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    C6 Hydra is Eluding Us

    We're on Gorgon's Gaze (NA PvE). I'll take a look at getting some gliders and picks in there as well, just to make sure. Thanks for the replies! -Darc
  2. Darcascia

    C6 Hydra is Eluding Us

    Our company is getting members caught up on power stones this week in time for the Snow Man run this weekend, but we seem to have hit a snag on C6 in regard to locating the hydra. We have scoured every bit of surface and have yet been unable to find it. It may have somehow managed to fall through the world or get lodged in a mountain. Either way, if at all possible, would it be too much trouble to reset the spawns in that grid? Thanks you all for the good times! -Darcascia (Ashland C11, I6, K4) www.twitch.tv/darcascia
  3. If the grid the map is for isn't live, then it'll despawn, which is why it seems like you can only get low level maps; they generally point to treasure on the same grid where they're found floating. The more servers you have up at once, the more likely you'll be able to pick up higher level maps.
  4. Darcascia

    Lost in Transition

    I threw myself overboard after looting my sleeping body, like a true pirate would... nobody naps on the job on my ship!
  5. Darcascia

    Lost in Transition

    Interestingly, I have also been able to make it back to my boat, but with my crew and a copy (or am I the copy?) of myself asleep at their stations.
  6. Darcascia

    Lost in Transition

    I would attempt this if I could connect, but 45 minutes later and I still am unable to log in; disconnection after the fast travel attempt or the "you are currently changing servers and can not join at this time" message.
  7. Darcascia

    Lost in Transition

    I am currently captaining my brig from a freeport zone (J9) to K9. When I reached the border of the zone and began to transition, I was disconnected. Upon attempting to log in, I kept getting connection errors and sometimes a request for me to choose a location to fast travel to. Another person in my company attempted to fast travel to my brig and was unable to do so. He said it looks like it keeps going back and forth between J9 and K9 repeatedly. I would be pretty disheartened to lose the boat I just spent a week building. As it stands, I am unable to log in, and I assume the boat is gone.
  8. You have a point, and I agree. People who have chosen to play on a PvE server have made the decision before stepping foot on land to forego the elements of gameplay that revolve around PvP. I think Rottin's suggestion is an attempt to retain some realism, but yes, there could be ways to exploit that solution as well; to force people into PvP situations that would otherwise avoid it. A very valid concern indeed.
  9. I absolutely second this; it will no doubt turn away potential players who are unable to reciprocate or prevent any use of this exploit... all they can do is watch as days of hard work sink into the abyss. There must be a way to deter this behavior. Furthermore, it seems rather unrealistic that 5 heavily laden people are able to scuttle a schooner. It would make more sense to either increase the carry weight of the ships or drastically reduce what players can carry on their person. The best method by far would be to add an engaging game-play mechanic such as what Rottin is suggesting, which would introduce a fun nautical themed role play element while also deterring bad behavior in an otherwise consequence-free environment.