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  1. I thought that might be the case, but when I look at them it says "0/20 Mutations", so I thought that ruled it out.
  2. Twice recently I had babies born with higher stats than either parent. Specifically, I had a tiger born with weight stat of 10 when the highest weight stat of either parent was 8. Then right after that I had another tiger born with attack of 11 when his parents both had 9. Anyone know if this is expected behavior? Is there just a random chance of that happening? Also, it occurs to me as I'm writing this that no one on official will have any idea, because you can't see animal stats. The only reason I know is because I'm playing on unofficial (Blackwood) with the Super Spyglass mod that someone brought over from Ark.
  3. Now with single player mode added, I'm even more anxious to get Ansel support. In Ark, Ansel only worked in single player mode, as it pauses the game when you activate it.
  4. Anyone find anything besides ruby? I need 3 different types of gem to craft the submarine. I heard there was some in the Mermaid city, but I can't go there without the submarine, so that's doesn't help.
  5. Atlas is listed on Nvidia's website as a game that supports Ansel. I can see files for it in the Atlas game files, and it's supported in Ark. Anyone know if it really is supported, and if so, how to use it?
  6. FINALLY finished my galleon. I just play with one friend, so it's quite the accomplishment. ^_^
  7. Anyone have a preserving bag handy? There's enough salt here to preserve meat.
  8. Must be nice to be part of a giant company that has the manpower to gather the resources by hand to build a galleon, but I play just me and one friend. If we were just gathering by hand, that would take 6 months. No thank you. Quit asking for Wildcard to remove features just because YOU don't like them. If you want to play with a feature removed, play on an unofficial server. I'm sure there's one out there that has taming disabled.
  9. Yup. I and everyone I play with are 100. Gotten used to it now. No plans to go to the FOY.
  10. I don't mind the patch size, I'm just staying it's weird that it would take 3x longer to install a patch than it would do download. Normally when you finish downloading something on Steam it's ready to go immediately.
  11. I have never encountered this with any other game on Steam. This latest patch was 4.3 GB, and it took me about 15 minutes to download. However after that it took another 45 to install. I assume that's what it's doing anyways. My network usage is 0 but my disk usage is cranking away at 35mb/s for 45 minutes. What the heck is it doing? Even small patches is the same story. Takes way longer to install than to download. Anyone else experiencing this? And I think this was just a fluke, but with today's patch it did it twice. I downloaded and installed it, hit play, and then then it started the 4.3gb download AGAIN. Hopefully this time it will work.
  12. No. Riding animals is a core pillar of the game's design. That was made very clear in both the trailer and the description before the game was released. If someone "signed up" for a mount-free game, then it's their own dumb fault for not doing their research. If you want a pirate game with no mounts, play Sea of Thieves.
  13. That would be fine if you lived on an island that had every animal available. Unfortunately such an island doesn't exist. If there are no Elephants on my island, I have no choice but to travel to another, tame it, and bring it back.
  14. This has happened with one of our elephants. I have them follow me now just to be safe. Super frustrating.
  15. The wolf has been nerfed to the point of being useless as a mount. It's carry weight is a joke (simply having a set of tools, a couple weapons, and armor is enough to encumber it), it is fairly slow, even when not encumbered, and it's health and attack are kinda meh. I guess this is the dark side of asking for endless nerfs on wild animals.
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