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  1. Not exactly sure what you're saying. I played official pvp for 10k hours. Being wiped by other players is not at all the same thing as dev wipes every x days. By your logic they won't go for a seasonal model because the game is based on Ark and. Ark only had 2 major wipes. 1 withing the first few months of ea due to duping and one at release... How do I know? I was playing for both. Played straight from ea release to full game release. Seasons (IE the idea of constant server resets) will be fun for a few months then the fame will die. Or they can do their best to emulate the Ark model and the fame will survive for years.. It may have its up's and downs but it will survive.
  2. As I said in the other post, regular wiping is not going to do anything positive for the game long term. It will just make more people quit the minute things aren't going their way. 'ahh shoot well let's just come back next season'. When a game allows for progressions, and time investment you have alot more to lose in pvp so you defend harder and you play smarter. With games like rust you just grief and grief because anything can be rebuilt in a day, any items can be refarmed in a day. If you like rust play rust, this is not that. They could install a survival of the fittest style server for people wanting early game pvp constantly while allowing the rest of us to mature our companies and build our territory without the fear of wipe hanging over our heads every couple months. Wiping all the time in ea makes sense you need repeated testing of the games leveling progress and the trip from early to late game. But at release it makes little sense for a game that has a required time sink like breeding or ship leveling. If you want ocean pvp without commitment you have sea of thieves, if you want building and land pvp without commitment you have rust. If you want to commit time and energy to building a base and a company/tribe, bettering its tames and fighting the big fights you have Ark and Atlas. If you want regular wipes with accelerated rates then you should play unofficial.
  3. That exactly how I feel. The only people that want constant wipes are the people who like griefing but cannot keep up with the bigger companies so they only have fun at the start of the 'season' and don't want to keep playing when people are established.
  4. They don't need regular wipes to make pvp fun, they just need shifting objectives and to add stuff that keeps targets moving. So that it isn't static
  5. If they go to the rust model, they lose one of the best features of Ark and Atlas. Asset buy in... When you spend time building, taming, breeding, and farming bps you become attached to what you have... You want to keep it and defend it. In rust nothing matters you can get to 'endgame' in days. You can get 'endgame items' in days. Some servers wipe weekly because its doable. There's no real drive to own anything in the game because it can all be remade in hours/days. In Ark/atlas bases take weeks to build, breed lines take weeks/months to perfect. Leveling ships/tames, takes time and energy. Farming exo and regular resources takes time. All of this leads to an attachment for what you have, a desire to maintain it and defend it. Regular wipes leads to the mentality of 'ah shit we didn't get a good start this wipe, let's just take a break and start next wipe.' Some people love the idea obviously but other like myself consider it a deal breaker and I would not continue playing if they went to a regular wipe model.
  6. It blows my mind that there are people that think seasons will help the game long term. It definitely increases short term fun but it burns people out when they build and breed and then lose it all. This isn't rust, things are not as replaceable or as temporary. I truly hope thst come release they stick with the original plan and don't wipe again.
  7. Do you currently have a home or are you looking for one? Our island is nice and large if you're looking to settle
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