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  1. delaigle

    PVE Claim

    how claim can be contest if nobody in area ? It's common or a cheat ? Invisible NPC or pet can be use to perma counter claim ?
  2. delaigle

    PVE Claim

    The only really one problem is i'm alone in all my map and i can't claim because contest, i can't do nothing without one flag and all are inactive. How you want put more player to play and discover the game if gosht player break all. If you can only do first things all the time and wait on sea.
  3. delaigle

    PVE Claim

    That perfect, i've wait 4 days to take only one claim and a solo player have run 4 hours with nothing on the island. This player have no life and no brain so when i need to stop and go work he have take all the island so i can't do nothing now it's perfect. An other game where no-life eand cheat win and never skill or other
  4. delaigle

    PVE Claim

    Hello, I don't understand why it's just impossible to take claim in PVE ? Now we need to wait many days for try to take one flag and when you can, you see a random player just wait to contest your claim and you can't do nothing. It's the good way to have full map with gosht and leave player and just few troll player who fuck like PVP ? They are 3 players in my map and just with 1 i can't play.
  5. It's completly this, all player will go to other servers or other game and good luck for PVP alone ^^ When i see to many empty island and you're only answer is this i understand ^^
  6. Yeah many PVP player are bad, bad player and bad mentality. If you just want play with like player it's on the good way ^^ It's not a surprise to see a major partie who suck it's just probability, all can't be good.
  7. Let just time to all trash player who only PVP for PVP because they can't do something other to PVP offline put all other player out of this game. After this they will go to an other game and this can start to be playable. The developers can not take the responsibility of making a balance game if the players just want to break it and if it's the major part of the active players. You can go for PVE and you lost major part of the game it's bad.