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  1. Congo

    Server performance

    legit cant even log in. Says system network failure
  2. Congo

    Solo Play

    Yep been there since the game launched. I play the game much differently. Also, I have been in the same spot since the last wipe. I play on PVP for the ability to if need be, but im friendly and help people from time to time.
  3. I like all of this. The one performance bug that I have related to the map is when the mini map for the sextant is up. I lost almost 60fps from about 100
  4. Honestly the system before was perfect. They need to re-institute the Fog of war, and the white text showing when you discover something on the MAP
  5. I had no idea how broken having the map revealed was until hitting max level. There's literally no way for you to know what you've discovered and what island or where it was now. You cant see the island names like you could before when they were discovered, and the discovery window is absolutely useless. Since again unless you have to memorize where each thing is.
  6. Congo

    Sextant Bug

    Ive been getting a substantial Sextant buff FPS drop since launch. Im guessing this is an optimization issue but want to voice it anyways. I love the buff, but I literally refuse to use it if I know im going to engage in battle at some point because the drop is so steep. Im running around 100 fps in open water without, when buff is active im sitting at 42
  7. Congo

    Solo Play

    Since the wipe announcement my brother stopped playing the game. I have to say, I haven't had more fun with this game ever. Anyone who is hating life in a large or even midsize company, do your own thing. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. I play the game in somewhat of an RP sense. I started a farm, am a hair shy of level 50 right now and can do just about everything besides maybe the super late game stuff 100% solo. There's always so much to do and keeping some friends nearby is always helpful. It does help Ive been around since the beginning so a lot of those companies know me already, but I will say this game is very enjoyable. I really wish they would find a way to be able to get AI to farm though. I think this would change the game in such a positive way. Make it so each player can only have so many AI farm. And tames are not allowed. I cant imagine it would be the most difficult thing to program considering RTS's have been doing it for 20 years. Just my two cents, and some positivity on this board. Looks like a bitch fest most of the time
  8. Congo

    Game Breaking Bug

    I was just using the climbing pick to go to my hidden storage base on top of a mountain and as im climbing I instantly died. My Body and ALLL the loot vanished. No floating skull, no indication of how I died and just lost about 60 legendary recipes gold and gems.
  9. Congo

    The 3 Ship Meta

  10. Congo

    Devs please read this.

    I like this
  11. Congo

    Player shop / Store

    You guys need to offer something that is worth spending coin on.
  12. Congo

    Cannon balancing.

    Can the devs hire this guy^^^^^^^^
  13. Congo

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    what the hell this is genius. Devs listen to this guy. He can save your game
  14. Congo

    More Pirate PVP WAY LESS Tame PVP

    TOtally agree ma man
  15. Grapeshot, We all came here to play a pirate MMO with survival and PVP. Not an ARK mod. You guys are doing hella good with the changes lately, but more balancing needs to come. And to be honest, im all for tools that help us farm instead of animals. For example a saw with two sides (two players use saw and get bonus wood), saw mills, and some type of carrying carts for horses. Instead of smacking trees with elephants. This would give you guys a chance to go a completely different direction with Tames. The sword fighting and pistol play/bows reminds of somewhat of Reign of Kings. I fell in love with this game for that. Currently swords and pistols are a novelty in PVP, not a staple. I challenge to find anyone who isnt entering a PVP ground battle at current day NOT using flame bears. Its everywhere, its broken, and its not fun. Just my two cents, from someone with over 700 hours into the game.