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  1. ATLAS is dead ... AMEN!)))
  2. Wherever you look, whatever you touch, this team came out through the ass! It's time for you to run from Atlas! Enough of idiotic solutions and experiments! You don't even know how to correct elementary mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. And they forgot about life in Pve altogether ??! Give us back the old PVE map with its former content and the number of servers! REMOVE farms and warehouses, they are not needed on the PVE, and they are not needed at all, they only littered the landscapes of all the islands! They killed the idea in breeding animals, and an interesting piece of content!!!
  4. You are crazy down! The game has been in Early Access for several years and there is still no clear understanding of where to go! What is this talking about ??! So shut your mouth and don’t stink !!!
  5. When you see that there are no more than a hundred players left in the game, and this will happen very soon, then it will be too late to sing praises to the developers! It's a pity that it was a great game, with good potential ..... (((
  6. Sadly, but it is clear that the administration does not give a damn about everyone who fell in love with this game! What we are writing about here and asking to be taken into account, the administration does not care .... (((It's a pity, but very soon they will see how the servers are empty, it's time to call the gravediggers, and the funeral team is already here ... Good luck everyone .. ...
  7. Obviously, developers need to make money on the game, make a profit and pay their staff for their work. Take the experience of successful games and development. Introduce new large, content-rich add-ons and players will be happy to buy such a product! And everyone will profit. Create a quality item and people will always be ready to buy it from you!
  8. Return all PVE servers and all previous content back! Can't you see how much dissatisfaction about this?! Your experiments will definitely not lead to good! Many are already leaving! And many are ready to leave! From your short-sighted, sometimes even stupid ideas and idleness, the game is slowly and really dying !!!
  9. And those who groan and cry when there is no time to go through quests, craft, explore the world of the Atlas, then there is no place for such players! The game was announced and conceived as a sandbox MMO! Nothing should happen here quickly, neither buying and building ships in 10 minutes, nor character development, nor the passage of the story !!! This is the whole point! So that the players live here for a long time, so that there is always something to do and something to strive for, applying patience and strength to this !!! Administrators, do not listen to schoolchildren, children and lazy people, they are an absolute minority here !!! We expect something completely different from you !!!
  10. Think about the underwater content !!! It will be a huge contribution to the development of the game !!! Finally, take care of what most players expect from you here, do some real creativity !!! And bring all the PVE servers back !!!
  11. Return the old card with its contents! The old card had the correct logic! Equator, on both sides of the biome, smoothly reaching the ice! This is so correct and logical!
  12. Learn to create a variety of quests in the game! Add interesting and functional NPCs to the game, add new bosses for variety, let rare and necessary ingredients fall from them! Develop and add a more interesting and varied crafting system, create better recipes and ingredients that are not so easy to obtain, perhaps even in a chain of certain quests!
  13. I think the introduction of farms and warehouses into the game is a big mistake !!! You are killing a huge part of the content! Previously, you had to tame animals, you had to find food for them, grow these cereals, animals could be raised for yourself and for sale, it was a great move for content in the game! RETURN IT ALL BACK !!! These farms and warehouses have dirtied all the landscapes of the islands! You can no longer think about the aesthetic form of the game ??
  14. Very little time has passed and many already understand how impotent the new team of ATLAS reformers is ... They add content for people from school and childhood, complete disregard for the need to at least take care of mistakes created by them, it is impossible to just go into the game and play .... Guys, it's time for you to leave !!!
  15. With your farms and warehouses, you will kill and dim all the landscapes on the islands, return everything as it was!
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