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  1. PoE

    Server down B1 - crew held hostage

    Folks, take this warning SERIOUS: Same thing just happened to us. It took 4 people to get it out. DO NOT ENTER B1 If you do by mistake, get someone to drive the ship out of the grid ASAP. If you cannot log back in, let them kill you and you rejoin via the second button down, the regular join Atlas. Then pick a Freeport or something and it will say you were killed. Then pick one of your beds to rejoin. Hope they fix this Bermuda Triangle of a grid. Oh and last words, watch that you don't overload your ship with folks to get it out. Kill the crew if you must. Remember, you have less than 4 minutes to get it out of the gird. Good luck.
  2. When toggling cosmetics, they are not there. The compass is, but none of the skins/cosmetics/abstract items are visible to apply to clothing items. I noticed this weeks ago. Tried to purchase new, but was unable.
  3. Are you not able to retrieve a saved copy from the last save from the day before?
  4. PoE

    Island owners and island spam

    Well, time ticks on and we again must spend all our online time rooting out the head lice that are lazy bed spammers. I removed one yesterday and had to log off right after. They came back and built another one ...... that one I missed because you know, you have to sleep and shop for groceries. The easiest way to solve this problem is to extend the time to find a well-hidden bed to a reasonable time, say 48 hours. I log in every day and if I even miss the deadline, then I am sure others do as well. We do not have the man-power to man our island 24/7. If you are a bed spammer, the LEAST you could do is ask if it is ok and where can you build your lazy ass bed?
  5. PoE

    Help me !

    1) Put a help ticket in. Give them the coordinates of the abandoned rafts. They got rid of mine. 2) Wait. When the bear is claimable, then you can have it.
  6. You could try talking to them. You have only been on the island for a month. Is it possible that you got a foothold on an island where the owners were logged off and did not catch you in time? Your goal is to keep them busy and aggro, but you are keeping yourself busy and aggro as well. Looks like they never wanted you there in the first place, so, there are millions of places where you are welcomed with open arms and would have a much better experience, for you and for the island owner. EDIT: Just saw where you posted in another thread that you already own 2 other islands. So what you are doing on these people's island is totally unnecessary. You acted like moving would make you homeless. Just the opposite, you are squatters on an island where you are not wanted. 2nd EDIT: Just read in another thread that your own island is being squatted on. LOL You have the nerve to complain about those squatters in another thread and here you are doing the same thing to someone else. What a picture painter you are. Painting yourself as the innocent victim in all the treads...... when in fact, you make nothing but trouble and then complain to everyone and worse, imply they are cheating to get them banned. Ahhhh ...... living the pirate dream. Congrats.
  7. Same here. Normally an easy map to do with a tame or on foot turned into a nightmare. You cannot complete the map. Either they kill you no matter what you do including dodging, swords, shooting them or even if you manage a little damage or run a little, they dig in and come back fully generated. A legendary bow only made 5 damage, same with a rifle, nothing with a revolver, a sword did 1 or 2 damage. Contrast that with one-shot killing me with full plated armor. We had folks opening maps on our island and we spend 3 hours trying to kill them, lure them, trap them, anything and nothing can be done. Even only one left, they respawn at full health all 27 of them. We tried mate-boosted bears, nearly got them all killed, even with nature cry and touch. Even elephants, did manage a few kills, but unless you get them all, forget it, the last hour was wasted and all of them respawned again. So no gold, not for us or the island. The sunken treasures 3 out of 4 are below ground and you cannot do them. If you do manage to get one, have the accordion playing, you still only manage a few gold since 99% of doable are less than 4,0. Same with killing SoDs, flotsam, etc... even the whales are bugged and lags are so bad that fighting is near impossible. In PVE, there is no way to make money. Who wants to buy a thing in a shop if it does not work on the enemies? Oh and let's add insult to injury, they charge you 10,000 gold just to rename your own boat. WTF. And every island I visited, there were Army of the Damned running around from maps undone and overrun with level 45s alpha-like armies impossible to kill. This patch was supposed to be a "Quality of Life" improvement. Are you joking?? Whose life did you improve in the game, because it certainly was not mine.
  8. PoE

    Island owners and island spam

    These questions may be esoteric, but why would you bed-spam a Discovery Point and rob your own company of the fun of exploration? Why purchase a game that you are literally not going to play, but run thru like a boat drill? The end game may be thrilling.... but it is the little victories along the way that give pleasure and when you do make an achievement, you really earned it. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself. And this one is at the expense of other people. They can screw themselves out of the fun, but screwing me and mine out of it is not cool.
  9. PoE

    Island owners and island spam

    lol Ok, Raise your hand if you actually own an island. Do you think I would be here if any of that silly monitoring business actually worked? I really don't expect or need sympathy, but to be clear, we monitor our island twice a day. We immediately respond to any notification. The system works like this: You have a flag with 1 settler. You get a notification of someone becoming a settler despite notification, messages, and signs everywhere that no building of any kind is allowed until we finish construction. You go to the coordinates and destroy a DP bed. You check the flag and it says all clear. However, there is another 2 beds hidden in a crevice somewhere that neither the flag nor the notifications told you about, only found days later on another daily clean. We even found one literally above one of our base builds within range of our own foundation. How can this even happen? We have built free taming pens, we have been nice and helped with maps. The only problem we have is with folks that feel entitled to pollute our island and contribute nothing to the upkeep while making swiss cheese holes in our island and delaying construction for weeks from people that actually farm their butts off to support the upkeep and want to build their bases. Actually settlers. If the monitoring system actually worked, I would not be here ranting about randoms grieving and lazy bed spammers getting Discovery Points for them and all their friends, which you do not need to build to get to anywhere on our island. As for the raised eyebrows about my play hours, I make videos, this is both work and play. But thanks for asking. EDIT: AT the end of the day, my opinion, nor yours matters. I will continue to fight the bed spam and you will continue to fight for it. I say that Lawless is for this kind of thing, not company-owned islands that do not want spam everywhere.
  10. PoE

    Island owners and island spam

    Maybe I only have 2,650 hours on ATLAS and 7,197 hours on ARK, but I can tell you one thing ... Never say never. One thing the devs don't like are folks using something to exploit the system. Beds are made for save points, not to bed hop and get DP. You are supposed to sail and discover. You know it and I know it. When enough people complain, they will nerf the beds to only go on your on boat or base. And if you don't like the rules the owners have, then go to Lawless. End of story.
  11. PoE

    Island owners and island spam

    Grieving potential? I have never heard of a decent landowner demolishing established settlers. That just does not happen. What does happen is asshats that come to your island and place the foundation/bed combo and blow all chance of developing your base for real visitors. We have a butt boil of a company that bed spammed on our island all the discovery points. And they renew them every few days. They build them everywhere and the flag only reflects the spot where they land. Grieving potential?? It is already here. They have also bed spammed every island on our grid and all the neighboring grids. The two in charge went from level 45s to level 112s in only a few weeks. They have blocked off one whole beach, a mid-section and had we not stumbled on one of their hidden beds, it would have took another chunk out. They have been asked repeatedly to stop, remove the beds, but they have named them and no doubt rented them out as a Discovery Bonanza. It is an exploit and should be stopped. They are not real settlers, make no contribution to the flag, taxes, upkeep, nothing. Only destroy our plans in one day of not being able to find all their beds in time.
  12. PoE

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Some people love building boats, some building towns with shops, some like taming, some like sailing and fighting. Deciding HOW people are going to play will have the devs playing this game by themselves. If the purpose is to have people be at sea, then you devs have done everything in your power to keep us ported: 1) You have cloudy skies that threaten rain with cyclones that do more overall ship damage than a full-on fleet fight. So, you PORT to avoid all that damage until you figure out whether 7 cyclones are going to literally follow you around a grid until you port. OR you PORT and twiddle your thumbs for the duration of a storm. 2) Living at sea requires us to carry enough ammo, supplies for repairs, and enough food and gigantic tables that the only size that can handle all that is the SLOWEST ship in the fleet (the Brig) or force everyone to build server-clogging galleons. 3) In order to have an awesome ship, you have to PORT, have a base to store the ingredients until it is complete and to build. To avoid spending the rest of your life with an axe and pick, you have to make tames to make that go faster so you can build your awesome ship to live on. Now you have tames that must be stored and protected and fed, and presto, you are landlocked and PORTED. Fast travel to feed is the only thing that saves the day, but you are naked, so whatever. 4) You made everything so heavy that "sailing" is more like watching dolphins passing you and laughing. You solved this with an awesome cargo box that you cannot even access unless you are PORTED. 5) Only you can repair your ship at sea, so if you are not keen to spend all your time after fights or storms or rocks making repairs to hundreds of single pieces, you must PORT. 6) If you lose your ship and everything you so lovingly built, you must have a place to rebuild. That requires a base that stores all duplicates of your goodies, blueprints, farming for cooking, clothes, weapons, etc.... again, you must PORT. 7) Scavenging wrecks overload boats, gold to pay crew overload a boat, supplies overload boats. So unless you are willing to dump all this (WTF), you spend all your time calculating how to keep the weight under 50% of the capacity to keep a decent knot. 8} Going around massive builds, avoiding squabbling neighbors, avoiding aggressive builds to block content, all double or triple your time on land and not in a good way. 9) Placing Treasure Maps in ridiculous locations, like inaccessible mountain tops, under rocks, squeezed ledges, in bases make it under a 50% shot that you can ever get access to it. And forget getting the good ones alone without a tame to help or drag some NPCs behind you getting stuck in everything from a bush to a turtle. It increases ported time. BONUS: The re-vamped island ownership did not work out as you planned, I think. Instead of a big company claiming big islands, they claimed all the little ones and they left the big ones free for folks that cannot even claim them. How about the large companies only being allowed to claim the large islands and leave the little ones to the little tribes? Thank you for addressing some of these issues, but taking away things that people like doing instead of limiting the things like over-active cyclones or weight and speed issue is a mistake. Make all things possible and all will come and play THEIR game. Totally get this is a work in progress, Beta and there are growing pains, just please remember: LAST and I think most important: NO one wants to spend ANY time playing and building and farming to have a wipe looming over them like a Black Plague. Most I have talked to say they will wait until these devs get their ship together, then come and play.
  13. PoE

    How to Merge Companies on PVE

    ok, that may have been the problem. The other person had someone, but they quit. Was never kicked. Thanks
  14. So.... how do you merge companies on PVE without losing anything? the option to merge with another company owner is not an option on the wheel. We are 2 people playing solo and we want to merge companies and keep everything, just under a new name. I know we can rename later, just want to know the proper procedure. I realize that you can unclaim and they can claim animals, but we do not want to lose our houses, ships or resources (or at least one of us). Is this even possible? I am all ears.
  15. PoE

    Lost everything

    So, crashed today, low-level fatal error fighting a manta, in shallow water with Harpoon. Relogged and the cut screen was in the middle of the ocean. Spawned in bed and ran to spot of death. No green light, not body, no bag. Nothing. Lost everything, mostly green, but two blue weapons: the harpoon and my crossbow. Ugh I don't mind a fair fight loss, but this was harsh.