get with powerstones as they are really interesting but getting them is boring and tedious due to the naked running to get them.
  4. Just set it at 10% for everything, this is what I tell all PvE players. In the end no one will care what your tax rate is but I make a personal note of all companies with 25% and over and ban them from server events I run.
  5. Gold is far from useless if you plan on making higher quality items. The amount of time saved by just buying the resources from freeport is massive
  6. Mods lock this thread. It is entirely pointless
  7. Hopefully this will be fixed by the intro of player mods that can come and deal with these situations, forcing black beards to open their gates or if they refuse destroy them. The suggestion is bouncing around with Dollie and Jat so hopefully it will come to fruition
  8. Ive been getting this aswell, though only seems to be with fine quality+
  9. If there is hydras on 07 please give coordinates so we can confirm and this can be sorted
  10. Been travelling around doing powerstones this week but this has been very hard due to a bug with hydras respawning. On the above tiles there are no hydras, I have checked every inch of the island for hours and nothing there. Either someone is killing them straight away (no one else on the sever so dont think this is possible) or the respawn timer is bugged which is much more likely. Can we get someone to sort this out as Im getting frustrated about wasting hours farming bolts, sailing there, searching for hours and not finding anything
  11. Making posts like this does nothing, they already know about both issues and are working on them. The tame issue is obviously a complex issue as it was picked up 2 weeks ago and tried to be fixed. Obviously they didnt succeed but they are trying. They already working on the NPC issue and if u were on the discord u would see. They say it should be fixed today. Anyway that aside you are playing an EA game. Bugs will happen, you will lose stuff to BS, you have to be prepared for this when you play EA, i remember buying dayz at release and how bad that was. Grapeshot only have a small team and are working pretty hard to push the amount of updates they are. Just be patience, accept ur losses and move on
  12. Looking good guys! Any more news on the daily quests and the 8 new overall quests that were mentioned in last captains log, as a pver this is what im most excited about
  13. Do AIs repair floors/walls of structures that are built on boats or just planks and sails? I tend to find they don't repair the structures only the boat and as such I prefer taking a damage to planks than structures as having to go round and find every damaged wall/floor is annoying. I may be wrong however
  14. Just killed the drake on the island with no problems with server. Didnt go near ruins though but server seems to be ok now. Thanks for looking into this
  15. From what ive heard it may be when someone is around the ruins area it lags the whole server. This was occurring for me with only about 6 people on the server. I haven't checked in about 4 hours so I will update when I log in again.
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