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  1. I have a similar problem. During a grid change ATLAS crashed and now I can't log in to the PvE server either.
  2. Hello! Back to the real issue: The Farmhouse and the upcoming Warehouse are the best new developments in a long time! Questions about the Warehouse: How many warehouses do you need? One Warehouse for every Farmhouse? Or is one Warehouse enough for all your farmhouses? Thanks and best regards!
  3. Hello! I have the same problem. I have been searching for sperm whales in the polar regions for over 18 hours now and could not find a single one. I have also written a bug report here. Many greetings!
  4. Network: Global PvE Grid: all polar regions Hello! Since the last update, there is no Respawn of Sperm Whale in the polar regions. I kindly ask for prompt repair. Thanks and best regards!
  5. Hello Support! Please excuse my late reply. The server is working again since about two hours after my error message. Thank you very much for the quick solution of our problems!
  6. Hello Support! I was kicked out of the game with the message Invalid Server. Every time I try to get back to the server, I keep getting the message "Network error message! Unable to query Server info for invite!" I'm standing here with a galleon, valuable animals and lots of gold. I am afraid that I will lose everything now. Can you please fix the server quickly or restart the EU PvE A7 server. Thanks in advance and best regards!
  7. Edit: In the meantime I get on the server and also on my ship, but I can't interact with anything. The whole thing behaves like back then on the EU-PvE N12 server. Would you please restart the EU-PvE K9 server? Thank you.
  8. Hello GS Team, the EU-PvE K9 server is offline! I stand here with a galleon, valuable animals and lots of gold. I am afraid that I will lose everything now. Can you repair the server quickly please? Thanks in advance and best regards!
  9. Both EU servers are offline. Is this a bug or is GS doing maintenance?
  10. • Network: all • Grid: all Recently, there is no more text information for the inventory content - see screenshot. This error has existed before, but was then fixed. I kindly ask you to fix the above error. Seit kurzem gibt es für die Inventarinhalte keine Textinformationen mehr – siehe Screenshot. Diesen Fehler gab es schon einmal, wurde dann aber gefixt. Ich bitte freundlichst um Behebung des oben genannten Fehlers.
  11. We have the same problem with the EU PvE N12. Many players have already written a lot of tickets, but no one is reporting from GS.
  12. Hi there! Do you also have problems registering on the EU PvE server? I keep getting the error message "Network error error message - Unable to query server info for inivite". It doesn't matter whether I press Accept or Cancel, I don't get on the EU PvE server. The NA PvE, NA PvP, EU PvP and Singleplayer work without any problems. I opened a ticket. But apart from the automated standard response, nothing has happened so far. If the bugs were fixed as quickly as the moderators on Discord delete posts, ATLAS would be a great game.
  13. Nice that you fixed the AoD bug. You write: "but they kept some of the resistance that was added in the last patch". Which patch should that be? I can't read about the strengthening of AoDs in any of the patch notes. Or have you changed something again and kept it from us? Wouldn't be the first time.
  14. EU-PVE First I thought of a mistake of mine, when the meat my bear had fought for was missing in his inventory. Even when this phenomenon occurred a second time, I thought of a mistake of mine. The day before yesterday a fur coat disappeared from my inventory. Yesterday a 2485 gold treasure map disappeared from my inventory. And today 1000 gold disappeared from my inventory. And today one of my bears, suddenly had fresh fish in his inventory. The bear is standing in a stable, but there is no fish there. WTF, what is this now?
  15. Atlantis

    Map Bug

    What are you doing? The old bug is back.
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