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    Map Bug

    The old bug is back. What's new. The bug is now also on the NA server. Thus, there is the bug on all official servers. Shortly before I had played the single player mode. Could this possibly have something to do with the bug? ***** Google-Translate *****
  2. Atlantis

    No XP for tamed elephants & crewmembers

    Edit: My complete crewmembers also don't get XP anymore.
  3. • Network: PvE EU. • Grid: Everywhere. • Description of issue: One of my tamed elephants stopped at level 34 and will not get XP anymore. ***** Google-Translate *****
  4. Atlantis

    Map markers are not saved.

    Complement: Now, except for one marker, all old markers have disappeared. Sorry, but such bugs are very frustrating. It often takes a lot of time and effort to discover things. And with such bugs you ruin this work. ***** Google-Translate *****
  5. Atlantis

    Map markers are not saved.

    Hallo! • Network: All official servers. • Grid: Everywhere. • Description of issue: The Map markers are not saved. After restarting the game, the newly set Map Markers will no longer exist. This bug already existed before patch v211.0. I am not sure, but this bug is only since the patch v210.2. Please fix the bug. ***** Google-Translate *****
  6. Unfortunately, the bug still exists. Please fix the bug.
  7. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    Hello! Be the patch v211.0 the bug is fixed. Thank you! But why do not you write (Grapeshot) such bug fix in the patch notes? Anyway, it works now. Thanks again! ***** Google-Translate *****
  8. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    The bug still exists. Many of my friends and other players also have this bug. Please fix the bug.
  9. Atlantis

    Uploading paint for bear = Timed out

    Dito. - with me too.
  10. Atlantis

    Map is cluttered by sunken ship wrecks

    Dito. In addition, I am shown a freeport of a sunken ship, which did not belong to me.
  11. Atlantis

    Level Bug in animals and NPCs.

    Server: PvE EU The addition of the new level values is incorrect. This bug exists with the animals and the NPCs. Video - Weight Video - Health *** Google-Translate ***
  12. Atlantis

    Silo - Gold "stolen"

    Server: PvE EU The NPCs on foreign ships anchoring at my island pull the gold out of my silo. *** Google-Translate ***
  13. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    Despite the new update, the bug is still there. Would you like to fix the bug, because nobody can navigate properly or find treasures.
  14. Atlantis

    Cobra overspawns since patch.

    Confirmed. With me sometimes even in groups of 5 -6 animals.
  15. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    So, I tested the whole thing on the PvP EU. Also here the same problem. Then I deleted the avatar on the PvP EU and created a new avatar afterwards. Still the same problem. So it seems to be a problem of the EU server. Video Please excuse the bad english. Since my English is not good, I have my texts translated with an automatic translator.