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  1. All loot tables now have a chance to drop an already-crafted version of an item rather than just the blueprint. This is very useful! Finally, you can got something really valueable, and not just blueprints. Very nice! Very good change. Now i have at least one reason to check those treasure chests. Thank you developers) Hope you'll add even more rewards on doing pirate things, and exploration.
  2. I wish you a goodluck and to success with it! Atlas is great game and has no analogues. It needs this changes!) You've made a goddamn right desicions in this roadmap. Long live Atlas! Love you developers!
  3. Is there some player shops on your islands? Or maybe you know where they are. Please tell me. I'm creating a trading route on EU PvP.
  4. Does anybody know what costs to have a player shop on freeport and on other islands now? And can you tell how to build it? In my opinion btw for a 1 or 2 person company players player shop are very very useful, where you cannot make a weapon or some other tools and now you can find and buy it. its great!
  5. Yes, it will be VERY nice! Please give it to us! Please Developers!
  6. it will be very nice))) Hope they gonna make it!
  7. Yes i want it too. Very much. We need it!
  8. Yes, I think this is sad, those npc traders so useful. The only reason is for blueprints, to have different types of resources, to craft blueprints. Very disappointed. Hope that Player-to-player trading will be better. If it will be at all.
  9. Wow, thank's a lot for the information)) So you strongly recommend to increase the Fortitude I guess? It is a very helpful thing in that case
  10. Then why does it say the following?: ...and the rate of decrease of all vital stats
  11. Did I understand correctly that if you increase the Fortitude parameter, you will need less vitamins, food, and water needs?
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