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  1. Razalon

    Not even 1k ppl

    i never Play this Game i wait on Skull and Bones, Statisfactory
  2. Razalon

    Trolling Gamers V23

    Such a joke, this morning was still there V22 now 23. I'm glad that I play the game no more. Such a fool. Dear developers, if you do not want your work to die, do something!
  3. Razalon

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    The Game is DEAD Wipe Confirmed many Player leave Atlas me too, after 834 Hours of Gameplay https://steamcharts.com/app/834910
  4. i know its EA It's about announcing a wipe that will come in a few weeks. There will hardly be another player until then.
  5. The game has potential without question, but if that is not used that can quickly go down the drain. The planning is not clean, especially to announce a wipe to come in the middle / end of March. Do the developers think that still who is playing now? This say it all: Steam Chart Atlas Max. 2 Month the Game is Dead, many Dev´s Error and Miss Planing I have 837 Hours in this Game, and all time be wasted.
  6. Wipe Comes 100% with pach 20.0, he says in Official Twitch streaming
  7. Razalon

    v20 Only big tribe can build free. Nice move XD

    this Game is only Waste of Time ATM
  8. Razalon

    Why play now? Before Wipe

    Yeah thats is the only one to crash ships on the Beach
  9. Why waste time in this game on official servers when they are reset ?! Event Bonus completely pointless. Hardly anyone will play the game before the reset. The developers should release the Contend Patch immediately to save the game.
  10. Your Wipe the Official Servers, Players leave this game and never come back. We are leaving too. 6x Harvesting Event HUAR! But wait Server Wipe, the Event is Bull....
  11. Razalon

    New Chines Tactics to Claim

    you can see it live on G10 ATM
  12. Set Claimflag and wait with a Ship with Crew easy, you can go Offline Crew is Claiming. G10 Company "loong" Chines I hate this Claim System no Chance for Taking Land.
  13. Razalon

    You move the patch 16.0 up to 20.0

    It's about the fact that nothing comes and everything is postponed again and again. and the players it gets boring on the servers.
  14. Dev´s Rly? Trolling Players`? You lose if it goes on like other players
  15. Razalon

    Cyclones now, just really?

    Vote for No Cyclons at Sea, Rain is Ok