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  1. Thanks for your help. i made it work and everything is ok now my animal still gets xp. but I found a bug when taming an olfend it couldn't hurt me when I fed it. And it looks like it is impossible to plant any seeds on the Blackwood islands..
  2. Is there anything in my setup that i need to change in order to bring up the admin command line? I also don't get it on that ocean map ..
  3. Thanks for the reply I still can't get up the admin command line. now I can also not get into the map it sends me directly to steam where it says that i can download the map but i have already played on the map so it is downloaded .. i have let steam go through all the playing files to atlas to correct any errors but dt didn't help either..
  4. how do i use admin command? if I press TAB or the button above TAB I do not get the line where I can write admin command on. I can't find any place where I can activate it either
  5. I managed to get my character back in the company but the animals were still not mine so I made up some building parts and took everything my character managed to carry with me and exported my character delete what I had saved on the map and started again with the same character.
  6. I was so happy to play the new map yesterday and forgot to create a company. when I was leaving, I didn't notice that it was exporting character instead of leaving the game. So when I noticed it it was to late, so now my character is not the owner of the animal and the buildings on the map. Can I fix it in any way? I'd rather not lose the progress I made in playing yesterday ..
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