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  1. You will need to reload the map. Also, same thing happened to me on the export character. I don’t know why they decided to put that option where exit to main menu generally is. I think this burned a lot of people. I was able to get structures and tames back with the “cheat givetome” command but the tames where stuck at the current level and could not gain exp.
  2. The AH was controversial in D3 but the lack of trade options in D3 is possibly worse imo. PoE does have a robust trading system but it handled in 3rd party sites which is OK but kind of awkward. I think this idea is great however. Some sort of in game system that you can post trades and prices but still promotes traveling, exploration and interaction. I was initially interested in the AH idea but the more I think about it the less I think it would work. Players would only need to travel to their nearest AH and although it does give a sense of a larger player base you don’t really interact with those players. This system is a much better idea and could even be inter grated into the player shops somehow. This would also need to be accompanied with some sort of way to communicate with the sellers, haggle prices and coordinate trades.
  3. Yes, you can play both PVE and single player at the same time. Unfortunately there is no way to transfer over your PVE structures. Instead take advantage of personalizing your single player settings and trying out some mods from the steam workshop.
  4. Sigh, I hope you read the humor in my statement. I think that came across fairly clearly but maybe not. I don’t condone censorship but not all types of speech are constructive. Yes, you can be critical and still constructive (even if you don’t own the game ). Seems silly that I even need to say this but you and I both know how negative this community can be despite our attempts to make it a little better. Now, hand over the troll food cause you’re gonna get them all frisky.
  5. Please, please, please modify the BP like you did to speed on armor. All the old speed modifiers on armor now say 0. If this is not an intended change, aka bug, let us know so at least we can expect an update/fix at some point.
  6. Ok, phew, it’s not just me. I was really starting to wonder if it was just me and everyone else was actually seeing Chinese. It IS definitely Korean though. I do love how everyone just assumes it’s Chinese, GO MURICA!
  7. Can we take the internet away from Realist and Talono yet? They are clearly only using it to project their own personal hells onto the rest of us.
  8. The fact that you think that people need to be ‘forced’ to work together in order to do so probably says more about you than it does about a specific game system and how it will work. In general people benefit from working together, every successful society that ever existed is based on this. Sure you have you bad seeds, thieves, murderers, internet trolls, but those are generally outliers. If you add a little incentive to this in the form of a game system that builds community, I think you could have not only a game that incentives pvp (which this game already has), but a game that helps build cooperation that any true mmo should have. Seems like that’s missing.
  9. The land claim system is not perfect but it’s better than it was. It seems like they are missing some mechanic that incentives all the settlers on an island to work together or help each other. Not sure what that mechanic is but it feels like it’s missing. At least in pve. Don’t let the upkeep scare you, people will find anything to bitch about on these forums. I haven’t run maps in two weeks and still have over 50k as a solo. Small islands will run you about 100-200g every 12 hours. It’s really not hard to come up with that gold even if you log in for a couple hours every now and then.
  10. I don’t think it’s from placing a structure. What would be the point of placing and demoing structures? I get this message too often. I figured it could be from dropping anchor, but the contribution to the tax bank is something that I haven’t thought about. That could be it as well.
  11. A 30-45 sec timer where you are not attacked after crossing a zone would be ideal. Many fleets end up getting kitted to the edge of a zone naturally so having a grace period where you are not a target would be nice. My close call came on my brig after entering a golden age ruin zone and was flanked by two red galleys and a mixture of red and yellow brigs and schooners. I took HEAVY fire from the galleys and lost about 1/3 of my ceilings on my deck and countless hand rails and misc pieces. Luckily the ceiling my steering wheel was on held in there with a few hundred life and I ended up not loosing but 1 or 2 planks somehow. Although overall damage was massive but spread out just enough that I escaped to sail another day.
  12. Is the water thing a recent change? I remember kitting them into the water and still having cannons and carbine doing laughable damage to them. This was 3-4 weeks ago.
  13. New 6 shot hydra revolver gated behind the snowman (ice cave boss)? How funny would that be? How many would rage quit? Please don’t do that devs.
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