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  1. unfortunatly it is still possible just not as effectively. there are still so many issues that exist I can't begin to list them all. You can throw grenades from a sub by clipping yourself into it. Cats can't be whistle follow 1'd things like server restarts to keep stuff like invisible subs from existing don't seem to happen frequently enough. its not a big deal to turn the server off for 5 minutes just to clear clutter and keep the game running well. I wouldn't mind at minimum weekly restarts I could go on but i'm much more likely just to play something else in the near future (new world beta in 5 days!!!)
  2. 1. Explosive barrels in cannons/catapults was literally the dumbest thing the devs could have implemented. I get that they are "new" devs but this was done in season 1 and no one liked it. 2. Exploits from season 1 still exist. i.e. the sail glitch where you press "W" and "Spacebar" at the same time while turning you can fully open your sails while stationary. Allowing for a galleon to turn on a dime and launch at full speed. 3. the population is declining due to these issues. I for one have no desire to leave freeport. theres no reason to own an island when it can be leveled by a catapult or cannon horse in a matter of minutes. 4. Toxic behavior is actually rewarded. when a company duplicates items such as blueprints or explosive barrels they should be removed from the game. It is fully within the devs capability to wipe an island. not join a company and kick its members leaving the duped items to their allies or alternate companies. 5. Testing just doesn't happen. Explosive barrels were allowed to be fired from catapults at an insane rate for 2-3 days before they were fixed when it would have taken not even 5 minutes in single player to test the fire rate of catapults but it was patched in anyways leading to several companies losing most if not everything they had. I really used to like Atlas and during the pandemic I've had more time to play it only to realize that it is yet another dying game. Please don't let Atlas die. So much potential wasted due to repeating history
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