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  1. Another one that comes to mind: - When you are crafting, the UI for crafting moves up to "make room" for the "currently crafting" row, which is extremely annoying when trying to craft multiple different things, as the UI jumps up and down as you craft and then find the next thing and so on. Should just ADD extra space for the currently crafting row.
  2. I was thinking how there is no time for a break in Atlas: no time off can be had without losing everything. Islands need gold maintenance. Ships at Freeport need repairs. Leaving ships on your shoreline during Combat Phase results in them sinking. The game is constantly grinding against you and if you leave for a few days, your work is gone. I understand the need for some of these mechanics, however it would be nice to be able to focus on ship combat and not have to maintain a massive infrastructure of islands if you don't want to. Running a single ship with your crew every day should be an option - with again, the ability to take a day off. I propose a Pirate Freeport, where instead of decay on your ship, your ship costs more gold the longer it is anchored there. If your ship runs out of gold, your NPC crew quickly mutinies, and after ~48 hours of not enough gold on the ship, then the decay sets in. This would allow people to stock up on gold on their ship and go on vacation, or take a break from the game for a couple days (provided they don't have other in-game obligations like islands). The cost could be increased the longer you remain parked, so eventually if people neglect to log on, they would lose their ship, but at least they'd have some known period where they could take a break. As the cost should increase over time, it wouldn't be efficient to park a ship there as an overweighted "freeport shack". In addition, the increasing gold cost would prevent people from storing dozens of ships in this Pirate Freeport - better to park those Freeport Fleets in decay areas where repair materials are available right on the nearby island. Thematically, your NPC crew is spending a lot of gold in town the longer you sit around in port. But whatever. This kind of thing would probably work as a standard mechanic for every single freeport, solving a lot of the issues revolving around people living out of freeport. People would have to leave to get gold or to reset their ship's increasing gold cost in zone if they wanted to 'live' there, disincentivizing that kind of behavior. It's something that might work for every freeport, and since new player rafts and ramshackles would have no gold and thus begin decaying right away, it doesn't affect those too much either. Overall I think an idea like this would allow people to run a ship or two and focus on the ship gameplay over land so much. Thanks for reading!
  3. @eeeceee Yeah the balance is extremely good recently. No more handling sails that are faster than speed sails. No more 7-damage sword hits vs. 90 damage rifle hits. There's a time and a place for every melee weapon, every ranged weapon, and there's plenty of time to make plays rather than being completely unable to do anything or dying instantly (skill required). In addition, ships can be customized to be tanky, or glass cannons - so players decide what they want from their ships. Mortars are island-defense only; no enemy making a 100-wall-high mortar tower on your island to raid you with no ability for you to counter. If you think there is something unbalanced, say something specific. Atlas is one of the most balanced Survival/PvP MMOs right now (not previous 'seasons' for sure). It beats out ARK in balance. The only overpowered weapons right now are stop-and-go harpoon ships and swivel carts; the carts being a recent change that I don't expect lasts long considering the other balance changes they've made. And now they're lowering the level cap to 120, and making it easier to reach that cap. That's even more balance being made. They might not have the finesse in implementing these changes, but overall it's very balanced in terms of combat. Again, mention any specific you think is unbalanced vs. being weakly sarcastic if you actually have anything to add to the conversation.
  4. This is a list of some of the MOST ANNOYING bugs currently in game. These are things that affect a lot of people and ruin the quality and experience of the game. They're not situational bugs, such as when building and seeing a tile place not where you want it. These are annoying ones that hit almost everyone playing the game every day. I'm listing them, not in order, but numbered for easy reference: Water desync between server/client. Seeing your ship rock and roll on a calm flat water surface to your client. Restarting client used to fix this issue; no more. Now you don't know what waves are trustworthy. In addition, everyone is 'submarining' or 'flying' all the time as their ship dips too low or rises too high above the water mesh. In PvP, players can walk right onto your ship sometimes due to the desynced waves. Very annoying. Maybe related to 1: Storm wind when you're in a storm and then zone into the next zone, the wind is off and takes a long time to correct itself. Sometimes this leaves your ship in a dead stop even if you adjust sails to the actual, known wind direction for non-storm wind. The client should update wind much better when zoning to a new server. Combat stance drops off after some time, sometimes mid-combat, sometimes mid-block. Combat stance should remain ON until the player cancels it! The combat is already nuanced enough without having it just drop on you. If you take out a sword, go into combat stance, 20-30 seconds later you just drop out of combat stance for no reason. This adds to the confusion in combat to what already is quite skill intensive. Blocking also has this issue; block for too long and it drops you out of combat for no reason. Combat stance should be an on/off toggle with no automatic dropping of that player state. Let players control their characters! Most of us know that the very last shot of a rifle/pistol does no damage as the weapon breaks, however the Hydra Revolver does NO DAMAGE on the 6th shot as well. Meaning, 1 out of 6 of your shots does not hit, at all. Even worse, you cannot use any skill checks if the Revolver is not completely empty. This means you have to fire your last, 6th shot, doing no damage, into the air or on the ground, just to get skill checks (or Lucky Load) to reload. Otherwise, it takes 25 seconds to reload the whole revolver. Please make the 6th shot actually hit. It's so odd this made it to live. Ship desync after a ship sinks. When swimming around a newly-sunken ship, the ship is often desynced in position where your character floats through decking, walls and planks, and the collision is way off. Relogging fixes this issue, but it's very annoying to have to do that. I know it's hard to keep collision on a sinking ship and after it hits the ground, to sync that with everyone, but it is a very annoying bug. At least a relog corrects the issue; but why not just send us the final updated position after it touches down? Some servers are not on the same world-time. I've seen this mainly when crossing into the K-zones from west to east. The world time is often off by a few hours. This means wind changes direction suddenly too, messing up planned travel. Would enjoy knowing the world time and wind is the same in every zone. Sometimes when activating the medkit Savior feat, your character and anyone you heal loses all their food. If you grab some AI, and remove all their default clothing, a few random AI, maybe 2 out of 10, will have -0.0 weight. This 'negative weight' makes them run as if they were overweight - very, very slow. It's annoying to have to constantly manage the slow ones, throwing a bullet on them fixes the issue but it seems like an issue that should be fixable. Handling sails are backwards in the wind. Such an ugly bug that's been around forever. Your speed sail looks correct, catching the wind in the right direction, but your handling sail is on the opposite side of the ship, looking weird. Worse, when you put on the Junk sail skin, it fixes the problem! Meaning, someone just doesn't want to fix the -1 in the code for regular handling sails. Please give it a look! Since season 1, audio when on the cannon is left/right reversed. I think because when you mount the cannon, you mount it but take the cannon position (you become the cannon in a way) and the cannon orientation is facing backwards, and so left/right audio is all screwed up when you mount a cannon. It's annoying, and has been around forever. You hear something on your left, and it's something on your right when you get off the cannon. This audio discrepancy is annoying! Floating cannon carts, again around forever! This is a very annoying bug. It allows everyone to see how many tames you have with carts, and thus, maybe how many tames, along with where they all are, because of this huge, LONG string of pixels across the screen, and a floating cannon out in the ocean! I've used this bug to track people across islands, because even if they run, their long string of pixels is there to guide you in on their exact location. It's really bad and seems like a fix that can be reasonably tackled. Right as the sun sets, the world illumination goes extremely dark for a few moments before flipping to 'moonlight' or whatever it is. This harsh swap from light, then super dark, then moonlight, is annoying. It should be a smooth transition in lighting. Every time it goes super dark it's a wtf moment and really shines poorly on the game. The new glider fix introduced a bug where pressing Shift will cause you to glide sideways and sometimes drop glider. I know, it's new, but it's very annoying. Maybe just give dive back? Or revert? Or like I posted elsewhere: make it where you cannot gain height while holding an explosive barrel, but otherwise can? Some nice fix here please, thank you. Not sure if it's a bug or 'intended' but wood walls on a Galleon have 10k hp, while on a brig and schooner have 5k. It's just an oddity, that seems like a bug, but maybe it is intended. It just doesn't make sense that these same parts are so different depending on the ship. Lastly, not really a 'bug' but a big annoyance is the vitamin bar is so small and unintuitive. Adding some black pixels at the lower and upper limit for vitamins would go a long way, but some redesign for the whole, annoying, tiny little UI would be cheered by everyone. There's my list. If anyone has more to add, go for it; I know there's a lot of stuff like taming and hitbox collision and so on that can be weird at times, but I'm not really worrying about those situational bugs too much. The annoying stuff, the stuff that just makes you roll your eyes at the game, that's what I'm calling out here. I appreciate what the devs have made with this game, and I hope to see it get the polish it deserves. Thanks devs. With that said, the devs are terrible at quality control and consistency, and it shows in so many areas in the game, and things like the skill tree criss-crossing makes you wonder who had the spaghetti brain to come up with such a mess. Please work on the quality and consistency and keep going. You guys have done amazing work with the balance recently and so I know you can make the right changes if you grind it out. Thanks!
  5. Not all quality of life fixes are important - ones the playerbase has found reasonable workarounds for are not a priority. People will find a way. For example taming, people know you have to feed in a certain spot and use any-other-tame to hold aggro while you never take any damage yourself. There are of course still dozens of little bugs and issues in the game, but I have noticed some fixes. For example, they fixed your character being deleted when using Climbing Picks. You used to just randomly black screen and your character would delete if you used climbing picks and somehow got a 'hook' under the mesh or something. This is no longer the case, and this means wearing good gear isn't a risk in terms of dying to an unrecoverable situation. This is the kind of bug that should be worked on because there is no workaround for it and players such as myself would avoid wearing good gear because there was no way to recover a body or anything. You just die/delete to black screen. And they fixed that issue. There are a few more issues they have fixed which I have noticed, critical ones. I do fully agree, with some TLC and having someone go through and clean up a lot of the buggy aspects of the game, the feel would be so much better. Having a tame on a ship for example, when going fast, the tame's hitbox floats behind the client-shown position, so you can trap yourself in weird spots when travelling fast if you don't put your tames in a nice spot. Or large animals having such large hitboxes they push and move you in weird ways. To being able to K-view through terrain - why is this even an option to have a skycam in a PvP game? To the UI blocking text, to the insanely convoluted skill tree, and so on. They need to go over it all with a fine tooth comb. But at least, the major game breaking stuff has been sorted out quickly. That's important. With the meta shifting to "just glide with explosive barrels onto your enemy lol" I expect that to get changed fairly quickly. We'll see how they react. I'm looking forward to any large patch they push out here before Christmas. Really hoping for something really interesting for their 1-year anniversary; hopefully that is why they've been so quiet recently.
  6. The current map on the website home page (Top Colonies at bottom of home page) is inaccurate for the new map. Please update this. Map software such as Zupa (https://maps.devzupa.be/en) seem to pull from the website, and since the map is wrong, it's not worth using. Please update the map to the current version. Thank you.
  7. Shadowbane did it right. Make all owned islands fairly crap when it comes to resources, make lawless rich in resources, and have declarations of war for when you want to raid. Your own island will be crap but bases/green anchored ships unraidable (not players immune to damage like it is now), and you'll need to visit lawless to get good loot (lawless don't need to be right outside freeport either but it's not terrible). This will spur lots of movement and ship combat and transport, and will make those islands you want to take actual fights. Most of the land fighting will be done on the brutal ruleset of lawless as people try to secure good loot spawns for themselves, and when the pressure builds they will go to war with the group pestering their spot. Lower the cost on war declaration too, so it's frequent if necessary (after the 'cooldown period'), but also costly to the attacker. Beyond all that, the game has 1000 bugs and annoyances that should be fixed too. At least the game is in a great state and feels so much fun playing it again.
  8. Do not fragment your playerbase into multiple game modes.
  9. So the PvPers are winning so hard they made you quit the game. This is, interestingly enough, one of the main goals of every PvP survival game - to get your enemy to quit the game (for the wipe, like Rust does). That's a huge win. I do understand that when faced with the difficulty of grouping with a large alliance and living in the middle of their territory where almost no one ever bothers you, you prefer to go to a safe server with little to no conflict whatsoever (or perhaps, more structured). It really is the lack of ability in handling loss - as you've stated. You cannot handle logging on and seeing that you spent 6 hours building something, and someone else spent 6 hours destroying the things you've built. There was equal time investment, but you cannot handle that nor mount the time or ability to fight back. I think structured PvP is probably what you want; pre-determined fights, everyone on 'equal' footing. If you have a 'brig fight' you'd be mad if someone brought a galleon. I get it. But there are a plethora of games available like that. Sea of Thieves seems right up your alley. The next patch should bring some structured elements to the game, but overall it will just be hours of people PvPing you during your island's warlike status and the same people that couldn't handle the current ruleset will not be able to handle that much more lenient ruleset either. There are tons of games that give you structured PvP - the mentality of trying to corrupt PvP games to make them more PvE is really bad, and that's why I'm combating this mindset here. Leave the very few PvP games alone with your (not personal) desire to make them more casual. Let the very few hardcore games exist for those who want it. If you have the option (again not personal) then go to the unofficial servers to find your outlet for less brutal PvP. You have the option. Trying to change the base game to suit your (not personal) whims is arrogant and wrong.
  10. First regarding PvP players not being happy - this is provably wrong. CS:GO for example has had almost no change in years, and is still a top PvP game. League of Legends gives players a new hero every now and then. Same with other MOBAs. Those games also boast the exact same map for absolute years on end. Starcraft2 has different maps, but very few new units, and is a top PvP game. Rust gives its users a bunch of new content each month, along with trying out a bunch of new mechanics, and has found that to work, but the core gameplay is still the PvP raiding your enemies, and it's constantly worked. The PvP players are generally happy with the game given to them - it is not those players demanding change or balance. Devs are the driver behind finding balance - they see issues with gameplay that they did not want and move to correct it. The people playing the game had little input to that decision. And to your quote: you proved my point. You cannot handle loss, and cannot dare fight other players. The whole reason you think there is a 'toxic environment' is because the PvP players are beating you over the head so you will quit and go to PvE - they're winning so hard, they make you leave the server and go play somewhere 'safer'. They've literally PvP'd you out of existence. That, to me, is absolutely hilarious. And something I will have to remember when talking to PvE players in the future. You've been destroyed so hard you literally make up an excuse that people are 'toxic' so you don't have to engage with them in a skill vs. skill environment. I love it! The fact that you expect PvP to be some roleplaying, "Arr, I challenge yee to a duel," is great! You want this fairness that does not exist, and all the PvP players can see deep into your soul that you cannot handle a 'toxic environment' so they use that as a tool to PvP you - and they're winning. They will continue to be 'toxic' as long as that gets them what they want - you losing. It is working, and you've lost the mind game. Which means you're not even competition, you're literally no threat at all. PvE players don't want something to fight for, they want an easy win. To kill a Ship of the Damned and say they did something useful that day. You could easily carve out a PvE existence among the PvP servers, working with large groups which provide you safety, but the simple small risk that you might lose something some day is why you go to PvE. You cannot handle loss, period. You cannot wave your "d**k" around, because no one would notice. You cannot see the reasoning behind the conflict, because you're a push over who when faced with aggression shrinks away from it rather than tackling it head on. If you think I'm wrong I will challenge you to this: describe an unscripted/unplanned PvP scenario which a PvE player would enjoy.
  11. PvP does not get boring at all ever; that's why it's such good content for games. All the top games are PvP games. Even WoW is very competitive inside it's PvE raiding schedule and arenas. The great thing about PvP is the developers can release content on their own schedule without being demanded to provide it. In other words, the PvP players are happy while the new content is developed, because their content comes mainly from fighting other players. PvE players are not needed for the finance, because they don't spend money - they quit the game as soon as they've consumed it. This is one of the biggest problems I have with PC game developers, how they keep catering to PvE players as if they are selling a $60 copy of a AAA game that has 20 hours of gameplay in a single-player story mode and no multiplayer content. Console players and PvE players do not have thousands of hours in PvE games, they have 40-60 hours and then quit and move on to the next game to consume. This is great for consoles, where you sell a $60 game once a month to keep those PvE players buying the next game, but in an online muiltiplayer setting it makes no sense to cater to this kind of player, because they will leave the game and not invest in its future success. The PvE players LOVE to CONSUME and then quit a game. They are NOT the target audience for online multiplayer gaming! PvE players do not buy your cosmetics and microtransactions moreso than the PvP players who want to look badass while they kill their enemies. There is ample evidence showing that PvP games with microtransactions far outperform PvE games with microtransactions, and it is such a shame to see any game developer for online multiplayer PC games trying to cater to a PvE crowd, when they should be trying to amass as many hardcore players as possible.
  12. You're completely right. The devs need to spend a ton of time developing new PvE content to keep the PvE players happy. All the while, the PvP players create their own content and don't give a damn about new PvE content that isn't normally scheduled. As such, the devs should shut down any official PvE servers and send everyone to a single official PvP gameplay server where if you want to make your ship and sail it around all peaceful-like, you have to join a large group who will protect you and give you some meaningful reason to exist in the game world. Because otherwise you're completely right, they will need to cater to the never ending hunger that PvE players demand - more and more PvE scripted content that isn't 'boring and repetitive'; quests, dailies, more and more useless 'stuff' for you to 'do' because you can't handle loss in a PvP setting. As such, catering to PvE players is a waste of time unless it is monetized with DLC and so on, and they should just forget about official servers for PvE players and let those players find unofficial outlets for their PvE satisfaction where individual server admins can spawn in stuff and implement mods to keep the PvE players happy.
  13. Post on reddit with more details: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/aoynqx/video_cstg_hacking_highlight_compilation/
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