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  1. Congo

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    what the hell this is genius. Devs listen to this guy. He can save your game
  2. Grapeshot, We all came here to play a pirate MMO with survival and PVP. Not an ARK mod. You guys are doing hella good with the changes lately, but more balancing needs to come. And to be honest, im all for tools that help us farm instead of animals. For example a saw with two sides (two players use saw and get bonus wood), saw mills, and some type of carrying carts for horses. Instead of smacking trees with elephants. This would give you guys a chance to go a completely different direction with Tames. The sword fighting and pistol play/bows reminds of somewhat of Reign of Kings. I fell in love with this game for that. Currently swords and pistols are a novelty in PVP, not a staple. I challenge to find anyone who isnt entering a PVP ground battle at current day NOT using flame bears. Its everywhere, its broken, and its not fun. Just my two cents, from someone with over 700 hours into the game.
  3. Do explain. The only real defense is hoping you can get some balista shots off before they close the range on you. Even then the flame ignores boundaries like walls
  4. Congo

    New rules is not going to work

    My point exactly. This is a Pirate MMO. Not a sandbox PVP game
  5. Two people and a fire cannon can kill 60 tames? Devs please find a way to fix this/ eliminate it totally from land based combat. YOu guys have the possibility to make melee (sword fighting) absolutely amazing in this. Please continue down that road
  6. Congo

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    You do realize nearly half the player base left because of the shit you (PVP'rs) were doing. Go play Rust dude.
  7. Congo

    New rules is not going to work

    If you want PVP like that go play Rust. This was designed to be a Pirate MMO with some survivability elements. The Devs are doing an AMAZING job now at making changes.
  8. First off Devs.....great work. I have to admit, you guys are absolutely making the correct changes. Not all will work, but I truly believe after watching this stream we are in good hands. I hope you guys weren't watching chat during it. Ive never seen so many trolls in one chat in my life. Second, keep pushing into MMO territory. This game has an absolute amazing chance at being the end all for MMO/PVP. The war system is also very intelligent. We all need to keep in mind we are still a year and a half away from coming out of early access so there will be a lot of re balancing to come. The wipe is also 100% reasonable considering the massive changes. Anyone complaining about it honestly is ridiculous. This is Early Access. Not the third year post release. Keep up the good work Devs!
  9. That should have been hot-fixed day of.
  10. Congo

    Wood Doors cannot be crafted

    I cannot craft wood doors at all. I have restarted game and steam nothing fixes the issue. I cannot push right click to craft or left click and push E. Nothing works
  11. Nerf this asap. Companies are literally changing names before raids, then changing back after. I legit just got done talking with a member of a medium sized company that's doing this. Its bad enough online raiding is still a thing, but now these cowards are hiding behind name changes. You should get one name change every 30 IRL days. Theres your fix
  12. Congo

    3am (f)lame arrow meta

    So basically you're whats wrong with the game. If you think its driving people off in droves, maybe put a post up about it but not actually perform it. The player base in this game is equally responsible for the game taking a nose dive
  13. Congo

    Two brigs, both offlined

    Totally agree man. Most people who play this have ZERO honor. Thats how pirates fought. And ill find the linked info on the offline fixes when i get a minute
  14. This game was sold to us as an MMO with PVP. Not a survival 24/7 AKA rust or ARK. If I wanted to play a survival game I would play one of those. This is why people are in here