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  1. Meerkat

    speculations Mega Update 3

    New 6 shot hydra revolver gated behind the snowman (ice cave boss)? How funny would that be? How many would rage quit? Please don’t do that devs.
  2. Meerkat

    Higher XP for sailing

    higher XP for sailing AND ship battles would be a welcome change. currently it takes so long to reach max level in a ship that the mythical ship yards are even more pointless than they would be otherwise. it's a little off-topic but there should be another advantage to crafting a ship with a mythical ship yard. leveling faster may be an idea.
  3. Meerkat

    Grand Tortugar

    i wish you luck in this battle, if that's your cross to bear. you will certainly have your hands full. lol btw, it is "bear" not "bare" before you go looking it up
  4. Meerkat

    Grand Tortugar

    grammar fascist!
  5. Meerkat

    Grand Tortugar

    standard bola tame, i think there preferred food is crustacean meat from the crabs although i have not had any on me to confirm it. other meats and vegetables should work according to the grey text when you bola it.
  6. Meerkat

    Cargo Racks

    They’re a little strange but still useful. Don’t attach them until you are ready to use them. You can still hold very large amounts of weight that you otherwise would not be able to.
  7. Meerkat

    Cargo Racks

    different hull configurations are fine, but that's another topic. if you have more weight on the speed hull the ship will go slower, less weight, faster. same with the cargo hull, you have 30% weight on that hull and it will go faster that 75% weight on the same hull. maybe there is some benefit in hull shape that reduces the drag on heavy loads but i am specifically talking about cargo racks here. the way i suggested would be the way most people expect them to work and be universally beneficial on any ship/hull. i am racking my brain to figure out why they implemented them in such a weird way, is there some exploit that i am not thinking of? hmmm i know this is not a ship simulator but the more intuitive a game is the less people rage when they find out weird shit like this.
  8. Meerkat

    Cargo Racks

    this is extremly counterintuitive, more testing needs to be done. missing one really important part of the equation as well. 0 weight, 6 speed, 30% capacity, no crates: 18.4 knots 0 weight, 6 speed, 30% capacity, six crates: ??.? knots 0 weight, 6 speed, 75% capacity, no crates: 11.0 knots 0 weight, 6 speed, 75% capacity, six crates: 6.6 knots this is how i would implement them in a much more intuitive way. first, your ships capacity should be the only thing that determines speed. not 50% with 0 crates or 50% with 6 crates. that's the heart of the problem. the cargo crates themselves should weight a fair bit to balance the benefit of having them. each crate 500kg(?) for instance, so when attached to a ship and empty they are weighing down your ship with no real benefit but when full they are extremely useful for carrying large amounts of cargo. after all isn't that what they are for? basically, things put into them should weight less like the Castoroides in Ark (wood weighs .25 the normal amount). sounds like the way they where implemented is really strange and hopefully it's not too late to change it to a more intuitive, easy to understand and useful way.
  9. Meerkat

    Squids almost a myth

    They spoil very fast, I had trouble taming on 1x even after farming several squids because of spoil timers and low taming %. 3x was a breeze though. If you catch it right after a restart into a 2x weekend you should have no trouble.
  10. Meerkat

    QOL Wish List

    #3 the rocks you mention here are very strange. They appear from certain angles and don’t from others (even if you are standing directly on them). Easy to run a ship into. They also prevent you from building structure through them as expected but don’t actually provide foundation support if you build into them (pillars). Also, the clipping on structures is very unpredictable, S+ rules to clipping would be very welcome. Lastly, I would not assert that something is “very doable” just because you think it should be. This cracks me up when people do this. Refraining from bold assertions on how easy something is to do when it comes to coding should be very doable for you
  11. Meerkat

    Squids almost a myth

    this has been posted in the bug forums. it appears that they are spawning after a restart but them not re-spawning when killed (at least as much). some theorize that they are sharing re-spawns with something else. crabs, sharks, the whales in the trench, who knows. this is what i am guessing based on what i've seen.
  12. Meerkat

    Squid are NOT respawning

    just traveled the entire trench in M12, not one.
  13. Meerkat

    Stupid boss and content wall...

    some guy brought a raft to the kraken fight and actually survived. that's next level leeching.
  14. Meerkat

    The New Red Alert ..

    little more info on this technique here: here's the post of twitter announcing the red alert change, this was a month ago now. i don't use it so i have no idea if this is still in affect or not.
  15. Meerkat

    How do I repair my sub?

    can be any type of alloy, gem, etc. just use what you have most accessible. i just want to know why my sub keeps unpainting itself. i want my green sub plz and thx.