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  1. ponzischeme

    I7 missing discoveries??

  2. Can you please make it so that we can retract a certain amount of mats from ship resource boxes and we are not obliged to double click ourselves to death or to press T whenever we want resources from the ship resource box? I craft alot and I have to always get unnecesarily large amounts of resources out of the box purely because we cannot specify the amount.
  3. Please look into the visual bug that happens when a ship is anchored close to land and when you are trying to climb the ladder it either doesn't work and it just kinda teleports you to the ladder position. There is another bug where when you are climbing the ladder it shows that you are kinda climbing horizontally inwards and under the ship then suddenly you show up on top. There is another common bug with ladders when you are overweight. Most of the times you fall off at the last ladder when you are overweight. Please look into this. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone! As topic states, we are auctioning off our Large Mythical Shipyard craft. price starts at 18k. Bidding starts at 6 PM CET and ends at 12:00 AM CET. Minimum bid is 500 over current bid. If you want to bid just ping me with price. Bidding starts in 5 minutes in EU-PVP-Shark's Frenzy. Good luck! Or hit me up on eu-pvp-trading. [HorizonsEU]Lorand Good luck!
  5. Hello everybody, we are doing a sale prices are going to be good so be quick to pick them up. INTELLIGENCE SALE CLEARANCE ~~ ----ALREADY PRECRAFTED! WTS x4 Legendary Cloth Boots x12.+% /0/12 Upgrades WTS Mythical Cloth Hat x17.647% / 0/10 Upgrades WTS Mythical Cloth Hat x16.351% 0/10 Upgrades WTS Mythical Hide Hat x17.343% 0/23 Upgrades WTS Mythical Hide Hat x18.784% 0/25 Upgrades WTS Mythical Hide Hat x18.876% 0/25 Upgrades WTS Mythical Hide Hat x20.382% 0/27 Upgrades WTS Mythical Plate Gloves x16.601% 0/2 Upgrades WTS Mythical Plate Gloves x22.122% 0/3 Upgrades WTS Mythical Plate Pants x11.012% 0/12 Upgrades WTS Legendary Plate Shirt x14.269% 0/20 Upgrades WTS Legendary Plate Shirt x14.716% 0/21 Upgrades SELLING CHEAP PM ME WITH OFFERS. WTS WEIGHT BLUEPRINT CRAFTS Mythical Cloth HAT x10.647% Legendary Fur Cap x10.072% Mythical Fur Leggins x18.534% Mythical Plate Boots x13.737% Mythical Plate Boots x15.182% Legendary Plate Pants x7.249% WTS HEALTH BLUEPRINTS Mythical Plate Boots x14.136% 6 Upgrades 6 Craft Journeyman Plate Boots x6.336% 15 Upgrades 15 Craft Journeyman Plate Gloves x4.719% 16 Upgrades 16 Craft Mythical Plate Pants x14.646% 5 Upgrades 21 Craft Masterwork Plate Shirt x5.0775% 2 Upgrades 30 Craft Mythical Fur Boots x11.778% 13 Upgrades 18 Craft Masterwork Fur Boots x7.701% 19 Upgrades 19 Craft Legendary Fur Gauntlets x9.546% 14 Upgrades 11 Craft Masterwork Fur Gauntlets x5.652% 7 Upgrades 16 Crafts Legendary Fur Leggins x5.848% 10 Upgrades 10 Crafts OFFERING Mythical Shipyard Large & Small both 175% CRAFTING SERVICES pm me for details. Selling INTELLIGENCE crafting services 500g per craft. Max intelligence is 1050+. Max rolls include up to 43.6+%. Crafts that roll under 15% are free YOUR MATS. Selling Imprinted Bears with good lineage pm me for details Selling Crabs daily good prices.
  6. This was fixed today. Good job devs.
  7. PLEASE FIX THIS. I just lost my x18.75% Cloth Mythical Head that I was collecting since day 1 reset to make a full mythical health set with sick stats so I can effectively pull out around 6-700 HP Build. Good luck, 20% just went down the drain because of this garbage bug. As you can see I've already lost two blueprints, at this point I am already getting superstitious and I am trying to craft all my important crafts so they don't turn into this. Last patch the same thing happened, I thought that it would be fixed. Obviously it was not. Not to mention that once I've had one Mythical Cloth Head Piece Bug out in my head slot, I couldn't unequip it. Please look into this. It Always seems to happen to cloth head pieces, or any random BP/craft can turn into this if stored or something i honestly don't know.
  8. ponzischeme

    Please fix this nonsense...soon.

    Please look into this, not only does it make for sketchy buildings, it doesn't even allow us to make nice builds, i have to use foundations instead of walls because they are the only components that have good terrain clipping. Its annonying.
  9. I've noticed that the game crashes when NVIDIA boost lowers clocks on my 1070TI to lower an already over-demanded GPU, and the game instantly crashes. Can you please look into this?. Also after these crashes the game bugs out on log-in screen and i have to alt F4 and relaunch to actually get back into the game again. SO ANNOYING. Thanks!
  10. Please make it so that when you open up the Atlas make it doesn't ruin the user experience, currently as it stands. All I see on the map is ugly text with taxation, random names, ownership and such. Can you make it so that this information can be toggled on or off or make it so that when you hover over an island that info shows up? Would make the map so much more cleaner. Thanks
  11. ponzischeme

    Im not sure whether there is weather

    Same, no issues with water in barrel, but in all honesty I have not noticed bad weather/ hurricanes and such.
  12. ponzischeme

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    Btw, how am I supposed to get in touch with the person that i agree trading with?
  13. ponzischeme

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    Also, can you add a delivery option? Like delivery, or no delivery / how much are you willing to pay with delivery / meet halfway. Also I put up a sale for an intelligence build, and i stated the stats they give in the extra info tab. but there is no way for people to see the extra notes on the order list?
  14. ponzischeme

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    Your order is cancelled, I switched servers and your order 17 is not on the list. In our own order list, the orders will still show, I do not allow users to delete records from the database, for security reasons. What I maybe could do is to not show cancelled orders on your personal order list. This would maybe feel more like a cancel to users? Sorry I was too tired to look to the right yesterday when checking it out. I will be adding other items to the resource lists over the weekend, it's just a lot of copy and paste from the wiki . I do have your blueprint png/jpg idea in mind, and I am going to implement it soon. Please have a look at poe.trade which is the market standard for Path of Exiles, and we are talking hundreds of thousands of items. I think something similar should work well. The JPG/PNG format is a good ideea, but i think it would be easier be able to select and item > add stats. Like for example Sell order > Cloth > Shirt > Select Secondary Stat 1, 2, 3, 4, be able to specify armor, durability etc. But again check poe.trade - Here is another idea that I've had. Maybe you can do an advanced search where I am only interested in searching 2 grids distance all around my grid. Also, I see that you have a recommended price for an item, is that a test or something, what formula are you using the predict an items price? Also may I recommend you change the domain name as currently its difficult to remember and you have to bookmark it. If it has a much shorter name like the trade domain, atlas.trade ( its already taken ) it would be so much more user friendly and you could get much more feedback.
  15. ponzischeme

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    As far as I can see, this is not functional. I tried placing an order, thats fine and dandy. But the order list is not working. I cannot see any other order made by other people. Even though there should be some. I noticed my order ID was 17, so somebody else definetly bothered trying this out. This could be a good project but it needs work. - It has to actually work( I can't see any orders from other players.) - Tried cancelling an order I made. It gives me a pop-up message that says its been cancelled but in fact, its not. - I would like to trade a lot more things, like for example Crafts, blueprints, etc. I would to see this go a bit further and be able to upload a .png format of a blueprint that is for sale or to be traded. Something simple, people can snippet it and make it work quick, or figure out something that is more efficient. Its a great ideea. I don't know what Grapeshot is doing with their market, but I have to say I feel like trading in a game like this should be absolutely vital. Currently it is not. And we are missing out on content. Like pirating, like crafting, like trading/trade routes, a lot more.