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  1. My Galleon is 2 zones away, everytime i try to fast travel there/respawn there, it looks like i keep dying to something. It looks like i died 2 zones away, opposite from any of my land/ ships. I remember a bug like this a while back.
  2. First time dying to sotd cause 3 reds spawned in front of me Again you have no idea what other players go through
  3. I did, died to sotd 3 times already I was at c6 despawned when i arrived You have no clue what people are going through to get there, dont be rude
  4. Host pending connection timeout everytime i log in
  5. Going to check H6 just 1 zone south of me. If not then i will do that.
  6. Too far for me, but nice to know it was accurate location with screenies. I am in H5 if anyone know of a closer spot. Maybe all powerstone islands..
  7. They fixed that issue for me We got a bunch of nerfs but the server got buffs , It will be fine
  8. Health -10% Stamina -10% Weight -10% Health Regen -20% Stamina Regin -20% Oh i thought i felt older
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