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  1. It is a pity and a shame, but ATLAS died! (((We are witnessing the last agonies of the terminally ill ..... AMEN .... (((It's time to say goodbye!
  2. Why don't you give any information about the development and plans for PVE servers ??? !!!
  3. It's time to end this disgrace! Gentlemen, the owners of the ATLAS game, almost 100% of the players are already dissatisfied and disillusioned with ideas and their implementation! PAY YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS AND URGENTLY CHANGE THE TEAM OF THESE DEVELOPERS !!!!!
  4. You did a map far less than, closing access and inflow of new players! A map needs to be extended, but not diminish! Или on your opinion, in a game 100 players suffice and all ??? Begin already to think only a head !!!
  5. Everything only gets worse, worse and worse ..... Developers, what are you smoking there, what shit ??! Each time you give us more and more idiotic ideas! Estimate the number of votes that approve of all your nonsense and you will understand that you it's time to dump !!!
  6. When you have already learned to think about the game strategically and in advance, so that there would be an influx of new players? You made the map smaller, thereby closing access to the influx of new players! The map should be expanded, not reduced! Or your idea is that the game has no more than 100 players and all ?? Start already thinking with your head !!!
  7. With imagination, these developers are in trouble !!! With every suggestion the game gets worse and worse !!! Isn't it time to change the team, erase everything and restore the old map with its correctly laid down idea and course of development ?? !!! Someone from the heads of administration reads our demands, wishes and indignation ???!
  8. It will be good for large companies, but for small and single players nothing will come of it !!!
  9. PVE servers were completely forgotten !!! Nobody asks PVE players for their opinions and wishes !!!!!!!! Who needs your farms and warehouses on PVE servers, they dirtied all the islands with them, killed this huge game content, which was a sandbox !!! NEED NEW QUESTS, CHAINS OF QUESTS !!! WHERE THE GAME CONTENT INCREASES AND EXPANDS !!! RETURN THE OLD MAP FOR PVE SERVERS !!! The game becomes completely PVP, so you will lose most of the players and the game will definitely die and already FOREVER !!!!!
  10. ATLAS - это больше игра про PVE, а не про PVP !!! Не сохраняйте игроков PVE, тогда игру не сохраните! Если хотите оживить игру, срочно начинайте разбираться с PVE контентом !!! СУИЦИДЫ ???!!!!!
  11. The fantasy component in the Atlas is the main thing that brought many here! Return the old map, return the old content! Add quests, new NPCs, make a more interesting crafting system, so that it is difficult, dangerous and interesting to mine rare resources for new recipes! Think about global, high-quality underwater content !!! INTEREST THE PLAYERS !!! ONLY THEN YOU WILL HAVE PEOPLE ON SERVERS !!!!!
  12. When you introduced farms and warehouses, thereby you killed the huge content of the game, you no longer need animals, seeds, plants, their extraction and breeding! Be consistent, then remove all animals from the game, all plants, they are no longer needed by anyone !!! Let there be bare islands and trees !!! Why was it all to kill ??? !!!
  13. Серверы PVE были полностью забыты !!! Никто не спрашивает у игроков PVE их мнение и пожелания !!!!!!!! Кому нужны ваши фермы и склады на PVE серверах, они загадили ими все острова, убили этот огромный игровой контент, который был песочницей !!! НУЖНЫ НОВЫЕ КВЕСТЫ, ЦЕПИ КВЕСТОВ !!! ГДЕ УВЕЛИЧИВАЕТСЯ И РАСШИРЯЕТСЯ СОДЕРЖАНИЕ ИГРЫ !!! ВЕРНИТЕ СТАРУЮ КАРТУ ДЛЯ PVE СЕРВЕРОВ !!! Игра становится полностью PVP, поэтому вы потеряете большинство игроков и игра обязательно умрет и уже НАВСЕГДА !!!!!
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