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  1. Gfnjr

    Latest patch notes

    Patch says debuff has been removed. Guess I'm the 2nd. Ark is the reason I was interested in Atlas. I love the animals. I wish there was more lol. I find taming in Atlas actually fun. I'm sure I'm in the minority on that.
  2. Gfnjr

    Final Straw

  3. Gfnjr

    Whistles not working for anyone else?

    Just noticed "U" isn't working for me, haven't noticed any others not working. Have to manually focus on tame and hit "Y"
  4. Gfnjr

    The damned ships are too aggressive

    Weird, I've yet in about 300 hours had one aggro on me unless I fired upon them. Will be playing in morning to see if there were changes made.
  5. Gfnjr

    stop the tame crap this isnt ark

    If anything add more tames!!!!! I wish there were 20 more right now. I love taming and "collecting" them Lol. I want more "region" specific ones and rare ones. Keep them coming!!!
  6. This happens all the time, especially when I fast travel to another grid.
  7. Gfnjr

    2x discovery points

    It's definitely crazy at times, usually I take one step on island to get that initial discovery then proceed to sail around island using spyglass. If I don't see that blue bubble I usually dip and on to the next one. Lol
  8. Gfnjr

    2x discovery points

    Seems to alternate from 23 then 24 for some reason
  9. Gfnjr

    2x discovery points

    This is a good start. Whoops sorry @Vaenix , meant to quote @JC67
  10. Gfnjr

    2x discovery points

    Good stuff my friend! Sincerely appreciate those words, I suffered thru it all, watched every minute and NOW it's hopefully changing for the better. I got ships named "6" after Baker, and several other Browns themed lol. Nice to hear you had a great time in Cleveland also! Back on topic for moment, I really love sailing and exploring. I think it's a great way to get people to up their level. I think if they announced in advance and told people about a 2x discovery it would go over much better than the 3x they tried.
  11. Gfnjr

    2x discovery points

    I've came across several that must have been bugged and this happened to me also. Search all over and finally find it for it not to work Ugh! @boomervoncannon Lol avatar comment
  12. Gfnjr

    2x discovery points

    @Jatheish and company, can we please have a 2x discovery weekend also?
  13. Has the roll back happened yet? @Jatheishmentioned recently that this feature will be enabled later in week F.Y.I
  14. Gfnjr

    Bear died after moving it on Schooner.

    Also has happened to me twice. Two wolves actually and I swear I seen the one go under water it looked like and then maybe drown. Ugh! Was my favorite one. Didn't actually know you could just have them follow! Great tip because it's so much easier treasure hunting with a tame.
  15. Just make it 1.5 points instead their initial change of 3. People hopefully wouldn't whine as much. But they better do it soon, the longer they wait the worse it will be. I actually love doing this. I made a ship just for it, has all the essentials and literally sailed straight up now half a map, just made a turn and gonna head back toward starting point. I've gotten around 80 points doing this in 3 irl days I originally just planned on the ship either getting destroyed when done or leaving somewhere I could spawn to but have gotten decent resources not available where I'm from. So will try to make it back home.