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    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    This is really odd, like really odd. Community makes it clear by numbers joining the respective servers that they prefer smaller sized tribes - devs stick fingers in ears and decide to modify the preferred server to resemble the deserted one as that is THEIR preferred mode. I really thought they'd understand at last what players want and maybe even consider modifying the majority of Ark official servers to smaller tribes too. Mega tribe gameplay may be attractive to the devs, but it's not nearly as interesting to most players, how many people are actually playing in these mega tribes considering most vet players in them have multiple accounts (in Ark)? Most people I know in Ark tried mega tribe life and found it boring and moved off to unofficial or other games (or small tribe servers when they came in years later). I really am confused by this move. Some patch notes really do need more explanation of the ethos behind it - if they are determined to stick with megas they need to come clean about it. It's their game, it's their choice, but it kinda feels like bait and switch. We'll work more to make Atlas great for smaller tribes.. oh wait, you like that more? Ok, in that case we won't.
  2. FruitBatCat

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    They are gonna release more creatures every few weeks just to keep people interested until they realize the devs have NO ROADMAP AT ALL and no clue what to do with this game. Guess we all now know Ark was just luck, right place, right time. Honestly, what do those reskinned dinos have to do with a pirate game AT ALL - they're not even aquatic.
  3. FruitBatCat

    I wish there was good news for PVE

    Not gonna bother with this game anymore, latest captain's log shows the devs clearly have no interest in PVE, which is fine, it's their game. Maybe they realise they simply don't have enough content for PVE so need to insert artificial PVP like mechanics like island claims and a landlord / serf approach to keep things interesting. There's too many other good games out there to try atm to let this game take up the drive space. I'll check back in 12 months... good luck to all the PVE players sticking with this, hope it works out for you.
  4. FruitBatCat

    Why claims are needed.

    I think we do understand the duties of the landlord and tbh i think landlords trying to manage tenants to pay upkeep and keep their island clean will be few and far between. While I was playing Atlas I spotted some beautifully built 'villages' built on claims, those people 'could' create great communities, but there are no mechanics for them to rent buildings out, provide safe stabling or a dock - with these extra utilities, the system could just work in a minority of cases. The problem is the vast majority of players are not community minded in this way and have very different intentions for their island. We veteran gamers know this, this is the way people are. If I, and most people, had an island I would far rather exclude other people from building on my land through pillars or gates (these are the only ways we can protect our land and ironically what the system is meant to prevent but I feel will make mandatory) and farm once a week to pay any upkeep and keep the place to myself and my tribe. Lots of people in games like these actually enjoy the grind, the farming has always been a big part of these games, players find it relaxing - the bigger your tribe the more likelihood you have a few people happy to grind all the resources necessary. I especially wouldn't want to risk, and would need to prevent, anyone building on, or trolling me, in the short 12hrs I have to clear any structures - I really would have no choice but to exclude other people entirely than risk my island being trashed. And where does that leave the rest of us, back on Lawless, complaining we can't find any land and leaving the game ... again.
  5. FruitBatCat

    Why claims are needed.

    Of course you would say that, and of course you can justify your way of thinking with scare stories of things that happened on Lawless - you are one of the main people and tribes that enjoyed the previous claim system, you were constantly looking for renters and expanding your land. You would have been happy to continue with the old system no problem. You aren't thinking about all the players who left the game as they were not happy under that system or couldn't find land. You don't understand why other players wouldn't want to play rent to you or anyone else, you don't understand why the population in lawless was far larger than claimed land due to not only being able to find land there despite the rampant griefing you think went on there, but also lack of taxes. The whole landlord / serf concept has no place in PVE. Keep claims but limit them severely to just be a way to secure personal land to build, there's no need for anyone to owe / contribute anything to anyone else in PVE.
  6. FruitBatCat


    PVE players don't want to live on someone else's land, we don't care about settlements, owning whole islands, taxes, managing tenants, cleaning our island daily of 'bad' builds or trolls - the only people who find this interesting are those in large tribes or who intend to no-life the game and make absolutely sure they get their own settlement and keep everyone else off it or enjoy the power trip of having lowly slaves. Casual, solo's, small tribes or even those in large tribes who just want to play together and ignore / coexist happily with everyone else won't prosper under these new rules. The more I think about these new rules, the more insane they get. This is NOT PVE.
  7. FruitBatCat

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Not really happy about the PVE changes at all, this doesn't encourage me to come back. So we will still be competing with other players for those claims? A single player can take a small island? That's far too much - and we know people will have multiple accounts. And the large companies will take all the prime land elsewhere? We're still paying tax to landlords? There will still be confrontational gameplay around taking over someone else's claim? Settlements are NOT a good idea for PVE. Let's just have limited claims, no contesting, no tax, claims decay / can be demo'd when abandoned. Claims should just be to have a limited secure building and trading area, nothing else in PVE. I won't be coming back under this new system.
  8. FruitBatCat

    Polls for changes to PvE... Please vote!

    I voted but the tone of the polls was pretty biased. Also not enough options, for example the claims question should have taken account of other problems with claims, it wasn't just some companies took too many, but the contesting and claiming itself were both bad mechanics for PVE. Should have been an option for limited claims per company plus claims despawn on expiry, claiming is immediate (waiting is tedious) and remain as long as maintained. Also no change of ownership of buildings - there were a lot of problems with the current claiming system in PVE, not just some players took too many.
  9. FruitBatCat

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    Gaming certainly brings out the crazies. Haven't read the rest but just the first few lines of this thread is enough to know someone needs to phone their support worker and get their medication bumped up. Don't be so ridiculous. I may not like some of their previous decisions but Jat is doing great, so what if he calls someone shit (via emoji ffs), I'd be calling some of these toxic lunatics more than that if I was him - I vote they ban the OP from this forum permanently. Also please delete this thread.
  10. FruitBatCat

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    I'm surprised but very good to hear!
  11. FruitBatCat

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    CBA to read the rest of the moaning I know is gonna come from the mega tribes over this but just wanna say I loved the ideas coming out of the live stream and am looking forward to getting on the beta server to help test things out. GG Grapeshot - thx for listening.
  12. FruitBatCat

    Attention Paragon company

    No, it's claims only. The only thing being a top company says about the members in PVE is 1. the are the greedy ones 2. they like easy mode gaming. Nothing to be proud of.
  13. FruitBatCat

    Sea Claims

    Maybe only allow sea claims if you have a land claim adjoining it?
  14. FruitBatCat

    You move the patch 16.0 up to 20.0

    Now I know you're trolling. Moving large amounts of resources and that crab are way down low on anyone's wishlist.
  15. FruitBatCat

    Stop lying. Hard work and win

    Because people left the game and the 3 week timers are coming to an end now. If you had tried 2 or 3 weeks ago all land would have been taken with long timers. Context.
  16. FruitBatCat

    Claim Flag Rework Suggestion

    Where in massively multiplayer online does it say you have to play in groups or solo? All it means is it's an online game where there are other players. That's all.
  17. FruitBatCat

    Claim Flag Rework Suggestion

    Unless everyone got 1-3 claims free of cost per steam ID. Also as for paying for claims with gold, that just hurts the little guy starting out with his first 1 flag claim, and if you've covered a large area with flags you have steady stream of gold from taxing treasure hunters anyway.
  18. FruitBatCat

    Upcoming Claim Changes

    Are we forgetting one big reason some players have claimed far too much? The tax system. Remove that and the incentive to keep so much land evaporates for most. Some people have claimed far too much for other reasons, a hoarding mentality, these are the same people who mass pillared in Ark (I'm not talking about protecting important resources or thoroughfares but all out land grabbing to exclude others). There needs to be some kind of mechanic in the game such as limits on the number of claims per player (via steam ID, not alts). I'm not sure claims costing gold, even if it's exponential, will solve much at all unless taxes plus small tribes or solos hoarding is addressed at the same time. & remove the ridiculous leaderboard for the most claims in PVE. Totally pointless and nonsensical in PVE. That could be done TODAY. Just remove it.
  19. FruitBatCat

    Anchored ship moving overnight???

    I had this happen a couple of times, look at your company log, mine said ship (number) was removed, then said ship (number) was added to company and it had moved to just across the border into the next grid. The other time no company message. Odd bug.
  20. FruitBatCat

    PVE Claim

    Bring in a limit, let players know what that limit will be in advance - let players mark the claims they wish to keep before they flip the switch. And if a solo, or small tribe gets upset they will lose the majority of their claims, then let them know you hope they had fun while it lasted but it's a necessary change to save the game.
  21. This is a fundamental flaw in the game - and some of those mega companies are smaller than you think. It's why I don't play anymore but keep checking back to check if they've dumped the leaderboards in PVE and limited claims to allow new players into the game - but no sign of that yet. Very poor, lazy game design.
  22. FruitBatCat

    Latest patch notes

    I'm sorry but it's hardly gamebreaking that anyone can take an elephant with them for 25% more wood, and the overall benefit to the whole player base is welcome.
  23. FruitBatCat

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    Everyone has been complaining about PVP too, should the devs scrap that mode too? I don't comment on PVP mechanics because I don't understand the issues completely as I don't play it. Basing your opinion of a game mode on reddit or forum posts is fine, voicing those opinions or engaging in debate on those issues is ignorant - you should understand that you don't understand.
  24. FruitBatCat

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    So, you are one of the griefers then? Only someone who was doing this would come to that conclusion after experiencing or witnessing this type of griefing. It needed to be stopped.
  25. FruitBatCat

    Luring SOTD's and knocking victims unconscious

    @Dollie This vod is sickening, if these people don't get banned that's even more sickening.