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  1. This Q&A session is invalid 100% because they did not want to answer any of the really tough questions like why are you trying to take a DUMP on all the PVE players you know the ones who play the game the most? Why are you looking to scrape PVE into the ocean ? Answer some of the question people really want answers to then we can call it a fair and even Q&A session you cherry picked the question you knew were going to be easy to answer. Get real and be adult about your jobs. I know this post will probably go poof into the nether somewhere because you do not want folks bringing up your dark thoughts about PVE. I know that there are some who will flame this post go for it that okay with me.
  2. Okay folks. I am going to post this here and see who salutes it. I of the opinion that the Silo needs to be able to store more than just berries for the crew. If we are able to feed the crews from the food larders whatever we put in there then it should be the same for the Silo. It seems very silly to restrict the silo to ONLY BERRIES. I am curious what everyone else thoughts on this are. I am hoping to hear some feedback from one if not all of the dev's on why they did this.
  3. So my crew and I were out sailing around. before we left our light house ( which has now been replaced ) was in place. When we got back to our area it had been demolished way before the decay demolish timer was up. I created a new light house to replace the one that was missing then had my company owner kick me from our company and I could see that the lighthouse had a decay timer of 7 hours and 50 min only after being placed minutes before and it was counting down even though both of us were standing right there. Attached is a screenshot of the decay timer being no where close to 2 days as it says on the light house. Not sure what happened here could you please take a look at this.
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