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  1. Yeah, I've got this, but 12 salt for 1 shovel isn't a right lot, I'd expect more. I'm just trying to improve the rate of salt when you're not in a good enough area that gets it often. I'd even be happy with a node or two been washed up on beaches every now and again.
  2. You can equip an NPC with an accordion and let them play music if you apply sheets of music in their inventory to the accordion. They'll also give you buffs if you're in the vicinity.
  3. Hi guys, The island I live on is currently unable to produce salt. So I came up with the idea, why can't we boil saltwater collected from the ocean via bucket to create salt? So that's my idea to create salt on salt less islands such as mine. As it's needed to keep food lasting longer and a must have for cooking. It's a pain running around islands for just 2 salt that you dig up on the beach. My Idea is fill up a bucket of water from the ocean. Bring it to a cooking pot / grill and place the bucket inside, then turn the fire on. It will make about 20 salt in 1 full min. Then we could actually use salt effectively on salt less islands.
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