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  1. I have done a manual activation for you. You need to check with your email provider to make sure that email from "atlastrader@atlastrader.trade" does not get blocked. This is the email used for all account activation and communications.
  2. Gold is not really a requirement to buy things. It's more like a base standard. I have been using this system to trade resources I have a hard time finding. You can send a message to the other person and arrange things with them. But it is true, if this is going to work, we need people to start using it. At this point there is around 20 orders out, made by only about 4 users. For those wanting to try before they buy, I attached a few screenshots. There are (not in order of appearance): Your user profile with notifications The list of orders One order detail with the messages between players on the bottom A linked discord channel that receives notifications.
  3. Relaunch of V2.0 of the Atlas Trade Helper system. Now has webhooks to your own Discord channel to notify you of new orders, on the fly. 1st post has a link to the general discussion where the home topic of this system is.
  4. Relaunch of V2.0 of the Atlas Trade Helper. Complete revamp and new features. See Patch notes on 1st Post
  5. On the tender, right at the bottom is a chat section
  6. I will take a look at that trading site, maybe they have some ideas that could work here also. The advanced search was an idea I had, in fact what I was thinking was to display the whole 15x15 map and show how many orders are in each grid. Or something like that, I am still thinking about it. The recommended price, at the moment is calculated in this way: When an order is completed, and both parties confirmed it, the system lets the order owner rate the tender on his performance. When that is processed, the system looks at the order, what item was traded, what quantity was traded, and the gold amount stated. This then gets added to the specific resource and an average price per item is calculated. When I populated the database, I inserted a dummy amount of 1 gold for each 1000 items. This will hopefully change and evolve as people start using the system. Soon more valuable items will have more expensive prices, according to the community supply and demand. This is however only a statistic, and people can ask whatever price they want.
  7. I apologize for the "Field 'rating´╗┐' doesn't have a default value" error. It has been fixed. It was a minor database error from the importing process between the development environment and the live version, I thought I got them all. Order ID is quite important, when someone communicates with you about a specific order, you need to be able to find it, if you have a big list of orders. Server could be omitted and simply displayed on the title or something. I don't know if people do server hopping, where they have profiles on several servers, this is why I kept the server, so people would know on what server they are currently on, on my system. Also the server is selectable in your own profile. I could add an option to specify when you normally play, and your time zone. Getting online status from the game, is not possible, i think. Unless they make an API 3rd party developers can interface with. Communication with each other is only possible on tenders. A tender is when you see an order, and you are interested in doing the order. So when you see an order you can do, you tender for it. The order owner and you as a tender can then communicate directly on the tender. I did this because maybe there are 4 guys that want to deliver your wood to you, and now suddenly all 4 of them rock up at your shore, wanting payment. So on my system, the order owner and all the tenders can talk, then the order owner chooses the tender they want to trade with. The other tenders gets closed and the order goes into "waiting for delivery" status. At the moment the avr price is across all servers. But the more I think of this, the more I am thinking of having it on a per server basis. As a side note, under Help->about I have written a small explanation of how the system works. If I need to add more content to the help section, please let me know.
  8. @PONZISCHEME Thanks for your feedback. I have just taken a look. You are currently the only person registered to the PVP EU server, most orders are currently in PVE NA. We also only have 14 people registered yet. The order ID's are global, across all servers, that is why you get order 17, the other 16 were placed across the other 3 servers, some of them could even be cancelled. Your order is cancelled, I switched servers and your order 17 is not on the list. In our own order list, the orders will still show, I do not allow users to delete records from the database, for security reasons. What I maybe could do is to not show cancelled orders on your personal order list. This would maybe feel more like a cancel to users? I will be adding other items to the resource lists over the weekend, it's just a lot of copy and paste from the wiki . I do have your blueprint png/jpg idea in mind, and I am going to implement it soon. This is a big work in progress project. The more feedback I get, the better we can all make it.
  9. I know the shops are coming, and I do not think this app would suffer because of it. The shops is a good start, and I am glad the devs are adding it. I only have one problem with shops in general in most games. It's a mess. In ATLAS there are several free ports, and by the sounds, the shops will be in free ports. Free ports currently are too laggy, and I avoid them like the plague, imagine what 150+ player shops will do to those region performances. But let's give the devs the upper hand here, lets say they fix the lag and things just work. You still need to travel to one of several trading hubs, with no idea if what you want is there. Even if you put up shop, it might be weeks before anything is sold, simply because your shop gets lost in the clutter. I have played many MMO's in my life, the best markets to sell stuff is WoW and Eve style global markets, anything else is a mess and quite inefficient. I truly hope our devs will add a global marketplace. Until then, this app is as close as we can get, and I suspect players who enjoy a global market will support it.
  10. I will be adding animals, armor and weapons shortly to the items available for trade. Some of the other suggestions are quite good and I will be looking into how to implement them. I especially like the idea of being able to trade for multiple items and even for unspecified amounts. The challenge I have with this is the fact that the system has market values for items. It records how many items are sold and for what price, to calculate an average price for the items. I added this because if the app gets popular, supply and demand will start to influence market prices. This could be used to create trade routes and even to control certain market items. Players could in fact "play" the markets for profit. But if users are not interested in the value of items, getting rid of such a feature might also be an option, but for now I would like to see how that goes.
  11. Here is a link to the main thread under general discussions: I thought I would add a link in here because it is related to trading, and it might get lost in the clutter on general.
  12. I have created a small web application to assist traders in finding other traders. You create your buy/sell orders and it gets listed between all other available trades. A prospecting buyer/seller can go through the list of available trades on their server, and contact the buyer/seller directly. Discord Webhooks can be added to link to a Text Channel on your own Discord that will receive live broadcasts of every order as they are placed. This is my first publicly available web application. I hope this will become a successful tool for traders like myself. Feedback is always welcome, and I will try to implement requested features in my spare time. This is the link to the web application: https://www.atlastrader.trade V2.0 (Current Version) Update Notes (2019-06-28) Did a complete rebuild of the application. Taking into account comments and observed behavior on the application. Removed the Tender system - People did not understand it, and they felt it made the process complicated. Added a messaging system to the Order directly. Added Companies - Create a company, join a company. Add your Discord Channel. Added Webhooks for Discord - The most important feature for this new version release. This links directly to a text channel on your own Discord Channel. Every order that is made is broadcast to this channel where you, and all your discord members can see what orders are happening where. V1.1 Update Notes (2019-02-23) Added to resource list: Blueprints, Animals, Weapons, Ammo. Added extra Info column to Order List. Added links to User Profiles in: Order List, My Order Tenders List Added GPS Long/Lat in User Profile (Use this where your base location is) Added "Times I Play" to User Profile (Ex. I play mostly on Sunday. Week days sometimes from 7pm to 9pm) Added a Time Zone selection to User Profile. Added menu Icons and removed menu items users do not have access to. Added a Help Menu with an F.A.Q section.
  13. DaCr33d


    Might be the new client update. I don't see any official servers but only unofficial
  14. Doors are fixed now for me on 15.2
  15. Doors, small gates, big gates, hatch frames and sloped hatches. none working. fast traveling does not fix it. replacing does not fix it
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