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  1. Congo

    Fog of War OPTION PLEASE!!

    I like the ideas here. Anything but leaving the whole thing available with updated info on the fly...
  2. Congo

    Kudos Devs

    Trolls forums...what a guy
  3. Congo

    Trade Suggestions

    1) Trade Routes. Ships traveling on trade routes WITH cargo racks get a speed boost. This should be an unlock-able skill. This would promote ship to ship PVP combat AND trade. 2) Trade contracts. There should be some type of auction house but instead of just buying items and mats from them, you provide contracts as a company and another company can accept them. At that point a trade window is made and the receiving company and sending company perform a trade. For resources items or otherwise. For a small gold fee.
  4. Devs, One of the best feelings in this game especially when there isnt PVP going on...is sailing into the unknown. Can we please have the option at least to turn on the Fog of war for the minimap so we can see where we have been. Im at the point now where im living in the discovery menu because I cant tell what island is what, or where Ive been. The FOG of war is still in the game since we can see it when we die, but having the option when were alive would obviously be far more useful. Thank you for all you've done thus far, game is tons of fun. 1400+ hours in so far
  5. Really there are two suggestions here... 1) A UI, even if very basic, that shows where the panels are most damaged. What I imagine is when you pull out the repair hammer, panels gain some kind of COLOR that is not shading the actual plank, but instead replacing the plank textures with a color. IE GREEN TO RED. Similar, to when you push H and can see where your crew are. The current process of running around and manually looking at each plank just doesn't feel right since there just isn't enough visual indication of whats damaged and whats not. Obviously if we were in the ship and saw planks busted up we would know which ones need repair. The issue is only multiplied when planks are painted and you lose the shader. 2) NPC's should repair EVERYTHING when docked, and when you're docked and repairs are initiated it would be nice to get some kind of countdown or timer to repair completion. Also, if possible, what mats are needed. For example, in the F screen perhaps it says what you need for repairs. These are only suggestions and since Im not a programmer/dev I haven't the slightest clue how difficult these would be to implement.
  6. Congo

    Kudos Devs

    1274 hours in and still having fun even through it all. Keep it up!
  7. Congo

    Kudos Devs

    Excellent work on today's patch. You guys clearly show you're listening to your community for feedback especially on QOL. Keep making the game better and we will bring people back in!
  8. Absolutely. Same here. It was literally RIGHT after the update stuff started disappearing. Legit in front of my eyes
  9. I have quite the building here but I feel like there's no reason I should be hitting some type of building limit. There's maybe 1-1500 stone walls ceilings ect here and about 20 walls in a small area.
  10. Another day and more deleted tiles. No answer or even reply back from grapeshot with the two bug reports Ive submitted. Been over 48 hours. Mind you this is in our main base AND we are no where near any type of base building limits. In addition, this ceiling is supported entirely by stone foundations and walls.
  11. No its not. The front gate with the walls has foundations with walls to the top In fact the entire roof system doesn't feature a single pillar
  12. Nothing. And now I wake up and bases all over the atlas are gone. Because of this decay bs. After almost 1200 hours in this game, I think Im done.
  13. No response yet from support..
  14. heres what happened to my base. also about 30 other tiles that were lost elsewhere a gate, about 16 ceiling tiles and walls.in the middle of combat timer
  15. Just had about 50 stone walls/ceilings, a large stone gate and door disappear from my base. During combat time. Im logging out as Ive replaced many of them and then different parts of my base disappear. Submitted tickets ect. Just warning everyone else this is going on since patch.