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  1. his is teh END of my atlas journey. You make boats 1 shotable By barrles then make BOAT HARDER TO GET by introducing COST of gold 50K!!!!??? WTF? Unless 1 trade nets me 25k Gold Im done. We will be done with this game.
  2. This was a well made post. One shot mechanic should NOT EXIST. being able to 1 shot sails or 1 VOLLY sails should not be a thing. LITERALLY the hardest thing to get in the game but 1 or 2 cannon shot and its gone even with max points in a boat. remove the barrels receiving multiplicative damage increase from the game. or nerf/remove them. you say to keep the feed back coming. Yet do not listen to it. EVERY ONE HATES THIS, even company's that USE THEM HATE them it removes all skill from the game. NO ONE WANTS THIS. LISTEN. We have been saying it non stop REMOVE BARRLES
  3. TBH it doesnt matter if your steam name is 123 for some
  4. almost 6k hours in game, i can honestly tell you the current ability to add cannon and ship leveled points to multiplicative values of barrel damage is WAY WAY WAY TO OVER POWERED. You need to remove them, or reduce range by 50%, Reduce damage by 50% AND (not or, this is all 3) remove the multiplicative damage on ships, from Cannon % and Ship levels multiplying the damage of barrels. This current iteration has reduced sea combat DRASTICALLY we cant get people to bring out endgame boats to fight us because 1 volly and those sails (those .001% to drop handling ENDGAME sails) are gone, 394% defense wont mean F all if i have a 200% cannon and 174% dmg in schooner lvl's, they would be gone. Is that balanced? hundred hours to find end game sails to my LUL schooner? that is unfair, and i do it to people. Its wrong, NO ONE WHO PLAYS asked for this, NO ONE who is playing wants it kept. THE PLAYER BASE IS BEGGING FOR THIS TO BE FIXED You don't address it. you ignore this GLARRING problem. FIX BARRELS!
  5. Then youre raiding bob's who cant build worth a damn i can make a base unraidable, there are pillar bases on the east side that you can puckel and are not hitable w large cannon barrages. granted the bases below and ships can all be sunk and destroyed but some bases are not raidable.
  6. ... Nerfing grenades (and by proxynerfing raiding any base built on the east side of the map? Like really you gave invulnerable bases to a whole SECTION OF THE MAP! COME ON!) Buffing Swivels and puckels to god tier trash game play? I remember alot of post from top company's ASKING FOR THEM TO BE NERFED. the ground game is essentially gone now (at least from the fun we used to have now it Just run this swivel in a circle..... OH JOY!) Not to mention The elegant fix you said we would have for gliding barrle bombs is essentially glider dont work for anything any more. Gliding to ship or divebombing on to a deck is near impossible (still possible just incredibly harder to maneuver as the glider will now go left and right when ever shift is held. Just make it if you holding a barrel you go down when you hit shift. ) so i am now expecting you to break the combat mechanics even more with that statement
  7. MAKE HEIGHT a Gold island Multiplier Just STARVE the company of gold if they want a high base. This adds a gold sink you ALWAYS WANT it keeps PLAYER CHOICE IN THE GAME IT WILL REQUIRE MORE UPKEEP FOR THE CHOICE! ITS A WIN WIN
  8. Would love to see through needs (how long a full trough or multiple full troughs last with spoilage calculated in)
  9. Have you ever just been launched out the back of a boat? Running walking up a ramp and just Fly off like launched out of a cannon? Ended up in the water saying "WTF WAS THAT!?" as you watch the ship skirt off in the distance as the sharks come to say "hi!"? Well it may be do to your wall placements! yep MOTHER&^#%!@* WALLS! i have tested and reproduced this ANNOYING GLITCH at least 20 times successfully its sloped walls. Even if it BELOW the deck and you run, walk, attack, or even do a feat (power punch) in the right (or is it wrong?) spot and the ship is moving, you go FLYING (actually it seems you clip for a moment and the ship passes THOUGH you, or you though the ship (while you are immobile for a split second mid air). you do not even need to be EXACTLY on top or the edge. you can be within a tile of it and it can still happen. We had 1 boat with about 40 sloped walls and walking around from the front to back was a for sure way to get punted off (although if you were at the front you would normally stop clipping right at he back (some times the ones in the back would then hit a second later adding a nice daisy chain effect. place some triangle ceilings all over and place the slopped roofs even MORE and now you have a way for people who board you to get launched off with out even the need for puckles/swivel's (although all the ceilings and walls way 50X more) so those ramps launching you? (looked for a slopped wall near by) deck running bouncing you around? look for a slopped wall below your deck. ENJOY the bouncing fun! this bug also applies to tames. EDIT: Sorry ill add how this can be exploitable, (so they fix it faster) You sail in-front of a enemy boat grab 20-30 grenades keep the boat STRAIGHT have the enemy boat straight behind you and close (with in a boats length or two) run up and down the edge of a sloped roof facing our the back (ie the high point of the wall is facing the back of the boat) it may take a few trys, keep trying odd angles you will fly through your boat and end up on there lower deck (you seem to fall when you clip though your boat (guess the deck has a anti clipping code?))
  10. it does but takes time 2 monarchs and 2 pork pies fill 100 food and 40 of each vitamin exactly the vitamin c takes about 2 minutes to come up, but it is there just not instantly
  11. are you in or looking at water when you do this? it also happens with GATES. my suggestion is build up OUT of the water line with ceiling tiles. place a WALL on one of them, lay down so you are ONLY seeing the ceiling tile and the wall you wish to snap to (make sure waves arnt high at the time if the water crest ABOVE the ceiling tile you will crash doing this), Do not have a view of the water. IE dont pan around, just be layed down looking EXACTLY at the base of the wall and ceiling tile (hold T to get the cross hair), use K mode AFTER its paces to check if it is placed and facing the right way and this will allow for a quick pick up if you are in the wrong snap or facing direction. this has been a on going 100% way to crash since day 1 launch. i have dealt with it MANY time. it is reproducible just by having the placement out and the exact middle placement are (red blue and green arrow) touch water. Good luck. also you CAN technically get them placed UNDER the water line but you need a wall Coming ABOVE (so you placement cross hair wont touch the water line (ie you in water looking at sky)) the water line, and the wall or gate will snap to the ceiling tile at the base of the wall. i got them about 3 tiles below the surface of the water this way but i have not tried for lower but i bet you can get them lower Let us know.
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