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  1. So I'm playing on xbox on singleplayer, and as such, a lone player can't unlock everything. Makes sense in multiplayer online, having members of the company specializing in different areas. But in singleplayer, it'd be nice if you could eventually unlock everything yourself. To that end, is there a console command to give yourself X amount of skill points? I'm planning on giving myself an extra so many per level. And what with me not being able to modify the .ini file on xbox, my only other option is to use console commands to do it. And yeah, I know about the give all engrams command, but I don't want to just have everything straight away if that makes sense. I want to stil level and progress in the normal fashion. Just giving myself extra skill points each level.
  2. Treasure maps... In a bookshelf... We need some sort of organizational system for them. What I propose is a folder system which maps are automatically sorted into. You have folders from A to O. Each of these folders has a number on them showing how many maps are in each folder. When you open that folder, you see folders from 1 to 15. Again, each folde has a number on it showing how many maps it contains. It would make life so much easier if, you are like me, and collect maps until you have a decent number for a grid, then go knock them off. Actually this just came to me and is an even better idea... When you open your Atlas, under each grid name (E4 etc) it states how many maps for that grid you have stored in your bookshelves. Maybe in bright green so you can still see what grids you have maps for if you zoom out.
  3. Here's a suggestion that I would love to see implemented in game... I played this pirate game on my tablet once, and it allowed you to drop and raise your front and back sails independently of eachother to aid in turning. For example, you're sailing north, and the wind is blowing east. If you want to turn east quickly, you drop your rear sails, and the wind hitting the front sails pushes the front of your ship east. Or if you want to turn west, you drop the front sails, and the wind hitting the rear sails pushes the back of the ship to the east, turning you to face towards the west. I was thinking (xbox controls) you could have LB + Select button to raise or lower rear sails, and LB + Start button to raise and lower the front sails. Not only would it add more to the sailing experience, and add more skill and strategy to ship to ship combat, but it would also give the lieutenant on your ship more to do on the podium. Obviously these controls shoudl be available from the steering wheel too.
  4. So, I haven't seen this information around, and I thought I'd ask here to see if the community knew at all. 1) Does a single crew member repair a structure every X amount of seconds? If so, do we know what the tick interval is? 2) Does the number of NPC crew members available for repairs effect how fast repairs are done? For example, 1 crew member repairs a structure every 10 sec, so 2 crew members mean 2 structures are repaired every 10 sec etc. I ask because I have a gally, and am wondering wether if it's worth dropping more points into crew cap to have multiple repair monkeys.
  5. I do like that idea. But it doesn't really prevent you from loading in to a grid and occupying the same spot as a SOTD. My concern is that this could lead to a players ship exploding or taking catastrophic damage. Maybe a good solution would be for the grid/server you are loading into checking your position, and any ships within a certain radius of the exact coardinate you are appearing at, get moved outside that radius. That way you won't spawn inside a SOTD, and any catastrophic collision glitches can be prevented. That in combination with your idea would solve border crossing issues I think.
  6. Might be able to guess what the idea is from the title. But basically, today i crossed into another grid, and found myself loading into a ship of the damned. The SOTD was sat in pretty much the exact spot I loaded into. For a second or two we sat there while I loaded, and then once loaded, it threw me 180 degrees and I was crossing the border back the way I came. Basically, I suggest making it so the SOTD can only come within a certain distance of the border. Because I can see this glitching and sinking a players ship. Also, I've heard reports from other players about having their ship sunk by SOTD's while they were loading in/out of a grid. So I thik on top of my suggestion, you should add a none/de-agro status to player ships when they cross a border. That way, players won't be helplessly sunk while loading in/out of a grid. They will have a good 30 seconds perhaps where their ship won't pull agro, giving them time to load in and either engage in a fair fight, or flee before the ship attacks.
  7. Hi guys, so I'm looking for nutritional info on salted meat and fish. As in, how many points vitamin wise they grant. I usually use the "5 berries, 5 veggies, 1 cooked meat, 1 cooked fish" diet. But my vitamin levels aren't stable with that. Sometimes I have the balanced vitamn buff, sometimes I'm deficient. The thing that causes it is I'm not always hungry enough to eat the required amount of food, cause cooked meat/fish restores massive amounts of food points. However, salted meat/fish restore far less food points. So I figured I'd switch out my meats for those. However, they don't seem to give the same vitamin points that regular cooked meats do. I find I have to eat extra berries and veggies to balance it out. So I was wondering, does anyone know how many vit points salted meats give?
  8. This suggestion is pretty self explanatory. It isn't too bad on smaller ships, but on Galleons, you can have a lot of structures placed on the ship. It can be pretty annoying having to check all those structures for damage. So I suggest having NPC crew also repair those too.
  9. Basically, I think these skills should be reworked. I think the player should have to ulock the ability to use the item, but any player can use any quality of an item they have already unlocked. What I propose is the "studies" skills being changed so they add a bonus to using rarer quality items, as opposed to being necessary to use them. This way, players can still progress as a jack of all trades type, or focus in a given discipline to be better than a jack of all trades build. For smaller companies and solo players, you seem to be stuck using lower grade items, and thus a large part of the game, gearing up and finding/crafting better items is severely limmited. Personally, I think a player should be able to ulock and use everything. But only master one skill. So to that end, my idea is as I suggested. Changing the "studies" skills to giving a flat % increase on the bonuses of that rarirty type. So tier 1 = 30% increase in effectiveness of up to journeyman (insert item type), tier 2 = 30% increase f items up to etc...
  10. I've been playing (and loving) Atlas for a few days now. I've sunk a lot of hours into Ark before that, with it being one of my favourite games. So while Atlas is a slightly different beast, I am familiar with the aspects that both share. With that said, I have been playing Atlas, and thinking about things that could be improved. So I'm going to make a few feedback/suggestion posts about each aspect/issue/idea. So, structure build limits on ships... The way I see it, ships shouldn't have one. Structures have their own weights, and a ship has a weight limit. So it seems to me that the limit on the number of structures shuld be solely tied to how much weight that ship can support. I do understand however that the number of structures impacts performance, and that is the only reason preventing ships having no structure limit. Unless the game reaches a stage performance-wise where that isn't an issue. But I doubt that wil happen fully. The best you can probably achieve is having a higher "structure/performance ratio." My suggestin for the short term, is to have cannons that are placed at gun ports not included in the structure limit. In essence, making the cannon and gun port count as a single structure. Or better yet, having all core ship parts (planks, decks) not count to the structure limit, as well as cannons attached to gun ports. Any cannons placed on the deck of the ship would add towards the number of strutures however. I say this because I finally built a Galleon the other day, and enjoyed designing/building the look/function of it. However... I have now reached the structure limit, and this is before I have added a single cannon... So I think having cannons attached to gun ports, and core ship parts not count towards the structure limit (while still adding to the weight) would be a good compromise.
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