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  1. max for a wild tame is 30 plus 2 x wild level (up to a maximum of 30). so for any wild tame over level 15 the actual maximum is wild level + 60. The wild level refereed to here is the wild level shown in the animals inventory menu, not its wild level before tame.
  2. This is an ongoing problem, but nice to see the ones in the trench's are actually there and can possibly be looted. Could these spawn 500 units above the bottom and then sink till any collision is detected and then stop ? may not fix every case but would get the vast majority. Also wasn't the sub supposed to be able to harvest these directly ?
  3. I have one other suggestion that I had to do when my compass vanished. Create a player on another server, for example EU PVE, and get it to level 2, die there and respawn. Then go back and rejoin NA PVE, do NOT create a new character on NA PVE or it will delete your existing one - when you go back it will ask to pick a starting grid, it doesn't matter what one you pick it will put you back to where it thinks you are.
  4. kill yourself - stand there punching a rock if you can or air otherwise. it will take a while, don't stop to recover stam that will just make it longer. that bug is not xbox specific, or at least its happened to me on pc and that was the solution at the time.
  5. So we got a 60 gally yesterday and it dropped a legendary 154 durability medium plank and journeyman something from a 19.1 quality box..... This is pretty much what we would have gotten pre-wipe. Can we please have a statement if the loot has actually been improved from gally's or not because its not looking like anything has changed. This was killed in D12 in the afternoon PST time. PS. this was VERY disappointing.
  6. Structure, Tame, and Ship Limit Changes With the launch of the new network, we will be revising the following limits: ship, structure, and tame limits in order to provide players with the optimal experience. The new values are as follows: Maximum amount of structures in a 10k unit radius: 7875 Maximum amount of tames per gridregion: 300 (NOTE: Crew on stations no longer count towards the tame limit) Maximum amount of anchored ships per company per gridregion: 40 Maximum amount of unanchored ships per company per gridregion: 20 @zottel I don't see ANY reference to per company in either the structure or tames limits there, do you ? while they ARE explicitly mentioned for ships. That means they are NOT per company limits, it means they ARE global limits. If you dont know how the structure limits work please dont spread this nonsense,like no one can build in the Grid or on an island anymore because thats just not true. Prove it. What your saying is bullshit. If I drive my gally in front of your cathedral its gonna lose a bunch of pieces ? I never said someone could not build in the grid, show me where I said that. The changes, as stated, are saying EXACTLY what I'm saying and "testing" by Evza or Vodoo means exactly nothing OR the stated changes are not correct / complete. You VERY CAREFULLY sidestep and don't address the change in the building radius. They HALVED the "single" structure limit and increased the radius measurement used to determine whats included in a "single" structure by an order of magnitude. To all intents and purposes a company can have a single base on an island now, and that's best case scenario - as stated there can only be ONE base on an island. Stop being a fanboi and address the stated issues. Also lets have a clear statement on how large a foundation is, is that 1x1 units ? 10x10 units ? 5x5 units ?.
  7. This is totally wrong. 1) They said a RADIUS of 10k units, the radius was LESS THAN 1k units before - I know this for a fact because I built a Tortuga breeding base beside our elephant breeding base and both of them were well over 10k structures EACH. The Tortuga base was perhaps 300 units away, and that's being generous. 2) All but the largest islands are LESS THAN 10k units in any direction and the largest ones will allow for perhaps 4 big base's if and ONLY if they are strategically placed. The new griefing meta will be just spam down useless structures in the middle of an island till you hit the limit. It won't even matter if you own the island or not because once the 8k structures are down the island is done and useless to everyone. 3) The ships have never counted to the limit....... /facepalm 4) Its ALWAYS been the tames that cause the real lag, and changing the tame limit per grid is just going to be griefing meta #2, breed a bunch of monkey's or chicken's and now not only is the island useless but the ENTIRE GRID is useless. The dev's clearly ran into the huge problem of the platform (XBOX) simply could not handle the load so their "solution" was to put in these limits - effectively killing the game. I can't believe no one else has figured this out, its plain as day. Say goodbye to your beautiful bases - they simply won't be possible anymore under any circumstances even if you get there first. So that's the builders out. Lets see whats left. 300 tame limit per grid..... well there goes the breeders, see griefing meta #2. So tell us, cause the DEVIL is ALWAYS in the details, what happens when a ship sails into a grid that's at tame limit ? do the tames on the ship just disappear ? what happens when a pregnant tame gives birth on a grid that's at the limit ? does it just not get born ? Then spin up a single PVP server, so all the PVE's that want to play will have to roll there and become farmers "content" for the PVP offline "raiders". 9 hours a day raid offline window...... nothing more needs be said. I, personally, don't think everyone at grapeshit is this stupid....... this goes to intent. 3k hours in the game and done all the content. Its sad really - they had a great idea because almost 60k people bought into it but hard decisions had to be made so they made the totally wrong ones. Was so looking forward to cats.
  8. I like the map chain idea too but not so much if its going to send you to different grids. There is a good fantasy in digging up the treasure and inside the box is another map but as a practical matter lets keep it to the same grid. Its all very well for it to send you all over the place if you are only doing one map, its something else entirely if you have 20+ your trying to do.
  9. I think you will both need to make companies and then merge. Your current possessions should automatically come with you into the company you make but I have not been in that situation so I don't know for sure.
  10. A good way to find them is climbing up high rocks and gliding around - yes you will losing climbing picks and gliders but it gives the best view of the ground. Also look up, a couple times we have found them either on top of or near the top of tall rocks. I don't even want to know how they got up there but it wasn't by accident that's for sure. Another thing to mention is the official playatlas discord, they do have people monitor the channels there especially the bug reports channel - if you do a big search and can't find it report it in that channel and there is a good chance it will be checked on there and then.
  11. I'm just wondering why all the new islands were added either equatorial (already kinda full) and polar/tundra (lots of unclaimed already) rather than temperate. It just seems to me that having more islands in a more habitable area would be better - any info on why those regions have been picked ?
  12. I don't know how hard this would be to implement on the website but could we please have a "blacklist" type filter for forum post's ? This would let us add keyword's or names into a private list that then filters that content out so we just don't see it. Perhaps this is already possible and I just don't know about it - if that's the case please share how to enable it. If anyone knows of something like a browser add on that could do same I would really like to hear about it.
  13. Link this other post about ship speeds, its wrong or your leaving something relevant out. Each crate has a capacity of 8000kg that reduces the ship top speed by a fixed 6.7% (40/6) and a variable weight contribution up to 1600kg for a maximum weight crate. If you have 6 full crates that's 6x8000=48000kg of stuff you are carrying for a weight effect of 6x1600=9600kg. 10000kg (the original 30% weight) + 9600kg=19600kg or a little under 60% weight, not 75% in your example so your already going significantly faster. That's point one, point two is your 75% is actually only moving 75% of 30000kg = 22500-10000kg base weight = 12500kg moved while the crate solution moved a full 48000kg. @Simonsays095 wrote some really good guides on this, start with this one and then have a read on the others.
  14. Awesome work and well written. A couple of questions tho, Is it ever better to add a weight sail rather than a cargo rack. We know the speed parameter doesn't work on speed sails but what about all the other bonus parameters.
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