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  1. Hey guys, just a quick question in regards to CoC on the Official PvP servers. There's a lot of speculation between companies than once you island goes into peace time it's against the TOS to grief a island & I'd honestly like some confirmation on this matter. Because I see nothing in the TOS or COC about not being able to mess with your enemies during their peace timer, just because you can't kill them doesn't mean you still can't cause damage & be generally annoying for them. So for some examples: Turning of their farms / pop corning Pop corning their unlocked boxes/ smithies Draining their towers while they're on aggressive with either a player, ship or submarine Building random crap all around their island The list can go on but those are the more generic ones, is their a grey area of things you can & can't do during a peace time in relation to the rules, if so where is it stated ?
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