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  1. Bleakwise

    Livestream Q&A

    When will exploratoin islands be rebalanced? Even the Crab, Turtle, and Razortooth is not good enough. Either buff the Razortooth, Crab, Turtle, or lower difficulty. Will we ever be able to tame Leatherwings? Can we expect flying machines or hot air balloons or zeppelins at any time? The Pteranadon was my favorite creature in Ark, especially before the nerf, and I would love to see it's doppleganger here. Gryphons would be amazing too. I'm fine with creature difficulty as it is, but it should also go for things like Fire Elementals and Cyclops, gorgons etc as well, and their base HP is way too high. I also think Cyclops are way too big and fast. Their blueprint should be shrunk down and have their run speed reduced.
  2. Bleakwise

    Market place proposal.

    Here is the jist. So, you go to a freeport, and you buy stuff on marketplace, no problem. Here's the catch. The item has to be delivered to "your" freeport in the form of a cargo haul, so you gotta wait around a while to get it. There's another catch. The cargo hall is essentially just a cargo container that some random player has to buy for some gold that can't be looted so we can always just assume it was somebody else's items, or the cargo rack can be taken to the freeport and cashed in for some gold. Player should also have the option to do a pickup and get his items immediatly. You could also pay premium shipping any amount you want to expedite the transfer of your goods, that gold would go 50/50 to the delivery guy and the freeport. Here's the intended effect of the system. It gets players moving goods around. The more people trade, the more they play, the more opportunities you have for piracy. Yes piracy, not just fighting over land like a bunch of cowboys. The money that a freeport acquires would allow players to instantly sell items to the freeport that the freeport lacks, which would probably be resources from further and further zones. The lower they are on the resource the more they will pay, eventually incentivising players to move those resources to that freeport. As for treasure maps, there should be a "map vendor/collector" that you can give treasure maps to for something like 5% map cost. You are then able to buy the map for 20% map cost. The catch now is that the treasure map when bought has no gold in it, instead it has a novelty item that you have to go back to turn into a (not the) "collector" to get the full gold reward.
  3. Bleakwise

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    I like how AoD drop gold now. Sadly Cyclops and Elementals are not re-balanced yet. Needs to be a reasonable way to kill these. I don't want to play Ark where I'm exploiting dodobird AI for kills hiding on a cliff, I want to play a pirate RPG adventure.
  4. If they only did it to AoD then I hardly see the reason of boats getting XP as a valid reason. The amount of XP you get is so paltry, you would have to afk the process on an AoD spawn or something, in which case you're chances lean towards being sunk before max leveling your boat. Not like you can carry more than 500 or so cannonballs anyway on anything less than a brig. Last time I played it all still worked on Cyclops and Rock Elementals and I was doing it because any other method was going to take hours and hours to just down one, but then again hey you can just level your boat on wolves and shit now? More than likely they just made them PVP only items. Whole thing reeks of the "middle school programmers" meme that floats in game chat. Also, not all spawns are reachable by bears as the random map generator likes to stick maps in locations requiring climbing pick ALL THE TIME, and being required to have a crab to do maps is pretty fucking ass, especially when crab can't even reach them all. They really need to add a UObject to the game called "map location" and tag a bunch of them all over the islands (and make them de-activate with structures around), and stop using a random number generator to do it. Sailing for hours to find out the map is in a base or in-accessible by tames is not fun, especially with how easy AotD clip through and get stuck in cliff walls making you have to reset a map that was more than a pain in the ass to get to. It's also going to seriously fuck the end-game content as oil jars and flame arrows were the best way to take the yetis down in the ice dungeon.
  5. They need to add a tool tip to all the items that don't work in PVE anymore that say "only effect players and player made structures and tames" or something. It sounds stupid as hell vs just nerfing xp given to boats, but it's better than a player making a bunch of spear bolts to kill hydra or cannons and grenaids to kill elemental and finding out they don't work in PVE and quitting the game.
  6. That said, the changes are inspiring, such as gold/berries on flag, and I look forward to what they have to show us. I want Atlas to succeed, I want them to show the industry that the Survival MMO (and I mean MMO, not 30 people on a private server) is a feasible genera of games (they've already shown there is an interest in it). I had to take a break because I could not find all the hydra locatoins and all my friends quit the game, so i have no one to nude run the golden age ruins to find hydras before gearing up and killing them since no amount of preperation or group size makes the content defeatable. If they also made it so Cyclops and Hydra and Drake can't take damage from ships then the game is even more broken, as those were the only ways to kill Drake and Hydra and Cyclops without cheesing the game's AI by glitching them out/getting them stuck. PVE in this game shouldn't be based on how it feels to tame Gigas in Ark. I guess we're supposed to spend 100k gold on cyclops tokens and get their health down with well placed carbine shots then tame them. LOL yeah right, people are just going to run around with climbing picks and cheese the fucking AI. Programmers and Asset Creators probably have no choice and are not allowed to fix the game unless a supervisor gets a call from shareholders telling them to explicitly do it. Another case of Wildcard designers not even playing their own games. The studio is talented, they got us this far, I honestly don't think they even got to implement Golden Age Ruins how they wanted, some share holder was like SCALE THE CYCLOPS HUGE and they probably still haven't updated the damage and health from the prototype phase.
  7. How about just reducing the fucking xp that skeletons give to boats? Making cannons do no damage to AoD is the most wankey fix to this "exploit" of leveling boats that I've ever heard of. I mean what an arse-backwards fix. What a bunch of marooons. Do they not know how to use UE4's visual scripting system? Is the programmer unable to put a few lines of code that would nerf the fucking xp given by AoD? Here's a tip, int he function that gives the fuckign ship XP, check if it's a ship, check if it's an AoD, and learn to write a fucking IF conditional, modify the value inside that IF conditional, and call it a day. Don't forget to add a comment ##Bugfix AoD Ship XP; or something for it being shitty spaghetti code. Zero fucks given to anything but losers whining about pvp "exploits" is going to kill this game. Fucking crybabies, should have just blasted their ships at golden age ruins, and Wildcard should be so happy that people are even going to golden age ruins after getting the powerstone. Also, leveling ships the right way might actually occur if sinking SotD were a worthwhile experience. They literally only exist to grind XP, what a fucking horrible game design for a "sandbox" game, and i say that in "" because right now it's just a PVP game that makes you wonder why you're not playing APEX or Chiv. Seriously, give us a reason to kill SotD, it's okay if a PVEr gets his boat sunk on a PVP server doing PVE things. Not like their grasp of PVP gameplay is much better, with fire arrows and swivels being the only viable weapon in PVP after combat actually starts unless you're aim-botting due to the stupid af reload times.... a mini-game to reload, i mean wtf? Oh and they might as well just remove melee from the game, it's garbage. Worst melee system in any game I've played, Ark's was better. PVP meta is literally the fucking bola as of right now, and flame arrows. Honestly you shouldn't even be able to bola players at full health. They did stupid things like this in Ark, literally the Whip ruined Ark PVP. Not to mention that killing stuff on land with your boats should level it. It should be a viable way to level boats. It's not like SotD are a challenge anyway, you just slap two cannons on the back of your boat and fiddle with the sails until they are all dead.
  8. Force Unleashed is another example of a good action packed melee system. Don't do chivalry style melee vs guns and ark style tames, it's NEVER going to be viable. Maybe you could do something with mounted combat on horseback as an alternative to pets auto attack. Make melee hit harder than these pets, bring back the melee damage stat if you have to, at least make it comparable to a low level tame, if you can't do that, then there is no reason I should ever take melee over something like Nature's Cry instead. Fucking pvp is still nothing but people running around with a bow/fire arrows or even more common guys pulling swivel guns around with NPC aimbot, having someone fly around with a carbine on a leatherwing isn't any more broken than that.
  9. So they added another source of meat, probably some straight annoying shit to deal with in pvp, yeah that's going to bring people to the game in droves. Mermaids are already bad enough, the only reason they exist is to check some lore/exploration tickbox to get better stamina recovery in pvp. There should be some underwater dungeon where you go fight the sea-lord who is at war with the other faction of sea-dwellers or some shit so you could buy special blueprints for underwater gear and construction items by joining the faction, but naw, fuck the history of MMOs, it's just something annoying to try and get you from going AFK at sea by making you loose control of your character/boat. How about adding something to the game that forwards progression instead of shit to annoy the player and reduce QOL at sea. We didn't need another source of raw meat, it needs dungeons and mythical islands re-balance. Not that there is any reason to visit mythical islands other than to get powerstones to get torpedoes so you can own any boat in the game with a Schooner.... A magic system that used mythos would be nice too. Maybe mythos would have a value, as currently you only need it for your main shipyards as legendary items are 90% as good often better. The game needs to be more than a pvp sausage feast, and if that's all it wants to be, be that, and quit adding stupid shit like these creatures to the game which just troll you. The SOTD are bad enough, they aren't even worth sinking, the motive just isn't there for anyone who can do a simple cost-benefit analysis. The blueprints are crap, the gold is crap, the guys you rescue are not any better than the ones you can get at freeport, and it takes hours worth of farming just to do them. The only thing to do in this game progression wise is to sail around collecting maps and gathering resource nodes away from your home base. Until they add more PVE content this game is just going to be a cock-fight between twitch streamers to see who has the biggest e-peen as there is nothing really meaningful to fight over. I'm honestly done with this game until golden age ruins become viable. People who keep saying "for high level groups" have little to no experience here. It takes 300 spear bolts to kill a Cyclops, that's about 2 hours of farming on a rhino and elephant per cyclops. It's not even hard to do solo, it's just a huge waste of time for zero even negative reward. The PVE end-game right now is farming yetis for mythos on a bear, and/or killing the hydra over and over again for torpedo ammunition. Most people don't even bother, because taming some low level horses or bears and making grenades and going right to pvp and forsaking the end-game PVE entirely is the more effective strategy, and almost no one can be arsed to do the power-stone quests anyway, especially the ghost-ship powerstone which is pretty much broken unless you cheese it using the server reset timer. Only other reason to visit these "end-game" zones are the tames, which are mostly just vanity pets, as even the Shield-horn and Razor-tooth you find there are almost useless and no help at all in gathering mythos from these islands. Oh and we can't tame leatherwings because we're worried that some 12yo girl might giggle about it being ark with pteranadons, like that is a bad thing (as ark is still one of the top selling games on steam and top viewed games on twitch). Oh and for the love of god fix melee, go play Devil May Cry or Darksiders or Dark Souls or some shit please, nobody wants this half-chivalry half quake-axe abomination of a melee system.
  10. Oh and thanks for nothing on this update. A shit-tame and some sail-skins. Yeah, linking this in social media will convince my friends to come back and will not further alienate disillusioned players from your game. Seriously does Wildcard even play their own games?
  11. Game needs two new boats. It needs something like a sailboard that we can us to get between islands (and carry in inventory), and it needs something between brig and galleon that also uses large planks. Something between sloop and schooner would also be nice for a 2nd small plank boat. Most importantly the golden age areas need complete overhaul/re-balance. These should be areas where people go to pvp/pve and try to hoard it all on a boat, dying re-spawning nearby and getting back in the action. This should get you guns, gold, mythos, blueprints etc. I would suggest you take a tank/dps/healer approach to the game with 4th "roles" being captain and crater or breeder etc.
  12. Please. Or make some floatsums maps. Also make maps hook-able.
  13. As it is now, on something like a brig or gallion, you will either have a weight sail or 2 cargo racks and all speed sails. The all-speed-sail option actually provides more benefit, for the price of 3200 weight on your ship and loss of 20% speed and can carry 16,000 weight in cargo racks. Witha weight sail, you can carry an extra 4000 stones, but you loose more like 25-30% speed. What would be great would be if weight sails would negate the cargo-rack speed penalty. So a small would negate one, a medium two, and a large would negate three. This way having a weight sail and cargo racks wouldn't slow your ship down like 50% of what it originally was with 3 speed sails and no racks.
  14. I feel like ship weight/npc count is way too low. At least NPC count. First of all NPC count doesn't realy make sense int he context of the game. You either have the weight/gold to afford your NPC crew or you do not. I would suggest removing the stat all together (as well as sturdyness) and making it a part of the accomidations stat. You could do something like a soft cap where without the accomidations crew wants more money, which would be offset by the "cheaper crew" skill that captains have. This would tie crew-size to a captian instead of a ship, allowing players who are "captians" to fit more crew on a boat than one who is not. I would also suggest that Studyness and Resistance should be combined, and make sink-time directly relatable to plank health, so 220% resilance means 220% sink time. Boats tend to sink from damage and not taking on water anyway, and with some of my other suggestions like a "maintenance deck" that could be placed on a cannon port to repair your ship and throw water, along with passives from captienerring like immproved ship maintanance, efficent repairs and crew education would greatly empower the captianeering tree. I also dislike the "damage" talent on ships. If anything I would suggest that this be swapped to an NPC stat, so we might have something to level on NPCs instead of food or health. Having high quality or named NPCs would perhaps then be a side-quest in Atlas, like perhaps we would rescue some Legendary NPCs guys from dungeons or free them from slavery by buying them from merchant ships, or getting them off the ghost ship or off ships of the damned with some RNG What I mean is, get rid of the default stats for NPCs as players, and give them just Health (and let it level like player health, 3 per pt), Melee damage, make weight unchangable or cap it, and make it level decently. put a cap on food, then have stats like "cannonier" or "repairman" or "oarman" or "sails" that we could level up. All of these stats would have different caps, and depending on the quality of the NPC the caps would be different. Basically just have NPCs like an item, common, adept, journeyman, master, legendary and mythical. I wouldn't even make NPCs levelable anymore, or just make them all start at 1 and end at 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 or some such depending on their quality, and of coures their base stats would reflect whatever quality they were, but they all start at level 1. So you have classes and quality of NPCs, now, all that's left to do is male them sell-able. To do this you could sell the NPC to the freeport as an indentured servent. Players could then purchase them by buying their freedom. This would add another activity to the game, slaving. If you sunk an enemy ship you could capture some of their NPCs and sell them (they won't work for you) or you could capture them off ghost ships and sell them. You would have to use handcuffs on them which would make them follow you for 60 or 90 seconds or something and then put them in a cage, take them to a freeport or a "pirate port" or something and sell them off. This would allow you to buy higher quality NPCs than the ones you get from freeport. I would also make it so that the prices fluctuate based on market demand based on the number of purchases recently compared to the others. For example, if players bought Legendary 100 cannon NPCs and 50 oarmen, the price of Legendary Oarmen would go down vs cannoners, and if only 10 repairmen were sold their price would go down more. I would say each "tier" should be put in their own league, and each type in their own price point, and at the very worst make it so that a legendary would cost the same as a journeyman, so if say journeyman cannoneers if bought up would max out at 100 gold, while a legendary if it never hardly sold due to not being much better or whatever would also sell for 100 gold, while the same situation for legendary and mythical would be 400 gold, while mythical could cap out at 800, or whatever that number may be. Selling them back to the NPC pirate slavers would net you a net price of a quarter of whatever their base price is, so say 75 for a journeyman, 100 for a legendary or 200 for a mythical, or whatever that number might be. You would still need the crew slots to cart the NPCs around, but maybe they would only count 50% as long as they were in a cage, so having 4-5 extra slots would letyou hold 8-10 captured NPCs as long as they were in cages. That said, you wouldn't have to pay the NPCs but you would have to feed them. You should also have the optoin to sell to other players directly by letting them come on your boat and buy the NPC out of the cage. So they would put gold ont he 0 slot, press E, and the NPC would geta payment as if rescued, and the gold would go into your ship's resource box. This could also be something players could setup at the "pirate market ports" or what have you. I would suggst the pirate markets behave much like freeports, except no decay timers. Instead, have it so that after 30 minutes to an hour players have to pay a fee to stay there or then they can be attacked. This would allow players to dock their boats and sell goods there provided they are paying gold. The gold would come from the resource chest of the boat that is docked. I honestly think this would be a great way to handle "safe zones" that are NOT starter zones, as these starter zones allow you to build, and these zones would not.
  15. Just do this. I want to have a better reason to have catapults on my ship-deck. Being able to launch players at enemy ships would be golden, which I think is in game? But even better allowing players to launch themselves. Would go perfect with a wingsuit, and would change the dynamic of chasing/running from ships, as you could fire a person with a wing-suit onto a fleeing ship, and they might want to put swivel guns on the back of their boat and on deck to counter it.