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  1. Why aren't the patch notes posted in the section called PATCH NOTES? Why have a special section, on the top bar of the forum, called patch notes, and then put them somewhere else? Oh, and remove barrels before you lose all your players
  2. When will we see some news that is actually news not just some platitudes about how hard you are working?
  3. @Bluestone If there's too much activity on the forum there's a certain discord moderator I could suggest who would significantly lower the numbers!
  4. Island owners can damage people/ships and structures 24 hours a day, anyone else on the island can only deal damage during combat phase ( 9 hours ). For defense puckle towers everywhere, and mortars covering as much of the island and it's approaches as possible. Mortars deal massive damage with large AoE so ideal for pushing ships off or smacking cannon bears. Build your main base high up, and out of cannon range of boats if possible.
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