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  1. Razalon

    Cyclones now, just really?

    Vote for No Cyclons at Sea, Rain is Ok
  2. Razalon

    PVE Claim

    This Claimsystem is totally Crap 10 seconds remain set claim flag, dont work other claim flag in Range. the best, the claimflag rise up to 20 Days and Hours. No Chance to take a little Landplace. Comany with 3ppl caims 34 rly? WTF
  3. Razalon

    Cyclones now, just really?

    Cyclons are Targeting Players, that sucks so Hard. Its Raining, your on the Sea, you stop and close your Sails and Waiting. Wrong! Your Targeting by Cyclons!! Rly? That makes no fun at Sea!!
  4. After leaving the Killzone for the Kraken to my home Sektor....... i lost my 150 Discovery Points, Krakens Head, And Buff after Travel to other Sektor.
  5. Razalon

    pve Suchen Land in gemäßigten Gebieten

    In welchen Sektor seid ihr?
  6. Razalon

    pve Suchen Land in gemäßigten Gebieten

    Habt ihr Teamspeak oder Discord??
  7. Razalon

    Dear Deffs

    nono Beef but i mean Dev.
  8. Razalon

    @Jatheish Ships Loses on EU PvE

    @Jatheish Many players have lost their ships on the island of E5 in the north by "Pest der Meere"(1562126600) They built pillars from the bottom of the sea to the ships and then sunk them. Details victims: Ice Nation (1174351517) Galleone Lost (-1809016945) Lillie Veritas The rogue: Pest der Meere (1562126600) I do not know the other companys or the players.
  9. WTS Masterwork Treasure Map M12 26,7 2357 Gold Reward 3 Days Left Price 1000 Gold on E5 North Island
  10. Razalon

    EU PvE

    Character is lost from travel C6 to E5, no Loading
  11. Razalon

    Dear Deffs

    A New bigger Ship pls, Ship of the Line III could be nice
  12. Razalon

    pve NA PVE WTB Elephant/Rhino

    We are in E5, we have 2 Ele
  13. Razalon


    Company A goes to Comany B, whats happen with the Stuff from Comany A?
  14. Razalon

    pve EU PVE Search Animal

    Come to E5 we have bears and sell them with Saddle Tell me your Price^^