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  1. Atlantis

    EU-PvE K9-Server is offline!

    Edit: In the meantime I get on the server and also on my ship, but I can't interact with anything. The whole thing behaves like back then on the EU-PvE N12 server. Would you please restart the EU-PvE K9 server? Thank you.
  2. Atlantis

    EU-PvE K9-Server is offline!

    Hello GS Team, the EU-PvE K9 server is offline! I stand here with a galleon, valuable animals and lots of gold. I am afraid that I will lose everything now. Can you repair the server quickly please? Thanks in advance and best regards!
  3. Atlantis

    EU servers are offline

    Both EU servers are offline. Is this a bug or is GS doing maintenance?
  4. • Network: all • Grid: all Recently, there is no more text information for the inventory content - see screenshot. This error has existed before, but was then fixed. I kindly ask you to fix the above error. Seit kurzem gibt es für die Inventarinhalte keine Textinformationen mehr – siehe Screenshot. Diesen Fehler gab es schon einmal, wurde dann aber gefixt. Ich bitte freundlichst um Behebung des oben genannten Fehlers.
  5. Atlantis

    EU-PvE N12 Network Falure Message

    We have the same problem with the EU PvE N12. Many players have already written a lot of tickets, but no one is reporting from GS.
  6. Hi there! Do you also have problems registering on the EU PvE server? I keep getting the error message "Network error error message - Unable to query server info for inivite". It doesn't matter whether I press Accept or Cancel, I don't get on the EU PvE server. The NA PvE, NA PvP, EU PvP and Singleplayer work without any problems. I opened a ticket. But apart from the automated standard response, nothing has happened so far. If the bugs were fixed as quickly as the moderators on Discord delete posts, ATLAS would be a great game.
  7. Atlantis

    Patch v404.7

    Nice that you fixed the AoD bug. You write: "but they kept some of the resistance that was added in the last patch". Which patch should that be? I can't read about the strengthening of AoDs in any of the patch notes. Or have you changed something again and kept it from us? Wouldn't be the first time.
  8. Atlantis

    Inventory loses content

    EU-PVE First I thought of a mistake of mine, when the meat my bear had fought for was missing in his inventory. Even when this phenomenon occurred a second time, I thought of a mistake of mine. The day before yesterday a fur coat disappeared from my inventory. Yesterday a 2485 gold treasure map disappeared from my inventory. And today 1000 gold disappeared from my inventory. And today one of my bears, suddenly had fresh fish in his inventory. The bear is standing in a stable, but there is no fish there. WTF, what is this now?
  9. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    What are you doing? The old bug is back.
  10. *** Google Translate *** Lvl 47 SoD's have just killed two of my fight bears. WTF what's the shit ??? So far I was able to kill the Bears without any problems, SoD's with over Lvl 90 (treasure cards of around 3000 gold and more). This treasure map only brings 1320 gold, otherwise I do something like this with a medium strong bear. And now even fighting bears are failing. The SoDs hardly suffered any damage, even with the activation of the cry of nature option. I, on the other hand, had been killed in a short time even with strong armor. My first bear was killed in a matter of seconds. With my second bear I wanted to at least save my gear. There were only two Lvl 45 SoD's left, even they killed me and my bear in a few moments. What shit did you do? The SoDs now have a greater range and hit me in positions where they never had before. First you can no longer fight the SoDs with long-range weapons and now also no longer with bears. People, how should you get gold as a single player to finance your island, among other things? Should I look for a gold donkey that can poop me gold? I can also start breeding animals, but soon everyone will be farmers and not pirates. I thought you wanted to be more on the ocean. Certainly not with such actions. If that is not a bug and you do not undo it, then after more than 3000 hours of play, I will delete ATLAS from my PC immediately. Sorry for my choice of words, because otherwise I am always factual and calm. But for such bears you need half an eternity with your crappy breeding system to breed and level them up until they get where they were. What's going on with you? Shortly after the update, all servers fail. And now after the update again an update, which virtually reverses the previous update. If architects like you programmed to build houses, a butterfly would collapse skyscrapers. In this sense. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *** Original *** Ausgraben einer Schatzkarte wurde zu einem Desaster! Gerade wurden zwei meiner Kampf-Bären von Lvl 47 SoD´s gekillt. WTF was soll der Scheiß??? Bisher konnte ich mit den Bären ohne Probleme, SoD´s mit über Lvl 90 töten (Schatzkarten von circa 3000 Gold und mehr). Diese Schatzkarte bringt gerade mal 1320 Gold, so etwas mache ich sonst mit einem mittelstarken Bären. Und jetzt versagen sogar Kampf-Bären. Die SoD´s nahmen kaum Schaden, selbst mit der Aktivierung der Option Schrei der Natur. Ich hingegen war selbst mit starker Rüstung in kurzer Zeit getötet worden. Mein erster Bär war dann innerhalb von Sekunden auch gekillt worden. Mit meinem zweiten Bär wollte ich zumindestens meine Ausrüstung retten. Es waren nur noch zwei Lvl 45 SoD´s übrig, selbst die killten mich und meinen Bären in wenigen Augenblicken. Was habt Ihr da für eine Scheiße gemacht? Die SoD´s haben nun eine größer Reichweite und treffen mich in Positionen, wo sie sonst nie getroffen hatten. Erst kann man die SoD´s nicht mehr mit Fernwaffen bekämpfen und nun auch nicht mehr mit Bären. Leute, wie soll man als Einzelspieler nun zu Gold kommen, um unter anderem seine Insel zu finanzieren? Soll ich nach einem Goldesel suchen, der mir Gold kacken kann? Ich kann auch anfangen Tiere zu züchten, aber dann sind bald alle nur noch Farmer und keine Piraten. Ich dachte Ihr wolltet, dass man mehr auf den Meeren unterwegs ist. Mit solchen Aktionen aber bestimmt nicht. Wenn das kein Bug ist und Ihr es nicht wieder rückgängig macht, dann werde ich nach über 3000 Stunden Spielzeit, ATLAS umgehend von meinem PC löschen. Sorry für meine Wortwahl, da ich ansonsten ja immer sachlich und ruhig bin. Aber für solche Bären brauchet man bei Eurem beschissenen Zuchtsystem eine halbe Ewigkeit, um sie so zu züchten und zu leveln, bis sie dahin zu bringen wo sie waren. Was ist los bei Euch? Kurz nach dem Update fallen alle Server aus. Und nun nach dem Update wieder eine Update, was das vorige Update quasi wieder rückgängig macht. Wenn Architekten so wie ihr programmiert, Häuser bauen würden, würde ein Schmetterling Wolkenkratzer zum Einsturz bringen. In diesem Sinne.
  11. Atlantis

    Map markers are not saved.

    This error is still present. Ignorance of us players is already amazing and absolutely irreverent. Please fix this bug at last. ***** Google-Translate *****
  12. Atlantis

    Needs foundation support

    The error is still there. The error occurs only at the stern and at the bow. With Q you can sometimes avoid the mistake with the blankets. But for example on walls and stairs, Q does not work. I have already demolished my half galleon and rebuilt. But still comes the error message "Galeone needs foundation nearby." Please fix this bug at last.
  13. Atlantis

    Elephant taming does not work.

    Network: EU PVE Grid: M8 Now I wanted to tame an elephant, but it does not work. The elephant does not take the wheat from either the right or left side that I want to feed him. WTF is this?
  14. Network: EU PVE + NA PVP Grid: all ATLAS can not be started anymore. The loading process hangs on "PrimalGameData_BP". And, of course, the whole thing happens again when I'm breeding bears. WTF. The error occurs only since the last patch. It would be nice if you could fix this mistake quickly