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  1. Seriously, Come on Devs! You add a damn FOUNTAIN, yet we still can't even fill our water skins or jugs from the water spouts! It has been already how many patches!?!?!
  2. My personal issue with current guns is not the mini-game, but their effectiveness vs. their cost in all respects (Skill Points, Crafting/Repair Cost, Bullet Costs). I posted my observations in this post just after v10 hit.
  3. It is such a MAJOR update it took 2 bullet points to write. And 0 changes to guns
  4. Sorry but that is not how it works! Here is how you read it: Requires 2 distinct sub-types of resources: 2 types of non basic fiber of quantity 4 each 2 types of non basic hide of quantity 13 each. Enjoy! Edit: by non-basic I mean any resource that is not received from dismantling or from Freeport. Example: You DON'T WANT: Metal - Metal, or Fiber-Fiber, or Flint -Flint. You WANT something like Jute - Fiber and Cotton - Fiber and so on.
  5. Hello All, Just like we have taxation building, it would be very cool to also be able to build trade hubs and hire NPCs that would act as shopkeepers. You would be able to set up trade values in gold for sale and purchase or even in direct resource to resource conversion set by players. I know it is probably got going to happen, since it is hard to come up with a mechanic where this kind of building would be safe from destruction and looting, as well as poor NPCs will be most likely pillaged and raped. Still, just a suggestion. I enjoyed this kind of aspect of the game in Star Wars Galaxies. Cheers.
  6. Yesterday me and and my crew mate went on an expedition to a small island in the tundra region and there were at least 25 wolves and 6 lions constantly spawning. We would kill off a group of 15 and while working on the rest of the wolves and lions a new spawn of 3 wolves and a lion would spawn creating a never ending spawn of predators. After spending almost an hour clearing these packs we ended up with a count of kills which totaled in 98 wolves and 25 lions which we killed and still could barely touch the land as they kept on spawning and denying us access to the beach. So in no certain terms we decided to leave this hellhole and continue on to the next. P.S. most of these predators would spawn with a level of 1-5 or 15-24 constantly. And even after killing as many as we did I barely gained any XP at my current level of 48.
  7. I have no prejudgment about guns or bows, I am just stating the observations I made. I agree with you on the idea of how these weapons should work, but at the current state they are not working in that exact fashion. However, I do have a certain efficiency stance on the subject matter - the absolute value of the cost for the guns and bows (in terms of attribute point investment and material cost) versus their efficiency is what bugs me a little bit. In my personal opinion, these resources and points would be better spent on other skills and passives. Thank you!
  8. Hello all! Instead of bashing the change, I decided to go and lay out the current state of the bows and firearms in general for myself. I like thinking and taking notes, so I am just going to go through this for myself while taking notes in here. As I do so for myself, you will get to reap the information I gather. So let's go to it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reload Timers------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bow Reload Timers Test Quick Draw shot = 1 sec Full Draw shot = 3 sec Pistol Reload Timers Test NO RELOAD SPEED BONUSES Perfect Reload = 15 seconds Auto Reload = 19 seconds Spam click (complete failure ) = 20 seconds _____________________________________________ +30% Reload Speed Perfect Reload = 12 seconds Auto Reload = 16 seconds Spam click (complete failure ) = 17 seconds ____________________________________________ Carbine Reload Timers Test Perfect Reload = 15 seconds Auto Reload = 20 seconds Spam click (complete failure ) = 21 seconds ____________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DPS TESTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Test #1 Object: Training Dummy Bow skills = 0 All Gun Reload Skills. Bow : 4 x shots at 35 dmg each Dummy DPS score of 28 Pistol: 1 x shots at 90 dmg each Dummy DPS score of 18 Carbine: 1 x shot at 160 dmg each Dummy DPS score of 32 I don't trust this meter since it has a flawed truncated calculation method based on 5 second rule. Test #2 Object: lvl 7 Giraffe Field Test Carbine shot = 136 Dmg Extrapolated Perfect Reload DPS: 136/15 = 9.06 Extrapolated Auto Reload DPS: 136/20= 6.8 Extrapolated Spam Click Reload DPS: 136/21 = 6.48 Flintlock Shot No Buffs = 75 Dmg Extrapolated Perfect Reload DPS: 75/15 = 5 Extrapolated Auto Reload DPS: 75/20= 3.95 Extrapolated Spam Click Reload DPS: 75/21 = 3.75 Flintlock Shot +30% Reload Buff = 75 Dmg Extrapolated Perfect Reload DPS: 75/12 = 6.25 Extrapolated Auto Reload DPS: 75/16= 4.69 Extrapolated Spam Click Reload DPS: 75/17 = 4.41 Bow Shot No Buff = 34 Dmg Extrapolated Quick DPS: 34/1 = 34 Extrapolated Full Reload DPS: 34/3 = 11.33 In this controlled test we are able to see that the Bow wins even with 0 buffs. However, this example does not include a situation where multiple pistols are worn and the switch can be done within 2 seconds between each shot, but even in that specific case the damage of the pistols would go up to about 37.5 in which case the pistol would win the damage race. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SKILL POINT COST------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let us look however on the other side of the problem that is caused by this firearms nerf. The problem is the investment cost of Bow vs. Firearm First cost is in Skill Points: Bow requires these skills: Tools of Trade (1 point) > Archery (3 points) totaling 4 points for non-buffed damage explored above. Flintlock requires these skills: Tools of Trade (1 point) > Archery (3 points)> Ballistic Studies (2 points) > Improved Ballistic Studies (4 Points) > Expert ballistic Studies (10 Points) > Sapper (6 points) > Firearms Unlock (4 Points) > Pistol Basics (2 points) a total of : 32 points for 0% reload buff weapon crafting; (32 total) +14 points for +30% reload buff; (46 total) +24 points for Carbine unlock; (70 total) Bow once again wins in accessibility and point cost. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CRAFTING and MAINTENANCE COST------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second is the Crafting and Maintenance Costs: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bow (Can Be crafted anywhere!) 60 fiber 6 Hide 22 Wood Bow Repair 1/2 resources: 30 Fiber 3 Hide 11 Wood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flintlock (Crafted ONLY at the Smithy!) 16 Flint 18 Hide 36 Metal 8 Oil 22 Wood Flintlock Repair 1/2 resources: 8 Flint 9 Hide 18 Metal 4 Oil 11 Wood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carbine (Crafted ONLY at the Smithy!) 65 Alloy 3 Flint 32 Hide 20 Oil 85 Wood Carbine Repair 1/2 cost: 33 Alloy 2 Flint 16 Hide 10 Oil 43 Wood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clearly, yet again Bow wins! Last but not least the per bullet cost as well as accessibility of resources in materials goes up exponentially when we compare Bow to Flintlock and Carbine making per shot cost yet again in favor of the bow. Sadly, bows are currently the most powerful weapon and the cheapest weapon with ease of access in our hands, at least when it comes to culling the wildlife. Hope this helps.
  9. UPDATE: Trees started to slowly re-spawn. Still no large rock or iron.
  10. Hello, Our tames were killed inside their pen by a snake that was attacking them from the outside of the walled in area. Tamed animals were unable to attack through walls but the spawned npc snake was. Spawned NPCs can also hit players through fully enclosed walls. Please fix this. Thank you.
  11. NA PvE J3 no resources re-spawning either after the patch. UPDATE: The only resources that seem to be coming back are small loose stone pebbles on the beach. Others such as Wood, Iron and Large stone does not re spawn.
  12. It is a bit ridiculous. Most of the islands are very small and the radius at which the foundations block resource spawns are ridiculously large. This is not ARK, they should not impose this silly mechanic on this game. Furthermore, this is one reason why most of the official servers in ARK were shit, people would spam foundation claims and block resources just because they felt like being trolls.
  13. In current patch the Firearm damage is absolutely the worst. Considering the point investment to get the firearms and especially the carbine and the cost of making/maintaining these guns which lose durability per shot, paired with extremely long reload animation even with perfect minigame and all the perks, I am able to shoot 7-9 arrows which do about 11 dmg without any perks thus about 77-99 dmg. I seriously see no point to guns at this stage as they are a costly investment and way less dmg at the cost of higher maintenance cost. Yes, I am aware that I can wear 6 pistols and a carbine at a time, but even then it is pitiful as each hit or miss is way more expensive in the long run. sigh....
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