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  1. I keep going back because it happened to people in season one. Nope not me, But i saw it to others, we asked for changes, nothing happened. And as being in a mega its the reason why we dont invite RANDO's. again asking for options for us Doesnt negate your ability to run solo, so why be offended ? I never mentioned DEMO'ing as a new person wouldnt be able to because harbors we rank 10 all the structures and no one is given that rank ever.... idk why your mentioning things i didnt bring up in a reply, change the subject much? Im talking about only SCUTTLING no straw man tactic, thanks for pushing your naritive in the fold though but i see though childlike tactics from trolls like you as mega's we build for use, not aesthetics so that rp shit does mean your base is shit. And as we play in a PVP game, yeah use over form is the stick to judge by. Also dont know why you think megas are a dictator ship, we as a mega have and play as a community and banter and hang out with eachother and have fun. Gods forbid if we dont want some random bob we take pitty on and invite to come learn and have fun w us to scuttle the boats. I know you REALLY want to keep that option on the table for some DUMB unknown reason to sit here and argue about it so long and it makes megas so evil to want to make sure We dont loose something to some rando who hates life so much he has to run other people hundreds of hours of game play by scuttling boats.... I dont know WHY you want to defend being a POS maybe its just who you are deep inside i guess.
  2. 1. If we are going for basic insults and ignoring youre asking for RP to mart of PVP makes you a child and a imbecile. 2. Good cause i know your unfamilar with how to take full advantage of the PVP in this game seeing as your first post was asking to force RP BS on a pvp full loot sandbox MMO.... So yes we disagree about the game and how the tames are addressing PVP. 3. You ignored my WHOLE statement and question. Who are you depositing these notes to? There is no environment of central banks in this game. there is nothing like that, you sound stupid again. Regarding bullion Again you sound dumb, as alot of country's had PURE gold coins, just different weights. so yea You are a fucking idiot. so the weight would be the same, asking for extra unneeded complications to preexisting mechanics cause your lazy or wanting rp is a waste of the developers time. (glad you decided to ignore those points). Maybe google WTF your asking for before coming on the internet sounding like a brain dead stan for RP I hope that was less gibberish and more to the point. Maybe stay on topic and stop being such a child to come back with insults and ignoring points that called you out for what you are, a roll player. Kick rocks kid, go to a private RP sever.
  3. To point one: This is Official PVP of a Sandbox full loot MMO... Not a rp server. TF? To point two: They have actually been balancing tames, providing counters to other tames and mechanics. I dont see this as a big 'problem' and it was something to add some balance and flavor to pvp. To point 3: Its almost like.... They could add a trade system... lets call them 'markets' (im kidding, dont be offended) Sorry to be fair you have a good point here. They REALLY REALLY need a way to have a barter system for maps and blue prints. I think that would be very helpful. I dont see the value of a letters of deposit though? I mean there are no NPC banks, Or npc transports of gold between said banks (gold was shipped overseas often for banking). and its not like people have a issue transporting gold now either? So i dont see why you would NEED said bank. So who are you depositing it to? Bullion? Why they have STANDARD already. bullion is just compressed for size to pure gold.... we dont worry about size in game, just weight... so im confused on the purpose? is the gold we have not pure gold ? is it 18k? and we get silver and less gold for transport? why? RP? I dont see bullion as a good use of time the devs can be addressing stability issues w the game, or implementing the bp, trade winds, portals, monuments, REMOVING BARRLES FROM BOATS! i can see the draw for bullion as a good immersion idea, but ... needs to be more of a reason on WHY you would need bullion IMO, if you have a idea for the WHY please let me hear it
  4. Have you thought of reworking Armored ship docks? 1 Per Grid, per company, and it can store multiple boats? Not a fan of The claim towers i think you kill off a large part of the solo players with this. AND its spyglass obstruction is STUPID, if you have alot of claim towers you cant see anything!? why? also cant see the radius while holding H ? wtf I dont even play solo, or in small company's but this mechanic.... I just see it as a answer to armored shipyards and spam. And i think there are better solutions then this thing, i really just think there are better options
  5. 1. You are upset We as a collective dont want you to scuttle the whole harbor.... 2. build some SHITTY base that makes the rest of the players vunerable ? Thats exactly why the controls need to be there is cause of IDIOTS like you. If you dont wana be in the company with those restrictions then DONT, other people will want the chance
  6. One, Youre a imbecile. You make a assumption we abuse things? Why? Do you know me? Obviously not if this is your assumption. Im sorry if being locked out Scuttling some one harbors and all thier boat is on youre agenda and not being able to is "MORE CONTROL" You as a solo player dont know what it takes so please STFU about things you dont know about. How is GIVING YOU A OPTION TO JOIN restricting you in ANY WAY?? its a fucking choice you clown, one you dont have. Not having the perms restricts you from it. Who the fuck is asking you to do anything? No one. you have some horrible ideas about what goes on in a mega. Your entire post is your incorrect assumptions and has nothing to do with providing CHOICES to the player base.
  7. #1 Spreading the leveling over a ENTIRE SEASON IS THE DEFINITION OF GRINDING. You cant have one with out the latter. Just make it easy to hit cap. any spreading is LITERALLY A GRIND. #2 You can increase the CAP on structures with out effecting (drastically) base defenses. IF YOU INCREASE DURABILITY to 10x-100X (jm -mythical, respectively) We could live w a 1 layer wall if the durability of structure bps was drastically reworked in the multiplicative. No need for honey combine walls w 1 mythic wall is worth 100 regular walls. AND it would finally make making them worthwhile because of a new structure cap. Of course you would need to also implement new islands and ability to close harbors viable BEFORE that can be done as that is the MAIN are that eats the most structures.... Also you would need a value per island adjustable in json so devs could adjust values on the fly. but imagine a choke point where you only need 1 wall. not 20 layers deep. 1 layer deep. cause 1 is worth 100. It would also make people go out and HUNT FOR THOSE BPS!!!! (more on this point latter) #3 Adjusting Company and alliance sizes ONLY HURT NEW PLAYERS. STOP ASKING FOR IT Here what would happen, we would come in w 5 company's capped we would have us all in the same discrod, we would still operate and work and resource BP's as one company. So while all 200 of us roll you, you would be stuck w your 35 man company crying..... No option for you to absorb new company's, no way to expand your social interactions. What the DEV's NEED to do is FIX PERMISSIONS!!!!!!! Literally NEVER going invite new players able to come in and scuttle all the boats in the harbor. The permission tree is one HORRID area that is never addressed, probably cause most of us larger company's are tiered of Giving the solutions written out and being ignored and seeing DUMB QUESTIONS like this get a breath in the room. Your problem is you are being rolled by big company's right? The solution isn't your problem (make big company smaller), your solution is to LOWER the barrier to you being a BIGGER COMPANY. What holds you back? what is the #1 issue holding you back to being a larger company? THATS THE SOLUTION. 1 Boxes being able to place INTO but not remove items 1 REWORKING permission to ship's on individual basis, and Company permissions. Take a look at star base, Duel universe, Star citizen. THOSE permission tables while complex are there because THEY ARE NEEDED and serve a purpose. ATLAS doesnt have them and HAS A INCLUSION PROBLEM. Large company don't invite and teach new people, Because they have TO MUCH CONTROL AND ABILITY TO REEK HAVOC. If we could limit there ability to place structures offensive weapons (cannons, barrle bombs the works) on owned islands, SCUTTLE SHIPS!? Why is this even a option for the lowest ranks still!!!! been crying for that fix since Season 1. If we could also set permission on certain ships to add company members ability to repair/replace/drive/scuttle on a ship by ship basis, we could invite new people train/teach them. With out those controls its easier to leave the bobs on the shore and sink them. #1 issue is inclusion and barrier to invite new players. its not the company size is to big, its the ability to invite is to risky. Fix that and you have a WHOLE NEW BREADTH of ability to make the game better. (maybe increase ship counts to 75 or 100. every one in the company wants a boat... YOUR GOAL IS SHIP COMBAT?! why limit a companys ability to have ships then!!!!!!!! no one like that.) #4 For the love of gods make sails more abundant, that shadow patch server side was NOT needed. you should have kept it that way, making sails abundant means its eaiser for smaller company's to get them and more likely to fight with endgame stuff. IF Higher tiers have a RELIABLE way to be farmed (why are schooner packs even in GA still more lvl 60 gallys please). The idea of being able to combine and increase quality is beautiful and i love it (if it is INCREASING and never making a new avg). Bring back INT gear. It was taken out of the game cause small company's LACK OF ABILITY TO GET GOLD. Thats no longer a issue. This will ALSO increase company's ability to get end game sails and USE THEM MORE! the number one issue is lack of good handling sails due to the rarity YOU place on them (schooner packs in ga = waste of space, do a poll) also did you know the kraken has the same crap drops hard mode and easy mode. that needs to be fixed with a set value (EXTREMELY HIGH) for its flotsam. REMOVE medium sails or make their caps HIGHER then larges... They are never used (for good reason) they are a waste of DB space (i know the irony here and i mean it its not worth the 2kb it takes up) #5 Add something to make farming BP's easier or make BPs more abundant. LIMITING them just make people HORDE THEM MORE. I dont know ANY ONE who plays/played in a mega who will say limiting bps is the solution. Its not. youre just making people park their boats in the harbor because farming becomes so tedious they wont farm (avg players) And they wont bring out the good boats cause it would take WEEKS to replace.... yeah thats what we want... less people farming, less people out in the water, less chance to run into some one w boat willing to fight.... THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION To increase naval combat, STOP DECREASING BP's There has to be INCENTIVE to go out! There has to be LESS determent to losing great sails. Add more lvl 60 galleons remove schooner packs in GA. Add some visual or abilty that reveals the general direction of a boats regardless of render distance, Darkside RP's Place holder boat image (for all types) sits on the horizon line, when you get in render distance you find out of that image you were chasing is a galleon brig enemy or SotD, cause all it is a lil boat image, you cant tell till you get close what it is though. Increase to mast health may be warranted in the light of barrel bombs effectiveness, or some ability to armor a mast (not canvas though) I have stated all this over the years in emails and dm's (excluding #4) REMOVE BARRIERS add CHOICES this allows better player interaction.... Stop increasing the grind.
  8. his is teh END of my atlas journey. You make boats 1 shotable By barrles then make BOAT HARDER TO GET by introducing COST of gold 50K!!!!??? WTF? Unless 1 trade nets me 25k Gold Im done. We will be done with this game.
  9. This was a well made post. One shot mechanic should NOT EXIST. being able to 1 shot sails or 1 VOLLY sails should not be a thing. LITERALLY the hardest thing to get in the game but 1 or 2 cannon shot and its gone even with max points in a boat. remove the barrels receiving multiplicative damage increase from the game. or nerf/remove them. you say to keep the feed back coming. Yet do not listen to it. EVERY ONE HATES THIS, even company's that USE THEM HATE them it removes all skill from the game. NO ONE WANTS THIS. LISTEN. We have been saying it non stop REMOVE BARRLES
  10. TBH it doesnt matter if your steam name is 123 for some
  11. almost 6k hours in game, i can honestly tell you the current ability to add cannon and ship leveled points to multiplicative values of barrel damage is WAY WAY WAY TO OVER POWERED. You need to remove them, or reduce range by 50%, Reduce damage by 50% AND (not or, this is all 3) remove the multiplicative damage on ships, from Cannon % and Ship levels multiplying the damage of barrels. This current iteration has reduced sea combat DRASTICALLY we cant get people to bring out endgame boats to fight us because 1 volly and those sails (those .001% to drop handling ENDGAME sails) are gone, 394% defense wont mean F all if i have a 200% cannon and 174% dmg in schooner lvl's, they would be gone. Is that balanced? hundred hours to find end game sails to my LUL schooner? that is unfair, and i do it to people. Its wrong, NO ONE WHO PLAYS asked for this, NO ONE who is playing wants it kept. THE PLAYER BASE IS BEGGING FOR THIS TO BE FIXED You don't address it. you ignore this GLARRING problem. FIX BARRELS!
  12. Then youre raiding bob's who cant build worth a damn i can make a base unraidable, there are pillar bases on the east side that you can puckel and are not hitable w large cannon barrages. granted the bases below and ships can all be sunk and destroyed but some bases are not raidable.
  13. ... Nerfing grenades (and by proxynerfing raiding any base built on the east side of the map? Like really you gave invulnerable bases to a whole SECTION OF THE MAP! COME ON!) Buffing Swivels and puckels to god tier trash game play? I remember alot of post from top company's ASKING FOR THEM TO BE NERFED. the ground game is essentially gone now (at least from the fun we used to have now it Just run this swivel in a circle..... OH JOY!) Not to mention The elegant fix you said we would have for gliding barrle bombs is essentially glider dont work for anything any more. Gliding to ship or divebombing on to a deck is near impossible (still possible just incredibly harder to maneuver as the glider will now go left and right when ever shift is held. Just make it if you holding a barrel you go down when you hit shift. ) so i am now expecting you to break the combat mechanics even more with that statement
  14. MAKE HEIGHT a Gold island Multiplier Just STARVE the company of gold if they want a high base. This adds a gold sink you ALWAYS WANT it keeps PLAYER CHOICE IN THE GAME IT WILL REQUIRE MORE UPKEEP FOR THE CHOICE! ITS A WIN WIN
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