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  1. Atlantis

    Map markers are not saved.

    This error is still present. Ignorance of us players is already amazing and absolutely irreverent. Please fix this bug at last. ***** Google-Translate *****
  2. Atlantis

    Needs foundation support

    The error is still there. The error occurs only at the stern and at the bow. With Q you can sometimes avoid the mistake with the blankets. But for example on walls and stairs, Q does not work. I have already demolished my half galleon and rebuilt. But still comes the error message "Galeone needs foundation nearby." Please fix this bug at last.
  3. Atlantis

    Elephant taming does not work.

    Network: EU PVE Grid: M8 Now I wanted to tame an elephant, but it does not work. The elephant does not take the wheat from either the right or left side that I want to feed him. WTF is this?
  4. Network: EU PVE + NA PVP Grid: all ATLAS can not be started anymore. The loading process hangs on "PrimalGameData_BP". And, of course, the whole thing happens again when I'm breeding bears. WTF. The error occurs only since the last patch. It would be nice if you could fix this mistake quickly
  5. • Network: PvE EU. • Grid: N12. • Description of issue: Today, within 15 minutes, all the bred juvenile bears have died for no reason. WTF what kind of bug is that again? Days of work for nothing. I set my alarm and got up at night to take care of the bears - all for nothing. I stood next to the juvenile bears and watched as their lives dwindled and they died. All the bears were no longer babies, they were all juvenile bears. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. There was enough food and nowhere else were agro animals. First a wipe twice, many old bugs have not been fixed, new bug have been added and now this bear bug. Man man man, you do not make it easy for me to continue loving ATLAS. ***** Google Translate ***** Hallo! Heute sind bei mir innerhalb von 15 Minuten alle gezüchteten jugendliche Bären ohne Grund gestorben. WTF was soll das wieder für ein Bug sein? Tage lange Arbeit für umsonst gewesen. Wecker gestellt und nachts aufgestanden, um sich um die Bären zu kümmern – alles umsonst gewesen. Ich stand neben den jugendlichen Bären und musste zusehen wie ihr Leben immer weniger wurde und sie dann verstarben. Alle Bären waren keine Babys mehr, sie waren alle jugendliche Bären. Es war nicht zu heiß und war es war nicht zu kalt. Es gab genug Futter und nirgends wo waren andere Agro Tiere. Erstmal zweimal ein Wipe, viele alte Bugs wurden nicht behoben, neue Bug sind hinzugekommen und nun dieser Bären-Bug. Man man man, ihr macht es einem nicht leicht, ATLAS auch weiterhin zu lieben. ***** Original *****
  6. Then build a roof over the stable, so that the spinners can not reset the timer.
  7. Atlantis

    Player Trading

    For real? I want to see the shop. Tell me the coordinates and I will look at this shop.
  8. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    The old bug is back. What's new. The bug is now also on the NA server. Thus, there is the bug on all official servers. Shortly before I had played the single player mode. Could this possibly have something to do with the bug? ***** Google-Translate *****
  9. Atlantis

    No XP for tamed elephants & crewmembers

    Edit: My complete crewmembers also don't get XP anymore.
  10. • Network: PvE EU. • Grid: Everywhere. • Description of issue: One of my tamed elephants stopped at level 34 and will not get XP anymore. ***** Google-Translate *****
  11. Atlantis

    Map markers are not saved.

    Complement: Now, except for one marker, all old markers have disappeared. Sorry, but such bugs are very frustrating. It often takes a lot of time and effort to discover things. And with such bugs you ruin this work. ***** Google-Translate *****
  12. Atlantis

    Map markers are not saved.

    Hallo! • Network: All official servers. • Grid: Everywhere. • Description of issue: The Map markers are not saved. After restarting the game, the newly set Map Markers will no longer exist. This bug already existed before patch v211.0. I am not sure, but this bug is only since the patch v210.2. Please fix the bug. ***** Google-Translate *****
  13. Unfortunately, the bug still exists. Please fix the bug.
  14. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    Hello! Be the patch v211.0 the bug is fixed. Thank you! But why do not you write (Grapeshot) such bug fix in the patch notes? Anyway, it works now. Thanks again! ***** Google-Translate *****