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  1. Real talk tho, 4k hours in. Barrels NEED to be removed in order for this game to last. The mention of needing it for future content, well bring it back with that future content if it can be used. They are as cheap as nades essentially, do damage equivalent to the old torpedoes, and can be stuffed into mobile cannons on tames and boats.....remove the fricken item until its fixed
  2. COMEBACK! Guys keep it up. I have to say, this new Dev team. You guys will make this game of the year when it releases. If you can figure out a way to make PVP as responsive in official as it is with Single player. you Guys will make this GOTY. These new QOL changes will change this game in such a way. I do recommend moving resource collection to 3x to help smaller companies though. Large companies have numbers these rates dont really affect them. I have led 40, ran solo, ran trio, and now, running a 6 man group with Three verterans with combined 10k hours in the game from companies like N3, slam whales, Two Brothers, and AEA. Were seeing what youre doing, we will do our part to bring these players back. I do think, eventually I would totally support purchasable content in game. SKINS ONLY, but as a guy with this much time in it, you deserve the cash to grow your team. This doesnt feel like ARK development anymore. It reminds me of the early days, with updates daily sometimes, weekly almost guaranteed. HMU on discord if you would like some more feedback from a team of players that really know this game. Congo#6674 Devs are going to make the No Mans Sky game repair look like peanuts compared to this. Im so excited. AMAZING changes. This will always be a PVP game, but as far as im concerned, even in PVE these are HUGE QOL improvents. Giving us time to build more, fight more, enjoy more. Im over 3k Hours WITH taking season 3 halfway through off. LOVING THESE CHANGES KEEP GOING!
  3. Devs are going to make the No Mans Sky game repair look like peanuts compared to this. Im so excited. AMAZING changes. This will always be a PVP game, but as far as im concerned, even in PVE these are HUGE QOL improvents. Giving us time to build more, fight more, enjoy more. Im over 3k Hours WITH taking season 3 halfway through off. LOVING THESE CHANGES KEEP GOING!
  4. Honestly if you play the game towards alliances right now its the only way to survive. But, the real issue to this game is purely in the code. The server cap should honestly be knocked down to the 70's. Even then the lag and frame issues make the game nearly unplayable. Alot of refinement needs to happen
  5. PVP isn't sustainable the way it is right now because the game engine cant handle it. Some of your points work but others would sque the entire game. There should be a place we can safeguard certain resources in the freeport as sort of a supply dump.
  6. We should all be ecstatic who religiously still play this game and those that have stepped away because of the direction the game was going. This shows two things...first were going to get the pirate game we've always wanted,and second Grapeshot wants this game to succeed. Looking forward to the next year or so of Development with some new eyes. (GET RID OF THIS TAME CRAP lol)
  7. Here's a couple ideas. Limit alliances to 5 companies... Company MAX size 15-20 QOL balances based on these things. I feel like this could bring alot of companies back. Sure Megas will exploit this to have a total of 75-100 people but thats a hell of a lot more manageable especially if you have the allies to play with. The game needs to feel pirate based, not faction based as it is right now. Almost all of the Chinese companies at this point have allied up while NA companies refuse to. And as such they are currently running a Muck on the servers. If this stuff isn't corrected the entire game will quit in the next two months. I'm 1600 hours in and remember the best days, which ironically where when the game was almost unplayable. But the difference was the population was there. Mega's quit the game because small companies left. There wasn't anything left to do. Who wants to go to war with another mega and sit in a 2fps power-point presentation. Small groups are what made this game, and the only chance for it to make a come back.
  8. They do you're just not building them correctly
  9. Devs, Someone TP over to Boom Teams main island in H10 (Rapenhead Atoll) and look at how these guys are YET AGAIN abusing an in game mechanic. They must have 20 large shipyards locked together each at 100,000 HP preventing any type of water attack. They dont even bother to build walls, or any other ACTUAL defense. I dont know why there isnt something put out that says any abuse related to exploiting the systems items or buildings with UNINTENDED purposes can result in item destruction ECT. THis goes with pillars as well. Just another example of companies abusing PVP to the point no one wants to play the game. Its pretty easy to see the companies abusing the game and those playing it correctly.
  10. I like the ideas here. Anything but leaving the whole thing available with updated info on the fly...
  11. Congo

    Kudos Devs

    Trolls forums...what a guy
  12. 1) Trade Routes. Ships traveling on trade routes WITH cargo racks get a speed boost. This should be an unlock-able skill. This would promote ship to ship PVP combat AND trade. 2) Trade contracts. There should be some type of auction house but instead of just buying items and mats from them, you provide contracts as a company and another company can accept them. At that point a trade window is made and the receiving company and sending company perform a trade. For resources items or otherwise. For a small gold fee.
  13. Devs, One of the best feelings in this game especially when there isnt PVP going on...is sailing into the unknown. Can we please have the option at least to turn on the Fog of war for the minimap so we can see where we have been. Im at the point now where im living in the discovery menu because I cant tell what island is what, or where Ive been. The FOG of war is still in the game since we can see it when we die, but having the option when were alive would obviously be far more useful. Thank you for all you've done thus far, game is tons of fun. 1400+ hours in so far
  14. Really there are two suggestions here... 1) A UI, even if very basic, that shows where the panels are most damaged. What I imagine is when you pull out the repair hammer, panels gain some kind of COLOR that is not shading the actual plank, but instead replacing the plank textures with a color. IE GREEN TO RED. Similar, to when you push H and can see where your crew are. The current process of running around and manually looking at each plank just doesn't feel right since there just isn't enough visual indication of whats damaged and whats not. Obviously if we were in the ship and saw planks busted up we would know which ones need repair. The issue is only multiplied when planks are painted and you lose the shader. 2) NPC's should repair EVERYTHING when docked, and when you're docked and repairs are initiated it would be nice to get some kind of countdown or timer to repair completion. Also, if possible, what mats are needed. For example, in the F screen perhaps it says what you need for repairs. These are only suggestions and since Im not a programmer/dev I haven't the slightest clue how difficult these would be to implement.
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