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  1. you might as well just release tech teir now and have some flying ships that can drop nukes on everyone
  2. the only time barrels were fun on the sea is if you can place them on dingys. putting them in cannons is too OP
  3. yep, barrels killed the game. I have gone from a daily player to signing in once a week and going meh can't sail anywhere without someone one shotting your ship with barrels. no point in having mythic ships and planks if one barrage of barrels sinks it in moments.
  4. sooooooo? just totally killed the game? one gally side of barrel bombs can level an entire base now? everyone duping NPCS from the puckles, NPCS costing a fortune every 2 hours. my defenses will be gone come combat timer drops. GREAT UPDATE :/
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