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  1. nach dem Patch Heute hab ich nur noch 1024, hab 30% verloren durch den Patch
  2. Razalon


    DonĀ“t Drop the Soap
  3. I want Buy Mythos EU_PvE 4g = 1 Mythos
  4. Razalon


    Yes now works fine
  5. Razalon


    Soap? Does one know that? - Okey to Remove the Paint, but i become critical Game Error when i use it...........
  6. Admins, pls block Chines Spam in this Forum
  7. Razalon


    We sell ICE on E10
  8. New Handgun is comming "Revolver" 6 Shoot New Cat is comming New Rat is comming
  9. @Winter your Link doesnt Work
  10. New Ships: Frigate, Trading Ship, Fishing Ship, Company Ship of the Line New SailType XLarge Sails New Shipyard New Deko Objects 20+ New Animal Dog, Cat More Action on the Sea, Pirates with Normal Ships that is what we need And Pls No Bigger Animals
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