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    When Season 4 began, we were hesitant to return but hopeful at the promises of new changes and active Devs. For the first few weeks we were really impressed! It felt like a completely different game compared to the horrors of Season 1. We reached out to old friends and were able to pull back many who had completely written off the game and everyone was having a lot of fun. We were encouraged by the Devs transparency and action with dealing with cheaters and exploiters, the balance improvements, the quality of life improvements with the farming grind... Atlas finally seemed to be becoming the game we had all initially hoped for. Then... you brought back barrels and literally killed the game overnight. The game transformed from a thriving sea based PvP game with engaging ship battles, into an endless assault of barrel bombs everywhere you look. No one wants to bring their ships out to sea anymore. What's the point if they can be deck cleared by a single barrage? With less and less action on the seas, the only way for anyone to get some PvP was to try and land raid, which after a few days becomes a discouraging pain in the ass. Pretty much everyone has now quit and you can see from your player stats that nearly every grid is empty. Sad to say you blew it with barrel bombs and I'm not sure many will be willing to give Atlas another chance considering you didn't listen to your community when they begged you to revert the changes. I still hope that Atlas can become something great, it has bones to be amazing but time and time again your community has spoken loudly that they are seeking more action on the seas and until barrels are removed or balanced better, that will not happen.
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    Barrels need to be completely removed from this current iteration of the game. This is going to be your biggest contention point for any type of PVP player. They are just too powerful. They do way too much damage. There is no real way to mitigate barrels right now in this game. Barrels should only be able to be used from Catapults. Or placed manually and lit. They should NOT be able to be fired from cannons. Full stop. Barrels should not be able to remove a row of planks from a ship. Either make them incredibly heavy, or make the materials excessive. They are too easy to make, too light and too disposable for the amount of damage they can do to not only ships but player structures. You say you want this to be a sea focused pvp game. Barrels have made it so you can no longer leave your harbor because you're too busy trying to defend the structures it took you weeks to build and get destroyed in under 5 minutes. This is ridiculous and you need to change this if you ever hope to get any player base back into the game. Limit the number of catapults on a ship by ship type. Remove the ability for cannons to fire barrels. 0 on sloop. 1 on schooner 2 on brig 4 on galleon. Reload time on catapults on animals should be 10+ seconds.
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    Real talk tho, 4k hours in. Barrels NEED to be removed in order for this game to last. The mention of needing it for future content, well bring it back with that future content if it can be used. They are as cheap as nades essentially, do damage equivalent to the old torpedoes, and can be stuffed into mobile cannons on tames and boats.....remove the fricken item until its fixed
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    BARRELS ARE GARBAGE. There is no other way to put it. Fucking take them out of the game. Whatever dev has this "grande vision" for this game is fucking blind.
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    yep, barrels killed the game. I have gone from a daily player to signing in once a week and going meh can't sail anywhere without someone one shotting your ship with barrels. no point in having mythic ships and planks if one barrage of barrels sinks it in moments.
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    Guys you were really close to fixing the warehouse and farmhouse, but then you made it worse making it so they need to be built near coal and oil (which isnt on every island) to remain functional without player interaction. If the goal is automation remove the fuel cost, but if you have to program in some sort of fuel just use fiber in the mean time.
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    almost 6k hours in game, i can honestly tell you the current ability to add cannon and ship leveled points to multiplicative values of barrel damage is WAY WAY WAY TO OVER POWERED. You need to remove them, or reduce range by 50%, Reduce damage by 50% AND (not or, this is all 3) remove the multiplicative damage on ships, from Cannon % and Ship levels multiplying the damage of barrels. This current iteration has reduced sea combat DRASTICALLY we cant get people to bring out endgame boats to fight us because 1 volly and those sails (those .001% to drop handling ENDGAME sails) are gone, 394% defense wont mean F all if i have a 200% cannon and 174% dmg in schooner lvl's, they would be gone. Is that balanced? hundred hours to find end game sails to my LUL schooner? that is unfair, and i do it to people. Its wrong, NO ONE WHO PLAYS asked for this, NO ONE who is playing wants it kept. THE PLAYER BASE IS BEGGING FOR THIS TO BE FIXED You don't address it. you ignore this GLARRING problem. FIX BARRELS!
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    Thank GOD. No more shuffling resources into my personal inventory just to craft the simplest, most common things.
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    I'm pretty sure devs want ship pvp, BUT people don't want to bring out ships bc a bp-ed ship can be raped by a common barrel ship. Even worse if the ship is also bped and damaged pumped. Barrels are like bugs. Devs like em. We don't. Get rid of bugs- I mean, barrels. There's other balance issues, but the barrels are the ones that screams out the most attention for balance. Quit buffing it. No one asked for barrels. You think it's a good idea. But it's not. Put the barrels back in the trash. The recycling bin is too good for em.
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    Please just remove barrels from catapults and cannons, thanks
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    Nice! I've always wanted to ride my tamed cow!
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    Yeah, we dont have more boat fights, we have barrels in every way fight... Game got screwd after that update... Should just remove barrels and thats it! Back to pirate game! I appreciate what you guys bein doing with the game... After season 3 it got revitalize. I was really excited.. But now with this barrels i already have people giving up on the game cause its not a pirates game anymore. Its just a barrel game... Miss the boat fight so much... =/
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    I am disheartened to login to this game anymore. I used to enjoy the hell out of it but with the barrels you have completely and utterly ruined any fun, engaging experiences anyone was having. RIP
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    exactly this GET RID OF BARRELS, WE DO NOT WANT THEM...........period whoever the dev was that decided to put barrels back into the game should be put in a gibbet what an idiot
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    Why aren't the patch notes posted in the section called PATCH NOTES? Why have a special section, on the top bar of the forum, called patch notes, and then put them somewhere else? Oh, and remove barrels before you lose all your players
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    the only time barrels were fun on the sea is if you can place them on dingys. putting them in cannons is too OP
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    So day two and I'm locked out of game. I click rejoin game and get stuck at the loading screen _BP. What I think Caused it, Me and my friend loaded game same time, He got in before me, He was in the middle of moving my Character as i was loading in i guess, So my game didnt load in. Then 2nd try and he crashed lol while moving me and i was coming into game. Then he couldnt load in and i couldnt load in. Then he tried to join game using the other link Join online servers, and he got in BUT he cant click on anything ingame.. so hes stuck in the boat house and cant open doors or windows nothing, So we cant play. I tried loading game the way he did. And behold I also got in and cant click on anything, cant open doors nothing so i too am stuck on our ship. I try opening my inventory and it quickly Closes, I dont know what server im on i logged out as he was sailing to a server. So i used my number pad number 8 to open the atlas map and BAM! my game crashes. and not a day later still cant get into the game.. I went to steam and did the file check thing, I rebooted my comp and had to do a steam update then ia atlas dowload started after i tried to join again.. still nothing.. I am now in forms and see some others with the same issue. going back 2019 Same thing that happened to us.. This going to be fixed or am i unistalling this game. I left this game about a year ago.. after getting chopped up and feed to the sharks by you guys. Just started playing it again you guys said New patch and fixed so much and are working so hard to fix this game i get it.. but i still a year later and this is still happening.. how many others left game to never return that this issue happened too and didnt take the time to come in here to tell you what i am now.. PLEASE FIX! or i'll just be another lost player of atlas lost in time to some other game. FOUND A WORK AROUND: OK found a fix... STAY OUT OF F3!!! lol had to kill my guy spawn back on another server log out back in then kill my self again then spawn at a Free port build a ship fast then take it to my ship on the F3 server then get it the hell out of their! lol ya left the new ship to sink more Skeletons for the dev's to remove.. working fine now
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    Had this happen to me in F3. One thing to take note of is when you are at the splash screen (start screen), check the area just above "rejoin atlas". If you don't see "ATLAS: [PVE] The Whales's Solitude" just above "Region" (whatever region type you logged out; lawless for example), you're going to have problems. I found it takes killing yourself 2-3 times to get re-synced to stop the battleye kick, and then make sure to log out in a different zone. I've also found just fast travelling to another zone and spending time there doesn't cause the kick, but as soon as I log out in F3, I have problems.
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    Yep sorry thats the server i ment.. OK We found a Work around... STAY OUT OF F3!!! lol had to kill my guy spawn back on another server log out back in then kill my self again then spawn at a Free port build a ship fast then take it to my ship on the F3 server then get it the hell out of their! lol ya left the new ship to sink more Skeletons for the dev's to remove.
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    OK found a fix... STAY OUT OF F4!!! lol had to kill my guy spawn back on another server log out back in then kill my self again then spawn at a Free port build a ship fast then take it to my ship on the F4 server then get it the hell out of their! lol ya left the new ship to sink more Skeletons for the dev's to remove..
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    OK found a work around from the cant click anything.. Swing punch kick till your DEAD! Then rejoin after it crashes you out to a white error screen.. pick your bed and Behold i can click again on things.. BUT WAIT! Battleye is kicking me now saying i'm not active? WTF! 2nd time now Battleye is kicking me and i'm so active!!! FIX THIS BATTLEYE PLEASE or I wont be able to play this game anymore! I'm on F4 server PVE
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    Are you soft in the head? I'm not sure your aware this game is an EA and still in development. You bitch like an autistic child on this forum and you think this is a finished product that's been out for a while. You should probably stick to something more your level, like Elmo's how to count.
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    Return all PVE servers and all previous content back! Can't you see how much dissatisfaction about this?! Your experiments will definitely not lead to good! Many are already leaving! And many are ready to leave! From your short-sighted, sometimes even stupid ideas and idleness, the game is slowly and really dying !!!
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    Ahoy Pathfinders. Right now, the crew is working diligently on Ship of the Damned issues where they are not moving as they should. We will also be addressing the ship skeletons that are not despawning, amongst other issues as well. Shifting the Meta Since season 1, many hours have gone into creating PVP centric mechanics in ATLAS. Seasons 2 and 3 saw many changes that restricted the use of these mechanics. We’re interested in highlighting these unique mechanics, and are looking at different ways to bring them back into the mix and balance them further. As the current state of the game develops, so will the meta. Starting with the next patch, we’ll be unveiling a quick survey on the latest changes that all players can take, so that we can get a better understanding of the community’s sentiments. We also have more Q&A from the crew below: Ask a Pirate! Question: When will we get a feature complete small group map where all the content is included? If I missed it, don't hesitate to point me in the right direction. Blackwood is broken/doesn't have all resources. We had a 4x4 private server and our group tried Blackwood when it launched, but the resources are reversed, and there are only a few types of rare metals/woods etc. Answer: There's no clear roadmap for that right now. We are putting everything behind cleaning up the main game and adding new features to it. Question: When ATLAS first released, it was mentioned that humans would be able to create offspring, is that tabled forever? Reference: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/12/19/atlas-pirate-mmo-developer-interview/ Answer: We totally want this, but we think it's fair to say that this is a long way off. Atlas has many bugs and systems that need to be optimized / improved. Once we get that down, we can expand into this kind of territory. Question: Are you considering more PvE ocean jobs like strictly whaling, lobstering, shrimping or fishing for rare aquatic stuff? Answer: Yes! You get it! We really want to put way more things for players to do on the ocean and that is one line of our two prong strategy. We are halftime working on cleaning up the code, which means removing bugs and readdressing broken systems, and the other half of the time we are focused on more ocean-centric features. Question: Will there ever be more underwater ships (in addition to submarine) for a new level of combat? Answer: There are lots to fix and improve in the main game before we expand to this. Right now the team is focusing on getting a solid base of fun coming from the existing game with a larger number of players playing. Question: What about the problem where we sail into a lot of SoTD after crossing another server? I sunk 2 times because of it... 1 time with a brig and 1 with a schooner. They are so often way too close to the server edge. I don't mind fighting them, but sailing into 2-4 SoTD will kill any small ship, especially without any canons. How can we react that fast? When we reach another server, they already shoot before we even see that they are attacking. Answer: Having Ships of the Damned crossing into other servers can make this dynamic encounter more in-depth. We hear you about loading into a grid just to get attacked. The right balance is more complicated than you might think and this team is committed to doing things the right way. For a chance to get your questions answered, you can submit them to us in the comments here or on Discord! Featured Screenshot Don’t forget to submit photos on Steam and Xbox, or tag us in your screenshots on Social Media! You may just get featured in our next post. Here is a belated International Cat Day photo from player “Glider” on Steam. Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    For PVP, farms & warehouses make sense, as does buying ships for gold, as they want people out fighting at sea and not on land having to gather resources to make their ships. Heck, even semi-regular wipes makes some kind of sense in that context. However, in PVE, these make no sense. Given the lack of things to do in PVE apart from the boss fights, most people enjoyed exploring, building, taming and trading. The farms & warehouse make the gathering or resources trivial, and totally wipes out resource trading. If there are semi-regular wipes, those that like to build or tame/breed won't want to do it as there is little point investing all that time.
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    If they go to the rust model, they lose one of the best features of Ark and Atlas. Asset buy in... When you spend time building, taming, breeding, and farming bps you become attached to what you have... You want to keep it and defend it. In rust nothing matters you can get to 'endgame' in days. You can get 'endgame items' in days. Some servers wipe weekly because its doable. There's no real drive to own anything in the game because it can all be remade in hours/days. In Ark/atlas bases take weeks to build, breed lines take weeks/months to perfect. Leveling ships/tames, takes time and energy. Farming exo and regular resources takes time. All of this leads to an attachment for what you have, a desire to maintain it and defend it. Regular wipes leads to the mentality of 'ah shit we didn't get a good start this wipe, let's just take a break and start next wipe.' Some people love the idea obviously but other like myself consider it a deal breaker and I would not continue playing if they went to a regular wipe model.
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    Unfortunately, we can't read anything here what you want to do about the really badly running servers. Now a new building is coming again, which is reducing the performance of the servers. The playability in the LawLess areas is equal to 0. I think you should get the game up and running again first, otherwise your new ideas will be in vain because no one will spend money on a game that is laggy and the players will be punished with high ping. Altas went really well up to the last wipe, the map was nicely done and realistic. Why do I find arctic raspberries in the desert now ??? The search for the numerous discoveries was really fun. Now the number of Discovery has been castrated so that the stimulus is gone, just so that the impatient can reach the final level. These people should better play GameBoy. I hope for all of us that you get it back on track, otherwise I think Atlas will be dead before it is officially released
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    Hello! Back to the real issue: The Farmhouse and the upcoming Warehouse are the best new developments in a long time! Questions about the Warehouse: How many warehouses do you need? One Warehouse for every Farmhouse? Or is one Warehouse enough for all your farmhouses? Thanks and best regards!
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! Our commitment to bringing new features to ATLAS continues. ATLAS is still in Early Access, and we’re only in the beginning stages of developing the renewed ATLAS journey. Many changes are incoming and a lot of work is being done behind the scenes. All of your feedback has been very helpful and we’re thankful you’re taking this voyage with us as we shape the ATLAS experience. Many of you have expressed that you wanted to hear more about our vision as we breathe new life into ATLAS. From the highest level, the main efforts are towards making the ocean fun and cleaning up the code. We are putting equal efforts into fixing bugs and rickety systems while we work on new things for you to do on the water. Apart from that, we feel that ATLAS suffers from a themeing problem. In some aspects, the game tries to be almost a simulation, but in others, there are dragons and hydras. Currently, this creates a bit of incongruence which we are working to solve. Unifying the theme is one of the broader arcs within the design team. For example, it's fair to say that we want to edge away from being a high fantasy, "WoW with ships". There are lots of great ideas we are playing with, but nothing that we are able to share at this point. As we get closer to defining our ideas, we’ll bring them out onto the deck for you guys. One of the bigger changes is a new, more optimized system for ships and new types of ships. This includes the mechanic of buying certain types of ships for gold. We’ve seen a lot of excitement and feedback around this topic, with many players hoping to find out more info about its current state. Unfortunately, that's all we can say right now. Please know there is a steady stream of content planned and we're half timing on that and half timing on fixing the bugs and cleaning up the code as we navigate towards a 1.0 release. A lot of these bigger changes are going to take some time to fully implement, and some of the changes happening now are setting the foundations for that gameplay. Think of them as building blocks. For example, although the Farmhouses are indeed a QoL update, it’s just the first step in a longer scheme for a new system. Now, we’re excited to announce the second step - Warehouses! Warehouses Warehouses will be coming to ATLAS next week! Connect Warehouses to Farmhouses to automatically store the resources you gather! How will this system continue to evolve? You’ll have to wait and see. Please note that Farmhouses and Warehouses are still in their first iteration. We will continue to develop and improve them as we look at gameplay and receive player feedback. We’re sure you have many questions on how the Warehouse itself will function as well. Leave us your questions in the comments section! We’ll be going more in-depth about Warehouses in the patch notes next week. In the meantime, we’d like to share some of the concept art for Warehouses below: Endgame Encounters & EXP We’ve received a lot of questions about the boss encounters continuing to reward EXP. After careful consideration, we will be leaving it “as is” for the remainder of Season 4. We appreciate the reports you all have been sending us. Through your feedback, we saw that the problems with the boss encounters were a priority issue that the community wanted addressed. In the process of introducing the fixes, we found that it is a deep rabbit hole of accumulated issues. Unfortunately, it is going to take us some time to fully sort it out. We are a small but dedicated team with big aspirations, and there is a balance that we want to strike when it comes to implementing new features while continuing to work on existing bugs and balance issues. At this time, we currently do not have the resources to properly approach boss encounters and the myriad of issues surrounding the current state of endgame content. We have therefore come to recognize that it would be better to leave the boss encounters as is while we focus on implementing the next steps of the new system we are currently rolling out. We’ll still continue to include other fixes and adjustments as we can, but we will have to apologize for where we have to leave the state of endgame for now. However, please know that adjustments will be made before the next season wipe. Please note, the zeroing out on some of the endgame exp is temporary. As an Early Access title, many things can and will continue to change during development - and your feedback is an integral part of our approach. We are very grateful for the reports and feedback we’ve received thus far and will continue to look to the community to help guide our actions and improve our processes. Thank you for not only helping us discover these issues, but for the insight you provide us as well. As our First Mate, the community, and the support and dedication we receive from you, means a lot to us. Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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