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  1. PoE

    Patch V519.5

    I just tested the "new gliders". All we get to do is skim on the ground. They are basically out of the game now. I have one thing to say about it. Screw you developers. Seriously, go fork yourselves with your stupid new bear hats. You just removed the only fun thing in this game. Shame on you.
  2. PoE


    You could tell from the beginning that they did not want hundreds of animals standing around, so they made it snarky hard (compared to Ark). Now the Ark devs finally came up with the cryopod, but that could not work for Atlas for obvious reasons. So it looks like they are eliminating the necessity of having a tame such as elephants, giraffes and rhinos by having the resources gathered automatically. The idea in theory works for their purpose, but looks like they did not think it thru. Some people LIKE the taming aspect of the game. Some people like selling and breeding superior tames. Having these buildings also does not negate the necessity of tames when travelling to other islands for resources necessary for higher craft items. They also made the buildings ironic. They best serve the little tribes or solo players, yet they cannot place them. But at least all of these things are optional. Place or don't place. tame or not. Choices and that is ok. What is heartbreaking? Losing count of the wipes. The last one was particularly painful. I had reached perfection with my tame, my clothes, my weapons, a fantastic functioning base, my ship. Finally was excited to go to the next level. I was crossing off grids with discovery zones. It was awesome. Mountain climbing, getting back to the ship without getting killed. Sailing in a ship that could take out a red. Finally was having fun reaching the upper levels..... then it was over. Back down to scratching in the dirt for water. I'm not a cry baby. I went thru hell and back with Ark. I expect this kind of thing more or less before a game is released properly. But this game takes it to a whole new level. They make the game that cannot be conquered unless you bed spam, or cheat or skip all the immersion quickly before the next wipe comes along. Unending foreplay is not fun, we never get to finish. We appear to be playing the ultimate game of Etch.A.Sketch.
  3. Well, bumpty bump. When will be getting our clothes back? Thanks.
  4. Here is the path for your local files: (whatever drive your games are saved in):\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedAtlasLocal Hope that helps. Unfortunately, there is usually an automatic overwrite, so you would need to get in the habit of saving a copy everytime you leave the game in a separate place or you could set up an autosave to that secondary location. If it is too late, you looked to have the ability to use admin cheat codes, so you can easily recreate for the most part, what you lost. Good luck
  5. PoE

    Help me !

    As an update: I tracked down the previous owner of the bear. I negotiated a fair price for the bear and he removed the cargo from the cart and now we are both happy.
  6. When will be getting our paid for skins/abstracts back for our clothing?? I look like a peasant
  7. Whelp, guess you should have stayed up all night, had a strategy, executed the plan and claimed your own island when the instant the game came back online after the 2nd wipe. It is really none of your business how island owners run their bases. AND there are plenty of unclaimed islands available. So what are you complaining about again?
  8. Try placing your flag in the new place and see what it says. If it cannot be done, then you would have to destroy the old one and place your new one where you want. Note that you are "unclaiming the island" so make sure all structures that need removing are gone first. Make sure the new flag settings are the way you want them also before placing it. Those setting are on a tab next to Company Governance. There is a 1 hour countdown for the claim to be reinstated. I would also double-check to make sure all this is accurate. Good luck. EDIT: I see this is a month old. I assume you have resolved your issue.
  9. This messed-up grill issue has been a thing for a loooong time. Must be 3000 down the list of things to fix.
  10. Folks, take this warning SERIOUS: Same thing just happened to us. It took 4 people to get it out. DO NOT ENTER B1 If you do by mistake, get someone to drive the ship out of the grid ASAP. If you cannot log back in, let them kill you and you rejoin via the second button down, the regular join Atlas. Then pick a Freeport or something and it will say you were killed. Then pick one of your beds to rejoin. Hope they fix this Bermuda Triangle of a grid. Oh and last words, watch that you don't overload your ship with folks to get it out. Kill the crew if you must. Remember, you have less than 4 minutes to get it out of the gird. Good luck.
  11. When toggling cosmetics, they are not there. The compass is, but none of the skins/cosmetics/abstract items are visible to apply to clothing items. I noticed this weeks ago. Tried to purchase new, but was unable.
  12. Are you not able to retrieve a saved copy from the last save from the day before?
  13. Well, time ticks on and we again must spend all our online time rooting out the head lice that are lazy bed spammers. I removed one yesterday and had to log off right after. They came back and built another one ...... that one I missed because you know, you have to sleep and shop for groceries. The easiest way to solve this problem is to extend the time to find a well-hidden bed to a reasonable time, say 48 hours. I log in every day and if I even miss the deadline, then I am sure others do as well. We do not have the man-power to man our island 24/7. If you are a bed spammer, the LEAST you could do is ask if it is ok and where can you build your lazy ass bed?
  14. PoE

    Help me !

    1) Put a help ticket in. Give them the coordinates of the abandoned rafts. They got rid of mine. 2) Wait. When the bear is claimable, then you can have it.
  15. You could try talking to them. You have only been on the island for a month. Is it possible that you got a foothold on an island where the owners were logged off and did not catch you in time? Your goal is to keep them busy and aggro, but you are keeping yourself busy and aggro as well. Looks like they never wanted you there in the first place, so, there are millions of places where you are welcomed with open arms and would have a much better experience, for you and for the island owner. EDIT: Just saw where you posted in another thread that you already own 2 other islands. So what you are doing on these people's island is totally unnecessary. You acted like moving would make you homeless. Just the opposite, you are squatters on an island where you are not wanted. 2nd EDIT: Just read in another thread that your own island is being squatted on. LOL You have the nerve to complain about those squatters in another thread and here you are doing the same thing to someone else. What a picture painter you are. Painting yourself as the innocent victim in all the treads...... when in fact, you make nothing but trouble and then complain to everyone and worse, imply they are cheating to get them banned. Ahhhh ...... living the pirate dream. Congrats.
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