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  1. These are valid concerns, but you also give valid solutions. I fully agree.
  2. We should have more variety in items, however I think there are more important concerns to tackle first.
  3. The shovelling skill is pointless atm, however that is off topic. About the salt: we should indeed be able to boil seawater to obtain salt, seasalt that is, which is already a resource in the game.
  4. I agree. They should also do something about the recovery of sunken ships from shallow waters near shipyards.
  5. Fully agree. Makes zero sense to only allow berries. This should be changed asap. Especially as they are allowed to eat other stuff.
  6. I agree. It is silly atm that they cannot repair anything besides the ship's hull.
  7. I created a new company recently, but realized when searching throughout the existing companies that the company section on this website is extremely barebones. You can only search and sort for very few parameters, such as PvP or PvE. This does not help people looking to join a company very much in making a selection out of the hundreds of companies listed. I would like to see more sortable and searchable parameters to be added to distinguish companies. Like in Star Citizen, we should add: - Language - Gameplay/roleplay (e.g. trade, combat, exploration) - Active servers - Hardcore/casual - Grids active (ok, for big companies this might be cumbersome, so there should be an all grids option), at least this will help people to find a company within their area of interest.
  8. The V.O.C trading company runs a marketplace in grid E4 (EU PvP server). You can find our Goods and Wares stall on the beach next to the Freeport harbor of the Southern island in E4. We currently sell (for gold at the marketplace) - Seeds (wheat, pepper etc) - Ship parts (large speed sails) - Personal Weapons and ammo - Ship/base items (preservation bags, diving attachments, water barrels) - Cooking items (grills, water barrels) - Taming gear (saddles up to tier 3) - Vegetables (wheat, rice, chilli etc) - Personal buffs (rum, beer) And much more (no tames atm btw). Feel free to drop by and look at our wares on display (items can be sold out of course). However we are willing to craft or provide stuff on demand for gold or resources of our interest. If you want to contact us, please reply in this thread so we can arrange a transaction.
  9. Not yet, but we are working on it. I do have a shop in E4 South Freeport next to the Freeport harbor on the beach. It is our V.O.C tradepost there. We sell all kinds of wares ranging from large speed sails to guns, ammo, gems, grills etc.
  10. That's your opinion. I and others do not share that at all. I think we need centralized marketplaces or at least be able to see where stuff is sold in marketplaces from a distance through perhaps auction halls.
  11. Thanks for the reply. That's a bad mechanic then if you ask me. Makes any defense tower totally useless except causing a delay.
  12. We constantly need to split and manually remove or add in small increments from a stack till reaching the overencumbered weight status. It would be great to have an option when picking up a stack to fill up till the overencumbered state so that we remain just below that. This would make transporting goods much less finicky than it currently is.
  13. After building a couple of defense towers with cannon I was wondering whether there is any way by which NPC controlled cannon can outrange a cannon bear player. It seems that placing cannon higher up (such as in a tower), does not result in a greater range.
  14. I agree to a certain extent. At least when anchored in shallow waters ships should not sink completely beyond recover and repair. It is ok if damage can be dealt, however allow us to repair the ship so that it can be saved. IRL ships sunk near shipyards/harbors could often be recovered and repaired.
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